Subj: Re: [ClarkLex] Crikey!, or Stalking the Wild Rosenbaum
Date: 7/7/02 12:54:09 AM Central Daylight Time

I am exhausted and need to catch a VERY early flight back to Maine tomorrow, but I'm just going to drop in my 2 cents on meeting Michael today, too. Our group was me, Tara (the Pez girl from Janet's post), Shar (who made the Rolling Stone cover), Shannen (who framed the RS cover) and Karen.


I already knew he was gorgeous, but seeing him in person just made him that much more beautiful. I am officially obsessed with his mouth. He has the most amazing smile and this adorable little thing he does with his lips...I could (well, DID) stand there and stare at his smile for hours. And he was just so nice and sweet, it was incredible.

Like Janet said, he was fabulous with everyone, young and old. Very patient, very considerate and funny even though Seymour the Security Guard told us he wasn't feeling well today from all the traveling. In the first session, I gave him my birthday gift, had him sign my hockey book and Justice League T-shirt and then he was nice enough to say hi to my son on my cell phone! My son was ecstatic to get a phone call from Lex/Flash. He's been talking about it ever since, even called back to Maine to tell everyone. MR was tickled with Shar's version of the Rolling Stone cover we SHOULD have had and really seemed touched that so many people remembered his birthday. Seymour also told us that during his lunch break, he was going through the gifts and really liked them all.

After that session was over and Michael whisked off behind closed doors, we opted for lunch and got some much needed sit down time. We'd been standing for hours already and there was still the afternoon session to come!

At the afternoon session, we had missed the chance for a second set of tickets while standing in line in the morning, so we watched as he signed and chatted with everyone. As the line got shorter, we were lucky enough to get a second set of tickets and as we got closer to the autograph table, I heard the security guards discussing how many more people were in line. The decision was made to let one more group of people in line, and the security guards warned them there was no guarantee they'd get an autograph. Michael heard this and told them not to let anyone else in line after this group, but that he would stay and sign for all those already in line. His words were something like "I don't want anyone in line already to leave disappointed." I was so tickled to hear him say that, he really wanted us all to have a good time and was willing to stay there even though he looked tired and wasn't feeling well. Everyone in line got whatever signatures and pictures they asked for...delivered with that killer Michael smile. He was truly adorable and so sweet.

It's been hours since I left Wizard World, but you'd still need a jackhammer to chisel the smile off my face from an entire day spent staring at Michael. I have two rolls of film to develop when I get back home and will post them as soon as I get them back. I've got some really nice close-ups (I hope!).

A very tired, but happy Debi :)