Title: HEARTBEAT Chapter 25
AUTHOR: Mistress Ace
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SPOILERS: The I in Team and Goodbye Iowa
SUMMARY: This story takes place in my universe, not Joss'. The mated bond is complete, how will everyone else in Buffy's world react to it. Spike has his own objections, which have to be worked out with Riley. Our boy from Iowa grows up just a little more tonight...
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Buffy and Angelus stopped in the hallway leading to the bedroom and turned back to observe the conflict. Despite her earlier statement, they had no intention of letting Riley and Spike fight without supervision. Each of them were poised to intervene should things get uglier than necessary.

The two nude men faced off against each other, hands hung loosely at their sides as they circled warily. Riley had the advantage of size, he was at least half a head taller than the wiry vampire and probably had fifty pounds on him. But Spike was tough, he'd survived more fights than the young man could imagine.

Angelus had been very forthcoming during their week in L.A. about Spike's history, how he gained his reputation and just how ruthless he could be when cornered. If he discounted his opponent just because he was smaller, defeat would be a certainty.

While he watched for any telegraphing moves, Riley found himself quietly admiring the lean beauty of Spike's frame. His pale skin gleamed in the firelight, upper body well developed with smooth curved muscles, a few curious scars in odd places. *Wonder how he got those. Must have happened before he was turned since vamps regenerate without any permanent scarring... Except for mate's marks...* Strong legs, columns of sinew, muscle and bone that moved with infinite grace as Spike made the first move, a leg sweep that would have brought him down if he'd been less observant.

Riley shifted his weight, spun out of position and made first contact with a hard arm slammed across the vampire's chest. Spike took the blow easily, rolling with the impact, absorbing its force as he used the marine's superior weight as a fulcrum. The young soldier was flipped over his head and Spike whirled around planning on pinning the boy to the floor.

But Riley landed on his feet and danced out of range with a huge smile on his face.

His competitive streak appreciated the challenge being presented by this particular opponent. It was difficult for him to go all out against Angel, his love for the vampire made him hold back whenever they sparred in L.A. Nor could he go full tilt against Buffy, even though he knew she could kick his ass from here to eternity. Riley just couldn't bring himself to pit his full strength against either of his mates.

But Spike? He had no problem with that at all...

The blonde vampire was strong, not nearly as strong as Angelus but he wasn't worried about it. During those sparring sessions in L.A., the three of them determined the stuff the Initiative had put in his food for over a year changed him permanently. His reflexes were off the scale, his speed and power almost rivaled a well-fed vampire and the mated bond expanded all his other senses to their fullest extent. Riley could easily hold his own in their struggle against the under-world of demons and vampires.

And here was a dress rehearsal, all wrapped up with a bow and a pleasant reward for winning the combat. Riley knew there was only one way this could play out. This was not a struggle of who could beat the other senseless. This was a struggle where the ultimate outcome would be who owned the other...

Jealousy and anger disappeared, those emotions were counter-productive to what he could achieve here. Riley needed all of his wits about him in order to win this. By winning, he would force Spike to acknowledge his position in Angelus' life as well as assuage his need to be the dominant partner in at least some part of this odd relationship. And that was something his male ego really needed at this point...

But even beyond that basic instinct, Riley found his mate's cocky, arrogant childe to be sexy as hell. After his exposure to the blond vampire over the past few weeks and his mate's stories of their life together, he could easily understand what Angelus saw in the sarcastic Brit. So much of Spike's behavior reminded him of Buffy. Brash, defiant, an illusion of self-confidence, full of nervous energy, using a caustic sense of humor as a shield to hide a deep well of despair and frustrated passion.

After several near misses, Spike moved in again, grabbed him by the shoulder and twisted his upper body in such a way that the two of them tumbled to the floor. Their limbs entangled and Riley felt the hard cool column of the vampire's erect cock slide along his hip. His smile only got larger, Spike obviously had the same final goal. The only difference was Riley knew deep in his gut he was going to win.

Similar thoughts were playing out in Spike's head. Even though he was insanely jealous of this young man's connection with his sire, he'd never been one to lie to himself. Soldier boy fit his taste in men perfectly, he was big, smooth chested, long limbed, hard in all the right places. He wasn't Angelus by a long shot but for now he would do... His fingers tangled in the boy's hair and he drew that attractive face closer to his.

Those hazel eyes, so like the Slayer's, were dilated with adrenaline and lust. Sure enough, there was a hard, hot shaft pressing against his hip as Spike rolled on top of his sire's mate. The reason for their conflict evaporated as the flames of desire roared through him, heating his cool skin with a sudden fever.

Spike took one more long look into those beautiful eyes and ground out a short expletive. "Bugger it!"

He sealed their mouths together in a ravenous kiss. Warmth surrounded him, full lips opened under his and a scaldingly hot tongue filled his mouth with passionate force. The boy really knew how to kiss; he tasted like both the Slayer and his sire, which was a heady combination. Riley's mouth possessed Spike's, one large hand cupped the back of his opponent's head with the other went underneath his own body to provide the necessary leverage...

In a heart-stopping moment, Spike found himself on his back with the big marine plastered on top of him. Riley shifted his hips subtly, hooked his arms underneath the vampire's knees and shot him that cocky grin. "Yeah, bugger it's the right term, Spike."

Sudden heat invaded Spike's body as a warm shaft shoved itself into his unprepared channel. He gasped, the boy was buried in him so quickly that it hurt like a royal bitch. Riley gave him a triumphant look and Spike found he wasn't really angry at having lost this round. *Cor, not nearly as big as Angelus but so damned warm... Hurts so good...*

They were frozen there for an instant before Riley moved further into him. Spike gritted his teeth to subdue his moan of pained pleasure. It wouldn't do for him to let the young man know how much he enjoyed this, no need to encourage the big bastard any more than necessary. But he couldn't control the tightening of his inner muscles around the wonderfully warm cock that was almost fully seated within him.

Riley untangled his arms from the vampire's knees, then grabbed Spike's hands and pinned them above his head, increasing the dominant nature of his invasion. Their eyes locked in a complete understanding of one another. Spike sighed, silently accepting his place in the scheme of things. Riley was his sire's mate, just like Buffy was and he would have to show them both the proper respect required of a master's childe...


But all that could wait until this coupling was over. For now, he would just enjoy the sensation of being fucked into the floor by this incredibly handsome human male. Spike moaned in protest as Riley withdrew slowly, torturously removing the instrument of his possession. Then it was back, deeper and more forcefully. The pain faded rapidly, to be replaced by mind-numbing pleasure.

The boy was good at this, not surprising considering he just spent the better part of a week in the bed of his sire. Spike recognized some of Angelus' moves as the heavy weight on his chest shifted away. Riley now held his hands in place with only one token hand. The other slid underneath his ass to pull him even closer, to suffuse more of that delicious heat into his chilled flesh. He moved within him, long slow strokes designed to tantalize rather than satisfy. The determined look on his face confirmed Spike's suspicions that this could take a very long time...

They were so involved in each other, neither one of them noticed the movement at the far end of the room. Not until the sound of two large hands clapping together resounded through that huge open space of the mansion's living room were they aware of the return of Angelus.

He stood at the end of the couch, watching them with one sardonically lifted eyebrow and his patented smirk. At his feet was a pool of fabric that could only be the silk robe he had worn earlier. Buffy was at his side, smiling broadly as she devoured them with her eyes. The two on the floor looked so delightfully surprised. Just like two little kids caught with their hands in the candy jar.

She couldn't restrain a giggle. "Looks like you to worked things out just fine."

Riley ducked his head, laughed and gave Spike a short thrust, which curled the vampire's toes. "Yeah, looks like we did."

Angelus nodded in approval. As usual, his mate had taken his words to heart and used the best avenue to deal with a situation. He knew Spike would respect him hereafter, all it would take to keep him in line would be an occasional reminder. But for now the sight of his male mate happily engaged in the act of physically possessing his childe reawakened his own desire.

He grabbed several pillows out of the pile on the couch, took Buffy's hands in his and led her back to the thick rug. With a flick of his wrist, he made a comfortable nest for them and the two of them laid down beside the already conjoined couple. They watched them writhe in the warm firelight as Riley reached between their bodies to give Spike's cock a few strokes.

Angelus stretched out of his back next to Spike, beckoning Buffy to him with a slow smile and a pointed look down at his own hard shaft. She giggled again before straddling his hips, guiding him into her core. He hissed as his cool length was enveloped within her heat.

Another hiss of appreciation echoed next to his shoulder. Angelus rolled his head to the side and met Spike's fevered gaze. His childe was avidly watching his sire disappear into her nest of curls, pure envy written on his face. Riley noted the look and gave him a pointed thrust, drawing his attention immediately back to his own partner. "Eyes on me, Spike... Eyes on me until I tell you to look elsewhere."

Spike opened his mouth to protest and found he could only groan as the hand on his aching shaft tightened. He obeyed, shutting out the erotic view of the extraordinarily beautiful girl riding his sire's huge cock. It was probably for the best anyway. If he kept looking at her, he just knew he would come and he wasn't ready to admit total defeat yet.

Besides the boy had started a side to side movement that was driving him crazy. He turned his full attention to his partner, lifting his hips to change the angle of penetration so each stroke of Riley's cock nudged his prostate. Spike ignored the moans of delight coming from Buffy, blocked out the deep purr of contentment coming from his sire. None of those delightful distractions mattered right now.

All that mattered was the young soldier who still held his arms pinned in place with one negligent hand as he took what had always been reserved for his sire. Once Angelus had rescued him from the streets of London, no other had been allowed entrance there. Spike waited a decade after Angelus disappeared before sharing his bed with another male and even then it was only to feed or dominate a new fledgling. In each of those brief couplings, he was the one who did the penetrating, not his partners.

It was unseemly for a Master Vampire to allow either fledges or food such liberties...

So it had been over two centuries since he had felt anyone other than Angelus encased deep within him, felt a stranger's rough hand engulf his cock or a masculine mouth on his demanding a response. He liked the feeling of being able to let go afforded to a passive partner, he'd missed that kind of freedom...

Riley moaned deep in his throat as Buffy came, keening Angelus' name. He tried to block the sensations coming through the mated bond but it was damned difficult. Doubly so because all he had to do was release Spike's hands and he could be touching his mates. But it was part of the contest of wills right now that he remain in control. In order for this to be a successful lesson, he knew it was vitally important Spike reach climax before he did.

So he bent to his task, using all the knowledge garnered during the last week with his vampiric mate. Riley twisted his wrist subtly with each up-stroke on Spike's cock, making sure to buff the head gently before dropping back down. Within his mind came a warm laugh from Angelus. *That's it, Riley... He loves that but what will really send him over the edge is a sharp bite, right between his neck and shoulder... Not the jugular, that would be too obvious for my Will...*

Riley gave Spike an evil grin as he leaned over him. Three quick thrusts, a twist of his wrist and then he bit him in the precise spot his mate had just described. Hard enough to bruise but not hard enough to break the skin.

It worked like a charm. Spike's eyes rolled back in his head as he swore under his breath. "Oh fuck..."

Cool semen hit Riley's chest as the blonde vampire came in his hand. At the same time, Buffy hit another peak and the combination of her orgasmic rush, the tightening of her sex on Angelus as well as Spike's involuntary inner contractions sent him careening over the edge into climax. He groaned as the wave of sensation started deep within him, washing away all conscious thought as he became nothing but raw physical fulfillment...

The two of them lay there, limbs still entangled while Riley's breathing slowly calmed. He felt a cool hand on the back of his neck and he lifted his head to look down into Spike's saffron-tinged blue eyes. The vampire's face was still human but the demon within had almost lost control.

"Round One to you, pet." The note of challenge in Spike's voice was echoed in his eyes. This contest was far from over.

Angelus laughed quietly, deeply amused by the ongoing power struggle between his childe and his mate. This evening was turning into something much more than any of them planned. The prospect of what would happen next intrigued him to no end.

The warmth surrounding his cock tightened with almost crushing force and his attention was brought instantly into focus. Angelus looked up into the simmering hazel depths of Buffy's eyes. *What happens next is you send the boys off to the shower... It's time for you to pay a little attention to me now.*

*Easily done, my beloved, easily done...*

Riley caught her thought and laughed aloud. Judging from the sounds she'd been making as well as the climaxes the three of them had all experienced through the bond, her comment was just an excuse to allow him and Spike to finish ironing out their differences.

Not that he really objected...

There was still a lot they needed to deal with here...


After disentangling from one another, the two of them padded off into the darkness toward the shower. The remaining couple waited a few moments before dissolving into laughter. The speculative gleam in Spike's eye as he followed Riley out of the room had been enough to convince Angelus their mate was going to be in for a pleasant surprise once they reached their destination. He'd seen that look so many times before and the outcome had always been worthwhile.

There was that time in Vienna, when Will decided to lead him on a merry chase through the streets. He caught up with him in an alley close to dawn where the two of them enjoyed a quick brutal coupling in that shadowed place. Their mutual passion was inflamed by the threat of the dawn's light looming over them; their eternal existence so easy to extinguish in a blaze of unholy fire should either of them move too vigorously...

Afterward they retired to their lair, spending the rest of the day in bed and in each other. Such a delicious recollection... Almost as delicious as the woman now held tightly in his arms...

She smiled down at him as his memories faded, lifting one eyebrow at her mate. "Earth to Angelus. Are you in there?"

A white flash of teeth, hands gripping her waist as he thrust brutally upward. "I'd say I'm definitely in there, lover." He shifted his weight, rolled her smoothly onto her back before lowering his head to her throat. "Let's just see how far in there I can get."

Moments later, her wail of satisfaction echoed throughout the mansion as they found how deep he could actually go. That glorious sound of fulfillment was almost immediately followed by his roar of climatic triumph.


In the brightly lit bathroom, Riley smiled as he felt his mates' culmination. His heart was full of joy for them, he was infinitely grateful that Buffy had accepted the demon within Angel. It made their combined relationship so much richer. For all of them, especially Angel.

Although the gentle side of their vampiric mate had been fairly silent this evening, Riley could feel his warm presence suffusing all of them with his own special touch. For now, Angel was content to be an observer. After all, most of this encounter was for Spike's benefit and where that particular vampire was concerned, only Angelus would do...

He cast his eyes toward the same said vampire who was busying himself with turning on the taps and adjusting the water temperature. Riley felt a moment of satisfaction as he observed the graceful line of this beautiful creature he had just... fucked so thoroughly.

*Yeah, Rye. Fucked is the right word for it. No love in this equation, just raw, animal sex... Power, dominance, control. I so get what Angelus was talking about when he coerced me into accepting the bond.*

Spike turned back to face him and caught the renewed flare of lust in the boy's gaze. It pleased him that he could stoke Angelus' mate's interest so quickly, it would make the next round go so much easier. And this round he would win...

With a mocking bow, he indicated the shower was ready for Riley to use. The big marine tightened his lips, slightly irritated by Spike's cocky attitude but decided to let it slide for now. With a graceful nod of his head, the human stepped into the huge tub and hissed in pained appreciation at the water's scalding temperature.

Like Angel, Spike apparently liked his showers just short of boiling. It had to be some sort of vamp thing, Riley decided as he bent over to add more cold water to the mix. Since their bodies were so cold, the use of super-heated water had to be a way for them to warm up. He could handle hot water but didn't want to lose any skin over it...

Spike hid a laugh behind his hand, his seemingly innocent setting of the taps just proved he was still the big bad here. By running the water so damned hot he had just put the boy in an extremely vulnerable position. All it would take would be about three steps, a quick push forward and his intended victim would be plastered against the wall. From there he could return the royal buggering he'd just received. The very thought of being buried to the hilt in that firmly muscled ass had him hard in an instant.

He took those three steps but before he could reach his intended target, Riley shifted smoothly out of the way. The extended senses provided by the mated bond warned him of Spike's sudden movement. The blonde found himself in the position he had envisioned for his sire's mate. Hot water streamed over him as his face was pushed up against the tile and a big hard body pressed intimately against his back.

Riley leaned his considerable weight into the hold he had on Spike, subtly daring him to try and break free. But the vampire remained quiescent, waiting for what came next. A warm pair of lips laid a hard kiss on his neck before his captor murmured in his ear. "Nice try, Spike. Nice try but next time, don't take a breath before you charge someone. It's a dead giveaway..."

As a thick hot shaft pressed against his ass, Spike was reminded how quickly young human males recovered. Almost as quickly as a vampire. He closed his eyes and sighed in quiet resignation while the heated water continued to flow over his body, warming him from the outside in. It certainly felt like he was going to get another ruthless shagging before too long.

That mouth on his neck moved further down, alternating between kisses and sharp bites across his left shoulder. The exquisite combination of pleasure and pain had Spike almost keening with lust. The boy's actions reminded him so much of Angelus it was becoming hard to tell them apart.

Soldier boy was so like his sire, right down to tendency to talk too much in moments of passion...

A moan escaped from the blonde vampire while a single large hand brushed down his side, over one hip to grip inside of his thigh. The other hand kept him pinned to the wall as that rich, deep voice continued. "Just wondering about that... Why'd you feel the need to breathe anyway?"

"Old habits die hard, pet. Especially that one... Angelus could never break me of it."

A sharp bark of humorless laughter over his shoulder reminded Spike that although this young man might be similar to Angelus, they were still two completely different individuals. His sire's response to his admission would have been a teasing laugh and kiss. Riley's reaction was to increase the force being used to hold him against the wall. "I just bet there were a lot of things he tried to break you of but couldn't, weren't there?"

"Yeah, quite a few..." That response was given grudgingly. Spike strained but couldn't escape the tight grip on his thigh nor shift the warm body slowly grinding him into the hard tile.

"He probably couldn't do it because he loved you." Spike nodded, acknowledging the truth of that statement. There were a lot of things Angelus let him get away with due to his deep affection for him. The same affection which had been returned whole-heartedly.

The weight pinning him to the shower wall shifted and he was spun around to face Angelus' mate. Big hands were clamped around his biceps, holding him in place again. There was no softness in those hazel eyes as he gave Spike a long, level stare. His voice was harsh, echoing in the enclosed space when Riley finally spoke. "I don't have that problem."

Spike swallowed nervously. Up until that very instant, he never considered this one to be a physical threat. Where had Buffy's nave, slightly clueless boy-toy disappeared to during the last week? The big man facing him was clearly just as dangerous a creature as his sire.

In that moment, Spike finally got the reason why Angelus had taken this man and the Slayer as his mates. He had been searching for his equals, his peers. Buffy was a supreme predator, a swift, instinctive killer, just like his sire. Utterly passionate in all things, the girl hated with a fury, loved without thought and fought the darkness of the world with a fire unequaled by any Slayer before her. She was truly magnificent and therefore a perfect match for Angelus.

But this hard-faced stranger who regarded him through the cascading spray of water was just as deadly as Little Miss Tiny. During their brief wrestling match, Spike realized he moved as fast as any vampire he'd ever confronted. Just as fast, just as strong and just as dangerous. If it came down to a purely aggressive contest, the big marine would always win. In that respect, Riley was a perfect match for Angelus as well...

Spike dropped his gaze to indicate submission which was greeted by a murmur of satisfaction from his sire's mate. "Now you will do as I tell you, won't you?"


"Good choice, Spike..." The hard hold on his arms was released and Riley stepped into the stream of water. He braced his back against the wall before giving his first order. "Wash me."


"Are you worried they'll hurt each other?" Buffy trailed her fingers down her lover's shoulder, tracing small patterns on the smooth, cool skin. The two of them were basking in the afterglow as well as the firelight, simply enjoying one another's company in the now quiet room.

"A little. Riley's still pretty new at the whole `vamp dominance' thing. Spike's had decades to perfect his own brand of cruelty." The dark-haired vampire was lying on his back with his little blonde mate curled up against his side. He was enjoying this gentle communion, the last week had been so hectic that neither of them had any real time to reforge the bonds of love and trust that had been the basis of their relationship for years.

There was always some big emotional issue to deal with, some inner conflict to resolve, some marauding demon to fight. But now it was just the two of them... Well, the three of them but his other half was too preoccupied with worry about his mate and childe to cause any friction now.

Buffy sat up with a small smile on her face, drinking in the immortal beauty that was her beloved. "Angel, Riley will be fine. If we want him to be a full partner in this, we've got to let him fight his own battles. He's faced plenty of vamps during his Initiative days... The bond'll let us know if anything bad happens."

Her smile deepened as she ran one hand down his thigh, watching his quiescent shaft stir in response to her touch. Here was an easy way to distract her Angel.

A little involuntary moan escaped him. It felt so good to have her hands on his bare skin, to be able to love her fully without fear of unleashing a ravening beast on the world. Within him Angelus snorted at that thought but returned his concentration to the mated bond, keeping a close tab on the two currently grappling in the shower. Riley was on top of the situation so far but things could change rapidly. He hoped there would be no need for him to severely injure his beloved Will before the evening was out...

Angel's attention was focused on the girl who had crawled up onto his chest. He could feel the wet heat of her sex where it was nestled on his belly. That intimate contact was enough to bring his cock to its usual state when he was around her, hard as a rock and ready for use. "Besides Spike is just too worried about losing Angelus to step over the line. He knows you'll break him in half if he gets too Grry."

Her mimicry of Spike's game face and clawed hands caused a delighted laugh to bubble up from deep within the ensouled vampire. Buffy's way of reducing his internal mountains into molehills never ceased to amaze him. It was just another one of the many reasons he loved her so much.

Then she stretched out on top of him and that full body contact reminded Angel there was a whole catalogue of other things he loved about her. The kiss they now shared progressed from a tentative caress to a full mating of mouths. Their bodies melted into one another, hands sought purchase on slick skin, legs intertwined as they slid further into renewed passion.

In a small corner of her mind, Buffy mused about the difference between her three lovers and how it was reflected in their kisses. Angelus' was an act of pure possession, dancing on the fine line between pleasure and pain. Riley's was tender, he held her like she was a fragile thing that could blow away if he breathed too hard. But Angel, Angel always kissed her with such passion, such reverent grace she knew even without their connection through mated bond that she was the center of his universe.

Angel did love Riley, he loved his youthful enthusiasm, his boyish charm and as the vampire had proven so many times in the last week, he loved his beautiful human body as well. But Buffy was his golden goddess, without her he was less than dust. While Riley occupied himself elsewhere, Angel intended on taking this time to prove to his beloved little mate how much she meant to him.

After a long moment, he broke the fusion of their mouths to trail tiny kisses down her cheek. When he reached her ear, Angel murmured softly. "Buffy, I need you so much..."

Kisses laid on his cheek and in his hair, hands sliding between them to fondle his hardness, her little voice a mere whisper of sound. "I know... I need you too."

Angel reached down and stopped her hand. "No."

Buffy sat up a little with a frown creasing her brow. "No?"

He shook his head. "No... Baby, I want to do something for you, for you alone. When you touch me there, I go crazy."

Her smile was full of seductive innocence. "Crazy's not a bad thing."

"Not normally, but it would be now."

"So... what do you want me to do?"

"Come up here."

She scooted a little further up his chest until they were nose to nose. "Okay, so now I'm here."

Angel laughed at her misunderstanding. "Not here..." His hands gripped her waist and suddenly Buffy found herself suspended in the air as her vampiric mate maneuvered her into the position he desired. Her knees found a resting place on either side of his head when Angel gently placed her sex within inches of his mouth. "I want you right here..."

Buffy gasped as a cool tongue parted her lower lips, blindly locating the center of her pleasure while her lover kept his eyes locked with hers. Their chocolate depths echoed his delight in her taste, her warmth, the feel of her hands as they wound through his soft thick hair and pulled him closer. Angel wanted this act to be solely for her, to express through his loving ministrations just how much he adored her, how much he needed her in his life, how desirable she was to him...

She had such a giving soul, she spent so much of her time worrying about the other people in her life that Angel knew she had never truly experienced the gift of selfish pleasure. He was going to change that as of right now. So when she tried to reach behind to brush her fingers over his nipples, he caught her hand in his.

*No, my love, this is just for you... Tell me what you like and I'll do it.*

Buffy blushed, the thought of verbally expressing her preferences shocked her. This was a game they had not yet played. Riley had tried when they first started sleeping together but she had just been too tongue-tied to take him up on the offer.

Other than giving her mates some frantic instructions while on the cusp of an orgasm, she never really explored with them what pleased her most. They seemed to know instinctively where to touch, what to kiss when, where to push in order to tip her over the edge into bliss. It was one of the bond's many advantages...

But here was her beloved Angel, poised between her legs waiting to give her whatever she wanted. All she had to do was tell him...

"Umm... What you're doing right now feels pretty close to great..."

Angel did not remove his mouth from her delicious folds but chose to continue the conversation through the bond. He gave her a few teasing licks then stopped again. *Not good enough love... Tell me what you want. Tell me out loud exactly what you want me to do.*

Buffy squirmed which only caused him to hold her tighter. "Angel... I can't..."


"Cause... It's dirty..."

*That's the appeal, my love. I want you to just let go. Stop worrying about what anyone else will think about you. It's just you and me here, so tell me...* Cool fingers now teasing the edge of her vaginal entrance, she longed to feel them inside her but knew he would do nothing until instructed.

"You, me and Angelus, you mean... And Riley."

*Angelus is watching over Spike and Riley... And don't worry about our mate, love. He has his hands full with Spike... Well, to tell the truth, it's the other way around right now. Believe me, he's much too busy to notice and besides you know how much it turns him on when I tell him exactly what to do while he's going down on me... I know it would have the same effect if you told him the same things...* Those fingers had retreated to cup the fullness of her sweet little bottom where one of them was teasing the rim of her other entrance.

Buffy bit her lip, silently acknowledging the truth of Angel's statement. It did turn Riley on when Angel whispered words of encouragement to him. It turned him on so much, he actually came one night while sucking on Angel's big cock and listening to his instructions.

None of them had been touching Riley's hard shaft when suddenly he flooded the bedsheets with warm semen. He flushed in absolute embarrassment at his total lack of control but neither of his mates were bothered by it. In fact, the thought of Riley losing himself in such a fashion had been enough to send Angel over the edge. He grabbed his stammering mate's head and shoved his cock back into that warm mouth where he rewarded his lover with several mouthfuls of cool release.

If telling him what she wanted had the chance of producing a reaction similar to Riley's in her immortal mate, Buffy might be willing to give it a try. The very thought of Angel's body shuddering in an unassisted climax just because of her whispered instructions made her wetter than she thought possible.

Her lover moaned in appreciation as she flooded his mouth with more of her delicious moisture. Angel's tongue circled her clit, teasing the little bud gently but not applying quite enough pressure for her to come. He wanted to give her the ultimate in pleasure but in order to do that, she had to let go of the inhibitions that kept her from realizing her full potential as a sexual creature.


Three hard licks had her gasping on the edge of an orgasm but he stopped to answer her. *Yes, ceisd mo chridhe?*

Buffy bit her lip in frustration, her hazel eyes sparkling with a hint of anger. He was toying with her... "Uhhhhnnnn... So close, so close. Angelllll, you're doing that on purpose."

*Yes I am.* He started the same gentle circling motion again, humming a little every time his tongue brushed up against that little nerve center. Buffy was ready to start screaming if he didn't stop this torment soon.

"Well stop it!"

*Not until you tell me...*

She sighed deeply. Despite her mortification over the thought of expressing herself in sexually explicit terms, it was time to give in to his demands. But the position wasn't quite right to maximize her pleasure. "Okay, I'll do it... But we have to move..."

He nodded, understanding her need immediately. With one smooth movement he rolled the two of them until she rested on her back among the scattered pillows. His mouth never broke contact with her sex during the entire shift. Buffy silently expressed her appreciation of his skill with another flood of sweetness on his tongue.

Angel's brown eyes were dancing with merriment and suppressed passion as he teased both of her entrances with the tips of his fingers. *Now tell me what you want, alainn.*

"I w-want... I w-want..." Buffy stopped, embarrassed by her stuttering almost as much by the words that were poised on the edge of her tongue. Angel lifted his head from her flesh to watch her patiently. It was painfully obvious he was content to wait for her until she spoke.

When she finally did, the thrill of her words went straight to his straining cock. "I want you to suck on me, Angel. I want to feel your fingers in my p-pussy and m-my b-bottom... I want you to fill me with so much of you that there's no room for anything else..."

Any mockery remaining in his dark gaze was swept away by an onrush of pure lust as Angel obeyed her instructions perfectly. Buffy gasped as two long fingers were slid into her vaginal sheath. They moved gently, being coated with as much of her wetness as possible before they were withdrawn.

She whimpered at the loss then moaned as she felt one of them press up against her little rosebud. Ever since the first time Riley had penetrated her there while they were in the maze, Buffy craved this intimate invasion of her previously virginal passage. They hadn't tried fitting Angel's cock into that tight channel yet because of his sheer size but someday soon she hoped to be able to take him.

The first finger entered her easily, teasing the sensitive rim before sliding almost all the way in. Angel stopped at that point, waiting for her to speak.

It was easier the second time to give him the instructions he required. "Oh God, Angel... That feels so good. Go deeper... That's it, all the way in..." She panted as he reached slid further into her, the open palm of his hand cupping her warm cheek when he could go no deeper.

His little love closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of fullness before whispering the next order. "Now add the other one..."

*Are you sure?* He thoroughly enjoyed the look of lustful anticipation on her face. Angel was ecstatic that she had decided to play the game with him... By being open about what she wanted, it could only improve their sex life. Not that it really needed any help but Angel wanted his beloved to be able to experience everything that physical love had to offer.

"Yessss! Do it now..."

He obeyed, withdrawing the first finger slowly then stretching her further as the second one was added. She keened, her body shaking in sudden orgasm without the benefit of either clitoral or vaginal stimulation. Buffy's eyes snapped open in surprise, she didn't think such a thing was possible.

*It is, my love... Believe me, it is...* His mouth descended onto her begging clit and two cool fingers slid back into her heated vaginal channel. She came again, this time even harder.

Buffy grabbed the back of his head and ground herself into his face. The orders were coming faster and easier. "That's it, Angel... Fuck me with your fingers. Suck on my clit. Ohgodohgodohgod... Gonna come, gonna come sooo hard... Angel... Angel... Angel, bite..."

*Bite where?*

"Don't care, just bite..."

His forehead ridges descended and he raised his head just a little. Buffy screamed his name as his sharp fangs sank into the crown of her sex, his tongue still pressed hard against her clit. The climax that slammed through her kept coming in waves as Angel's fingers pumped in and out of both of her passages. His hips were moving on the rug, thrusting his hard cock into its softness as his beloved mate continued to come for him...

He swallowed, reveling in the unbelievable combination of her blood and sweet nectar. Angelus rose within him, his attention drawn away from worrying about his mate and childe by the incredible power of her orgasm. Angel tried to push him away but the demon was insistent that he be allowed to join in.

With a snarl, he withdrew both his fingers and his fangs from her body. In a single heartbeat, he was buried up to his balls in her scalding sex. The soul and the demon rode their mate together, neither one of them in complete control as they lost themselves to their shared passion. Their passion which was this woman, this exquisite, deadly creature who was still coming underneath them, still keening in absolute pleasure...


Riley swore loudly as his knees buckled, Buffy was coming so hard he could feel nothing else. Spike looked up from where he was washing the young soldier's legs. His partner was braced against the wall of the shower, his eyes unfocused and his hard cock jerking against his stomach. Something big had to be happening in the other room, something really big...

Spike took advantage of Riley's distraction to raise up on his knees. Time to teach soldier boy that the passive partner can be the one in control.

He encircled that warm shaft with his fingers and brought his mouth down over the weeping head. Riley's hands immediately entangled in his hair as he thrust fully into that cool cavern. He kept repeating the same litany, over and over again while he rapidly pistoned in and out of the vampire's throat. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..."

The boy had completely lost it, which suited Spike's purpose. He opened his lips wider, allowing his partner full access to his well-trained depths. While Riley rose up on his toes to push himself even further in, Spike pried his tightly clenched buttocks apart and slid a cool finger up inside him. Riley gasped at the invasion, jammed Spike's head all the way down on his cock and came hard.

He came so hard that his fingers cramped in the blonde's hair, so hard that he could hear nothing but the blood rushing in his ears, so hard he forgot to breathe until little black dots started forming behind his closed eyelids. At that point Riley drew in a ragged breath. "Oh my God... What the hell just happened?"

Spike released his cock from his mouth and shot him a triumphant smile. "I'd say you just came like you've never come in your life... Wouldn't you agree, pet?"

Riley nodded, unable to form a further coherent thought. His legs felt like over-cooked noodles. The only thing holding him up was the wall behind him.

The blonde vampire raised that scarred eyebrow of his with a smirk. "Round two to me, pet."

Again Riley nodded, still too overwhelmed by the depth of his own orgasm and the echoes of Buffy's climax to take exception to Spike's attitude. He had never felt anything like that in his life. As Spike rose to his feet, Riley gripped his shoulder for support. The blonde considered this development for a second then slid an arm underneath his rival's to help him maintain his balance.

At that instant, another powerful climax came flooding through the mated bond. Angelus' roar almost shook the plaster loose in the walls as Riley's knees buckled again. This time he did go down, taking Spike with him.

The two of them landed in the bottom of the tub and laid there under the warm spray for a long moment. Finally Riley's eyes cleared and he gave Spike a rueful smile. "Actually I think this round went to them, Spike..."

The cocky Brit regarded him solemnly then gave a delighted laugh. He surprised the young man by actually calling him by his given name, something Angelus' childe had never done to his face. "Aye, that it did, Riley. That it did."