Title: HEARTBEAT Chapter 24
AUTHOR: Mistress Ace
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SUMMARY: This story takes place in my universe, not Joss'. The mated bond is complete, how will everyone else in Buffy's world react to it. Scooby Gang down, now for the next problem childe.
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EXPLANATION: Anything within ** denotes internal thought. For non-Gaelic speakers: alainn = beautiful, Aingeal = Angel, leannen lover.
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The garage door to the mansion was open when they arrived. Riley parked his Jeep next to Angel's classic convertible in the huge open space then lowered the garage door, shutting out the night. He drew Buffy into his arms for a swift kiss, reassuring himself of her solid presence before they attacked the next hurdle to their mated triumvirate.

Angelus' favorite childe and long-time lover, William...

They padded quietly through the building, drawn by the mated bond to their missing partner's side. He was sitting in a chair in the darkened living room, his achingly beautiful face illuminated by the flames in the large fireplace. The deep brooding reflected in his eyes worried both of them; his entire attention was focused on the body huddled in a small ball on the couch.

Buffy knelt beside Angel, her small hand sliding into his own roused him from the intense contemplation of his now sleeping childe. The discussion between he and Spike had not gone well at all. The blonde vampire alternated between stark rage and tears for hours, finally collapsing in his current position with his back to his sire. He refused to look at Angel, just stared into the back of the couch until the words being spoken at him stopped.

Then he lapsed into a fitful sleep while his old lover watched over him.

*Angel, h-how is he?*

*Not good, alainn, not good at all...*

Riley sat on the arm of the chair beside him, his hand reaching down to cup the back of Angel's head. He leaned over to give his vampiric mate a soft kiss of greeting. *Our meeting had a few hitches too, Aingeal.*

*So Angelus said. Harris, I take it.* Cool fingers traced a line down Riley's throat to his mate's mark where they gently rubbed the slowly forming scar. His other hand disentangled from Buffy's and found its way to her mark as well. Both his mates arched toward him, enjoying the soothing return of his touch on their bodies.

*Yeah... See what you mean about the guy. Chip a mile wide and then some.* Riley's hand left Angel's hair, trailed down his sensitive nape before sliding into the open collar of his shirt. The vampire stifled a moan as he shifted position, opening more of his body to that tender assault.

Buffy kissed Angel's hand, drawing his attention away from Riley for a moment. *Angel, how can we help you with Spike?*

*Not sure... He's sleeping now but when he wakes, things could get ugly...*

*Why? Spike knew we were mated. What's his problem with it now all of a sudden?*

*You're not the problem, leannen...*

Riley sighed, his lips tightening while he turned to regard the silent bundle on the couch. *It's me, isn't it?*

Angel was silent for a moment, quietly watching the young man's expression. The earlier jealousy he detected while they argued about Spike in L.A. had mostly faded. Instead what shone through was a deep concern for the other vampire. When Riley turned back to him, Angel nodded. *Yeah, it's you...*

Spike stirred in his sleep, whimpering almost in pain as he cried out. "Angelus..."

Disengaging himself from his mates' light touches, Angel rose from the chair. He knelt beside his childe, gathering his shaking body tenderly into his arms. His demon's deep voice rumbled up as he took control, knowing only he could soothe Spike in his current state. "Easy. Will. I'm here..."

Pale arms wrapped around his neck, he was drawn down inexorably into the couch. Shooting an apologetic glance toward his mates, Angelus laid down next to his now weeping childe and enfolded him in a protective embrace. He pulled Spike tightly against his chest as the stormy flood of tears faded into a hitching moan, then finally a small purr of contentment.

Riley watched them carefully, the last vestiges of his jealousy waning as he saw the raw need on Spike's tortured face. He moved from the arm of the chair into the seat. *Buffy...*

She looked up at him, her eyes filled with reflected pain. He urged her gently up from the floor into his lap where he pulled her back against his chest. They shared a sweet kiss before turning their attention back to the two on the couch.

In his half-awake state, Spike was unaware of their quiet presence. He raised his head for Angelus' shoulder, blindly seeking the solace of his sire's kiss. With a deftness borne of many years of association, Angelus met him halfway, their mouths tasting each other slowly, savoring every nuance of that union. Even in the daze caused by the familiar touch, he spared a thought for his watching lovers. *He needs so much...*

Two voices sounded in his head, both melding as they had during Angel's acceptance of bond. *Do whatever you need to for him, Angelus...*

Riley's voice separated from Buffy's as he expressed his one real concern over the situation. *Do you want us to leave you two alone?*

Immediate response from their lover, one word tinged with something that bordered on panic. *No.* He broke away from the kiss, his eyes searching for theirs. *No, stay... It will help him understand that he's accepted, that he has a place with us...*

They nodded and relaxed in each other's arms. Riley was still worried about their mate being intimate with another male, but as long as they remained in the same room, it should be easier...

Spike's kiss deepened, the movement of his hands grew rougher as he growled in frustration at the layers of clothing between himself and his sire. Angelus responded to his impatience with a short laugh. "Will, wouldn't you rather retire to some place more comfortable than this narrow couch?"

"How about the floor?" Cool mouth on equally cool skin as Spike buried his face in hollow of his sire's throat, still blissfully unaware of their audience.

Angelus chuckled, his hands busy with the fastenings of his childe's clothing. He raised one eyebrow at the thought of a rough tumble on the rug in front of the fire. Their skin warmed by the flames and eventually by the presence of his human mates in a conjoined pile of bodies. It had its possibilities...

"All right..." He kissed his old lover thoroughly, tracing the planes of his dearly remembered face with sure fingers. Teasing his childe's infinitely agile tongue into exploring his mouth, Angelus turned slightly to roll Spike underneath him. After a long moment, he broke away to blaze a trail of small kisses and nips down one cool cheek to catch an earlobe between blunt teeth.

Spike moaned, his hands sliding down broad shoulders, burrowing underneath the silk shirt at his waist until he cupped the smooth curves of his sire's buttocks. He ground their hips together, covered shafts rubbing urgently against each other, eager to be freed from their respective prisons. "Angelusss..."

"Yes, Will?"

"Need you now..." His voice was plaintive, just like a small boy asking for a favorite toy or a sugared treat. One cool hand released its grip on Angelus' firm cheek in order to unbutton the length of his elegantly tailored shirt.

"Patience, sweet Will, patience." He licked the silent pulse-point at the juncture of neck and ear. It was a delicious game, wondering how far he could take this before his childe noticed the silent couple watching them from the chair across the room. But Angel was quietly telling him this was unfair and counter-productive to forming a working relationship between all of them.

Angelus sighed, giving in to the wisdom of his human soul. Much as though he loved games, he owed it to all of them to make this run as smoothly as possible. So he finally whispered a confession in his lover's ear "Will... We're not alone..."

"Hmmm, what was that, sire?" Wide eyes dilated with lust, black pupils barely rimmed in cerulean blue regarded him in confusion. "Not alone?" His nostrils flared as he struggled to pick up any other scent beyond the familiar tang of Angelus' arousal and wood-smoke from the fireplace.

He located it quickly. There, in the other corner was the distinctive combination of vanilla and musk he always associated with the Slayer. And mingled with that not unpleasant fragrance was another, one comprised of sandalwood, pine, earth and Angelus... It could only be one person, the boy who had taken his place in his sire's bed and surpassed his hold on Angelus' heart.

His rival...

A snarl started deep in his chest, he struggled violently against the iron prison of his sire's arms. Angelus held him tightly, pinning him in the soft cushions with his considerable strength and body weight. "Shh, Will. 'Tis all right, my sweet childe..."

"No! It'll never be right again..." He tried to shake the bigger man off of him but failed. Tears formed again in his eyes, spilling down his cheeks. "Wasn't it bad enough that you abandon me for a century, take my Dru from me... Bad enough you take the Slayer as your mate... But you chose him over me? Why, sire, why?"

"I'm sorry, Will..." Angelus kissed away the tears, sipping them like the finest wine. "I was too young to take a mate when we were together and when I returned, you were already mated to Druscilla."

Spike sobbed in protest at being punished for his own choice. "I would have shared her with you gladly, Angelus. You know that... She belonged to you anyway."

"No, Will... Her loyalty belonged to me but her heart belonged to you... And I wasn't willing to share my love for you with her..." A deep kiss stifled the cries in Spike's throat. The younger vampire relaxed slightly as he took comfort in their shared passion for one another. It was an easy crutch to lean on while his heart was being torn out of his chest. It didn't matter to him that it hadn't beaten for over two centuries, he would still miss it...

Riley watched the two of them carefully, poised to aid Angelus should his childe become violent. Buffy took the opportunity presented by his inattentive behavior to insinuate her hands up under his pullover, then his t-shirt. He drew in an involuntary breath when he felt the warmth of her hands come in contact with his tense abdominal muscles. She swallowed the rest of his protest with a kiss that rivaled Angelus'.

Both men moaned under the combined assault of their lovers, the sounds mingling in the quiet air of the room.

The kiss between the two vampires ended with a small whimper from Spike. His eyes were closed so as not to see the inevitable rejection surely to be found in his sire's gaze. Now that Angelus' mates were finally home this game must be over.

Once he was free of this dear embrace, Spike would make his solitary way back to his musty old crypt. And cry himself to sleep, dreaming of the days before the gypsy curse, before Druscilla, before the Watcher's Council burned down their home. Back to the cocoon of their idyllic life in London so many years ago...

But Angelus wasn't pushing him away.

Instead he was nibbling a path down the pale column of Spike's throat, stopping momentarily at the neck of his black t-shirt. His brown eyes were tinged with saffron as he caught his childe's questioning gaze. "I wasn't willing to share you with Dru, but I am willing to share you with my mates, Will..."

His head raised up further, locking eyes with Buffy and Riley. *Are you willing, my lovers?*

Riley answered immediately. The pain his vampiric mate was feeling for his childe made him understand the need for this affirmation of love and trust between the four of them. *Yes... I'm willing...*

Buffy's response was slower. She had fought so many times with Spike, had nearly lost her life to him... Just as she had almost lost her life to the demon now watching her so intently. Her first instinct was to deny them, after all Spike was the enemy and a soul-less one at that. Despite all the help he had been with the whole Adam situation, the only thing that kept him from being a cold-blooded killer was the chip in his head.

But then she remembered the tenderness reflected on Angelus' face as he spoke of their early days in London and how much love he felt for the human named William. For the sake of the boy who helped an immortal demon discover love, she would be willing to lay next to the very Devil himself. She nodded, not trusting even her internal voice to answer his question.

*Thank you... Thank you so much...* Angelus dropped his head back down to once again kiss his quiescent childe.

During their brief exchange, Spike lay beneath him absolutely speechless. Angelus had just offered him something unthinkable. His dominant sire was actually willing to share him with his mates and his mates with him?

He wasn't sure how he felt about the offer. *Slayer's got a damn fine little body. Beautiful face, nice teats, pretty little snatch. And if the noises Angelus and soldier boy made while riding her last week are any indication, she's gotta be a great fuck...*

As Angelus' mouth once again descended on his, Spike responded with renewed lust while he continued to think about the possibilities laid before him. *It's been ages since I've been inside a warm body... Plus that mouth, all the kisses we had shared during Red's little spell... Dead cert that didn't suck..."

There were sharp fangs against his throat, scraping the delicate flesh without breaking the skin. *Mmmm, Angelus... You're the fire that warms my blood, sire... But can I stand having that damn big bastard watchin' while I shag you and her?*

Not waiting for any further signal from their vampiric mate, Riley lifted Buffy gently from his lap and set her on her feet. With reverent hands, he stripped off her shirt slowly, kissing each inch of flesh as it was exposed. He knelt in front of her, the extreme length of his body leaving his head level with her breasts. Moving from one taut nipple to the other and back, Riley laved each one in turn, stopping occasionally to place tender little nips on the underside of each rounded globe. She moaned; the throaty little sound inflamed all three of the males in the room.

Angelus gave his beloved childe several deep kisses, leaving Spike dazed with lust as his hands twisted in the soft cotton of that black t-shirt again. Smiling down at the pale face directly below his own, the older vampire deliberately ripped the shirt in half, splitting it from navel to neck.

That sound combined with the thrill caused by Buffy's husky little noises galvanized the bemused Brit into action. He grinned up at his sire as he accepted the inevitability of where this evening was going to end up. "Oi, that was my best shirt, Angelus."

"I'll buy you another one..." That wonderful mouth nuzzled along his collarbone then slipped further down to tease one of his flat nipples into a taut peak.

"Damn well better... Not like you can't afford it." Spike tangled his fingers in his lover's soft hair, pulling him closer while he watched the tableau presented by the half-naked Slayer and her human companion. Both of the boy's shirts had joined her own on the floor, she was almost straddling his face as he placed kisses on her still covered mound. *Cor, what a spectacle those two make... Angelus, is this what you get to see all the time?*

"Not my fault you were more interested in railroad spikes instead of railroad lines." Sharp fangs made the next contact with his skin, they sank into the flesh above one nipple. Spike took a purely reflexive breath, reveling in the ecstasy that still accompanied this vampire's bite. "Mmmm, you taste so damn good, my boy..."

His mouth lifted away from the small wound, beads of blood clinging to his lips as he turned his head to catch what held Spike's rapt attention. He rolled onto his side with his back to the couch wanting a full view of his mates at play. With infinite patience, Angelus shrugged out of his own shirt then stripped the tattered remnants of the torn cloth off his childe's body before moving him until Spike's bare back rested flush against his chest.

Spike hissed, the delicious contact of skin to skin sent his world spinning out of control. The combination of his sire's erotic pull with the enticing view of the two humans making love by the fireplace was enough to wash away his last reservations. He was willing to do anything, anything at all to keep Angelus in his unlife...

Even if it meant having to suck off soldier boy while Angelus fucked him from behind...

Yeah, he would even do that. Just so long as he didn't get cut adrift again.

A note of possessive pride accompanied Angelus' hushed comment beside his ear. "They are beautiful, aren't they, Will? So full of life, so warm, so willing to please..."

He closed his eyes for a moment to reach for them. *My mates? Come join us.*

Slightly startled by his sudden request, Buffy and Riley turned toward the couch. Their matched hazel eyes met his in immediate understanding. She moved first, crossing the room gracefully with her head held high, supremely unconcerned about her semi-nude state. After all, each of the occupants of the room had already seen her wearing much less...

Buffy settled on her knees beside the couch, one hand coming to rest on Angelus' bare chest. The shock of physical contact with her mate sent a shiver throughout her tiny frame. She sat there for a long moment, silently watching the two vampires while Riley knelt behind her, molding his big body to hers and enveloping her in his warmth.

Here was the one thing she thought would never happen. She'd had daydreams about Riley and about Angel, although not the two of them together, at least not until recently. Her nightmares had starred Angelus, sometimes fighting him, sometimes loving him but always ending up with her underneath him with both his fangs and cock inside her.

But Spike was another matter entirely different. Whenever her over-active and usually sexually frustrated imagination lit on him, she would push it away quickly. She'd always been supremely embarrassed by having such thoughts about the blonde vampire who was now lying on the couch in front of her. Lying on the couch with his usually sarcastic countenance softened by firelight and something she understood completely...

Especially when it concerned the other vampire who held him so tenderly...


Spike raised his hand to capture a single tendril of her hair, his blue eyes dark with silent passion. Buffy responded to his unspoken request by cupping his cheek with her other hand as she leaned over him. Her beautiful eyes slowly closed while she placed a soft kiss on his lips.

A moan rose up from his throat, she was so warm, so... human. Although he loved Angelus with all his heart, Spike did miss the simple comfort of a warm body in his arms. It was something he craved, even if only to feed...

With his own eyes closed, he carefully traced the line of her lips with his cool tongue, coaxing her mouth to blossom under his tender ministrations. Force would not win him any points with this woman, there was no chance of Spike forgetting how deadly she could be in any given situation. The subtle shift of his sire's body behind him brought a hard cock pressing intimately into the curve of his buttocks, it was a reminder of the reward to be won by his good behavior.

Spike almost jumped when another warm hand came in contact with his body. It brushed his other cheek, trailed down his neck, stopping at his collarbone where it started a lazy stroking motion of thumb over skin. He mentally calculated where Buffy's hands were at the moment. One hand on his cheek, the other still resting on his sire's chest. That left only one other source for the warmth spreading along his chilled flesh.

Soldier boy was touching him...

His eyes snapped open as his body stiffened. His instincts had been right, Angelus' other mate was touching him with one of his large hands. The second hand tangled in his sire's hair as the two of them engaged in a passionate kiss over the Slayer's head. *Cor, he is a big one, ain't he? Bigger than even Angelus himself... Can cover her entire body with his and still be able to reach him without disturbing her at all... Hmm, wonder if his prick is anywhere near the size of my sire's?*

If the feel of Angelus' big male mate touching him wasn't enough of a shock, the sudden sensation of the Slayer's warm tongue invading his mouth sent Spike's world into a tailspin. He moaned, burying his hands in her luxurious blonde locks, deepening their kiss until he no longer knew where she ended and he began.

She was such a delight to kiss. All fiery passion combined with a lingering innocence Spike would never have expected from someone who had been so intimate with his sire.

A cool finger traced a line down his cheek, drawing Spike out of the world created by the intoxication of her mouth. He reluctantly broke the kiss to look up at his sire. Angelus smiled into his childe's dazed eyes while Riley trailed warm lips down the column of his vampiric mate's throat. "Will, why don't we move this to the floor? As I pointed out earlier, it's a little too cramped up here..."

"Aye, it is at that, sire..." Spike gave Buffy one last kiss, savoring the sweetness of her lips.

Without a word spoken between them, Riley reached underneath Buffy and lifted her into his arms. He rose smoothly to his feet, her weight nothing to him as he carried her over to the thick rug in front of the fireplace. Kneeling carefully, he laid her down on the warm surface and started placing kisses down the elegant line of her throat. Riley stopped when he reached Angelus' mark, devoutly tracing the edge of the scar with his tongue.

Angelus nudged Spike, subtly reminding him to rise from the couch. He obeyed with alacrity, unexpectedly eager to join the human couple whose slowly moving bodies were illuminated by the dim firelight.

Once the two of them reached that spot, Spike shared a speaking glance with his sire. Even though Angelus had already given his verbal agreement to sharing his mates, his childe wanted to be certain of his place. It was not outside the realm of possibility that this was some sick joke the older vampire was playing on him...

Angelus laughed, "It's all right, Will... We want you here..."

Riley lifted his head from Buffy's right breast, his eyes alight with mischief as he regarded the hesitant Spike. He gave his mate's favorite childe a welcoming smile, moving enough to make room for him beside Buffy. When the blonde vampire settled himself gingerly on the rug next to her, Riley inclined his head slightly, silently offering her other breast to him.

Spike glanced nervously at Angelus who graced him with a slow smile and then at Buffy who gave him the same smile. Uncertainty was written all over his face as he gingerly lowered his mouth to the proffered breast, sucking the dusky rose nipple slowly past his cool lips to tease it with a swirling tongue. Riley took her other nipple back into his mouth and Buffy gasped at the exquisite contrast between his warmth and Spike's coolness.

Once Spike realized Angelus was truly serious about his offer, he grew bolder in his caresses. Even though she was the Slayer, he'd always found Buffy to be attractive. Part of her pull was due to his recognition of another supreme predator but mainly it was her heart-wrenching beauty that had stayed his hand on more than one occasion. Spike appreciated the irony presented by the worst threat to a vampire's continued existence being encased in such an alluring package...

His pale slender fingers trailed down the curve of her belly to cup the mound of her sex. Spike almost hissed when he felt the heat radiating through her remaining clothing. It would feel so good to be enveloped in that delicious warmth. Before turning him, Angelus used to spend hours sheathed inside his body without moving. His sire explained it was because he missed being warm...

After two centuries of being cold, Spike fully understood the other vampire's need for that comfort as well as the reason why both of these beautiful children were still alive. Angelus wanted to be warm, he wanted to feel almost human...

While Spike continued to explore the secrets of her enticing body, Riley withdrew slowly. He was concerned because Angelus stood quietly watching the three of them instead of joining in. With a silent question, he sat up giving his vampiric mate his full attention. *Angelus, is everything all right?*

Angelus nodded and cupped his mate's chin in one hand. He leaned over, placing a gentle kiss on his generous mouth. *Yes, my dear one... I'm just enjoying the sight of the three of you together. It pleases me.* His fingers blazed an invisible path down Riley's spine, sending shivers of delight through his human lover. *Just take a moment and look at them... They're exquisite, don't you agree?*

Riley sat back on his heels to watch the two blondes and found he agreed with Angelus' quiet observation. Spike was kissing Buffy, possessing her mouth with his. Their hands entangled in each other's hair as their bodies sought to join despite the barriers presented by the few articles of clothing they still wore. They were incredible together; all honed muscle and predatory grace, the epitome of death incarnate locked in a passionate embrace. Her tanned skin shone in the dim light, a perfect counter-point to his paleness...

It would be so easy just to sit back and watch the two of them couple without any interference but Riley didn't want to be excluded. He was quietly amazed at how much he wanted to be part of this. Although Buffy wasn't his first girlfriend, he hadn't been one to engage in casual sexual relationships. Riley had always been in love with his partners. Angel was the first he shared such an intimate act with where that feeling had been absent at the onset. And even then, a deep love grew out of his liaison with the ensouled vampire and his inner demon.

A month ago... Hell, two weeks ago, if any of his friends even hinted that he would be almost salivating at the thought of having sex with someone just for the sake of having sex, Riley would have laughed in their face. But here he was, sitting in a dimly lit fantastical mansion while he watched his girlfriend being kissed senseless by a vampire.

A vampire that he had every intention of fucking into the ground before the night was out...

*Good...* Riley almost jumped when Angelus' inner voice sounded in his head, he had forgotten the dark presence of his vampiric mate. He looked up into the saffron-tinged chocolate of his eyes and saw the amusement shining forth as Angelus tilted up one corner of his mouth. *Spike likes it rough... He'll respect you more afterward if you assert dominance early on...*

He knelt next to Riley, silently continuing their conversation. *But tonight is not for Spike, this is for Will... And Will must be treated gently, he's too fragile right now for rough handling...* His sure hands skimmed over his lover's back, mapping the rise and fall of muscle beneath warm skin as the two of them watched the erotic dance between Slayer and vampire.

*Angelus...* Riley titled his head so he could study his darker mate. *You talk about him like he's two separate beings, like you and Aingeal. No one's ever said anything about his being cursed, does he have his soul too?*

*Not exactly...* Cool hands were now undoing the fastening of Angel's borrowed trousers which the young man still wore. Riley's eyes closed and a breath hissed though his teeth as those talented hands found his hardness, enclosing it within a firm grip. *When I turned Will, I chose his demon for him. By doing so, he was able to retain more of his... the best word for it is humanity, I guess. I loved Will for the human he was and I wanted to keep him that way as much as possible. So unlike most vampires, he feels love and passion just like a human...*

*So do you...* Warm mouth on throat, warm hands caressing a marble smooth chest. Warmth everywhere...

Angelus snorted at the thought of being human himself. Two years ago, he would have snapped the boy's neck for even hinting at that possibility. *A lot of that's due to the actual presence of Liam's soul within me. Without it, I would be just another ravening beast...* Riley suddenly gripped the back of his head, his expression very serious as he stared into his mate's eyes. *I don't believe that. I overheard your conversation with Buffy about your past with William. You refrained from killing humans for almost thirty years. That's not the action you would expect from a ravening beast.*

*True...* Angelus contemplated the implications of Riley's quiet statement before responding. *But my motivations were not the same as Angel's. He doesn't kill because it would add even more guilt on his slate... I didn't kill because I liked our life in London. It was... comfortable...*

*Your motivations aren't that dissimilar, my mate.* Riley kissed him, tracing the outline of his lips with his tongue, eliciting a small moan from Angelus. The ability to continue a conversation when his mouth was so deliciously occupied was proving to be a handy skill. *Angel chooses not to kill because it makes him uncomfortable, you chose not to kill because it would make you...*

The vampire broke the kiss and smiled as he finished the thought. *Uncomfortable... Hmmm, psychology is your field of study, isn't it? Maybe I should go back to school...*


*So I can have a chance of winning an argument with you... An argument which is currently keeping us from the matter at hand...* They both laughed aloud, amused by the incongruity of such a serious conversation happening during such an inappropriate time.

A gasp from Buffy drew their attention immediately. While they were conversing, Spike managed to strip off her pants and panties as well as his own jeans. His head was now buried in her nest of dark blonde curls. A long tongue slowly licked away pearls of moisture clinging to those sweet little lips. Her petite hands clutched his shoulders when he slid two slender fingers into her heat. The little croons coming from her sent an electric current of desire through both of her mates.

They had to join her in pleasure...

While Riley shed his remaining clothes, Angelus realized they would need a few things not immediately at hand.

He knew Spike could handle a rough coupling without much protest but Riley was definitely not ready for a repeat of his initial experience with anal intercourse. And there was no possibility Angelus would allow his beloved Slayer's tight little passage to be broached without some external assistance. She was still too new to the realm of sensuality to enjoy pain of any kind during sex.

It would only take a few moments for him to gather the supplies necessary for their comfort.

*Riley...* The young man turned to him, desire clouding his usually clear hazel eyes. Angelus ran a hand through his hair, drawing him in for a quick kiss. *I'll be right back.*

*Hmmm? Need any help, Angelus?*

*No, I can manage... You just make sure those two have a good time while I'm gone.*

A broad grin covered his mate's face. *That's one order I won't mind following.*

*Didn't think you would mind too much...* Angelus gave him a little push toward the two blondes as he rose to his feet. Most of what he needed should be in Angel's bedroom...

Riley watched his retreating figure for a moment, admiring the play of light and shadow crossing his broad shoulders before Angelus disappeared into the depths of the mansion. A little tendril of thought caught his attention; he turned to face Buffy and met her eyes. *Riley...*

*Buffy... Is he any good at that?* A sudden pang of jealousy twisted in his chest as Riley took in the delighted smile on her face. The feeling surprised him. He thought it would be easy to share her, after all he hadn't felt anything but joy when he watched her with Angel or with Angelus...

*Uh-huh, he's really, really good. Definitely well-trained, he knows all of Angel's little tricks...* She wound her fingers into Spike's hair, pressing him further into her as her body started to shake. "Oh... Oh... Oh God... Right there, Spike, right there..."

The blonde vampire lifted his head from her sex, replacing the tongue on her clit with a rough thumb. She was so damn beautiful, he needed to see her come. His accented voice, husky with desire was enough to send her over the edge as he begged. "Come for me, little Slayer... Cor, you're so fuckin' gorgeous... Come for me now..."

Her moans spiraled into a scream of pleasure as wave upon wave of climactic bliss washed over her. Dismissing his jealousy, Riley sat back on his heels, mute with awe as he absorbed the power of her release through the mated bond. A roar resounded from the other room; Angelus had felt her orgasm too and gave voice to his approval.

"Bloody Hell!" Spike sat up with a start; the sound of his sire's cry alarmed him. His fingers slid out of Buffy and she gave a small cry of protest at their loss. But Spike ignored her complaint; all of his focus was on the matter of his sire.

Was Angelus under attack... or had he changed his mind about sharing his mates? Was it time to defend his sire or run for the sake of his continued existence?

Riley stifled a laugh. "It's okay, Spike. Nothing's wrong with Angelus."

"Wot do you mean there's nothin' wrong wi' him, soldier boy? Angelus doesn't make that kind o' noise unless he's fightin' or shaggin'. Since there's no one else he's interested in shaggin' here but us, I'm thinkin' we have a fight on our hands." Spike was almost to his feet when Buffy's little hand stopped him.

Her voice was shaky as she reassured him, the last tremors of her orgasm left her a little weak. "He's fine, Spike. Trust us... We would know if he was in trouble."

Spike looked confused for a moment, then realization dawned on him. "Crikey, don't tell me he felt that... My bleedin' sire's not only marked you as mates but you've accepted him, haven't you? You're fully bonded to him? Both of you?"

They both nodded, expecting him to spiral back into the fit of depression he evidenced when they first arrived. But instead Spike smiled, a mocking smile that didn't reach his eyes. The jealousy he felt earlier upon learning about the addition of Riley as Angelus' mate was back and it was stronger than ever. *Only my sire would dare so much... Trust him to not only push the bonds of vampiric tradition by taking two human mates but also to complete the bonded circle with 'em.*

Even when he had mated himself to Druscilla, she returned his affection but never fully accepted the mated bond. That lack of complete connection was the reason she had been able to leave him for Angelus...

Spike's tone dripped sarcasm as he expressed his envy over this development in the best way he knew how. "Well that changes everythin'. And here I thought Angelus had given his heart to two young pups who'd never love him like I do."

Buffy took immediate offense at that remark. "But I've always loved him."

"Not him, pet. You've always loved that great bleedin' bog-trotter, Angel. My sire's a completely different matter." Amused by her defensive reaction, Spike turned from her scowling face to the young man kneeling at her side. Despite the open affection Riley had shown him earlier, it stung him deeply that Angelus had chosen to take this human as a mate instead of himself.

Here was his chance to wound the boy while his sire was otherwise occupied. Might as well let the bastard know he was not completely welcome in this equation...

The Slayer he could deal with, he'd known about his sire's fascination with the girl for years and to some extent, shared it. She'd always been a worthy opponent when they were enemies. When they became hunting partners, Buffy gave him the same respect she accorded all of her friends. The girl never treated him like he was some specimen under a microscope...

And Angel had been right about her taste. Spike ran his hands over his face to gather up the remnants of her flavor and licked his fingers. Brandy, rich, fiery and fulsome... He could spend years with his head between her thighs.

But her commando boy-toy was an entirely different story... He'd been in on his initial capture. Hell, as far as Spike knew, he might have been the one who stuck the chip in his head...

Spike regarded his rival with one delicately raised eyebrow. "And you, soldier boy... I thought all you could do with my kind was lock us up in little cages and use us for your effin' experiments. Tsk, tsk, you can't do that wi' Angelus now. 'Coz if you did, you'd be screamin' right along wi' him."

Riley reeled from the force of his accusation, suddenly furious with the vampire who was eyeing him so smugly. His big hands balled into fists, ready to wipe that superior smile of his face. How dare this asshole even think he would let Angel or Angelus be used that way? "I... would... never... hurt... him! Mated or not..."

"You're damned right you'd never hurt him, boy. You'd have to go through me first and I know I can ignore this bleedin' chip long enough to snap your neck..." He heard the threat laced through the young human's deep voice. And Spike was more than willing to accept the challenge.

"Please try... I'd like to see if you can take me down, Hostile 17." Riley knew this argument was counter to all the good they'd accomplished this evening. But he couldn't just sit there and let this little pipsqueak insult Buffy and insinuate that he would ever let the Initiative touch their mate.

Spike sneered, forgetting that his sire was only a room away and the greatest Vampire Slayer of all time sat on the rug with them, her beautiful hazel eyes regarding them with an almost clinical interest. The girl could reach out at any moment and rip him in half but she chose to watch their male posturing without comment. "Oh, that's right, boy... Reduce me to a number. I've got a name, you know..."

"I know. It's Will, right?" Riley rose to his feet, towering over the smaller man who stood right along with him.

The diminutive of his given name had never been spoken with such contempt as this boy put into it. The only thing keeping Spike from pummeling him was the blasted chip, he was no longer afraid of his sire's reaction to his beating the boy into the ground... "Not to you, you pillock! Only Angelus gets to call me that... Angelus, the Slayer and my Dru..."

"Dru? Isn't that the crazy vamp that left you for my mate?" Riley knew about the mad girl who deserted her own mate for Angelus. When Angel told him the story behind that whole mess, he had been amazed at the thought of anyone's mate leaving them.

At the time Riley had felt pity for the abandoned vampire but now all he wanted to do was hurt him. "What's the matter, Spikey? Did she find him better in bed than you? He fucked you for a hundred years so you should know..."

"Aye, he shagged me for a century. And he'll still be shaggin' me long after you're nothing but dust and memories, human..." The sudden flash of hurt in Riley's eyes told Spike his barb found a vulnerable spot. "Face it, boy. I'm immortal... You'll have him for maybe twenty good years before he tires of your aging body and then he'll be lookin' to me again..."

Finally pushed to the limit Riley hit him, his large fist knocking Spike to the ground. The blonde vampire was back on his feet instantly, hands clenched in fists as he prepared to attack, chip be damned.

Drawn by the sudden fury radiating from his mate, Angelus returned from his foray for supplies. He dropped the armload of pillows and a small bottle of oil on the couch. Impatiently tightening the belt of his silk robe, he reached the two combatants with three long strides.

His human mask melted away as he grabbed the back of each tensed neck in his large hands. With a violent shake, he roared at them. "What the Hell is going on! I leave the room for one minute and you two are each other's throats."

Spike glared at Riley, his blue eyes dilated with rage. "He started it, sire..."

The look given the blonde vampire by the young soldier spoke volumes. It was pure disgust. "Over two centuries old and that's the best you can do? Rely on school-yard excuses? Clearly a case of arrested development."

It took all of Angelus' control not to burst into laughter. His mate was such a delight, so full of wisdom for one so young... He managed to keep the amusement out of his voice as he gave them another hard shake. "I don't care who started it... I'm stopping it..."

"There's no way I'm acceptin' this bloody human, sire." Spike shifted his gaze to Angelus. "I'll happily shag wi' you and the Sl-Buffy but not this nancy-boy!"

Riley snarled, infuriated at Spike's presumption. "As if I would let you touch either of them again..."

"ENOUGH!" Angelus' roar was enough to startle both of them. His golden eyes regarded the two sullen faces, all prior amusement evaporated, he was furious with both of them. The evening had shown such promise until their egos got in the way...

But Angelus understood the source of their aggression toward one another. Despite the depth of the mated bond, his association with Riley had only lasted the span of two weeks whereas his relationship with his darling Will was two centuries old. His mate felt threatened by his childe's presence. It was not just his presence in the room that caused this transformation. Will's intimate exploration of Buffy must have triggered Riley's deeply seated alpha male programming.

His mate was defending his territory and no amount of words would soothe the young man. This was something that could only be settled through physical confrontation. One of them would have to dominate the other... *But with that chip in his head what chance would Will have against you, dear one?*

Riley answered his mate's unspoken question without taking his eyes off Spike. "The chip has an over-ride function, Angelus. Professor Walsh took into account we sometimes had to test an HST for strength and endurance. If the human is a willing participant, the chip won't go off... It'll only kick in if the vamp tries to bite or kill, otherwise there's no pain for them..."

Spike's slow smile held a special malice, he could take this big bastard down and teach him who was the big bad... "You ready to go a few rounds then, pet?"

Ice-blue eyes raked down the length of Riley's gloriously naked frame, lust flared in their depths as his smile got even wider. Spike had always appreciated his sire's taste in sexual partners and despite his animosity toward Riley, he grudgingly admitted this human had a damn fine body. *I'll take you on, boy... I'll teach you to try and take my place... Then I'll fuck you until you can't walk...*

His usually suppressed aggressive nature rose to the surface as Riley shook off his mate's hand. He stepped right into Spike's space with his mouth set in a grim line. That sudden forward movement silently dared the smaller vampire to take the first shot. "I'm good. Let's go..."

Angelus nodded and released his grip on Spike who instinctively stepped back a little. This action wasn't one of retreat. It was quite the opposite. His sire knew Spike was merely sizing up his opponent, biding his time before making a move. It was satisfying to note that something from his many hours of training his childe in patience had sunk in after all.

With one elegenatly raised brow, the older vampire extended his hand to his golden-haired mate who stood watching the two combatants in silence. She had risen to her feet when they did, more than ready to step in if their confrontation became any more violent. Buffy took Angelus' hand, walked between Spike and Riley without touching either of them and was enfolded in her vampiric mate's embrace.

After a long moment within his cool arms, she finally spoke. "You two have some serious issues to resolve... So we're going to leave you alone. Spike, you hurt him too much and I'll forget that Angelus loves you..."

Angelus rumbled in agreement. "So will I..."

Spike swallowed his protest and nodded, his smile faded a little at the thought of losing his sire's love. Oh well, his pride could be satisfied with a quick wrestle, then a down and dirty tumble ending up with his cock buried inside that marvelous warm body.

Then Buffy turned to Riley, her little face grave with barely concealed worry. She didn't like this but Angelus explained through the bond how necessary it was to their continued dynamic. "Riley... you hurt Spike too much and you'll be sleeping somewhere else for a really long time... Got it?"

Riley gave her a terse nod. Part of him wanted to stop this right now, but Angelus had mentioned that Spike needed to be put in his place right up front and this might be his only chance...

Plus he wanted to wipe that irritating smile of his face. The confrontation earlier with Xander had been intellectually satisfying but this would be a visceral thing...

Right down to blood and bone...

"Got it..."

"When you're done, we'll be in Angel's bedroom..." With those final words, she moved out of Angelus' arms. They walked away hand-in hand, her delicate blonde beauty perfectly complimented by his darkness as they faded into the shadows.