Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 46

The part of her mind that was Slayer-trained told Buffy that she shouldn't allow this. Only vampires fed on blood, and here he was licking her blood off her palm. But she knew for a fact that he was human, and he didn't set off any of her mental or physical alarms. He was simply Lex.

So she managed to make herself relax, and allowed him to do what he wished. She saw his eyes on her, almost wary but at the same time... deep. Dark blue met dark hazel with such intensity that she shivered again. And the only thing she could think to say wasn't a denial or a reprimand, it was a simple question, "Why are you doing this?"

He stopped in mid-lick, startled that she said anything at all. It took a moment before he could answer and the answer was the simplest thing possible. As well as being the absolute truth. "Because I love you. This..." Lex licked her palm again, soothing the tiny cuts. "This happened because of me. Because of what I was doing to you."

When the tiny frown between her brows didn't disappear, Lex let go of her hand. "Beauty, you have no idea what this does for me, do you? Tomorrow, there will be marks on your hands. Marks I'll see every time you hand me a file or answer my phone or hand me coffee. Marks made by your own hands because you were trying to be quiet when I made you come."

Buffy shifted above him and Lex stilled her with a gentle touch on her hip. "Every time I see them, I'm going to be seeing you like this. Looking down at me, holding me in my place. I'm going to be hard all day long, baby, and it's going to be because of you."

Buffy blushed lightly from his words, but the frown eased and her eyes lit up as comprehension dawned. This much, she could understand. She wouldn't argue with him over thinking she was beautiful, though she didn't believe it herself... but this, she could understand. The flash of memory that would come with seeing the marks on her hands... she could easily understand that. It would probably happen to her, too.

"I understand. Like all day tomorrow I'll be feeling it and remembering it," she said softly.

"Mmm-hmm." Lex touched the half-healed marks on his throat from where she'd bitten him that afternoon. "That's why I wanted you to mark me. Why I need it. When I look in the mirror tomorrow morning, you'll be with me." He was glad she was finally getting it. It wasn't so much the pain for him as it was the physical memory. The proof that for a few moments, someone cared enough about him to leave their mark on his skin.

"I'll always be with you, Lex," Buffy said softly. "If you want or need marks to prove it to you, I'll leave as many as you want me to." She bent her head and mouthed the marks on his neck, then kissed them gently. Her mouth trailed kisses along his collarbone, then downward along his chest. She found the place over his heart and sucked on the skin until a mark formed there as well.

"I'm always with you, Lex. Always. No matter where I am or where you are. Because I'm always thinking of you."

As she moved off of him, Lex couldn't fight the shiver that went through him. Each of her kisses earned her another shiver or a quiet sigh. But in deference to the girl that was supposed to be sleeping next door, he didn't say anything else.

Instead, he slipped his fingers into her hair and cradled her to him. No one in the world, not even Clark made him feel the way Buffy did. No one ever would.

Buffy slid down Lex's body, trailing kisses over his skin. With her lips and tongue she sought every place that could make him react and each one she found she made note of. The few that she found that elicited a gasp or a soft sound she bit lightly. Just enough for him to feel.

When she settled herself between his legs, Buffy bit lightly into his thigh. Then she teased his cock, tiny touches and light breaths, until he arched up. Just a little movement, but it was enough. She took him into her mouth slowly and hummed softly to herself.

"Ah God," startled and far too loud. Even as he rose up further into the liquid warmth of her mouth, Lex grabbed the one article of clothing that he'd actually brought to bed with him. The tie was wide enough to make an adequate gag once he wrapped it twice around his head. The silk cut into the corners of his mouth, which added one more desperate sensation to the experience.

She was driving him crazy. Buffy was doing the one thing that his father had never been able to do. She was breaking his iron control.

Buffy saw what Lex did with the tie and silently approved. Aside from the fact that he seemed to be enjoying the way it felt, it also was very effective at keeping him quiet. Or, quieter anyway. That last exclamation had been much louder than she'd expected, and they would be very lucky if he hadn't woken Dawn up.

With the tie to keep him quiet, though, Buffy felt it safe to continue her ministrations. She sucked him deeper into her mouth and began to slide up and down. She sucked in on the downstroke and released on the upstroke, her tongue flicking over the soft skin of his cock as she moved.

Dawn wasn't entirely sure what had woken her, but she lay in bed awake and unsure of the reason why. She stayed quiet and just listened, but she didn't hear anything. Just the soft sounds of night reaching her from outside her window and the house settling around her. Nothing unusual. But she was curious, because she wouldn't normally have woken up over nothing...

His hands found their way into her hair. He was no stranger to the feel, to the silken slide through his fingers but there was something special about hers. It drew him like a moth to the flame, seeking to burn away his sins in that burnished flame. She was light and heat and everything exotic to him.

Lex closed his eyes, narrowing his world to the one of touch. The sweet pull of her mouth, the warm rush of her tongue, the wash of her breath across his stomach, the cut of the silk against his lips... all of it made this an incredible experience for him.

Buffy watched Lex until his eyes closed, studying his reactions. Still studying - he was so complex that she didn't know if she'd ever be able to grasp his entire reaction... but she tried. She was still experimenting, though, and something new dawned on her to try.

She pulled back until just the head of his cock was in her mouth. With a small smile, she sucked intently just as she was and her tongue swirled in circles around the very tip.

The increase in sensation was intense. Lex drew in a sharp breath and remained perfectly still. Every instinct was screaming for him to lift up into the swirling inferno of her mouth or to pull her down. But he rejected his body's demands. This was Buffy's show, she was in charge and he was going to lie back and enjoy it.

Not a single sound escaped from him beyond that first sharp breath. He tensed underneath her, fighting the urge to moan or to thrash or any myriad of things that would possibly wake her sister.

Buffy's hands shifted to Lex's hips. She pressed him into the bed and held him there; she knew he could probably keep control enough to let her play, but she'd rather keep control herself.

And she was playing. Intently. Trying to see how much she could provoke him, though she probably ought to back off and wait until they were in a situation where they were less likely to be caught. But the risk was really part of the fun of it... and the thought of getting caught sent a frisson of excitement through her body.

She did finally relent, though, and slid back down on his shaft. She resumed her sucking and sliding and enjoyed the taste and feel of him in her mouth.

His eyes opened slowly and locked with hers. Lex watched every movement, his own head echoing the long slide down the shaft. She had him pinned in place and making noise was not an option. His hands fisted in the luxurious spill of her hair, holding her as tightly as he dared.

God. She was playing him like an expert. If Emilie ever found out about Buffy, she'd be in Smallville before you could say 'madam' trying to lure her away. Buffy was perfect. The guy who helped perfect her technique was an absolute fool to let her slip from his grasp.

There was fire in Buffy's eyes when Lex's gaze met hers, and the expression in his eyes only spurred her on. She didn't know what he was thinking, but she could tell he was enjoying what she was doing. So she kept going. Adding variations, changing her pace, anything she could think of. She wanted to make him lose some of that iron control... that was the whole idea.

And the quiet requirement seemed to be helping, at least a little.

It was an incautious drag of teeth on an up-stroke that finally broke him. With a groan barely muffled by the impromptu gag, Lex thrust upwards into her mouth. He only managed one powerful surge forward before Buffy had him pinned again. Sweat prickled in the hollow of his throat as he breathed in once more... and flooded her mouth.

Utterly silent in climax, his eyes did not close. Lex shared every sensation, every flush of pleasure with her through that fragile connection.

Buffy's eyes expressed her delight at being allowed to share in Lex's pleasure, in his emotions. It was an incredible feeling, being allowed inside the walls that normally kept Lex separate from the world around him. And she truly appreciated it.

The smile that spread across her face when she finally pulled back let her happiness and appreciation show even more. She bit Lex's thigh lightly, then rested her head against his hip. She wrapped her arms around him and a soft, contented murmur escaped her.

In a move that would have surprised every other lover of his, Lex allowed Buffy to cuddle. His hands combed through her hair while he sought to regain some measure of control. Little aftershocks coursed through him, each exhale of breath carried one with it.

The gag remained, the cut of the silk in the corners of his mouth a delicious pain. He was not inclined to remove it. Not until Buffy rose from the cradle of his hips and reached for the end of the fabric.

She wasn't sure why she wanted to untie the gag... but she did. So she unwrapped it from around his head and dropped it onto the bed beside her. With a small smile she leaned down and kissed him softly, snuggling close again. "I love you, Lex," she whispered softly as she settled beside him. "I love you very much."

"I love you, Buffy." He returned the kiss, content for now to lie next to her and listen to the steady rhythm of her breath. To feel her pulse under his fingertips as he rested his hand at the base of her throat. Content to simply know that there was someone on this earth who loved him for who he was. Not for what he was...

After the meteor shower, Pamela had taught him to count his blessings. There hadn't been many at the time. His mother was already ill, his father even more distant than he'd been before. What use was having all the money in the world if when what you wanted was to be held? To be touched and comforted and told that you weren't a freak?

Now he actually had blessings to count. He'd wrested a portion of his father's empire from the old man's death-grip and was building his own with it. He enjoyed perfect health... except when recovering from the latest peril that living in Smallville had to offer. And he had the love of two incredible people. He had Clark... and yes... he had his Beauty.

"I know you do," she murmured. She, too, was perfectly content to just lay in his arms. She closed her eyes and just listened to the sound of his breathing and felt his heartbeat under her fingertips.

"This is comfortable... are you okay?" she asked softly.

"I don't think I've ever been this comfortable." Lex smiled as he kissed the top of her head. Pure honesty, not something he was used to giving anyone.

The bed was smaller than his usual fare and the sheets were nowhere near as soft as his own but that didn't matter. What made him comfortable was not the surroundings. It was the company.

"I'm glad. I want you to be comfortable," she whispered softly. "I want you to be happy, and I want you to be safe. And I want you to have everything you want, though I don't know how much of that I can affect."

She knew she was speaking her thoughts, but she wasn't actually talking. More like thinking aloud.

"You've done wonders already." The euphoria was fading, his heart rate returning to a normal speed. It was a pity that he couldn't spend the night there. And how long had it been since he'd slept the night through in a lover's arms? Too long.

When Victoria came to visit, he'd refused her that privilege. Most nights they'd used her bed and when movement ceased, he would slide out of her arms, out from between her legs and between her sheets to find his way back to his solitary bed. Victoria was worth playing chess with but he didn't trust her enough not to slip a knife between his ribs while he slept.

Which she hadn't. No... not a real one anyway.

The very thought of his father lying between her alabaster thighs had made him ill. Made his skin crawl. The night Nixon dropped the photos in his lap, Lex ended up in his shower for almost two hours, scrubbing so hard that his skin blistered. And that was after he'd thrown up everything he'd eaten for the previous week.

"But I really haven't done much," Buffy protested softly. She really believed that she hadn't done anything special. Just like she believed that she wasn't as special as her lovers tended to make her feel. "I think you and Clark would've gotten together eventually, regardless. I haven't done anything to improve your life the way you and Clark have for me..."

And both Lex and Clark had done so much for her. Turned her life around, made her happy again, given her a reason to live. Given her a reason to want to live. She hadn't done anything nearly so important.

"You have no idea of your worth, do you?" He lifted her chin until her gaze met his. Silence reigned for a moment or two while Lex studied her face and found no trace of false modesty. "Buffy, it's not just what you did for us. I love you and I've only loved two women in my life." Realizing his mistake, Lex shook his head. "Three women. My mother, Pamela and you."

A rub of his thumb across her mouth left a warm trace of him behind as Lex continued. "I adored my mother. She was the world to me and when she died... part of me died with her. Pamela left the next day."

He caught a hint of confusion on Buffy's face and laughed ruefully. "Pamela was my mother's companion. My nanny first and then my mother's nurse. My father thought she was a bad influence, that she would make me weak, so he forced her to leave. He told me she took the stocks my mother left her so she could live the high-life and not contend with Lilly's bald little freak."

"I'm so sorry, love," Buffy whispered as her arms tightened around him. "I'm so sorry you had to go through all that alone. I don't think I could've done it." Sure, she was strong, but not that strong. If her friends had abandoned her after her Mom died, she would've died too. Or, rather, she would still be dead but it would've happened a lot sooner and probably wouldn't have saved the world.

"Did you ever see her again?" she asked very softly when he didn't continue. Something told her that there was more to the story than he'd yet told her.

"Yes. A few weeks ago I ran into her... Several times. There were words exchanged and I found out my father lied." Lex looked away for a moment and when he looked back, the pain he kept buried reflected in his eyes. "She came back to make peace with me. One last gesture before dying according to my father. Cancer. Terminal. She's at Metropolis General right now... It was her stock that tipped the scales for the buy-out."

The smile on his face had nothing to do with joy. "It's her way of getting back at my father for driving her away when I needed her the most. She thinks my mother would be proud of the man I've become."

"I think she's right, Lex. I really do," Buffy answered softly. "You're an incredible person, not the monster you make yourself out to be. You've been nothing but kind and caring and gentle with Clark and I, even before you cared about me. And I think your mother would be proud to see you now."

She hesitated, then softly asked, "Do you think I might be able to meet her, Lex? I honestly think your Pamela might be more at peace knowing that you won't be alone anymore. And... I really would like a chance to meet her. Even if it's only once."

His answer was immediate as was his smile, "Yes. I think she'd enjoy meeting you. When I go to Metropolis for the board meeting I want you to come with me. We'll see her together."

Bit by bit, he was opening his life to her and for once, Lex didn't feel the need to hold anything back. His father would call him a fool for trusting her so completely but his father had no sway here. It had taken longer than his fall with Clark but that didn't mean Lex loved her any less.

This was the woman he was going to marry. Whether she knew it or Clark knew it didn't really matter. Lex knew it. And he wanted Pamela's approval.

Buffy's answering smile was just as immediate and just as bright. "I'd like that a lot. Thank you, love," she said softly. She moved closer and kissed him softly. "Perhaps I should be beyond the need for it, but I would like a chance to be accepted by someone you care about," she admitted when she pulled back. She brushed a strand of hair away from her eyes and shrugged minutely.

"Neither of us could care less about what our fathers think, and our mothers are both gone. But you've met Dawn and you'll meet my friends eventually. If Pamela is someone you love, then I'm glad to still have a chance to meet her. I can tell that she's very important to you, even now."

"She is," he replied simply. Lex reached up to brush the same lock of hair back, his fingers catching in the tumbled silk. He wanted her again but wasn't certain if his body would rise to the challenge. In the last two days he'd had more sex than in the previous six months and it was catching up with him. Going home now would probably be the wisest choice.

But he didn't want to leave.

He wanted to settle into sleep beside her. Feel the warmth of her breath on his skin as he drifted off. He wanted to wake to her sleep-tousled hair and to make love to her as the first rays of dawn sifted through the blinds.

Buffy nodded and rested her head on his shoulder again. They were both quiet for a few minutes, and she spent those minutes building up her courage. She wanted him to stay, though she knew she had no right to ask. He was free to leave if he chose, but she didn't want him to go. She considered just letting him know that he could stay if he wanted to... but that wasn't quite right. It was more than that. She wanted him to stay.

Wanted to wake up in the morning in his arms. Wanted to be the first person he saw, the first to smile and whisper good morning, the first touch of the day. And if she was going to say anything, she needed to do it right.

Finally, she gathered up her courage and asked softly, "Lex? Will you... will you stay here with me tonight? I don't want you to go..."

Maybe there was something to their being able to read each other's minds. Lex couldn't hide the smile that crossed his face at her suggestion. "Set the alarm, love."

Before she rolled away from him, Lex caught her mouth in a warm liquid kiss. One that slid easily in another kiss and then another until they were both breathless and barely able to let go of one another. It appeared his assessment of his body's abilities was off the mark.

Way off the mark.

One long kiss became many, and Buffy was reminded that Clark wasn't the only one who could take her breath away. When they finally had to stop to breathe, she wrapped her arms around him so their bodies were pressed tightly together, and rolled onto her back. She took a few heartbeats - rapid ones, at that - to savor the feeling of his weight pressing her into the bed before she kissed him again.

The alarm was already set, though if Lex got up earlier than she usually did it could be reset. So she wasn't worried about that, really. She just wanted to be as close to him as possible. And, yes, she also just wanted him. She freely admitted that.

"God. You're perfect. Fools... every one of them." The words were murmured against her throat, her temple, her cheek as Lex discovered he was addicted to her skin. When Buffy shifted underneath him, he followed along and settled into the cradle of her hips. As he'd demonstrated before, his body knew the way home.

Lex lifted for a moment, silently seeking permission and found it in the arch of her back. Found it in the tiny moan that escaped as he ground into her. Found it in the slick slide that led to his being buried inside her again.

Buffy's head fell back on the pillows and she bit her lip to keep from moaning aloud. He filled her so easily, so completely, and she'd never felt so thoroughly possessed by anyone else. When she had Lex's attention, she had all of his attention... and the feeling warmed her inside and out.

She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, used them to pull him deeper inside her. She wanted this, wanted him so much... and it showed in her eyes when she pulled him in for another kiss.

Just the two of them wrapped in silence. No one but them. His hands enveloped hers, marveling at their delicacy even though he knew she could break him without a second thought. Lex lifted her hands above her head and pinned them to the pillow.

The silence, deep and profound, surrounded them. It seeped into their bones. It stole the breath from their lungs only to fill them again with harsh gasps. Gasps that finally broke the spell.

And the world was full of sound again. The soft whir of a fan in another room. The fluttering of a moth against a windowpane. The slither of the sheets across Lex's back and legs. His breath and her breath and the moans they could no longer hold back.

Buffy sealed their mouths together, muffling each other's moans. She couldn't help the sounds, she knew that. Not when she could feel the slick slide of his cock within her and the press of his body into hers. Not when he pinned her wrists like he was and made her feel vulnerable and safe at the same time. It was just impossible.

But she could still try to keep them quiet. She could keep kissing him and hope that was enough to keep their voices under control.

When he needed to breathe, Lex lifted his mouth from hers only to return again and again. He rocked into her, every thrust a revelation. Deeper and harder and God if he could only crawl inside her and never leave again, Lex would be content.

Sex had never been this intense before. It had been something done for pleasure's sake or to further a goal or to take another piece in the eternal Luthor chess game. This was different. Every time with her or with Clark or with both of them because he'd never actually had Clark alone, the sensation grew stronger and stronger. So strong that Lex was certain he couldn't live without it.

He didn't want to live without it.

The next time Lex's mouth lifted away from hers, she whispered, "I love you," between quick breaths. And she truly did love him. It wasn't something she would or even could say for the sake of sex or anything else. She loved him with all her heart and soul, the same way she loved Clark. Or, well, not the same because they were both very different. But she gave herself wholly to them, and couldn't imagine any other way to live anymore.

Without them, she didn't want to live.

And though she knew she would never say it to them, she also knew that she would die within days of losing them. If she ever lost them both, she would let the next big evil take her out of a life she would no longer want.

His answer was a smile and another slow thrust into her. When she tightened around him, Lex bit his lower lip to stem the urge to cry out. Melancholy laid aside in favor of sensual pleasure, he continued to move over her and into her. Short thrusts followed by languorous ones. A lick here, a bite there, a line of sweat drew a warm slide of his tongue between her breasts.

He'd almost forgotten what it felt like to make love to a woman. To enjoy every part of her. From the scent of her skin, to the brush of her hair against his cheek, to the welcoming depths of her body as it swallowed him whole. He could get lost in her so easily.

Buffy answered his smile with one of her own and lifted her hips to meet each of his thrusts. She smiled a little more when she tightened her body around him, gripped his cock with her inner muscles and held him for a long moment.

She loved being able to do that. To surprise him sometimes with the tightness of her body. To see his reaction, the pleasure that lit up his eyes. It was more than just fun, and more than just a thrill... she loved being able to make him feel that way. So she kept doing it, just because she could.

Looking down at Buffy, it was clear that she was enjoying herself and not just because of what he was doing. A particularly hard squeeze earned her a groan and the next pulse was even harder. So hard that Lex lost control. "Ah, God."

Voice like a rifle shot, the sound even louder because they had been so quiet up until now. Lex silenced himself immediately by burying his face in the curve of her shoulder. He wasn't certain that she'd locked the door and all he could do was pray that her sister was fast asleep.

Buffy wrapped her arms tightly around Lex and held him against her body. Neither of them actually stopped moving, but they slowed down to be better able to listen. And Buffy closed her eyes and dropped her head back onto the pillow when she heard Dawn's door open and footsteps in the hall.

Dawn crept over to Buffy's door and tapped hesitantly on the door. "Buffy?" she called out. "Are you okay?"

Amazingly enough, when Buffy replied she was able to do so in an almost normal voice. "Yeah, Dawnie. I'm fine. Just another nightmare."

"Okay," Dawn answered softly. "I hope you get some sleep tonight. And you know where I'll be..."

"Yeah, sweetie. And thanks," Buffy called back. She stayed quiet until she heard Dawn's bedroom door close again, then sighed softly in relief.

The adrenaline rush was something he hadn't expected. It'd been awhile since he'd gotten caught, or more accurately, worried about getting caught. Lex took a moment to calm his absurdly racing heart before mouthing a single word, 'nightmare?'

Buffy caught the word, though no sound actually emerged from Lex's mouth. With another soft sigh, Buffy whispered into his ear, "Yeah, nightmares. One of the reasons I don't sleep much. I've had them ever since I was brought back."

He had nothing by sympathy for her. Nightmares were his usual fare, dating back to the meteor shower. There had been many nights during those first few years where Lex just didn't sleep. He couldn't sleep. Every time he closed his eyes, the sky was on fire and he was running with the devil at his heels.

A devil that always caught him. And ate him alive.

His descent into the under-belly of Metropolis life had been prompted by a need to escape the terrors in his sleep. Speed kept him going until his body would finally fail and he'd sleep for days. A dreamless sleep.

From speed he branched out into E and then China White and when things got really bad, he started concocting his own chemical cocktails. Thanks to his enhanced healing, none of what he cooked up in the lab killed him. But sometimes it came damned close.

It was a wonder he made it through his adolescent years at all.

Buffy felt his arms tighten around her just a little and took comfort in it. She shrugged slightly, dismissing the thought of nightmares from her mind. She really just didn't want to think about it.

And it wasn't like she didn't have better things to do or think about. She lifted her hips in a smooth motion and thrust up towards Lex. She buried her face in the side of his neck and banished everything from her mind except the way he was making her feel.

Someday he'd tell her about those years. He'd tell her what he'd done while she was out saving the world. If she wanted to know.

But it didn't matter right now. All that mattered was her and the smooth movement of their bodies within the comforting cocoon of sheets. Lex turned just enough to find her mouth with his own as he pushed her slowly towards ecstasy.

When his mouth found hers, she gave herself up to the kiss and let him take her breath away. This was what mattered. This was what she wanted to focus on. The smooth slide of their bodies together, the love that she felt every time Lex touched her... those were the important things.

There were rare moments in Lex's life when everything else fell to the wayside and he got swept up in whatever he was doing. It happened when he was fencing or playing chess with a truly worthy opponent or when the car and the road were in perfect synch. This was one of those times.

His hands tightened in hers, his breath ghosted across her cheek as he murmured in her ear, "Je t'aime, beauté."

"Je t'aime, Lex." Buffy's accent was getting better every time she used French. Of course, Lex's accent was fairly easy to mimic, too.

Her eyes half-closed and her body began to shiver as they continued to move together. She caught Lex's mouth with hers just before she clenched her inner muscles tight around his cock again. She let her inner muscles flutter for a moment, then released him.

This time he managed not to cry out. Disturbing her sister once was quite enough. Lex shivered in response before sitting up. He tucked his knees underneath her thighs, changing the angle for both of them. Their hands parted in favor of his cradling her hips and setting a fast, punishing pace.

Thankfully, her bed was far enough away from the wall and it was solidly constructed. There were no telltale creaks or bangs to bring Dawn running again. When Buffy rose to meet him, Lex perversely changed the syncopation of his movements again, swiveling his hips and grinding against her.

This time it was Buffy's turn to cry out, but she pressed her mouth against his shoulder and the sound was muffled enough to not carry far. She couldn't catch onto his rhythm because every time she tried, he changed it again. So instead she let him hold her still and just allowed him to move however he wanted to.

Which seemed to be the right thing to do, or so she thought.

She followed direction perfectly, another fact which made her an incredible partner. Lex allowed Buffy to wrap her arms around his neck as he turned to whisper in her ear. "Hang on."

The pace was fast again. Hard and driving and every thrust was accompanied by a twist that hit the right spot every time. There should be no need to touch her clit to bring her off. He should be able to do it without that particular addition. This was one of his best moves, the one he always got praise for.

Buffy's arms tightened around Lex's neck and she held on as tightly as she dared. As he pushed her higher, Buffy bit into his shoulder in effort to not scream aloud. She was getting close... and closer with every stroke, as he shook her body with hard thrusts that unerringly hit her sweet spot every single time.

She tried to be careful, and figured that she'd at least partially succeeded when she didn't taste blood in her mouth. But she was trying to keep from hurting him too much.

The bite was an exquisite counterpoint to the hot clasp of her. Lex rose involuntarily into it, gasping for breath as her teeth stopped just this side of cutting his skin. She had incredible timing too. His cock had its own response to the bite. It flexed once, twice and a third time. Lex fought the rush of sensation. He wanted to hold on long enough to push her over the edge.

It occurred to Buffy that she was probably pushing Lex a little too much by biting him, but she couldn't make herself stop. It was the only thing keeping the scream from erupting into the air of the room.

She was close, though... she could feel it, just a little further. She reached for it, let Lex push her closer, and finally she reached it. Her body tensed and that scream tried to make itself known but she bit it back. Barely, but she did. Instead she just held Lex tighter.

Yes. Yes. Buffy was trembling and holding on and God so tight. Rhythmic contractions around his cock, movement that always gave lie to any woman who tried to fake a climax with him. Lex knew all the signs of a true orgasm and this one was probably sending Buffy into orbit. It was that strong.

He held out for a few seconds, a minute at most before his own slammed into him. It hit so hard that he fell forward and bore her back down into the embrace of pillows and mattress and a welter of well-worn sheets. Lex moaned into a pillow, stopping his cries with a mouthful of cotton and feathers as his whole body jerked and spent itself into his beloved.

Buffy held Lex as he pressed her into the bedding, refusing to release her tight grip even though it was probably bruising his back. She didn't care. She just couldn't let him go. She did remove her teeth from his shoulder, though. The marks were bruised deeply but she hadn't broken the skin.

Small favors, at least.

And she was glad that she hadn't done any major damage.

It took a long time before he stopped thrashing. Or trying to crawl up inside her. Lex lifted his head from the pillow finally, surprised that he wasn't spitting out feathers. He cast a quick, sideways glance at his shoulder and smiled when he spotted the livid bruises already starting to rise on his skin.

They'd probably be gone by mid-day but for now he bore her mark. And he bore it proudly. It was a pity he couldn't forgo the suit tomorrow and come into work wearing something casual. A tank top cut low enough to show off her handiwork...

Buffy opened her eyes slowly and caught both the glance and the smile. She smiled back, glad that he seemed to like it. Despite what she knew about him, she had been a little worried. Not a lot, just a little. She could have hurt him badly... but she hadn't.

Thank the gods.

And okay, that was weird... for a moment, Buffy had a Willow-thought. Or... or maybe it was a Cyrene thought.

"Mmmm. I love your work." Lex touched one of the bruises and hissed as the pain shot through him like lightning. Pity about the dress code.

The trembling had stopped, his heart was no longer doing its imitation of Clark at top speed and fatigue was actually starting to set in. This would be one night that wouldn't be peopled with nightmares.

He gently disengaged from her, sighing when their bodies parted before rolling over onto his back. To Lex's surprise and actual delight, Buffy followed him, curving into his side and resting her head on his unbruised shoulder. "Beauty, do you need anything? A drink? A trip to the bathroom?"

"I am a little thirsty, but I don't feel like letting you go long enough to get something," Buffy murmured into his ear. She snuggled close and half-closed her eyes as she relaxed. "I'm too comfortable being close to you... I could stay here all night and all day tomorrow and be perfectly happy."

She supposed she ought to think of him, though, too. If he needed something she should really go get it. "I should probably be asking you that question, though. Is there anything you need? Anything you want?"

"All I need is right here." His arms tightened around her. Aware that he sounded like a lovesick idiot, Lex chuckled into the soft cloud of her hair. His father would be appalled at how much this woman was under his skin but honestly... Lex really didn't give a damn.

"When's your alarm set for? I should be out of here before your neighbors get up." The rest of the sentence didn't need to be said. Smallville was a small town and almost everybody had his cars memorized. The Mercedes was one of the tamest but it was still a Mercedes. There weren't that many in this town.

He didn't have to explain any further; she understood. "Five thirty," Buffy answered quietly. "I can reset it, though, if you think I should. I generally get up early enough to be up before Dawn. I drive her to school in the morning before coming to work."

Of course, not being a morning person she had no idea what time people started moving in a town like Smallville. She knew Clark was up early every day, but she had no idea how early. And if she had known, she probably would've been shocked.

"Change it to four. That should be enough time to beat even the early birds." Or at least most of them. His first week in Smallville was quite the eye-opener. Lex was used to being up at dawn but usually it was because he hadn't gone to bed yet. Running into people who were actually starting their day at that hour instead of ending it had been quite the experience.

His eyelids were heavy, barely able to stay open as Lex settled in. Whoever sighed wasn't him. He'd swear to that on a stack of bibles... or better yet, on a stack of the Wall Street Journal.

Buffy reached over Lex and grabbed the alarm. She reset it for 4am and set it back on the nightstand, then snuggled close to Lex again. Her eyes closed slowly and she settled in for the night. "Thank you for staying, love," she whispered as her mind began to drift. "I'm glad you're here..."

"Mmmm-hmm. Thank you for offering." He kissed her one last time before closing his eyes. Sleep came quickly, Morpheus' blanket wrapped him in eternal warmth and thankfully without nightmares...

But not without dreams.