Title: HEARTBEAT – Chapter 28
AUTHOR: Mistress Ace
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RATING: NC-17 m/f, mild m/m
SPOILERS: The I in Team and Goodbye Iowa
SUMMARY: This story takes place in my universe, not Joss'. The mated bond is complete and mild domesticity is setting in before the last hurdles are taken on... Just little fluffiness before all hell breaks loose
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EXPLANATION: Anything within ** denotes internal thought. For non-Gaelic speakers: leannen = lover, Aingeal = Angel, alainn = beautiful, doar caraid = dear friend, Ceisd mo chridhe = darling of my heart.
DEDICATION: To everyone who has given me such great feedback and inspiration. Without you I am nothing...


While Spike entertained the three girls with outrageous stories of his days in China during the boxer rebellion, Angel and Buffy led Riley up to the third floor. They held hands as they watched the young soldier open every door, walk around every room with his mouth half-open in delight.

Angel stepped quickly out of the way when his lover opened the French doors to the balcony, careful to avoid any chance of being caught in direct sunlight. Riley closed the doors immediately, an apology for his thoughtlessness died on his lips when his vampiric mate chose to block them with a kiss. Buffy watched in pleased silence as the two men expressed their love for one another in that simple embrace.

They broke apart reluctantly, Angel's eyes glowing a little saffron in the dim light. "Never apologize to me for my limitations, leannen. I've lived with them for more years than I care to count."

Riley's jaw tightened a little as he nodded. "Don't care how many years you've lived with them, Aingeal. Those limitations are now part of my life too. I need to learn to be more careful. You are too precious to me to lose because of my own stupidity. Got it?"

Angel nodded in return, a small smile quirking his lips as he took in the absolute seriousness of his lover's expression. It felt so good to be loved by someone this deeply, only Buffy had ever shown him this level of commitment before. "Got it..."

At that moment, Buffy rejoined their dynamic with a laugh. "Okay guys, let's not all get testosteroney about it. The balcony is beautiful and we'll make full use of it during the late afternoon and evening hours. The trees should shade it enough to keep you from bursting into flames, right Angel?"

He nodded, his smile growing a little larger by the second. "Right. Around 4:00 it's perfectly shaded."

"Good. So, say 4:00ish, tomorrow, we all meet on the balcony for a little breaking in ceremony?" Her smile was even deeper than his own and the images that washed through the bond to her two lovers had them both hard in an instant.

They could just see her leaning over the railing, her eyes scanning the town of Sunnydale while Angel positioned his bare body carefully behind her. Lifting his little lover just enough so her breasts would be pressed against the cold marble as he slid into her heated channel from behind. And Riley could stand behind him, kissing his lover's broad shoulders while using his own body as a shield for his vampiric mate should the wind shift the overhanging branches enough to expose him to any danger.

The inherent thrill of having sex in a semi-public place combined with the edge of danger for their immortal mate was enough to send each of them into sheer sensual overdrive. Riley felt a white-hot flash of desire shoot through him as Buffy led him over to the doors which lead into the bathrooms. He and Angel shared a long look over her little blonde head and they each mouthed a single word at one another. "Soon."

In the second bathroom, Riley noticed the extra toilet and his face lit up. He turned to Angel with a big grin. "This should help keep the water bill down a little bit."

Buffy frowned, not understanding what he meant by that comment. Her mates felt her confusion and turned toward her with identical expressions of barely concealed delight on their faces. She bit her lip, almost angry because they weren't immediately explaining to her why there was a second toilet in the bathroom. And how in the world would it help save water?

"Okay, you two. Make with the explanation here. How is this going to save on water?"

Riley's grin got even broader. "Less need for showers with one of these, Buff."


"Come here, I'll show you what I mean." He and Angel shared another heated look over her head, each of them in complete agreement with the other. Here was the opportunity they had been looking for during their tour of the bedroom suite. This was going to be fun...

Buffy stepped closer to the device, a small frown on her face. If she didn't know any better, she could swear they were plotting something. But she could feel nothing through the bond, their minds were a total blank.

Angel moved behind her, pulling her up tightly against him. She could feel the outline of his hard cock in the small of her back and moaned softly. He whispered in her ear, his voice sending shivers down her spine. "Let's just make sure there's something that really needs to be cleaned up first."

One cool hand slid between the top of her pants and her skin, popping open the button. Riley knelt in front of her, his fingers pulling down the tab of the zipper very slowly. That strange internal silence was suddenly gone. Now there were images being projected by both of them, stunningly erotic images that inundated her sense, setting her blood on fire.

They were planning on having her right here, right in the middle of the tiled floor.

After her own internal scenario about the balcony, Buffy was tempted to follow through on all their wicked plans for her. But there were other factors to consider at the moment. Her friends were still downstairs being entertained by a barely dressed vampire with a tendency to open mouth, insert foot. Plus the rug delivery people were due any minute.

It would be rude of her to throw caution to the wind and let them have what they so obviously intended on having...

She should say something, be the responsible one here. But those cool little kisses on her neck felt so good and Riley's warm breath on her now bare stomach was sending chills up her spine...

One of Angel's hands smoothed over the taut curve of her abdomen while Riley's thumbs grazed her skin as he tugged gently on the waistband of her pants. With a little cooperation on her part, they should have slid down with ease but Buffy was not being much help in that regard. Her hesitancy was making her body stiff, making it difficult for him to easily remove the impeding cloth.

Riley shot a glance to his vampiric mate who nodded in response. The exercises Angelus had drilled into his head during the last week about internal blocking were paying off right now. He and Angel were relying on non-verbal, non-image communication to keep from completely tipping their hands to her. Both of them knew all the reasons for her reluctance and none of those reasons mattered to them.

Angel nuzzled the fabric of her shirt aside, eliciting a small cry of delight from Buffy. She loved the feel of his lips on her skin, the coolness and the slight frisson of adrenaline that her Slayer senses always gave off in his presence heightened the thrill of contact. He smiled to himself, licked a spot on her shoulder tenderly and opened his mouth...

Buffy gasped in shock as Angel's blunt teeth nipped her shoulder very hard. The actual bite didn't cause any true pain but it startled her just enough that she arched her back. That movement allowed Riley to slip her pants down past her hips, his hands warming her skin while he gently pulled them the rest of the way down to her feet.

Those big hands lifted one foot and then the other before he tossed the discarded garment into a far corner of the room. Another pair of hands, much cooler in temperature insinuated themselves between the satiny texture of her skin and her pale green panties. Angel cupped her firm ass in one hand while the other moved further down along the gentle swell of her belly until a single finger parted her lower lips to test her readiness for them.

Tropical heat flowed out of her, warming him to the very marrow of his bones. Buffy was more than ready for both of them. Angel kissed her shoulder, soothing the sting left by his earlier bite with tender little licks on the unbroken skin. She moaned deep in her throat as that one finger was joined by another, then another until her entire sex was cradled in the palm of his hand.

Riley stopped for a moment, his breath taken away by just how perfectly the two of his mates complimented one another. She was light to his dark, petite while he was massive, her sweetly feminine curves held tightly against his masculine planes of sheer muscle, absolute heat surrounded by deliciously cool flesh.

With trembling fingers, he ran his hands up her legs until they hooked in the thin line of lace which still held that scrap of silky nylon in place. Riley tugged just a little and the lace gave way. It snapped under the pressure exerted by his own eagerness to remove the last barrier between her sweetness and his mouth.

A rumble of approval rose from his vampiric mate's throat as the fabric fall away. Angel's hands were now free to explore her without constraint. He seized the opportunity with great delight, stroking the damp little folds tenderly before parting them so Riley could place his warm mouth on her distended clit. Buffy's knees buckled, the contrast between their body temperatures never failed to heighten the sensation of contact.

She closed her eyes, soaking up every nuance of their sensual actions and thoughts before voicing a feeble protest. Her own voice seemed foreign to her, did she always sound that breathy and where had that husky edge come from? "Angel... Riley, we don't have time for this..."

Riley's hands moved from her waist around to cup the well-toned cheeks of her ass. He pulled her forward until his face was completely buried within her loins. Humming softly to himself, he proceeded to lay down long, drawn-out licks, the kind that always caused her to croon deep in her throat.

They started from the edge of the deep well where he fully expected to help place Angel's cock soon, stopped for a moment to enjoy the cool texture of his other mate's fingers as they held her open for him and finally ended at that bundle of nerves guaranteed to send her screaming into orgasm should he stay there long enough. *There's always time for this, Buffy. Always time for us to give you pleasure.*

Angel purred, his mouth on her throat with his cool tongue licking the edge of her scar, unconsciously marking her with his scent. *I agree with Riley. There's always time for us to make love to you, alainn. Nothing and no one is more important than our meeting your needs.*

She slipped into silent mode as well, just in case one of their friends decided to come wandering up the stairs to find them. *You two already meet all of my needs. But we have guests and the rug people are coming...*

*We haven't fulfilled your needs yet this morning. We had each other but not you...* While he silently argued his point, Riley increased the pressure of his tongue on her flesh, eliciting that croon of delight he craved from her. Moving in concert with both of his mates' heightened ardor, Angel's fingers squeezed gently on either side of her throbbing clit. *They can wait until we're done, right Angel? Only one we care about coming right now is you, love... So stop worrying and let go.*

Angel's other hand moved up from her bottom, up around her side under her shirt, dancing along the rib cage until her right breast was nestled securely in his palm. Cool fingers tugged gently at the nipple, soft hair brushed the sensitive skin of her ear as his still blunt teeth scraped the rough texture of her mate's mark. *Let go... Will's more than capable at keeping the ladies entertained and I've paid enough for those rugs for the delivery people to cool their heels for a good long time... There's no use fighting us here, we mean to have you...*

She thought about continuing her protestations but at that precise moment, Riley shifted one hand from her ass. He plunged two thick fingers up inside her heated core, reaching for that magical spot deep inside. The combination of that invasion, his mouth latching onto her clit with fierce determination, the now not-so gentle squeezing of Angel's fingers were almost enough to push her over... Almost enough to cause her to forget their obligations.

Then Angel bit her again, suddenly sharp fangs sinking into his mark and everything else in the world was obliterated. Everything except the feel of her two mates holding her in place while waves of climactic bliss washed over her, keeping her upright when her knees gave way...


"Hey, they've been up there for a really long time. Do you think anything's gone wrong?" Willow shot a nervous look toward the hallway which led to the stairs.

The four of them had moved from the kitchen to the living room. Spike had left them a few minutes earlier to get dressed and the girls were sitting in front of the fire waiting for him to return.

Tara shared her lover's concern for the missing trio. Angel had said something earlier about rugs being delivered before they went upstairs. They should have been back by now. She wondered right along with Willow about the well being of their friends. The Crawford Street mansion had remained abandoned for many years, the floors up there might not be sound, they could have fallen through and gotten hurt...

Anya shrugged, leaning back on her hands with a slightly lusty smile on her face. "No need to worry. They're probably just enjoying some heated sexual intercourse."


"What? Willow, all orientation aside, if you had those two men looking at you like they look at her, following you around like they follow her... Wouldn't you want to be naked and surrounded by all that gorgeous flesh? God, just look at the two of them. They are magnificent specimens..." The ex-demoness sighed, her eyes a little dreamy as she imagined all the sexual possibilities and positions the mated trio could be involved in at this very moment.

The redhead bit her lower lip, gazed at the hallway again then shook her head. "No... They couldn't be... Could they?"


Angel lifted the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over Buffy's head. Her normally taut muscles were completely relaxed, the force of her recent orgasm had left her in a bemused state. She no longer cared about the rugs, or their guests or Will or anything but the two men now stripping in front of her. Each of them racing to be the first one nude and ready for their lovers.

Riley shook his head when Angel beat him to the punch again. That damned vampiric speed won almost every single time. He was still unzipping his jeans when he saw the last article of his mate's attire fall to the ground, a pair of dark blue boxers landed on the pile of discarded clothing with a fluttering of silken material. Breaking into a wide smile, his vampiric mate pushed Riley's hand out of the way. *Let me take of this for you, doar caraid.*

The jeans were off in two seconds flat. Angel dropped to his knees, his cool mouth surrounded his mate's cock for a prolonged kiss. *Hmm, looks like you're ready for anything... Where do you want to be? Front or back?*

Riley cradled his lover's head between his hands, holding him in place while he gave a short thrust into that desired coolness. He was intrigued by the idea of being in front and watching the changes on Buffy's beautiful face while Angel slid into her ass but there was the whole birth control issue. *Condoms are downstairs...*

*I grabbed a few for you while you were finishing in the bathroom. Your choice this time...*

Buffy gave them a wide-eyed look, her heart up in her throat. *Angel, you know I'm not ready for you back there yet...* She'd taken Riley that way quite a few times but Angel was just too big. Even though the very thought of him filling her there made her soaking wet, it still scared her. There was enough pain involved with her profession, she didn't want to deal with it where her lovers were concerned.

Most especially where he was concerned. For all his fantastic physical strength, Angel was still remarkably fragile. He couldn't stand to cause her even the slightest discomfort. Whenever they became too rambunctious in bed, he was the first to slow down their love-play to make certain she was all right with whatever they did.

As with their kisses, her mates were totally different from one another when it came to sex. Angelus was all wild passion, his innate violence held in check only by the bonds of love. Riley was warm, generous to the extreme while being inordinately gentle and tender. However, she had noted his own aggressive tendencies with Will last night and Angel this morning. He was no longer an innocent about the rougher side of sexual behavior.

But her Angel was reverent, the only time he caused her even an instant of pain was when he was pushed beyond the limits of his control. She was his goddess, any possible harm that came to her had to go through him first. Because of his nature, she would not allow him to become the instrument that inflicted any pain on her. If they were ever to take that avenue of possession, the first time would have to be Angelus in control and not Angel.

And right now she wanted Angel.

He lifted his head away from Riley, turned to look at her with a hint of disappointment on his handsome face before shrugging. "I know, love... Just wishful thinking...*

She nodded, the fear slowly fading from her eyes. Someday they would give it a try but not today.

Riley stroked Angel's hair before urging him silently to regain his feet. *So, the lady has chosen for us, Aingeal. Now all we have to decide is where's the most comfortable place in this room...* He looked around for a minute, his hazel eyes lighting up as they spied the huge tub. It was carved out of a solid block of marble, leaving a very wide ledge all the way around it. A ledge wide enough to fit three people easily.


Spike came back from the kitchen with a large bowl of popcorn. He'd rejoined the girls a few minutes ago after taking a quick shower and raiding Angel's closet for a clean shirt. It was only fair that he borrow one from his sire since his was in tatters after last night's performance.

"Here you are, ducks... Popcorn as requested." He settled down on the floor by the three girls, placing the bowl of popcorn directly in front of them. The little redheaded witch turned toward him, her soft green eyes full of worry.

"Spike? How sound are the floors up there? They've been gone a really long time and this place was empty for so many years. Is there any chance that something would give way and they could have gotten hurt?"

He smiled, his eyes warmer than they had ever been when he talked with them in the past. "Don't worry, luv, this place is built like a bloody fortress... It'll still be standin' even if the Hellmouth decided to swallow up the rest of Sunnyhell in one big gulp..."

The girls gasped, wondering if there was much chance of that actually happening. Spike shook his head in answer to their unspoken question about the Hellmouth, there was no reason to worry about it right now. "Besides, Angelus had the house checked out thoroughly by one of his minions long before he bought it. The guy was an architect in his days among the livin'... This place was a right awful mess when we moved in but my sire had it fixed up in no time. He just couldn't tolerate the idea of losin' anyone to a careless fall or a broken floorboard through the heart or anythin'" His audience rolled their eyes at the though of Angelus being considerate enough to worry about anyone's health other than his own. But Spike just laughed as he continued. "Angelus might have been crazy two years ago but he's never been stupid..."

A smile started in one corner of his mouth, his blue eyes lit up with mischief as a memory came back to him. "Except for that one time in Moscow..."

The girls helped themselves to the large bowl of popcorn as they listened avidly to another one of the blonde vampire's stories. Willow watched his face as he related an impossible tale about Angelus, a bottle of Irish whisky and a horse race at midnight through the streets of old Moscow that ended up with both he and his sire Darla almost drowning in the Neva River.

Well, had they been alive at the time, they would have drowned...

He gave the little redheaded witch a devilish smile as he warmed his toes in front of the fire while devouring a handful of popcorn from the shared bowl. That smile warmed her all the way down.

Willow had never seen this side of Spike before. He was usually so brash, so over-the-top, so much a poster child for the running-on–the-ragged-edge-of disaster set. But not now...

Now he was different, really different.

During her perusal of that face she knew almost as well as her own, Willow came to the startling conclusion that this was not Spike who sat next to them. Oh, he looked like him and sounded like him but this was not Spike at all. This was another person entirely.

Bit by bit during the course of this morning's story-telling session the old caustic Spike they all knew and basically tolerated because he was a good source of information had been transformed. In his place sat a softly spoken man with a wonderful sense of humor, a sexy smile, a gentle manner and what must have been a rather kind heart when he was human.

Angel had told her once that vampires retained some semblance of their mortal selves when they were turned. He had also said that Spike had managed to retain more than most. And right now, it showed.

His blue eyes glowed with a soft light whenever he spoke his sire's name. A sudden smile changed his ethereally handsome face into something almost human as he joined them in gales of laughter over his description of a thoroughly soaked and drunken Angelus slinging his equally dripping wet sire over his shoulder and trudging home with her.

The inebriated vampire had apparently cursed the whole way home through the cold streets. He cursed the loss of his two favorite racers in the icy waters of the Neva. He cursed Darla's stubborn insistence on holding a break-neck race in the middle of the night through an unfamiliar city. And the biggest thing, the thing he was the most upset about was that he'd managed to destroy a brand-new set of hand-tailored clothes.

Willow laughed aloud at his vivid description of a sopping wet Angelus tossing his sire into a hot bath before stripping off his own ruined clothing. She could see every look that transpired between the two vampires that night so many years ago, she could hear every nuance of their stilted argument, she could even feel Angelus' disappointment and sorrow over the loss of an extraordinarily fine pair of riding boots...

She gasped as she made the connection between the Angel she knew and the demon who wore his body for so many years. "Oh Goddess. So that's where Angel got his fascination with clothing... Angelus was vain..."

"Is vain, pet. Still is vain, that's why Peaches is such a nancy-boy sometimes... My sire never had a hair out of place, never had a speck of dirt on his fine clothes, never a spilled a single drop of blood when he fed." The blonde vampire's eyes softened even more and an almost shy smile crept across his face. "When he pulled my off the streets o' London, he must have spent more than three full hours just scrubbin' all the dirt off me. Wouldn't allow the servants to touch me, he insisted that he had to do it himself... And you should have heard him lecture me whenever my clothes weren't just so or when I came in from the rain with my hair all loose and wild from the wind..."

He leaned back on his hands, his eyes shutting slowly as the memories of their early days in London overwhelmed him. The girls waited in silence for him to speak again. When he did, his voice was almost a whisper, "Angelus would sit me down at his feet in front of a fire like this one and he would brush my hair. He would do it for hours on end, just runnin' the brush from scalp to tip..."

His blue eyes opened and Willow could see the tears shimmering in their depths. She had been right; Spike and Angelus had been lovers. And Spike loved him still...

It must be so hard for him to be around Angel, to be so close to the demon he loved and not be able to have him. Although she knew letting Angelus loose was a very bad idea, Willow's soft little heart couldn't help but break a little for the now quiescent vampire. Even though the Initiative's chip made him safe to be around, it kept him from being with his Druscilla and the gypsy curse kept him from Angelus.

But there was that warm kiss he'd shared with Angel this morning and those things Riley so carefully avoided actually telling them about at lunch... Maybe he and Angel had come to some sort of equitable arrangement.

They sat there in silence for a very long time, staring into the fire. Tara finally touched him very gently on one knee. Spike looked up, clearly startled by the unsolicited human contact. "Y-you loved h-him, didn't you?"

The blonde vampire looked away, nodding slowly as he confirmed what all of them suspected. "Still do, pet... Still do..."

Taking a deep un-needed breath, Spike shook off his melancholy. Rubbing his hands together, he turned back to face the three girls. "So are you ladies tired of hearin' me talk or do you want to know more about my sire before he became all soul-havin' and all?"

Willow giggled, happy that his moment of awkward sadness has passed. "More stories, Uncle Spike... Tell us more stories..."

That scarred eyebrow was lifted delicately over a twinkling blue eye. "Well, if you're goin' to be claimin' me as family, then you use my given name. Call me William, girls... Spike's gone on a long holiday and I'm what's left..."

Gales of delighted feminine laughter followed that statement and he found himself joining in. A quiet thought crossed his mind as he looked over their happy faces. *For as long as my sire wants me here, in his home and in his bed... Spike can stay away for all I care.*

"So... Let me tell you about our visit to Istanbul... But first, considerin' your tender years, my pets, do you want the clean version or the real one?"

"Is there a lot of blood in the real one? `Cause, I'm thinking, no." Willow made what could only be described as a yuck face.

"Not too much blood, luv." He was quickly editing the story in his head, easily deciding on what parts to omit. If he left out the night when Angelus took down the Slayer and her incompetent Watcher in the Grand Bazaar, it would probably not shock the little redheaded witch too much.

"Is there sex in the real version?" Anya perked up at that idea. Spike... William had a great way with words. If he was going to describe a sex act, it might be worth a listen. Maybe she could even take notes and have Xander recreate the scenario with her later in the day... Just so long as it didn't involve another male, he should be okay with it. He liked playing her games and he was amazingly good at them.

Her question was answered by a flash of brilliantly white teeth, blue eyes full of wicked glee and a voice which promised sensual delights galore. "Just scads and scads of it..."

"I vote for the real version." Anya snuggled into the pile of pillows lying on the rug in front of the fireplace with an expectant look on her face.

Willow and Tara gave each other vastly amused glances. All you had to do was mention sex and Anya was right there. The two witches turned to William and said in one voice. "The real version..."

With a nod, he leaned back on his elbows, stretching his body out along the rug. A quick image replayed in his head from last night evening as the faint scent of his three lovers drifted up from the floor covering. William shifted a little, quickly hiding his body's natural response to the memory of being cradled between two warm writhing humans. "Well, there was this little brothel that catered to the demon community in that place. The damned thing dated back to pre-Christian times, which is not surprisin' considerin' how many gods those Romans had muckin' about the place... They even let us vampires in just so long as we didn't bite anybody..."

That wicked smile was back, "Bite them hard that is..."

The girls shivered, his smile raised all sorts of forbidden images in their heads. Willow berated herself quietly, vampires were bad, vampires were evil, biting would hurt... wouldn't it? The look that William gave her was shifting her image of the whole biting thing rather rapidly. "My sire has this favorite there, a cute little blonde tart that he was always vistin'... Did I ever mention just how bloody fond he is of blondes?"

Willow, Tara and Anya all looked at his bleached blonde locks and began to laugh hysterically.

He blinked, trying to hide that he understood exactly the reason for their sudden laughter and failing miserably. "Wot? Wot's so funny..?"

More gales of laughter drifted through the no longer empty home...


William was right, Angelus was fond of blondes, as was Angel. In fact, their most favorite blonde in the world knelt over him, carefully placing her slim, strong legs on either side of his hips. Angel was on his back, lying on a cushion of clothing spread over the cool marble ledge that surrounded the bathtub. His human mates had insisted on placing all their clothing underneath him although he had protested that the cold, hard surface didn't bother him in the least.

Riley sat on the floor beside him, his big warm hands stroking his mate's cock to full hardness. The young man gave Angel a long, loving look before leaning down to engulf him in the delicious heat of his mouth. He circled the head with his tongue, carefully preparing him for encasement within their beloved girl. His eyes closed slowly as he took a moment to savor his lover's taste. No matter how many times he did this with Angel, the richness of his flavor always gave him such a deep thrill of oral pleasure.

Cool fingers threaded through his soft hair as his vampiric mate purred loudly. Angel loved how absolutely generous Riley was with his mouth, how eager he always was to give his lovers pleasure with his sweet talents. During the brief span of their relationship, he had gone from tentative to voracious, from hesitant to hell on wheels. Given any more practice, the boy would surpass any lover he had ever had in his long lifetime.

Anyone except for Buffy.

The girl who was his other mate literally took his unneeded breath away whenever they shared intimate contact. Her remaining innocence had been methodically stripped away by the alliance between one fully human man and a human soul combined with an immortal demon. What was left after their assault on her sensibilities was something almost beyond description.

She had taken to their conjoined lessons in sex during the last week like she took to everything in her strange life. The girl was so much more than impressive in her learning curve. There were things she could do with that lithe little body that almost defied the laws of nature. And those fabled Slayer instincts, the cramps that were triggered by a vampire's presence had honed her internal control to such a fine point. Those pains deep within her had managed to turn even the core of her sex into a valuable weapon.

Those internal muscles that had Will almost whimpering with delight last night, that had changed Riley from a confident young soldier into a trembling boy on their first time together. Those muscles that had made him lose control of his own human mask during their first night, that had almost driven him to taste her sweet blood even when the soul was in complete possession of the body.

In his and Angelus' long life and his demon's hundreds of lovers, mortal or not, no one had ever shown such mastery, exerted so much pressure on his aching cock as she could with just one ripple.

Riley's head lifted slowly, releasing his prize with reluctance. But the look of anticipation on Buffy's face was enough to balance out his own regret at the loss of his lover's cock in his mouth. After all the whole point of this exercise was her entertainment. She had been so unselfish earlier when they needed to re-bond, it was only fair that she be the object of all of their affection right now.

He raised up on his knees to give her a kiss, sharing their mate's taste through the commingling of their mouths. Buffy cradled his head in both hands, her tongue seeking out every trace of Angel within his fully open mouth. Riley slid one hand under her bottom, lifting her into position. The other large hand wrapped securely around the base of his lover's cock.

Angel closed his eyes and moaned deep in his throat as Riley guided him into her. The young man never broke out of the shared kiss; the bond made his aim perfect. A small hiss of appreciation at his skill rose from his vampiric mate, the boy had taken their mated bond and made it his own instrument for their mutual pleasure.

Breaking away from their shared kiss, Riley sat back on his heels to watch the interaction between his two mates. Buffy's face glowed with contentment as she sank down onto her lover's engorged length.

It was such a long delightful slide whenever Angel filled her this way. First the large head would spread her open, leaving no part of her untouched. Then inch, by glorious inch he would proceed to drive away any hint of loneliness within her. Finally when her body rested flush against his, with him completely encased within her, she would revel in his absolute stillness.

He would hold her this way for a long moment, just soaking up all the warmth she could give him, showing her through his utter silence how special it was to be cradled this way within her. Angel always let her know how much he valued her, how much he longed for this most intimate of joinings between them.

His angelic features held such a look of wonder as he ran trembling fingers down her cheek before drawing her in for a passionate kiss. Then his hips would lift up into her, as they were doing right now and the moment of stillness would be shattered by their movement toward ecstasy.

Angel reached for Riley, pulling him into his arms for a kiss of their own. His mate moved easily and gracefully into the desired position. Their mouths met with fervent passion; lips sealed to one another, tongues melding in an intimate duel which left neither of them the loser nor the victor. A sigh rose up from deep within the vampire's broad chest as he relaxed, content for the moment with his place in the world.

Tiny hands came to rest on his chest, gently rubbing the smooth expanse of honed muscle. Angel deepened the kiss with his other lover, trying unconsciously to be as completely imbedded within Riley's mouth as he was within Buffy's feminine core. His male mate sighed, cupped his vampiric mate's head in one hand and granted him the access he craved with a slight shift on his upper body. Angel placed his feet flat on the marble surface, raising his knees to give Buffy some back support while allowing space for Riley to curl up around them.

Soon the young man was stretched out beside them with his long body wrapped tightly around Angel's. One warm hand stroked both Buffy's sleek flanks and Angel's smooth stomach. Riley's legs were tucked underneath his vampiric mate's so that his cock slid gently between the outer curve of one gloriously cool cheek and one warm human foot.

The first time he made contact with Buffy's foot, she giggled in reaction but the giggles soon faded into moans of delight as both men pulled her down toward them. Soon she had one cool and one warm mouth suckling on her breasts, which drove away all thoughts about being tickled; all she felt now was unadulterated pleasure.

The combination of their oral attentions and Angel's gentle thrusts were enough to send her into the throes of an orgasm. That wave of bliss grew and grew until it overwhelmed her. Her mates shared in her climax through their bond, each of them moving just so to increase the intensity of her release.

It felt so good to give to her, so good to lose themselves in the beauty of their beloved. All thoughts about the external world left the three of them as she sobbed out their names in ecstasy.


"No, he didn't..." Willow was staring at the blonde vampire who had just dropped another log on the fire. "He couldn't have been that bold..."

"Oh believe me, pet, he did..." The look he gave to the little witch was deadly serious.

"Angelus actually said that to Queen Victoria?" Anya was in absolute awe. Not even she had been that blunt, especially toward royalty.

"Yeah... Walked right up to her, shook her hand and told her flat out to her face that her whole attitude toward sex was sending the country into a repressive cycle that would last for generations. You should have seen the look she gave him, it was worth going to the whole damned reception just to watch that woman reel away in shock..."

"Wow... Whatever made him do that?" Tara was fascinated for she agreed whole-heartedly with the truth of his statement. Even after the sexual revolution thirty years ago, there was still a huge portion of the world society which clung to the sexual inhibitions and morals engendered during that one woman's long reign.

"Angelus was still angry about the imprisonment of Oscar Wilde for his homosexual behavior and the banishment of Byron. He blamed it all on the English monarchy, you should have heard him on the subject. My sire could rant about it for hours on end..." William regained his place on the floor with them, settling gingerly on the rug. He was almost healed from last night's rough usage but it paid to be cautious.

Buffy's friends waited for him to find a comfortable position before leaning forward. Will grinned, knowing his audience was once again hooked into one of his stories. They were still seated in the living room, patiently awaiting the mated trio's return from their foray upstairs.

He had no doubt about what was going on up there and had taken it upon himself to keep his sire from being interrupted. After all, it was part and parcel of his duty as favorite childe to see to Angelus' pleasure in whatever capacity he could manage even if only as a story-teller for three lovely young women. "One night we all went to the theater, all four of us..."

"All four?" Willow was counting mentally in her head. She could come up with three vampires but not four.

"Yeah, me, Angelus, Darla & my Dru... She'd been with us for a year or so at that point." A look of heart-wrenching need for the missing vampiress shone on his face as he mentioned her name.

It was even more devastating than the wistfulness they had observed when he spoke of his sire. The three girls all exchanged a shared look, understanding flowing between them. They knew at that very moment it was imperative for his future sanity that someone bring the Druscilla back into his life.

"We were in our carriage, the girls on our laps when we were stopped by a member of the ton. He told us that our behavior was unseemly, it went against the dictates of proper society and we had to cease and desist that instant." His expressive face grew grim as the unpleasantness of that confrontation returned full force. "There was no reason for his reaction that we could see... We were all fully dressed, all our hands were visible and all we had been doin' at the time was kissin'. In fact Angelus and I were kissin' our women and not one another..."

Tara leaned forward, very curious about this glimpse into the past. "What happened?"

Cold blue eyes returned her intense stare and she moved away instinctively. "What do you think happened?"

"Y-you a-ate h-him?" The image of the man being dragged into the carriage by an enraged Angelus was firmly implanted in the blonde witch's thoughts. William did nothing to disillusion her, as that was exactly what had occurred. That and so much more...

The incident occurred only a few years before the gypsy curse went into effect and his sire had lost all tolerance for the human race. So Angelus decided to make an example of the hapless busybody. It took many days for the man to die...

A terse nod greeted her response. "Anyone foolish enough to reprimand a vampire in public deserves to be eaten. Consider it our way of clearin' out the gene pool... But my sire was so offended by his remarks that he made a point of lookin' up some old friends and getting' invited to the next Royal gatherin'..."

"And he walked right up to her?" Anya's eyes glowed softly in the firelight. She was highly amused by the thought of the stuffy British monarch coming face to face with the extreme sensualist that William described in his earlier stories. Angelus was a complete hedonist, nothing was taboo where he was concerned and that woman's social influence must have rankled deeply.

"Yeah. Walked right up to the old prune-face herself and gave her an earful. Had it not been for her ever-present guardian, John Brown, he probably would have given her an eyeful as well. Lord knows, my sire was a very head-strong individual and knew no shame..."

A teasing glint had returned to his gaze and a soft smile curved his lips as he continued. "You should have seen the party he threw after that meetin'. Half of the London elite showed up and most of them ended up in at least one or two compromising positions before the night was over..."

William laughed, ducking his head for a minute as he remembered the final outcome of that particular party. "Even one of her stuffiness' precious children ended up warming Darla's bed that night. She had so much fun corruptin' him that it took three days before Angelus could get the royal boy ejected from our home... My sire had to pitch the young prince out on his ear and threw his clothes after him..."

The girls giggled at the thought of a naked English prince being tossed out into the streets of London. Will joined them in their laughter, thoroughly enjoying his role as the chronicler of his sire's adventures.


"Riley..." Buffy murmured his name, arching her back up into him. Riley had moved from his earlier position and was seated on the marble behind her. His hard cock was pressed between the cheeks of her ass while he placed tender kisses along her shoulders, following the line of her neck to a spot behind one ear.

*Mmmm-hmmm... What do you need, Buff? What can I give you that our Angel isn't already providing?* Another kiss, placed on that ever-so-sensitive flesh had her keening for him again. Below her, Angel took advantage of her momentary distraction to give her several hard thrusts, each one of them hitting that sweet spot deep within her. Buffy was almost sobbing with need, she was so close to the edge of another climax but she wanted Riley inside her as well.

She was so far-gone that words were pouring out of her instead of being communicated through the bond. "Please, Riley, please..."

*Please what, baby? Didn't you learn last night with me that you have to tell us what you want?* Angel grinned up at her, totally unrepentant in his insistence on her vocalizing her needs to them. He wanted the lesson to stick in her head that there was no need for maidenly behavior where her mates were concerned. All that was required between the three of them was complete honesty.

Buffy blushed, still hesitant about expressing her desires aloud but the feel of Angel beneath her and Riley moving slowly behind her was enough to remove the last of her resistance to the idea. "I want you inside me, Riley..."

That rich voice resounded within her head, sending thrills down her spine as he continued his slow oral exploration of her skin. *Where do you want me?*

Riley turned her head slightly to give her a deep kiss. *Do you want me here?* The gentle pressure he exerted with his lips opened her mouth for his invasion. Buffy moaned as she leaned into that caress.

One warm hand traced down the line of her spine and came to a stop on the curve of her ass. *Or do you want me here?* That hand cupped her in a firm hold, spreading her just enough so she could feel the head of his cock pressing against the little rosebud.

He released her from the kiss so she could speak aloud. Buffy pushed her little body down onto him, eliciting a gasp from her human mate as the tip of his shaft slipped inside her. "There, I-I want you there..."

Riley bit his lip as he eased away from her. It took all of his control to keep from bucking his hips forward and burying himself within her. But doing so without taking the precaution of adequate lubrication would cause her far too much pain. He had learned that from his first time with Angelus.

*Leannen...* Angel caught the concerned look on Riley's face and came to his rescue. *In my pants pocket, there should be all the supplies we need.*

The young man laughed, relieved that his vampiric mate had been thinking ahead. *Thank you, Aingeal. That just leaves one last question. Where under you did we put your pants?*

A broad grin greeted his silent question. *Left shoulder, give me a minute...* Angel shifted slightly, reaching behind him to displace the clothes a little. After a few second of searching, he recovered a small metal tube from his pants pocket, which he handed to Riley.

While his other mate busied himself with opening the necessary lubricant, Angel's hands encircled Buffy's little waist. She crooned his name softly, still hovering on the very edge of release. He could feel her hesitation and understood intimately why she wanted to wait until Riley was encased within her as well.

But relaxation was the key that allowed the two of them to possess her in this fashion. And the best way for her body to relax would be for her to have another orgasm. Angel spoke aloud, using the seductive power of his voice as well as several deep inward thrusts to help push her over the brink. "Ceisd mo chridhe, come for us... You are so beautiful when you come. Share some of that beauty with us..."

A warm hand joined Angel's on one hip before moving between their two bodies. With a deftness perfected through hours of recent practice, Riley found her clit and stroked gently. No longer able to hold out under the pressure of their combined tender assault on her senses, Buffy found herself in the throes of yet another climax. Her voice broke as she cried out to them. "Oh God, Angel... Riley... I love you. I love you both so much..."

Her mates held her tightly as her little body shook, each of them soaking up the joy afforded by bringing her to this state. Riley kissed her shoulders while Angel contented himself with placing tender little kisses in the palms of her hands. They remained in this position for several moments, just quietly communing with one another through their unbreakable bond.

Buffy slowly regained her senses when she felt a gentle finger slide up inside her as Riley began carefully preparing her for his invasion. He was so cautious in his approach that by the time he felt she was fully open to him, she'd lost almost all patience with the process. Once the first tentative forward push of his cock registered, she took charge of the situation.

Angel was watching her face with barely concealed amusement. He thought he knew what was coming but Buffy surprised even him. Instead of pushing back forcefully, she turned the tables on both of them, using his earlier tactic on her to full advantage.

A husky moan rose up from her throat as she sat straight up, reaching over her head to pull Riley in close behind her. His head dropped down until her mouth was beside his ear and the words started to flow. "Mmmm... Riley, do you know what I want?"

"Tell me..." He pushed a little harder, moved a little further into her. Riley's eyes closed as he felt Angel through the thin membrane that separated the two of them. It felt so damned good to be inside Buffy, to feel her muscles tightening around him. This was as close to heaven as he could imagine...

Her next words caused his eyes to fly open as he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Or how much it turned him on to hear it. "I want you to fuck me... I want both of you to fuck me long and hard. I want to feel nothing but your cocks moving inside of me. I want you to rock my world..."

Angel groaned deeply, the final dissolution of her oral inhibitions enough to wash away any semblance of restraint within him. His hands locked over Riley's on her hips as he thrust up into her with all his might. Buffy smiled down at her vampiric mate, very pleased by his instinctive reaction. "That's it, Angel. God, I love having that great big cock of yours in my pussy. You fill me up to over-flowing, lover..."

Falling into the game with ease, Angel grinned up at her. "Buffy... Oh God, baby... You feel so damned good to me. You're so fucking tight, so hot... No other woman could ever come close to you."

Riley gritted his teeth, trying desperately to control the raging lust coursing through his blood. This was one of his weaknesses, one of his little secrets that had been uncovered early on during their lovemaking sessions in L.A. He had always loved hearing his partners talk dirty to him, it drove him absolutely nuts. For a clean-cut Iowa boy, he thought this particular kink was way beyond the pale but Angel reassured him many times that words could be just as seductive as actions.

And they were calling him on it, their combined voices drawing him into their web. He was about to snap...

An amused pair of brown eyes met his over Buffy's shoulders, his vampiric mate lifted one sardonic brow before he spoke again. "Riley..."

The big marine swallowed heavily, still holding back. Lust started to outweigh concern, he really didn't want to hurt Buffy but the desire he found smoldering in his other mate's direct gaze was almost enough to throw caution to the wind. "Angel..."

"Time to let it go... Time to give the lady what she wants..."


Buffy turned her head just enough to meet his gaze. A smile danced in her eyes, "Special Agent Riley Finn. This is a direct order... Fuck me hard... DO IT NOW!"

Never one to actually disobey a direct order, especially one spoken with such conviction and out-right passion, Riley did as he was told. His grip on her hips tightened and he began to piston in and out of her tight channel, unconsciously matching the rhythm set by Angel.

His mates shared an amused look as they caught the words he muttered under his breath. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck... God, I love fucking your ass, Buffy. Almost as much as I love being in your sweet pussy... You two turn me on so damned much... It's all I can do to keep my hands to myself when other people are around..."

"That's it, lover, share with us..." Angel pulled his mates to him, cradling Buffy against his chest while his hands massaged Riley's tense shoulders. The vampire and his slayer shared a kiss while they listened to their other mate pour out his desire for them.

Between fervently whispered phrases, Riley placed hard kisses on both of their shoulders, "You two are all I think about... All I dream about... I could spend all of my waking hours with my face between your thighs, Buffy... And God, my sweet Aingeal, all I want to do is spend the rest of my life with your cock in my ass or my hand or my mouth, especially my mouth... Damn, both of you taste so fucking good to me..."

He fell silent for a moment, waiting for the shared kiss to break. Once it did, Riley punctuated the next statements with several staccato thrusts that had Buffy keening in pleasure. "I love both of you so much... And you, my hidden lover... Master Angelus..."

The demon stirred, his interest piqued by his mate's intense stare. Angel ceded control for a brief moment to allow a communion between the two dominant males. "My mate..."

His lover's hand caressed his cool cheek and the demon felt his heart melt when he saw the depths of the young man's devotion for him. "Angelus, you own me. I am yours..."

Their mouths met in a passionate kiss as Angelus acknowledged his mate's homage. His favorite litany played through their bond to Riley and Buffy. *Mine... Mine... Mine...*

A tight squeeze on his cock brought Angelus up and out of the kiss with a deeply indrawn breath. Buffy gave him a small smile, happy to have caught his attention so easily. "Angelus... Don't forget, we own you too... All three of us, Riley, me and Angel..."

He chuckled, giving her a deep kiss before fading into the background. *Too true, my sweet little slayer... I belong to all of you as well... Now enjoy and let me watch...*


There was a knock on the front door, which interrupted William's final story. The girls wiped tears from their cheeks before Willow rose to answer the summons.

The blonde vampire looked away, not really ready to see the sympathy reflected in their combined gazes. In a moment of extreme vulnerability, he had found himself telling them in a hushed voice how lost he felt when the gypsy curse was placed on his sire. As far as he knew for almost eighty years, Angelus disappeared from the face of the earth.

Willow opened the door cautiously, even though there were several deliveries expected that day this was Sunnydale after all. It always paid to be prepared for any kind of nasty surprise in the town, which housed the only Hellmouth in North America.

A middle-aged man stood waiting patiently, a clipboard in his hand. "Excuse me, miss. I have a delivery here for a Mr. ..." He peered at the name on the clipboard and scratched his head. Some people had really strange names in this town. "A Mr. Angel? Do I have the right house?"

The little redhead nodded. "Yes, this is the right house. What sort of delivery do you have for him?"

He consulted the clipboard again. "Three Persian rugs, Miss... They're out here in the truck..."

She breathed a small sigh of relief, the tension draining from her body. Angel had mentioned the rug delivery before taking the trip up to the third floor. Even though Willow knew that William was standing right behind her, poised and ready for any threat to their safety, she was glad there was no real need for concern. "Oh... good. He's been expecting those."

"Is he here? We will need a signature."

"Umm... Yeah, he's here." She glanced over her shoulder, a slight blush tingeing her cheeks as she wondered which one of them was brave enough to chance interrupting what they all knew must be going on upstairs. After all, the three of them had disappeared over an hour ago...

Still remaining within the shadow of the doorway, William stepped forward a little. The deliveryman looked him over, noting the expensive shirt, the tailored jeans and the very cool blue eyes taking his measure. He instantly recognized a man who was used to being in charge. "Mr. Angel?"

The blonde vampire gave the other man a tight smile. "Not exactly. He's upstairs right now. Why don't you bring the rugs in while I retrieve him..."

"I have to have a signature before I can release the rugs to anyone. They're very expensive." The look he gave was doubtful. He wanted to trust this young man but there was something about that intense stare that unnerved him.

"I have no doubt of that. Angel's got very good taste and merry bushels of cash." William looked out at the large delivery truck in the driveway, noting the two younger men standing by the tailgate. He put on his most charming smile. "Why don't you and your mates rest a spell while I fetch the old man for you? Shouldn't take more than a few minutes..."

The older man nodded and tried to step through the door. A very pale hand stopped him before he could take more than one step over the threshold. The look he received from the young man blocking his progress into the home chilled him to the bone. "Ah, ah, mate. Can't be too careful here in old Sunnydale. Why don't you just wait outside?"

Recognizing the unspoken threat in those quiet words, the other man backed away. His voice quavered a little as he responded, "That sounds like a good idea..."

As the door closed silently, the man breathed a small sigh of relief. He didn't know why that slim, young man had scared him so damned much. Maybe it was the hidden threat of absolute destruction that reverberated in those softly spoken words. If the price of the three rugs in the back of the van hadn't been enough to make the boss' sales quota for the next six months, he would have been tempted to just turn around and run.


"Oh God... Buffy... I'm coming... I'm coming..." Riley pushed as hard as he could, burying himself to the hilt within her sweet ass. She squeezed him tightly, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of his cock pulsing deep inside her while his body shook with the force of his orgasm.

Angel's thumb flicked over her clit, sending her into a climatic spiral of her own. The melding of her culmination with Riley's was enough to remove his last remnant of control. With a roar of triumph, their vampiric mate joined them in bliss, his own cool semen filling her to the brim.

The three of them held each other tightly, none of them ready to relinquish the intimate contact any time soon.


William steered Willow back into the living room. "You three just wait here while I go fetch my missing sire..."

"Why didn't you let them come in? They're human, aren't they?" She was a little confused since the delivery guy did seem human enough. He had been standing around in broad daylight so there was no chance he was a vampire.

One cool finger lifted her little chin up until their eyes met. "Pet, when will you ever learn that the worst threat to such sweet little morsels as you three will not always be the nasties that go bump in the night? The Slayer left you in my care and I'm not lettin' anyone in here that I don't know personally... Come to think of it, I wouldn't even let in the ones that I do know..."

Willow gasped in shock as he leaned forward to place a little kiss on her forehead. "Now be a good girl and wait for me. Okay?"



Riley was the first to withdraw, wiping a little sweat from his forehead as he moved gently away from Buffy. She moaned a little at the loss of contact but remained where she was with her head resting on Angel's shoulder. The young man beamed down at the two of them, very satisfied by the results of their interlude. It had been so good to re-connect with his mates in this fashion without the complication presented by William.

A shadow crossed over his handsome features as he reflected on the addition of younger vampire to their little group dynamic. Although Will had proven to be a very eager lover once he was informed of his place in the scheme of things and Riley had thoroughly enjoyed the events of the prior evening and this morning, something was missing whenever he was with Will. And he knew exactly what that something was...

What he said to Will in the shower the night before had been the truth. Riley didn't love him, that emotion was reserved for his mates. While sex without love had proven to be gratifying, it didn't hold a candle to the absolute pleasure he found in the act of being conjoined with one particular vampire and his darling girl.

Angel's eyes were open and filled with an affectionate light while he quietly watched the suddenly introspective young man work his way through his internal musings. Riley rarely indulged in brooding on any level, he was too dynamic of an individual to spend much time lost in that activity. There had to be something really serious going on before he would lapse into this type of silence.

But Angel understood everything that was running through Riley's head at that moment and was in total agreement with him. He never forgot the fact that it was only Angelus who truly loved William. While he actually liked Will, he did not share in the depth of emotion his other half felt for the younger vampire. Angel reserved his love solely for Buffy and Riley.

*Hey guys? While this was a whole lot of fun and I do love all three of you, we really do have guests and rugs and furniture being delivered...* Buffy's tired little internal voice shook both of them out of their reverie as she reminded them of their other duties for the day.

She slowly sat up, reveling in the slight soreness that always accompanied one of their forays into the sexual delights presented by the combination of one girl and two men. Both of her lovers laughed, deeply amused by her internal image of the three of them proving to her high school math teacher just how well two can go into one. And that clueless man had told her once that she couldn't handle higher math functions...

Angel felt William's approach long before the others sensed him and knew their all too brief privacy was soon to be interrupted by the realties of their current domestic situation. But there was still one more thing that needed to be dealt with before they rejoined the world that existed beyond the doors of their bedroom suite.

He glanced up at his now standing male mate and spoke aloud. "Now about the whole water conservation issue. I think it's time for a little demonstration, don't you, leannen?"

Riley gave him a big grin as he gently lifted a mildly protesting Buffy off of Angel's prone body. "Yeah... I think you're right, Aingeal. There should be more than enough reason for a full demo."

The young man cradled the tiny blonde to his chest, giving her several sweet kisses before setting her down on the item that had raised her earlier curiosity. Buffy straddled the device, a little frown forming between her brows as both of her mates gave her matching smiles. "So, just exactly what is this thing anyway?"

Angel knelt beside her, his big hands steadying her as she swayed just a little. He knew she was feeling the after-effects of several very intense orgasms and her balance was off by more than a tad. She gave him a small smile, grateful to feel his warm concern for her.

Riley knelt on the other side, subtly adjusting her position before reaching for the handle behind her. "In answer to your question, Buff. Welcome to wonders of European plumbing..."

She squealed in surprise and partial alarm when the first jet of water gushed up into her, very efficiently washing away the remnants of Angel's semen. Riley grinned at her wide-eyed expression as he pushed her forward a little until the next jet of water struck her bottom. The two men held her in place until all evidence of their combined passions were sluiced out of her with the device's powerful spray.

Her mouth was still open when they deemed she was finished. "Wha-What was that?"

Laughing at her expression, Angel gave her a sweet little kiss before explaining. "This is a bidet, Buffy. The French invented it for just this purpose..."

The ensouled vampire lifted his little mate into his arms, setting her gently down in his lap while Riley took advantage of the now empty space. Unlike Buffy, he straddled the bidet from the opposite direction, using the spray to wash himself thoroughly.

His human sexuality class during his freshman year of college had drilled into his head just how inherently dangerous anal sex could be and how important it was to make certain to wash up afterwards. Until this relationship had started, Riley had not run into much cause for concern on that front but he was now intensely grateful for the well-remembered lesson.

Buffy watched with a little smile quirking her lips as an expression of mild sensual delight passed over the young man's face. The action of the water had been very pleasant for her so she could just imagine how it felt to him. She now understood fully why this item could save all of them a lot of time and water as it would cut down on the need for constant showers. As long as things didn't get too heated, a quick rinse would probably suffice...

There was a knock on the outer door, drawing them back into the real world. Angel settled Buffy down on the edge of the tub and slipped on his boxers before leaving the bathroom. When he opening the door to the suite, he was greeted by the cocky smile and dancing blue eyes of his amused childe.

The younger vampire's grin grew even broader as he took in his sire's scant amount of clothing and the combined scents of both vampire and human sexual satisfaction that clung to him. They had been right about their earlier assumptions while they waited for the mated trio to return. "Sorry to interrupt the orgy up here, Peaches... But there's a man downstairs with some rugs and he's insistin' of your signature for them."

Angel nodded, "Give me a minute to finish dressing and I'll be right down."

The other vampire stepped in close and drew in a deep breath. His eyes closed a little as every nuance of the mated trio's scents invaded his sense. William regretted for a moment spending all the time downstairs with the girls but realized that his sire would want time alone with his mates. And the female members of the Scooby Gang had proven to be a lot more fun than he would previously have thought.

A wistful look crossed his expressive face as he issued a quiet suggestion to the older vampire. "You might want to take a quick rinse, Angel. I'd wager even the girls could smell you right now..."

With that said, Will backed up a pace, expecting a sharp retort from the other vampire at his mild warning. But instead Angel just gave him a beatific smile followed by a deeply amused chuckle.

"Thanks for the warning, Will. I'll do that..."