Title: HEARTBEAT - Chapter 12
AUTHOR: Mistress Ace
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SUMMARY: This story takes place in my universe, not Joss'. What if Adam decided on using Buffy for his little experiments instead of the human/demon population of Sunnydale... (And if you've read this from the beginning, you know the reason why....)
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Riley felt the vampire's jaw break, it cracked with a very satisfying sound. The right arm had broken earlier, as well as one of the collarbones. He knew his hands were battered and bloody but the solid impact of each blow was so satisfying, so vindicating. His awareness narrowed in scope to just his hands and the sounds they were making against the cold flesh. So this was the clarity of hatred.

Angelus laid Buffy down on the bed, carefully arranging the pillows so she could watch comfortably. He settled behind her, his hand resting casually on her hip as he admired the boy's technique. There was a good rhythm to his hits, the pauses were well spaced, allowing the victim time to reflect on the depth of his pain before the next blow fell. His instincts were right; Riley had all the makings of a first-class top.

Buffy stretched, her tiny bottom nestling into his lap. He leaned down to nuzzle her neck tenderly, his mate, Angel's love, the Slayer... all things of wonder and terror was molded to his body, pliant to his will. His fingers wandered down her hip to the hem of her dress, sliding casually under it. Buffy rewarded his stealth with a moan.

Just as he suspected, she was delightfully bare under that tiny dress. Yeah, it was definitely time to lose himself.


They were moving silently through the upper tunnels, following the maps Willow had provided. She had been right, there were no guards posted here. Using the precise movements instilled in them by hours of unflagging training, they spiraled down toward their goal.


Adam led Spike through the tunnels to a single unmarked door. "You will find Master Angelus within. We will talk later when you are satisfied he is unharmed." With a final nod, he left Spike standing alone.

Spike could feel the familiar pull of his sire beyond the closed door, he was not alone in there. There was a faint tinge of Angelus' arousal in the air but the main scent he could discern was blood and lots of it. For a moment Spike considered knocking, but the sounds coming from within the room sent a bolt of irrational fear through him.

He heard the impact of skin on skin. It was not the sound of bodies in the frenzied throes of passion, but the slow, steady thudding of fists on cold flesh. A whimpered snarl echoed through the door, there was a vampire being beaten on the other side. Throwing caution to the wind, Spike grasped the knob and barreled through the unlocked door.

Once inside he froze, his mouth opening in stunned amazement. Spike was in shock, pure unadulterated shock. Before his very eyes, soldier boy was methodically deconstructing a nearly unconscious fledgling chained to the far wall. By the condition of the broken and battered body, he had been at it for a very long time.

Spike almost whistled in appreciation, he never suspected the boy was such an expert in the fine art of blunt trauma. Fortunately, the feebly struggling body was much too small to belong to his sire.

His eyes shifted around the room, gasping in relief at the sight of his sire's mate. She was still alive.

The petite blonde Slayer was lounging on a huge bed, lying on her side in a nest of pillows. Little Miss Tiny was watching Riley avidly, devouring the display of almost inhuman cruelty with a smile lighting her heart-shaped face. Her huge hazel eyes were glittering in fascination as each blow was struck. She licked her lips, a small moan came from deep in her throat and Spike's cock hardened instantly. *Oh my Sire, I so understand your choice. She is magnificent.*

It took several moments for his focus to widen enough to realize she was not alone in that decadent nest. The little red dress she wore was not lying smoothly on her thighs, it was bunched up almost around her hips. A large hand slid around from one cocked hip to cup her covered breast as a dark head rose from behind her to place a lingering kiss on her outstretched and exposed neck.

The hand drifted from her breast to her hip and her little body was shoved forward by a sharp thrust. It finally dawned on Spike that Buffy was being slowly fucked from behind while she watched her human lover work. His body reacted instantly to the thought of being the body tucked up behind her, to own the cock currently buried in all that luxurious warmth. Spike was harder than he could remember being in a very long time.

He swallowed thickly as his lust rose to an even higher pitch when he met the glazed eyes of his missing sire over the enticing curve of her neck. His shock was now complete. This was not Angel, soul-boy was not the one enjoying all the exotic delights of her living body.

No, the vampire gently possessing the Slayer, holding her as if she were spun from glass while his hips rocked slowly into hers was Angelus. His sire terrified the girl but here she was spooned up against him and softly crooning as he moved within her.

Those dark eyes tinged with saffron regarded him without comprehension for a long moment before they sharpened into focus. Spike snapped his mouth shut, silently urging his body to behave before Angelus took offense to his arousal. Cor, but she was a beautiful thing. Her face was a luminescent beacon, daring him to be singed in her flames.

Angelus' voice was thick and dark with passion. It belied the casualness of his words. "Spike, so good of you to finally join us."

Buffy moaned and Angelus dipped his head to her neck again, soothing her with long licks of his cool tongue on her heated skin. He ignored his childe's confusion as he drove himself even further into her heat.

There was a scent in the air, underlying the obvious odor of blood and sex that beckoned him closer to the bed.

Riley never looked up at his intrusion, his focus on the task at hand was all encompassing. He never ceased in his actions, his hands still dealing out a slow exacting punishment. Spike edged toward the bed, his attention never leaving the conjoined bodies of Angelus and his mate.

"Had I known there was a real party goin' on, I would have been here earlier." What was that enticing smell? Spike moved closer. Yeah, he was right, it was coming from the Slayer. But it wasn't the admittedly beguiling commingling of her and Angelus' sex; it was something deeper, something spicier. Before he was fully aware of his actions, Spike was kneeling by the edge of the bed, reaching for her.

Angelus growled, deep and low in his chest, causing Spike to freeze.

He blinked and shook himself, absolutely astonished at his own bold action. But the scent was drawing him even closer; his hands were acting of their own accord as once again he reached for her. Just one finger on her skin, just one touch of that flesh and he would know ecstasy.

This time there was no warning, Angelus' huge hand gripped his wrist tightly and he was drawn toward his furious sire. His eyes were filled with an unholy light. "Touch her and I'll dust you where you stand...."

Spike scrambled away, trembling in fear and disgust for having lost control of himself. Angelus gave him a single baleful look before returning his attention to his softly crooning mate. A deep rumbling purr rose from within his chest, as he once again was lost within her sweet body.

Riley's victim was finally unconscious, his head lolling back against the wall as the brutal impact of fists no longer registered. The blows continued to fall but Riley stirred from his trance and spoke in a harsh but respectful tone. "Master Angelus.... permission to speak?"

Angelus growled at the interruption of his patient exploration of Buffy's flesh with his tongue. "What is it, slave?"

"It is unconscious. Should I continue?" He did not look at Angelus, merely waited for his order.

"Let it hang there for awhile. It makes an interesting decoration.... You have done well. There is refreshment on the table..... You may drink and rest." Angelus withdrew from Buffy and rolled her tenderly onto her back, his mouth taking possession of hers as he slid between her thighs. Riley obeyed, sparing Spike a single glance as he walked around the gaping vampire.

Spike cleared his throat. "Can someone please tell me what the bleedin' hell is going on here?"

"Boy, answer Spike's questions." Angelus lifted Buffy's hips to his own as he resheathed himself in her warmth.

She gave another one of those little croons and Spike was once again rock hard. Against all sanity and regard for his own personal safety, he ached with the need to join them on that huge bed. He swallowed his lust and approached Riley where he sat in one of the large chairs. The boy was slowly drinking water, his eyes glued to the couple on the bed.

"Soldier boy, what's happened here? Why is the Slayer acting so strange, why isn't she fighting him?..... For that matter, why in the blazes are you bein' so damned obedient?" Riley did not look at him, he continued to stare as Angelus brought the little Slayer to a sobbing climax.

"She had a drug injected in her by Adam."

"And it makes her accept Angelus? He's her mortal enemy, mate. No drug is that strong."

Spike cocked his head, regarding Riley carefully. He took a deep unneeded breath and with it confirmed most of his suspicions. The boy in front of him reeked of Angelus. His sire had fed from him; the various marks on his body proved that.

But the scent ran even deeper than the taking of his blood.

Angelus had fucked him, had possessed him utterly and molded him to his iron will. That would explain the obedient attitude, Angelus would brook no insolence from one of his toys.

"This one is." The statement was flat, devoid of emotion.

Riley leaned forward as Angelus linked his hands through Buffy's, stretching her arms above her head. His pale and magnificently sculpted ass was rolling in a languorous sensual rhythm as he whispered endearments in her ear.

Her dress had bunched up around her breasts; Angelus unlaced one hand from hers to tug the thin material higher before dipping his head to capture a delicate pink nipple in his mouth. Spike swallowed again, unaware that his human face had slipped away and his fangs were aching for her blood. Almost as much as his cock was aching for her wet, hot sex.

Spike shook himself and turned his back on the bed, blocking the erotic sight of his sire mating with the Slayer. He tried to block out the shuddering gasps as the girl cried out Angelus' full name in ecstasy. His eyes fell on Riley again; the boy never looked away from the bed. It was as if he was waiting for some word, some movement, some signal from Angelus.

A moment later, his suspicion was confirmed.

Riley had been waiting for a signal.

The boy rose from the chair, his eyes still locked on the figures writhing on the bed and laid down carefully next to them. Angelus raised his head from Buffy's neck, his human mask gone as he gripped the boy's shoulder with his free hand. Riley obediently craned his neck toward the vampire and Angelus sank his fangs in a set of holes already marring his skin.

Angelus' body stiffened, his hips jerked spasmodically as he filled her little body with his seed. He lifted his head from Riley's neck and roared her name, one hand clutching her tiny shoulder as he tried to drive himself deeper into her. Spike could only watch in dumb-founded amazement when Buffy's hand rose from the bed to tangle in his sire's thick dark hair and draw him down for a languid kiss.

Angelus shuddered in her arms; he kissed her long and deep but did not release his grip on Riley. After a long moment he raised his head, pulled the boy closer and gave him a hard possessive kiss. As their mouths mated, his face melted back into its usual handsome human mask.

The three lay in companionable silence for a few long moments before Angelus sighed. He slowly disentangled himself from their embrace and rolled away from Buffy. She whimpered at the loss of his weight, looking up at him in silent entreaty.

He closed his eyes and nodded, giving her permission. Buffy rolled into Riley's arms, kissing him with quiet passion. Their bodies sank into one another as Angelus rose from the bed, he gave them an almost tender look of amusement.

His gaze fell on Spike where he stood in open-mouthed silence. A corner of his mouth lifted in a half-smile. Angelus gathered his scattered clothing from the floor, cast a glance at the slowly rousing vampire hanging from the chains on the wall and pulled a stake from the tangled bedclothes. He casually drove it through the moaning fledge's heart before pulling on his clothes.

"Spike, stop staring and close your mouth." His voice was rich with silent laughter. Spike obeyed.

Angelus walked past him to the small table by the door, his smile widening as he picked up the small vials left there by Adam. Once again, true to his word. But far too dangerous to be allowed further existence. Even beyond his own personal fury at the high-handed tactics employed by Adam with his mate, Angelus knew deep down the creature was lying to him about his plans. His long-range goals were not merely the destruction of the human race but demon kind as well. That would not be allowed.

Angelus' eyes strayed to the couple entwined on the bed, musing that after the past few hours he was becoming rather fond of the human race again. His earlier tolerant treatment of humans had been lost when the damned Watcher's Council destroyed his home and sent Slayers after William and himself. But through Buffy's gentle intervention and the amazing amount of passion she had just displayed for him and for him alone, he was rediscovering his past.

Perhaps it was time for a change.

"Why have you come, Spike?" Angelus slipped the small vials into a pocket in his leather duster where it lay on one of the chairs.

"To soddin' rescue you. Not that it looks like you need it....... `Cor, Angelus, are you just goin' to let him do that to your mate?"

"Do what?"

"He's bleedin' mountin' her, that's what." Angelus turned back toward the bed. Spike was exaggerating but he could see where their play would lead. The boy had shed his clothes and was curled around her tiny frame, his hand stroking her left breast, his mouth teasing the rosy nipple.

"Riley." Riley's head lifted, his eye locked with Angelus' bemused stare.

"Yes, Master Angelus?"

"Not without permission, boy."

"Understood..... May I have your permission, Master?"

Spike was almost laughing at the exchange; it was so reminiscent of their early years of sharing Druscilla. He just knew Angelus was going to refuse his permission. After all, the little chit was not merely a childe, she was his mate.

Angelus returned to the bed and watched the two humans silently for a moment. The boy had done well, he had followed every order and had once again shared his blood when needed. By calling his name at the apex of her pleasure, his beautiful mate had given him everything he could ask for and more. They deserved a little reward.


Spike gaped again in shock and utter disbelief. Angelus had given permission, had given permission to Mr. Corn-Fed Iowa Poster Boy to fuck his mate. What is the name of all Hell was going on in this room? Riley had mentioned some kind of drug. Spike knew whatever it was they were on; he wanted some of it.


Angelus sat down on the bed, watching as Riley rolled onto his back, pulling Buffy up so she straddled his stomach. The vampire felt a rolling wave of possessive fury until he met her heavy-lidded gaze. There was love shining in those hazel eyes, not just love for Riley, not just love for his ensouled counterpart but love for him.

At that precise moment he knew she would accept him as her mate, she would accept Angelus, the demon who resided in the body of her first love. His heart actually jumped in his chest, something it hadn't done for almost two and a half centuries. He was moved beyond words. This had not been expected.

Spike cleared his throat behind him and Angelus sighed. It would be so easy to melt into their warmth again but there were matters to be discussed. He dipped his head to whisper in Riley's ear. "I know we are being watched. I am not certain if we can be heard...... Be loud, be as loud as you can... I need to talk to Spike."

Riley nodded, understanding dawning across his face. He pulled Buffy down for a kiss and relayed Angelus' order. She flushed, shooting Spike a startled and very embarrassed look. It was obvious she had been unaware of his presence until that very instant. Buffy looked up at Angelus; he cupped her chin and gave her a lingering kiss before rising from the bed.

Angelus motioned Spike to take a seat in one of the chairs, turning his back on the sight of his lovers. A long, loud moan issued from behind him, causing him to smile. They followed orders so well.

Spike perched on the edge of the chair, his attention darting between his sire and the couple writhing on the bed as he seated himself. He licked his lips, stifling a moan as the scent of two warm aroused human bodies drifted over him. *Crikey.... Better than pay per view in Xander's hell-hole of a basement....*

Never taking his eyes off her beautiful face, Riley reached for his discarded pants. His fingers quickly located the secret stash and he pulled out the little foil packet. It was a force of habit, he had taken to carrying one with him ever since they first started dating. He knew how much a good slay turned Buffy on, Angel may have been the one with his face buried between her thighs in the cemetery but there had been that night in the alley behind the Bronze......

Three vamps dusted in a whirlwind of motion, then a passion-filled kiss followed by hot, heart-pounding, bone-melting sex up against a brick wall. He had never thought sex in a public place could be so exciting.... He had never been so hard in his life, never actually fucked anyone until that night.... It had been so good, he was always prepared for it to happen again.

The Slayer's little red dress came flying across the room toward them, landing at Angelus' feet as he settled into another chair. He lifted it from the floor, running it through his fingers and drawing it to his face to inhale her fragrance. His eyes glazed for a moment, then cleared.

Angelus' voice was low, barely above a whisper. "Will, we are being watched..... I'm not sure if we can be heard." A loud masculine groan came from the bed, Spike licked his lips as he watched the Slayer sink down onto the boy's erect cock. He tried to listen to his sire's words, but this was all very distracting. *Christ, she has a perfect little body.*

Spike shook himself, realizing that Angelus was still talking to him. ".....If we speak quietly..... What has happened? Where are the others?"

"Comin' through the caves as planned. They should be here soon."

"Why aren't you with them?" Angelus laid the dress in his lap and absently stroked it.

"I came to warn you....." A high keening cry interrupted him, their attention snapped back to the bed. Buffy's head was thrown back, her eyes tightly shut and Riley's hands held her hips still. He was bucking up into her with short, rapid thrusts. Spike swallowed hard, closing his eyes from the sight burned into his brain. He just knew he would never be able to look at the girl the same way again.

"Warn me?" Angelus was watching the boy's form, admiring how well he moved. Potential, the lad had definite potential.

"Yeah, when you two took off on me, I felt we needed reinforcements. That little group of hers is good, but without you and soldier boy?" Spike snorted in disgust. "Well, there was just no way..... I had Red speak to some of Riley's mates and.... and a lot of `em volun.... volunteered to help......" It was becoming hard to form sentences, especially when Buffy's hands rose from her sides to cup her own breasts. Spike shifted in his seat, trying to ease the ache in his groin.

"So we have a group of commandos on their way here. I can see how that could be good and bad." Angelus rumbled his approval as Riley licked his thumb then slid it between their bodies to stroke her clit. The boy was a quick learner; that was one of Angel's patented moves with his sweet mate, it never failed to bring her to a gloriously loud climax.

"Yeah, especially if they get a hold of you, sire. ......I came `cause I didn't want then to catch Angel and put a soddin' chip in his head...... Bad enough one of us has been defanged." Spike averted his eyes from the bed as Buffy's body shook in orgasmic joy. It was just too much for him to absorb; best to concentrate on the disjointed discussion he was having with his sire. "By the way, I thought Angel's soul was permanent. Why are you in control?"

"All for appearance sake, my boy. It seems that our friend Adam was not after the Slayer after all. He wanted me, wanted me without Angel's soul. Buffy was just the best means to accomplish that task. He knew I would track her through the blood-bond....." Angelus smiled as Riley's head fell back against the pillows, his eyes closed in ecstasy, loudly moaning her name.

The look of concentration on his little mate's face told him all he needed to know even without hooking into the bond. Her tight sex was milking the boy's cock in rhythmic waves, the viselike walls caressing him and drawing him toward the abyss....

"So he was lookin' to free you from your damned soul. Huh, that explains a helluva a lot. Looks like you've got some talkin' to do...... My guess is Adam had her raped 'cause if anythin' would draw you here, that would be it..... So the fledge Finn was poundin' on, was that one of..?"

"Yes. The last one in fact, I'd already dusted the rest." Angelus had a deeply satisfied smile on his face. "This could be a long story, Spike. How much time do we have?"

"A bit..."

"Good, here's what we've been able to piece together....."