Title: HEARTBEAT Chapter 26
AUTHOR: Mistress Ace
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SPOILERS: The I in Team and Goodbye Iowa
SUMMARY: This story takes place in my universe, not Joss'. The mated bond is complete, how will everyone else in Buffy's world react to it. Still dealing with Spike here, but the Initiative is coming up soon...
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The two of them rose from the floor of the shower. Riley's knees were still a little shaky so he sat down on the rim of the tub while Spike turned off the water. The blonde vampire gave him an almost sympathetic look before handing the young man a large towel.

"Judging by your face, I'm thinkin' that mated bond is a bit of a bitch at times..."

Riley laughed, his smile actually reached his eyes this time as he shook his head to clear it. "Yeah, you could say that, Spike..."

His mate's childe knelt in front of him, slender fingers cupping his chin so their gaze locked. Riley was amazed at how truly beautiful Spike's eyes were, especially at this moment. They were pools of stormy blue framed by black lashes, infinitely expressive as the vampire studied his face. Riley could see doubt, jealousy, fear, hope and finally grudging respect all reflected in their cerulean depths.

Spike nodded, liking what he had read in the boy's honest face. It was obvious to him earlier in the evening that Riley wanted his sire, he wasn't in this just so he could keep the Slayer as his girlfriend as Spike had initially feared. Now the depth of the young man's reaction to the mated bond had proved to him that Riley not only wanted Angelus, he loved him as well. If he hadn't loved him, then the force of his sire's climax would not have had such an impact.

Only a mated bond strengthened by love and mutual respect could create such a strong connection. His earlier jealousy was washed away by the realization of how deeply this young man must feel for his sire. Riley loved Angelus as much as he did...

Riley's face softened as he read all the emotions shimmering in those blue eyes. He remembered the concern and warmth he had felt earlier this evening for this supernatural being. "What's wrong? Are you okay, Spike?"

"Don't call me that." Cool lips met his in a gentle kiss as Angelus' childe acknowledged Riley as his sire's mate. "Spike's the name I let my enemies use. Call me William... Or Will if you like..."

A response was whispered against cool skin. "I think Will's the right one for you..." Riley wrapped one arm around William's shoulders and drew him in close for another kiss. His warm mouth explored the cool one pressed against it, their tongues met and caressed gently before parting. There was infinite approval and acceptance contained within that simple embrace.

Will sat back on his heels, nodding happily. "You'll do, pet. You'll do just fine for that great hulkin' brute that sired me... Now why don't we go see what the two of them are up to now..."

Riley grinned at him. "Yeah, why don't we? No telling what kind of trouble they could get into without our help."

"Or with our help for that matter..." Will's last observation had them both chuckling as they dried off.


They found the other vampire sitting back on his heels as he stared down at the sheer beauty of his satiated mate. Buffy was a vision of sexual exhaustion, her skin glowed under a thin sheen of sweat, pure satisfaction shone forth from her tired features. He trailed one shaky hand over her hip, reverently touching the one who owned both his demon and his soul...

He was so engrossed in memorizing every line of her form that he was unaware of their return until his childe knelt beside him and laid a cool hand on his shoulder. Upon feeling Will's gentle touch, Angelus slipped into full control of their body.

Angel retreated gratefully, needing a few moments to consider the implications of their combined claiming of their golden mate. It was something he thought couldn't happen, he and Angelus had always been separate. There was no possible way for them to act in concert, to be melded into one being.

Angelus met the mildly curious gaze of his other mate with a tired nod as Riley knelt beside Buffy. She roused enough to take his warm hand in hers, rubbing her cheek against it. "Hey."

"Hey... I won't even bother asking how you feel. I already know." He grinned at her, enjoying the blush that started at her throat.

Buffy giggled, "Oops, sorry about that."

"Don't be. I enjoyed the hell out of it." Riley leaned over to give her a tender kiss on the nose before sitting back up. He looked over at his vampiric mate, giving him a warm smile. "Just ask Will."

Angelus' lips quirked up into his usual half-smile as he took in the use of his favorite diminutive of his old lover's name. The tension between the two of them was gone, Riley looked happy and relaxed and Will... was staring at the young soldier with unabashed adoration in his blue eyes. The same adoration that shimmered in those blue depths as he turned to face his sire.


"Yes, Will?"

"May I?" His childe indicated his desire with a tilt of his head and a pointed look at his sire's once again quiescent member. "Please?"

Angelus inclined his head in graceful assent. "You may..."

William moved swiftly to lie down of the floor between Buffy and Angelus. With his eyes closed in pure delight, he proceeded to clean every inch of his sire's cool flesh. He first bathed his thighs with long sure strokes of his tongue, licking up every trace of their combined pleasure from those strong columns. Moans erupted from his throat as he took first one then the other cool orb into his mouth, thoroughly enjoying the taste and feel of Angelus and his mate in his mouth.

Riley watched without a single twinge of jealousy as William continued in his path, carefully removing all evidence from his sire's dark nest of curls. Angelus regarded Riley cautiously, not wanting to give in to his desire to touch his Will until he was certain all their previous animosity had faded.

After a long moment, his mate's rich internal voice reassured him. *It's all right, Angelus. We have settled our differences... Enjoy your time with Will. As you pointed out earlier, he needs so much.*

*That he does... That he does.* Will's talented mouth had finally descended over his rising cock, taking just the tip between his teeth and laving his tongue around the head. Angelus entangled strong fingers into soft blonde hair and slowly moved his hips forward to encourage further exploration. That motion was greeted with a keening cry of joy from his childe.

Will proceeded to fervently suckle on him, stopping occasionally to swipe his entire length with his tongue. When Angelus reached full hardness, he reached down to lift his lover's mouth away. The blonde vampire murmured in protest until he realized that his sire was subtly turning him toward the beautiful girl who still lay on the floor next to Riley.

She quirked up one corner of her little mouth, a move so reminiscent of his sire that he almost burst into laughter. But instead of doing so, Will simply followed the same procedure he had just performed on Angelus. He started at one knee, licking and nibbling his way up her thigh then switched to the other knee.

By the time he reached her center, she was winding her fingers through his hair and making those little trilling noises that excited all three of them so much. William slid two fingers inside her, drawing out his sire's ejaculate from deep with her little body. He licked his fingers clean, then drew out some more and then more.

Riley reached over Buffy's hip to cradle the back of William's head. Glazed blue eyes raised to met his, the vampire was in his own world right at the moment. He needed to be reminded that he was neglecting his duties. "Stop teasing her, Will."

Those blue eyes immediately snapped into focus as William glanced up at Buffy's face. She was biting her lip, begging him with her eyes to give her something more. Angelus rumbled from behind him. "She can ask him herself... Can't you, my love?"

Her voice was so soft and husky it sent little chills down Will's spine. "Yeah, I can... Will, stop teasing me. If you going to be down there, then start licking something other than your own fingers."

He nodded, lowered his mouth fully onto her sex and gave her a long, leisurely lick. That first lick led to another one, then another, then another. In a few moments he was plunging his tongue deep inside her, rubbing her clit with his thumb, pushing her toward another climax. When it hit, Buffy cried out, her whole body shaking as it washed over her and through her.

She raised one hand to gently push his mouth away. "Stop... Stop, I need a break..."

William stopped immediately, sitting up on his heels only to have his head pushed back down onto her smooth stomach. He felt the long cool fingers of his sire teasing his opening and tried not to hiss in pain as they found a raw spot left by Riley's rough invasion. His immortal body healed fast but not quite fast enough.

Riley got up from the floor and retrieved the bottle of oil from the couch. He handed it to his mate with a slow smile. "I had Spike earlier... This is Will, Angelus. Treat him gently..."

The older vampire laughed in amusement as his earlier warning came back to him. Treating his darling Will as gently as possible was his sole intention right now. He poured a small pool of oil into the palm of his hand and liberally coated his fingers before returning to his goal. Will moaned in frank appreciation as his sire's cool fingers skirted the rim then slid slowly into him.

Fingers were soon replaced with his heart's desire, tears of joy formed in his blue eyes as Angelus pushed slowly forward filling him completely. It felt so good to finally be conjoined with his sire, to once again feel utterly possessed by the wonderful creature who gifted him with eternal life. The two humans watched with beatific smiles on their faces as the two vampires engaged in the erotic dance that began between them more than two centuries ago.

Angelus communed with his mates, sending the sensation of being buried within his Will to them through the bond. Their eyes locked with his for a long moment before they indulged themselves in a shared kiss. The older vampire pressed his chest against his lover's back, gripped the nape of his neck in one hand and his slender cock in the other. Cool lips brushed his ear as his sire whispered. "So good to be home, Will..."

The expression of pure bliss on William's face as he turned his head to look at him was enough to melt the hardest heart. "So good to have you home, si-... Angelus."

Buffy and Riley continued to kiss while Angelus rocked slowly in and out of Will, all four of them enjoying the sensation of a leisurely encounter. The edge had been taken off all their various appetites, now it was time for an unhurried joining of hearts and bodies. Riley's warm hands brushed over Buffy's shoulder, fingertips dragged lightly around the contours of her breasts, over the swell of her belly until they met the softness of William's hair.

His head still rested on the smooth skin of her stomach, his eyes were closed and the only movement he made was to push back against his lover whenever he withdrew. At the touch of warm fingers, the blonde vampire roused a little from his ecstatic trance to spare a glance at Angelus' mates. His quizzical look was greeted by matched pairs of hazel eyes as the two humans took in every nuance of his blissful expression.

*I'd say he's pretty happy, wouldn't you Riley?* Buffy grinned, her fingers joining Riley's in the softness of Will's hair. Her former enemy responded by purring contentedly before dipping his face back into her sex. She moaned as his tongue came in contact with her clit; he was so damned good at that it almost took her breath away.

Riley buried his face in the softness of her hair, reveling the feel of it on his face as well as the scent of their vampiric mate where it lingered on her skin. *Yeah, Will's really happy right now. How about you? You doing okay with all of this?*

She stretched, catching the appreciative gleam in Angelus' eye as he devoured her with a smoldering look. He pushed harder into Will, which in turn increased the pressure of Will's tongue on her clit. *Uh-huh. I'm just great... How are you doing? No more major wiggins?*

*Nope, I'm good.* Riley guided her hand down to his reawakened cock. *See?*

Buffy giggled. *See? Not exactly. Feel? Oooh yeah...*

William's eyes were closed tightly, he knew if he looked up at the two humans he would come. It felt so good to have Angelus inside him that he wasn't ready for this to end any time soon. So he kept his eyes closed, kept his tongue moving through the delicate folds of her moist flesh, kept trying to ignore the sensation on his sire's cock gliding in and out, the cool hand wrapped around his own shaft as it moved in the same hypnotic rhythm.

Above him Angelus whispered in his ear. "Will... Oh my sweet Will. Feels so good, so good. A day without you was far too long, let alone a century."

Although he knew this arrangement between the four of them would only be temporary, he wanted to let his childe know how much he was loved. Eventually Will's mated imperative would kick in and he would leave their home to seek out his lost Dru. But until that time, Angelus would be perfectly happy to spend as much time as he could with his mates and his darling boy.

Angelus' fangs grazed his lover's throat, not quite breaking the skin, just scoring it lightly. Will shuddered, purring louder as he continued his oral exploration of his sire's sweet mate. There were so many nuances to her flavor, it could take him years to memorize every one...

A matching purr rumbled out of the broad chest pressed tightly against his back. The combined sounds of vampiric contentment echoed through the huge room. Their chorus was soon to be joined by Buffy's cries of fulfillment as Will's talented tongue pushed her over the edge of orgasm yet again. Riley moaned, his mouth pressed tightly to her breast, his cock sliding slowly along her outer thigh as he thrust forward in response to her expression of delight.

Angelus felt the tingling which heralded his own climax and rose up, changing his angle with William's body. His languorous rhythm was forgotten in the urgency to place himself as far inside his lover as possible at the moment of final bliss. Will lifted his head from its luscious resting place and pushed back hard against his sire, using every trick he learned during their century long affair to please Angelus.

His patience and skill was rewarded by a roar of ecstatic completion as his sire filled him with cool semen. Although the hand on his cock shook for a long moment, it soon resumed its well-remembered magic. Will felt Angelus' head dip toward the preferred spot on his neck and he murmured a barely heard protest. "No..."

Angelus stopped, his fangs poised for the bite that would send his childe into the throes of passionate release. "No?"

"No... Angelus, please..."

"Please what, sweet Will?"

Will glanced up at the two humans who watched him with out-right curiosity. They wondered why he had stopped the one thing they both knew would give him the surcease his body so obviously needed. Fevered blue eyes tinged with saffron met the soft hazel gaze of the girl who had always fascinated him. There was only thing he had not experienced this evening, one thing that he wanted so desperately he was willing to beg his sire for permission...


"Will, what is it you want? Ask and it is yours..."

His response was a whisper of sound, so low that only the older vampire could hear it. "B-Buffy. M-may I please finish inside her..."

Angelus sat back on his heels, not completely withdrawing from his lover but pulling away enough so he could examine his own feelings about that request. So far he had only shared his little Slayer with Angel and Riley. One was his mate and the other inhabited the same body with him. His possessive nature demanded they be the only ones gifted with the utter delight of being cradled within the heat of her sweet core.

At the beginning of this evening Angelus had not seriously considered Will's need for encasement within either of his mates. He fully expected Spike to try it with Riley, just as he knew Riley would not allow it. That providence belonged to both sides of his vampiric mate.

During his and Will's long years as lovers, Angelus had always been the top, the dominant partner. Although he pleasured his lover with his mouth countless times, he always had been the one who rode Will. With the exception of that one drunken episode in northern France, his sweet childe had never been allowed to ride him. So the thought of Will's lovely cock actually being inside Buffy had not occurred to him until now.

While it was true he allowed Will access to her sex with his mouth and fingers, the very thought of another man's cock within her tight passage disturbed him to the core. However he had promised to give his childe whatever he asked for...

Her light inner voice spoke his name as a caress. *Angelus...*

*My love. * His eyes sought hers over Will's shoulder, she gave him a tender smile.

*It's all right. I'm willing... But are you?*

*I'm not sure.*

*As you said earlier, he needs so much...*

His lips tightened for a moment, his gaze shifted to Riley's expressive face. The two of them shared a moment of purely male possessiveness, understanding each other's thoughts without needing even their usual internal conversation. Buffy belonged to them, only to them...

But Will belonged to both of them as well and she was right, he needed so much. By giving him what he begged for, they would finally reassure him of his place in the scheme of things. Angelus slowly nodded his assent to Buffy before withdrawing completely from Will. The blonde vampire moaned at the loss of contact. He was terrified that he had completely over-stepped his bounds and his sire was planning on breaking him in half for his presumption.


He did not move, did not look up. "Sire."

"Will, look at me." The seriousness of Angelus' tone confirmed every one of his suspicions. He had only seconds to live.

*Might as well go out with a bang, rather than a whimper.* William sat up, turning slowly to face his sire who was lounging against the side of the chair. His chin raised and a flash of defiance lit his blue eyes for an instant. "Sire."

Normally that particular smile on Angelus' face was a harbinger of a long, lingering death. It was the smile that almost never reached his eyes. William swallowed nervously before meeting his sire's murderous gaze full on. But this time he found only merriment twinkling in those gorgeous dark pools. "You have pleased me very well this evening, dear Will. I... We will grant your request. You may be with our lady love."

Angelus' raised one dark brow before added the final portion of his agreement. "You may be with her just this once, Will. Only this once, do you understand?"

The other vampire licked suddenly dry lips, his tongue tingling as it came in contact with her essence. He did not trust his voice so he just nodded slowly. His sire's eyes locked with his for a long moment as infinite understanding flowed between them.

Angelus rose gracefully from his seat on the floor and settled into the soft comfort of the chair to watch over the proceedings. Riley considered moving to the place at his feet but rejected that notion, as it would not do for him to take a subservient pose. He had proven himself to be a dominant partner this evening so he had to maintain that illusion, most especially while William was being allowed this almost unthinkable privilege.

Riley chose instead to gather up the scattered pillows to make a more comfortable place for the two blondes who were carefully watching one another. When William started to lay his body down on top of Buffy, she stopped him with one tiny hand. He froze in place, not daring to move lest either of the two larger men mistake his purpose.

Buffy smiled up at Spike, her hazel eyes shimmering with sensual interest. The hand on William's chest was moved aside to indicate a resting place on the mound of pillows. "Will, looks like you have a bit of a rough night. Why don't you lie back and let me drive for awhile?"

With his head tilted to one side, he considered her offer. It would have been nice to have at least one encounter this evening where he felt he was in full control. But he knew better than to argue with this woman, anyone who ever did ended up with severe case of dustage. And William wanted very much to remain in one piece tonight.

A broad grin crossed his face as he laid back into the softness of the nest. "Pet, from what I've heard about your drivin', I'm not sure that's a good idea."

That incongruous remark was greeted by laughter from both of her mates, easing the tension in the room. Each of them had tried to teach her how to drive and barely escaped with their lives. Cars and Buffy were definitely un-mixy things...

But Buffy and sex were definitely mixy things, very mixy things...

She tried to paste an expression of exasperation on her face as she glared at the three of them but a smile kept peeking around the edges. It was impossible to be mad at any of them, most especially at William who was looking at her from his position on the floor with absolute hunger in his eyes. Despite his attempt at humor, his desire for her was a palpable force drawing her toward him.

Buffy sat up so she would have better access to his entire body. "Let's just see what you think of my driving when we're done."

Her fingers traced a line up from his foot to his knee. At the first contact of warmth on his skin, William hissed in appreciation. As her little hand rose higher and higher, his control eroded rapidly. Once those fingers brushed his aching shaft, he sat up with the full intention of pulling her down on top of him.

A large warm hand pushed him back into place. "No, Will. The lady's in the driver's seat now. You just enjoy the ride..."

Blue eyes met hazel as Riley chose a spot beside William and laid down. His hand remained on the vampire's shoulder, spreading warmth through his chest while Buffy's fingers danced over his hips, flirted briefly with his navel and finally returned to his cock. She stroked him gently, her purpose not so much to restoke his desire because it had never faded but more for her tov memorize him. After all Angelus was only allowing this once, she might as well take her time.

William was a stark contrast to either of her mates. Where they were very tall, broad chested and heavily muscled, he was more like her, fine-boned and slender. People tended to discount him as an opponent simply due to his smaller stature; that was a prejudice she was intimately familiar with as it happened to her all the time. And that error cost most foes their lives.

He was just as deadly as Angelus or Riley, just as much a killing machine regardless of which side of the equation of good and evil he landed on. And by that virtue he was just as fine a male companion for the Slayer. Whereas her mates were broadswords, this exquisite creature was a rapier. An excellent instrument of war or passion, one that fit well in the hand and moved with infinite grace.

Riley watched his love as she moved into position straddling Will's hips, feeling a twinge of envy when she placed his hard member into her soft nest of dark blonde curls. That envy was not engendered by true possessiveness at this point, that feeling had faded when he saw how much William wanted her, needed her. No, Riley was just envious because he wanted to be under her right now. He wanted to be the one whose moan of delight echoed throughout the room, the one whose cock was being slowly engulfed by consummate heat, the one whose eyes rolled back in his head and hips rose from the ground to meet her halfway while soft curses spilled past tightly clenched teeth.

Buffy spared him a long look as she sank fully down onto Will's cool length and his envy dissipated. Riley knew he would be the one to experience all those things once this coupling was over. He would have all those things for decades to come while Will had only this one time. Might as well make it as memorable for the blonde vampire as possible.

So that warm masculine hand moved down from his shoulder to caress Will's chest, to tease his nipples lightly while that magnificent woman settled herself fully onto his aching cock. The curses rolling off his tongue finally ceased when he reached the very limit of his length within her. The younger vampire was amazed at how tightly she held him, after all the girl had been in his sire's bed for more than a week. There was no possible way she could have retained this virginal feel with all the paces Angelus' massive endowment must have put her through.

Then he felt it, a rippling effect that started at his tip and washed over his entire length in alternating waves. Her sheath went from almost virginal tight to absolute vice and back again. And again, and again, the intense sensation rolled over him repeatedly in an ever-quickening pattern. He was too stunned to move, to do anything but gasp and shake underneath her.

William had the exact same response to her internal muscle control as Angel had on their first night. His handsome face kept shifting between human and demon, fangs raising and lowering with every single pulse of her sex. Riley felt a moment of concern when the change first occurred but since Angel and Angelus had mirrored this shift on so many occasions, he relaxed almost immediately. Buffy was in no danger; instead it was probably Will who was in the most amount of danger here. It was a good thing the vampire's silent heart no longer beat because it might have exploded by now.

After a few moments which were punctuated by nothing but his deep growls of tortured pleasure, Buffy finally stopped. She leaned over to look into his almost completely golden eyes. "So... I take it you like that?"

He nodded, still mute with astonishment and that internal massage began again, this time stronger. Will was losing control, he would not be able to hold out much longer and he really needed this to last. The vampire finally found his voice. "Stop, stop..."

She obeyed with an evil grin on her face. Angelus' childe gazed up at her, his expression one of absolute adoration. "Cor... You're amazin', pet. Never... Felt... anything like it..."

Angelus chuckled. "My response exactly, Will. First time she did that to me it was all I could do to keep from coming instantly and embarrassing myself like a schoolboy."

Riley nodded in agreement, then laughed at himself. "Me too... Only problem was... I did."

The two vampires shared in his laughter, understanding as only men could how mortifying that experience must have been for the young soldier. But the look Buffy gave him was so full of sensual memory, it set all their nerves to tingling as her lashes dropped flirtatiously. "Yeah... But you more than made up for it with that wonderful oral apology."

He flushed as the same memory washed over him. After stammering in red-faced apology for his hair-trigger, Riley spent the next hour with his head between her legs slowly teasing her through several incredible orgasms before sliding back into her. The second time he lasted much longer...

The golden color faded from Will's eyes as he placed his slim hands on her hips and started an upward thrusting motion that brought a cry of delight to her lips. He moved so much differently from her two mates as they relied on long, drawn-out slides to build a firestorm within her. But Will was speed, short thrusts punctuated with the occasional slow withdrawal and deep return. Whenever Buffy thought she had his pattern down, he would shift to something else, leaving her breathless and on the very edge of climax.

Reacting instinctively to the need in her eyes, Riley's hand moved from its resting place of Will's chest. Warm fingers slipped between their bodies to find the jewel nestled at the apex of her sex. He stroked her once, twice, three times and her orgasmic release slammed through her body. The mated three gasped in unison as the echoes reverberated through their bond.

Will bit down on his lip, concentrating on that sharp pain to forestall his own release. He wasn't ready to finish, as far as he was concerned this was just the beginning.

When the trembling of her muscles quieted, those slim hands reached down to push one of her legs onto the top of his. Buffy gave him a quizzical look, wondering where he was going with this subtle change in position. She didn't have long to wait as he rolled their bodies until each of them rested on their sides. Will hooked her upper leg around his hip and thrust slowly forward.

She gasped in surprise as she realized this shift changed the end result of his inward push. By altering his angle of penetration, he was stroking into the wonderful deep spot Angelus always reached so easily. Will pressed his hand on her belly and the feeling intensified, driving her swiftly toward another sobbing completion.

Riley watched in silence from his supine position, his eyes glowing with appreciation of her beauty as a wave of bliss flowed over her again. Behind him, he could hear his vampiric mate's rumble of approval at Will's resourcefulness. The younger vampire was nowhere near the sheer size of his sire nor the girth of her human mate but he was compensating very well.

After a long moment, Will reached one hand behind him blindly seeking something. Riley scooted closer until the searching hand found his hip. He was surprised by the vampire's next action. That hand latched onto his side and dragged him across the small space between their bodies until he was pressed firmly against a cool back. A sigh of contentment rose up from the smaller man as he snuggled into the warmth rising from Riley's big body.

For the first time since he was turned, Will felt warmed to the core. There was a soft, deliciously female form pulled flush to his breast with his cock beating a sensual rhythm in the furnace of her sex. And there was a gorgeous male body pressed up tightly against his back with a hot shaft gently sliding along the curve of his buttock. Unlife didn't get much better than this...

Warm lips found the nape of his neck causing his purr to return in force as Riley kissed his way down one shoulder. Buffy lowered her lashes, shuttering the hazel depths of her eyes before capturing Will's face between her hands. The open-mouthed kiss she placed on his cool mouth left him gasping for unneeded breath. When it ended, he was whimpering for more. She granted that wordless request with an eagerness William would never have expected from a girl who professed to be his enemy for so many years.

The three of them moved in concert for several long moments before Will shifted his weight again. The finish of that move was Buffy on her back with the blonde vampire lifting her arms over her head. He threaded his fingers through hers and extended their arms until they rested out-stretched on the floor. That movement brought his cool chest in full contact with her soft breasts and both of them moaned in delight as their bodies continued their seductive dance.

Riley regretted the loss of Will's body for a moment, it felt so good to be moving as one with the two of them. But he understood the vampire's need for some separate time with the tiny girl whose legs rose to wrap tightly around his waist. If Will wanted him to join in, he would just say so.

As that thought crossed his mind, a platinum blonde head turned toward him. Blue eyes twinkled in merriment before Will spoke. "Oi, Riley?"

"Yeah, Will?"

"My bum is getting a little cold here. Peaches doesn't keep this place anywhere near warm enough."

"Do you need a blanket? I think there's one of the couch." Riley started to rise until he caught the lascivious look that swept up from his toes, lingered on his still hard shaft and finally came to rest on his face. A smile quirked the vampire's lips and Angelus chuckled behind him, understanding immediately what his childe really wanted.

"Nah. Rather have a human blanket..." Will once again shifted his position until he rested on his knees between Buffy's legs. He never broke stride in his deliberately slow exploration of her inner depths with his cock while preparing for the other human to join them. "Now get that gorgeous body over here and keep me warm..."


Angelus spoke aloud in a hushed tone and his mate turned immediately to face him, a question hovering on his lips. Was his mate still in agreement with all of this?

Up until this point only Angel had experienced the sensation of being cradled between their two moving bodies. Even though Riley made love to his vampiric mate in this fashion many times during the last week, Angelus always ceded control to Angel for those couplings. The demon was still the fully dominant partner, he preferred to watch from an internal distance whenever Riley decided to exert that avenue of possession.

The older vampire tossed him the bottle of oil with a smirk. "Have fun..."

Riley caught the bottle with a grin and moved into position on his knees behind Will. The blonde vampire hissed in appreciation as warm fingers slicked with oil prepared him for entry. He leaned forward over Buffy, his eyes tightly shut as Angelus' human mate replaced fingers with that wonderful thick shaft. The sensation of being filled to almost over-flowing had the same effect as her marvelous internal control. His game face shifted in and out of focus, fangs descending to cut the flesh of his lower lip as a deep groan rose up from his chest.

Once Riley was fully seated inside Will's tight passage the three of them began to move in unison toward their mutual bliss.

Angelus shifted in the softness of the chair, firelight illuminating his dark features as his hand glided along the smoothness of his cock. There was no urgency in that movement, no driving need to be once again encased in the either the warm or cool flesh of his lovers. For now he was content to slowly stroke his distended length while he watched his mates envelop his childe in their warmth and acceptance...

Joy spread throughout his silent breast, this night could not have gone better if he had orchestrated it himself. Buffy had welcomed his Will into their midst with only a few moments of hesitation. Riley had been able to express his rapidly developing dominant nature through his subjugation of Spike. Angelus appreciated how easily that had been accomplished. First by combat, then through rough sex which he knew Spike craved...

And he, he had been allowed the greatest joy of all. He had reunited with his old lover without the baggage of animosity and outright hatred that marked all of their dealings with one another prior to Adam's ill-fated capture of his darling girl. His Will was back in his bed for the moment and he was perfectly happy with that arrangement.

Even Angel was happy, despite his old hostility toward Spike, he actually liked the sarcastic British vampire. The guy never failed to make him laugh and he did have the greatest way of swirling that tongue...

Riley lifted his head from the hollow of William's shoulder to shoot his silent mate a slightly bemused look. *Better not be thinking he's better than me, Angel...*

*No, Riley. Not better, just different...*

*Guess I can live with that...* Riley grinned at him before returning to his earlier occupation which was controlling their every move through the impetus of his superior weight. When he thrust forward into Will, that momentum pushed the vampire further into Buffy. She in turn pushed back, increasing their upward spiral toward final culmination.

Riley felt the beginnings of her next orgasm at almost the same instant she did. It was slow in coming but both of them knew it would be stronger than any of the prior ones with Will. The gradually expanding burn would end in a raging inferno eclipsing everything that had occurred this evening with the exception of her earlier session with Angel and his bite...

Will felt it too, the clenching of her muscles increasing at such a rapid rate, bearing down so hard he could hardly move within her. It was time for him to give up the struggle to remain in control of his own body. It was time for him to fill her with his cool release.

With a deep sigh, he let go of the remnants of his restraint and reached for his own summit.

It did not come...

He had delayed his own release for so long there was only one thing that would send him plummeting over the edge into ecstasy. And that was the one thing denied him by the Initiative's chip.

Will needed to bite, to slake his demon's thirst on warm human blood before his body would give him surcease from the ache in his loins. His fangs descended into position and he laid his mouth on the tender hollow between Buffy's shoulder and throat. One swift motion and hopefully the buggering chip wouldn't go off immediately...

Both of her mates responded instantly to the threat. There was a flurry of movement from the chair behind him and his sire's big hand landed on the back of his neck just as Riley pulled him forcefully away from her flesh. Will froze, he was surprised at his carelessness and absolutely certain of his demise at the hands of the men who held him so tightly.

He had never acted that stupidly before in his entire unlife...

Angelus whispered urgently in his ear, his voice roughened more by concern than anger. "Will, you must not. She is the Slayer, her blood is too potent. Once you start, you would never be able to stop..."

Her eyes tightly closed, Buffy was unaware of the struggle above her. All she knew was he had stopped moving and she was so close... She whimpered underneath him, that small sound tearing at the hearts of her mates. Releasing his tight grip on Will's shoulder Riley pushed forward, once again using his weight to set their combined rhythm until he felt that slow burn start up again deep within her.

This time when Buffy's gasp signaled the waves of climatic excess, Riley offered his wrist to Will. Fangs pressed desperately against his skin but the chip went off and the blonde vampire wailed in agony. Angelus responded instantly by taking his mate's proffered wrist in his hand and piercing his skin delicately.

Riley's heart slammed into his throat as the merest brush of Angelus' fangs sent him into the throes of immediate uncontrollable orgasm. The incredible sweep of his mate's pleasure locked the older vampire's mouth to his wrist and Angelus began to suck hard. He was suddenly ravenous for his lover's blood, starved for the rich flow that sustained his immortal life.

Buffy keened beneath Will as the onrush of Riley's orgasm and Angelus' bloodlust triggered her own crisis. The vampire cradled between the two spasming human bodies moaned in utter frustration, unable to join them in bliss.

That pitiful cry roused his sire from his delirium. Angelus released his mate's wrist with a sigh of regret before pressing it to his childe's lips.

As Riley's blood trickled into William's mouth, his long-denied culmination was finally upon him. With a muffled roar of satisfaction, his body arched upward. Every muscle in his lean frame crackled with tension before he shot load after load of cool semen into her hot depths.

When his cries of delight ceased, Will closed his eyes in utter exhaustion. It felt so good to just let his entire body go limp between the two humans.

The three of them lay there on the floor, their still conjoined bodies partially illuminated by the dying embers in the fireplace. Angelus leaned forward to wrap his arms around his mates and their lover, kissing each one of them in turn. He was very pleased by how this evening had turned out...

Very pleased indeed.