Title: HEARTBEAT Chapter 18
AUTHOR: Mistress Ace
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RATING: NC-17 (My favorite rating of all...) Warning - m/m
PAIRINGS: B/A(us) & R/A(us)
SPOILERS: The I in Team and Goodbye Iowa
SUMMARY: This story takes place in my universe, not Joss'. Adam is dead, Buffy and Riley have gone to L.A. to bring Angel back to Sunnydale... The course of true love has all sorts of pitfalls, especially if it involves a vampire with a semi-split personality...
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EXPLANATION: Anything within ** denotes internal thought. For non-Gaelic speakers: Seileach = Willow,
DEDICATION: To Riley for being man enough to put up with all the hoops I have him jumping through...


He slowly withdrew from Buffy, placing small kisses on her shoulders and down her back as he guided her to the floor. Angelus gathered their scattered clothing in one hand to build a soft nest for her, Riley removed himself from those cool fingers to help settle her comfortably. The vampire stroked her little face tenderly, letting her know through his touch that he was well pleased. A long kiss was shared between the two of them, then Angelus turned his attention to Riley.

Their eyes met, one alpha male to another and the younger was the first to look away. Angelus allowed a satisfied smile to cross his face. The boy was strong but his own will was stronger... That was as it should be... He took Riley's face in his hands, turned his head slightly to allow for a better angle and kissed him.

It was a kiss like no other Riley had ever received. His mouth was completely possessed by Angelus, that long cool tongue explored every inch of him, swirling around his own and teasing him into return the exploration. He found the delights of the cool cavern to be so intoxicating that Angelus was the one to break their connection in order for the young man to remember he still had to breathe.

Riley took in a gulp of air, feeding oxygen to his starved lungs before Angelus' mouth returned to renew the seductive dance. Cool fingers were woven through his short hair, they lingered on his neck, down over his still clothed back to finally come to rest on the curve of his ass. The mouth broke from his and began placing hard kisses on his throat, down that firm column to the deep hollow at its base. Once there, Angelus spoke in a quiet tone. "You're over-dressed..."

His hands gripped the material of the light blue silk shirt Angel had lent Riley after their shared shower. "I always hated this shirt... Queen C meddling in our wardrobe again." The silk tore with a very satisfying rip, the back splitting neatly up the center. As he pulled the ruined clothing off his lover's shoulders, Angelus bent forward, capturing a flat nipple between his teeth and flicking it to hardness with his tongue.

Riley moaned, raising his hands to tentatively stroke his lover's bare back. The vampire rewarded his actions with a soft purr, the sound traveling straight to the young man's cock.

It swelled, rising to meet the cool hand that first buffed the head, then gripped the entire shaft with a sure stroke. The breath left Riley's lungs in a rush, his hips moving in a reflexive action, straining for more of that wonderful touch. Angelus released the now hard nipple, raised his head level with Riley's, meeting his gaze again...

He raised one elegant brow and his human lover acknowledged his mastery over him.

Riley moved in front of Angelus, presenting his body in the same fashion as Buffy had. Their mate growled his approval, running his hands over his beautiful back, urging his head toward the floor. Buffy rose on her knees to snag a pillow from the couch, which she slid under his cheek as Riley turned his head to face her. Angelus caught her attention with a soft touch on her leg and she looked up at him.

"My love, in the bedroom... There should be a small bottle of oil in the top drawer of the night table..." She nodded, rising quickly to do his bidding. Angelus leaned his body over Riley, placing more hard kisses down his back, nipping his skin with blunt teeth.

"You'll find that pain can be a very instructive thing, my boy... And I look forward to teaching you all of its faces during our life together..." Riley shivered, the involuntary movement triggered in part by fear but mainly from his deep desire to be intimately conjoined with this vampire. Even though the two of them had already made love this way several times, the young man knew instinctively that after this particular act of possession, nothing would ever be the same.

"But I won't hurt you tonight..." His arousal was growing stronger as Angelus slid the length of his cock into the sweat-slicked groove between the cheeks of his ass. "Tonight is for a different kind of lesson, my handsome young mate... Tonight is about power..."

That seductive voice rolled over him, the eroticism it created was enticing him to release his final reservations about being mated to this half-souled, half-demonic being. "Women crave tenderness, crave gentle touches and sweet kisses but men want to feel power... We want our pleasure hard and fast..." He punctuated this statement with several rapid strokes across heated skin before returning to a slow, sensual movement.

"I will show you power, I can make even the harshest coupling a thing of joy... I can leave you battered, bruised and you will still beg for more..." He gripped the back of Riley's neck between his still blunt teeth and bit him, hard. The young man's hips jerked back, pressing himself more firmly into the vampire's thrusts.

The mouth released him, lifting just enough so soft words were whispered against his skin. "There will be time for all that... I will teach you all of the secret pleasures of a man's body..."

A cool tongue caressed the edge on his ear, the husky whisper continued. "I will share one with you about Angel... Soul-boy has a dirty little secret, one our mate knows nothing about. She thinks the whole ambi-sexual thing is just because of me, but not so... Angel loves pussy just as much as the next man, craves hers like it's a drug... Not that I can blame him there..." Neither could Riley, Buffy was the only woman for him, for both of them, for all three of them...

"But he wants cock too, wanted it even before he was turned. He loves it in his mouth but especially in his ass..." Riley's cock slapped hard up against his abdomen in reaction to that revelation. He knew Angel enjoyed having sex with him but he wondered if he did only because it was the best way to for him to have Buffy. The demon's actual confirmation of his ensouled counterpart's bisexuality turned him on more that he thought possible.

"You had the right idea the first night when you cuffed him to the bed but you were far too gentle with him, my darling boy. He loves being held down and fucked hard until he begs for release..." Angelus laughed softly, his mind filled with the sexual images pouring through the mated bond from this delightful boy. Angel was in for many years of hot, sweaty and violent sex if this one of his mates had anything to say about it. "Remember that..."

Riley swallowed convulsively, the erotic images flooding his thoughts made him even harder. He was a leader of men, his youth the only thing that made him seem tentative in non-combat situations. It was part of his nature to be the dominant male. Angelus was right, part of his sexuality did revolve around power.

The very thought of chaining Angel's gorgeous body to the bed and pounding away inside him was enough to make him come right there. He bit his lip and moved one hand down quickly to grip the base of his cock in an effort to stave off his orgasm but found Angelus had beaten him to it. Riley moaned loudly, grinding his ass up against the cool length of his lover.

Their shared fantasy of dominating Angel washed away when Buffy returned to the room with a bottle of massage oil in her little hand. She dropped to the floor beside them, handing the bottle to Angelus with a kiss and a soft question. "Why does Angel have this? Does he?"

Reflected in her eyes was sadness at the thought of her first love sharing his body with some stranger. Unlike Cordy, Buffy knew that for Angel sexual gratification by itself did not equate perfect happiness.

If that had been the case, he would have lost his soul the first time he brought her to orgasm with his fingers and mouth during one of their cemetery patrols. It happened a month before her 17th birthday, the hunting had been slow and they stopped to indulge in a hot and heavy make-out session by one of the old mausoleums. One thing lead to another and before she knew it, her skirt was up around her waist, her panties were around her ankles and Angel's cool tongue was flicking her clit, sending her screaming into climax...

After she came twice, he rolled onto his side away from her long enough to bring himself off with a few quick strokes. Her name was on his lips as he shuddered his fulfillment there on the cool grass with his back to her. It was one of the sexiest things she had seen in her young life...

And it had not cost him his soul...

"No... There has been no one... I won't lie to you, lover, there have been opportunities. But he hasn't allowed it and I haven't wanted it. This has only been used to ease sore muscles after battling whatever this city has thrown at us..." Angelus poured some of the oil onto his hands and dribbled it over Riley's lower back. He spread the small pool of oil over the boy's warm skin, coating his fingers in it before sliding first one, then two into his tight anal opening. Riley bit his lip as he groaned, the cool penetration felt so good, so right.

"Y-you haven't wanted it?" He smiled at the tremulous note of hope in her voice.

"There is no woman who could equal my mate... All others pale in comparison. You own that part of me, little Slayer. Just as you own that part of Angel..." His oil-soaked hand caressed her cheek briefly before dropping to wrap around his heavy shaft. With sure strokes, he coated its entire length before placing the head against Riley's small opening.

Angelus pushed forward slowly, linking into the bond the instant he entered his warm flesh. "Just as you own this part of me, Riley... I promise, this time there will be no pain."

He kept that promise, taking him very slowly and gently, making love to him the way Angel would have. When his human lover tensed, he drew back a little, flexing his shaft to ease the tightness of the muscles surrounding him. Riley would eventually relax, allowing Angelus to slide even further forward in his quest to fully possess his sweet body.

Finally the smooth muscles of his abdomen came to rest on the small of Riley's back. The young man moaned, arching up in order to drive himself down the last few millimeters until Angelus' cool sac laid against his own.

"Let me share what I know of you through the bond with our mate, Riley... You feel so full, so possessed... You never thought in all your life that this act between men could be so damn good..." Riley panted and nodded in agreement, those were his exact thoughts.

As he continued to speak, Angelus kneaded the rest of the oil on his hands into the warm back beneath him. "Men had always just been other people to you... There was no sensual interest, no sexual spark, that was reserved for women... Especially for Buffy..."

Riley turned his head toward her, raising his gaze from the floor in front of him until he reached her face. There was a soft glow in her eyes as she bent down to kiss him, slipping her little tongue into his mouth.

Angelus drew his hips back slowly, removing himself inch by tortuous inch from Riley's tight channel. A small whimper of protest rose in his throat, Riley moved backward, trying to retain Angelus within him. The whimper began a long, drawn out sigh when that wondrous shaft was pushed just as slowly back into him.

Still speaking to both of them, Angelus set a calm pace. Even though he had whispered earlier about power, this was an act of seduction, not dominance. "You never knew lust for a man until you met Angel. Don't be embarrassed, my boy. Angel has a face that would stop traffic and a body meant for mortal sin... That's what drew Darla to him in the first place and me right behind her..."

He maintained a slow, steady forward thrust followed by an equally long withdrawal, causing both of his lovers to sigh in contentment. Riley from the exquisite sensation of having this otherworldly creature within him and Buffy from the look of pleasure mirrored on both her lovers' faces. "I chose Liam for myself..."

Not quite wanting to break the spell being woven between the three of them, Buffy hesitated before asking, "Liam? Who's Liam?" She had never heard that name before.

"Liam was Angel's mortal name, my love... If I had been in corporeal form when he was turned, I would have taken him as my mate." Angelus reached for the oil, coating one hand with it again then wrapping it around Riley's erection. A deep guttural moan erupted from the young man's throat, he thrust himself forward into that tight grip. "I saw his face for only an instant before I took up residence within his body... I've regretted not casting a reflection every since..."

*Narcissistic much, Angelus?* Buffy watched him curiously, it never occurred to her that Angel's looks may have been what brought his demon to him.

He smirked at her, catching that thought easily. "Very narcissistic, lover..."

They both laughed, sharing their amusement with one another before Riley brought them back to the matter at hand with a determined backward thrust onto Angelus. A rumble of pure pleasure issued from the vampire's chest, his strokes started to pick up a little speed and his hand moved in counterpoint on Riley's cock.

"Angel's face drew you in... and you fell in love with his kindness, his gentle nature... Then you met me, you watched me with my childe William and desire grew within you..." The pace was faster now, long strokes replaced with short, shallow thrusts punctuated by a twist of the hand on his cock. Riley's eyes were closed, beads of sweat covered his chest and pooled on his back.

Angelus dipped his head to drink the salty fluid, his fangs beginning to descend as he felt the beginnings of Riley's orgasm gather within him.

"Then in the maze, when Angel took you into his mouth, you realized your days as a strictly heterosexual male were irrevocably ended..." Riley panted, he shook, he moaned as Angelus' words stripped him bare in front of their other mate. Buffy reassured him of her love with her hands on his face and little kisses spread all over his features.

She knew exactly how he felt where Angel was concerned, she was lost the first time she saw his beautiful face. Just as she was lost when she met Angelus...

"You tasted him, swallowed his come... Then you tasted me... And you felt this..." Angelus circled his hips, moving his cock teasingly within Riley. The boy was no longer making any sound, just bucking his own hips in a silent plea for more. His lover complied, gripping his left hip with one bruising hand, deepening his stroke just a little and doubling his speed.

The siren call of his mate's blood was drawing him in and the pull of orgasm was growing stronger with every stroke. Angelus laid his body over Riley's back, completely covering him with his cool flesh as his voice dropped to an urgent whisper. "This, my boy, is power... Learn your lesson well."

His eyes were golden, his human features gone as he placed sharp fangs against the mate's mark on the young man's throat. "You are my lover, Riley Finn... You are my mate, Riley Finn... You are mine... You will belong to no one but us, each of us, every one of us."

Delirious with pleasure and almost against his will, Riley finally spoke. His voice harsh and ragged as he accepted the mated bond. "I am yours, Angelus... I am yours, Buffy... I am yours, Angel..."

As his lover's fangs pierced his skin, Riley climaxed with a shout, warm semen spilling out of him. Buffy touched both of them and felt an echo of their pleasure through that contact. Angelus lifted his head from Riley's neck, his mouth red with blood while he roared his release. His body jerked, his cock pulsed deep within his mate's body and he felt Riley's shiver of satisfaction as cool semen filled him to overflowing.

Riley's eyes went wide, he actually felt Angelus come. Not just the external evidence of his climax but he actually shared the sensation of orgasm. His head was now full of the demon's thoughts as well as Angel's amused chuckle. The soul within the vampire rose to envelop him; Riley could feel the warmth and light radiating from that part of his mate. Angelus was darker, entwined with power and a strong thirst for the rich taste of blood...

Realization dawned on him as his lover withdrew from his body, he felt the sting of regret from both of them as they abandoned his warmth and well as his own in losing the physical contact with them. This was the mated bond Angelus had spoken of...

"Correct, Riley. You verbally accepted the bond... We are now fully mated... You will feel what I feel, what Angel feels for the rest of your life..." Angelus sat back on his heels to look at both of his mates. Riley rolled onto his back, his expression one of confusion, his mind was awhirl with the combination of all their emotions. "I know, it's overwhelming at first. I can teach you how to block most of it... Seileach can teach you the rest."

"Seileach?" Another name Buffy had never heard before. She was still feeling the echoes of their connection, she wanted desperately to be part of the bond the two men now shared but she still did not fully trust her demon lover.

Both men turned to her as one and spoke together. "Willow..." Riley looked embarrassed at interrupting, he fell silent so Angelus could continue. "Seileach is Gaelic for Willow... That's Angel's pet name for the little witch."

"Oh... So Riley, how does it feel to see inside Angelus' head?" She was really curious, wanting to know everything she could find out before taking the plunge herself.

"Really strange. There are two very different voices in there..." Riley sat up, his mind clearing a little as Angelus damped the signal he was putting out. "How close do we have to be before this kicks in, Angelus?"

"A few feet..." Angelus looked up from where he was using the rags of Riley's shirt to clean himself off. The vampire was very amused by the thoughts coming from his male mate. He was right, the boy was a military man, through and through. His first impression was of the usefulness of the bond as a weapon.

"Hmmm... This would really help in combat situations, especially if we all three hook into one another." Riley gazed at Buffy, his face alight with the possibilities. "It means I... we can be of more help to you. We can fight as a single unit... This is great!"

Delighted laughter washed through him from the bond, Angel was laughing out-loud, peals of amusement pouring out of him. *My thoughts exactly, Riley...* The young man shook his head, that voice was softer than Angelus', full of love and humanity.

The soul within his vampire lover was speaking to him without words. *Yeah I am and it's wonderful being inside your head... Such deep thoughts, such promise... Hold me down and fuck me hard? You'll have to wrestle me for that one... But I might let you win...*

"Hmm... There might be some draw-backs to this..." Riley watched the vampire, a slow smirk spreading across his face that almost matched Angelus' usual expression. "But so damn many advantages..." He grabbed Angelus' head and pulled him down for a ravenous kiss. Then they both turned to Buffy with matching hunger in their eyes.

Riley licked his lips, released Angelus then stalked her on his hands and knees. She looked into his eyes, startled but secretly pleased by what she found in their depths. For the first time Buffy consciously recognized the raw power within him, the side of him he had never unleashed on her before.

Her body responded by flooding with moisture; she was, after all, the Slayer, it was her instinct to choose the strongest male as her sexual partner. That instinct was why she had gravitated to Angel rather than boys her own age, why Angelus had continued to haunt her fantasies as well as her nightmares and why she had unconsciously chosen Riley instead of the other young men who had pursued her on campus.

The bonding with Angelus had stripped away the uncertainty engendered by youth and inexperience. Instead of the tentative romantic young man who had courted her so gently, she now faced a worthy mate for the Chosen One. Riley's large hands closed over her thighs, his smirk softening into a seductive smile as he purred in a silky tone. "My senses are so much stronger now... I can smell you..."

He dipped his head to place his face against her throat and drew in a deep breath, murmuring by her ear. "Buffy, Buffy, you smell so good... Like sunshine..."

Another deep breath, this one taken between her breasts. "Like honey..."

With gentle hands, he eased her down onto the nest of discarded clothing, taking a final long breath before parting folds of her sex with his thumb. "Like heaven..."

Her hips rose to meet his mouth as he gave her a leisurely lick, his eyes closing with pleasure at the sweet taste of her. Angelus made a yearning sound in the back of his throat. Buffy raised her gaze from the sight of Riley's head between her legs to look at her other lover.

He was lying beside them, his eyes locked with hers as his tongue darted out to circle his lips. His right hand was stroking his rapidly rising penis, he spoke in a tone which matched Riley's. "I can taste you through him, lover... So warm, so wet, so delicious... You're making both of us so hard, Buffy..."

She moaned, being drawn into his web, yearning to share their connection with one another. But there was too much history between her and Angelus, it could not be erased by honeyed words and fabulous sex. Buffy knew in her heart that although she had inwardly accepted being mated to him, she did not trust him. There were promises she needed from the demon before she could speak the words that would bind them all together.

Had it been Angel she was mated to, there would have been no question in her mind... But despite his recent change of heart, this was Angelus, her enemy as well as her lover.

Her dark thoughts were interrupted by Riley's fingers moving inside her; he was stroking the spot Angelus had found earlier with his cock, pushing her toward a gasping climax. He latched onto her clit with his teeth and gave her a small nip. That extra push was enough to tumble her over the edge.

Both men made noises of approval as she came for them. Riley's was a quiet murmur of satisfaction, Angelus' a deep rumble of sensual pleasure.

When her breathing had calmed, she sat up and pushed Riley away with a shaky hand. He rose to his knees, presenting her with the mute evidence that Angelus was right...

She had made both of them hard...

Buffy kissed her human lover deeply, stroking his face and tasting herself on his lips. It was not in the least unpleasant... But she would not afford to be distracted now. With a heavy sigh she broke the intimate connection of their kiss, easing her departure from his embrace with a softly spoken. "Riley, I love you..."

She turned slowly to face Angelus. "But as for you..."

Angelus rose warily to his knees. He was well acquainted with that determined expression on her face, he knew what was coming... The Chosen One was rising within her and he needed to be ready.