Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 10

While he couldn't hold her because Lex didn't look like he was going to let go anytime soon, Clark could at least do something. He reached for Buffy's abandoned sandwich and broke part of it off. Some on the avocado smeared onto his thumb and he switched hands, licking it off.

Clark waited until Lex stopped nuzzling Buffy's ear before he held up the piece of sandwich. "Buffy, are you still hungry?" When she nodded, he offered the bite to her and shivered as she chose not to take it from him but instead bit into it while he held it out.

Lex closed his eyes and fought back the urge to groan. Tiny, perfect teeth biting into the bread, tearing through it and yes... her tongue touching her lips as she licked away a crumb. That mouth had been on him a less than an hour ago, taking him in deep as she demonstrated a considerable amount of skill in an effort to help educate Clark. When he opened his eyes again, she was finishing the last morsel, licking Clark's fingers as she did so.

Buffy held Clark's wrist lightly as her tongue lingered on his fingers. Even after she was sure that she'd cleaned away every last crumb, she still continued to lick and nibble at his fingers. She twirled her tongue around one and sucked it into her mouth briefly. When Clark groaned, she smiled and released him with a wink. "Thank you," she told him lightly, not quite purring but almost.

Clark smiled and it lit up his entire face. He was about to ask if she wanted more when he heard Lex's quiet comment, "Do that again." Not exactly a request but Clark didn't mind. He broke off another piece and he and Buffy repeated the process.

Watching her eat was better than the most expensive porn Lex had ever witnessed. He couldn't take his eyes off her lips or the way she turned her head to take even more of Clark's fingers in her mouth. This time she sucked longer and there seemed to be a direction connection between her mouth, Clark's fingers and his cock.

And probably Clark's cock, too, if the noises he was making were any indication. Lex broke off from his concentrated perusal of their food-play to sneak a glance down between Clark's legs. Oh yes... hard again. Very hard and there was...

Without thinking or even asking permission, Lex unwound one hand from Buffy's waist and he reached. His thumb brushed up from the base and he caught the single drop threatening to spill out from underneath the hood. He caught it, brought it to his mouth and sucked it in... while Buffy and Clark watched.

Buffy shivered lightly and, on impulse, caught hold of Lex's hand. Her tongue reached out and swirled over his thumb much like it had with Clark's fingers, and her eyes half-closed as she enjoyed the combined tastes of Clark and Lex's skin. When she finally released him, she murmured, "I hope you didn't have a busy afternoon planned... because I would like for all of us to stay right here for as long as we can..."

She knew it might not be possible... Lex was probably very busy, and Clark would have to go home at some point. And so would Buffy, because she still had Dawn to look after. But it never hurt to ask... or, at least not usually.

"Mmmm... I'm certain that I can clear my schedule. If Damien hasn't done it for me already." Knowing his ever-efficient assistant, Lex didn't doubt that his appointments and deadlines were shifted within five minutes of his walking into his study. Damien was nothing if not observant.

"I can call home and ask. My chores are all done and..." Clark didn't like lying to his parents but this wasn't going to be the first time he'd done it. "I can tell them we're going to a movie or something?"

The blush on his lover's face was a dead giveaway. Lex knew Clark hated lying to his parents but sometimes it was necessary. "It doesn't have to be a lie, Clark. I have a home theater over there." He waved his hand towards a black, featureless cabinet. "We just don't have to tell them that you saw the movie like this..."

His eyes swept down the length of Clark's body and then up Buffy's. They could read whatever they liked into the look. For himself, Lex was imagining Clark lying face down on his bed, eyes intent on the screen while his hips moved... his cock sliding slowly in and out of Buffy. Her slim legs wound around Clark's hips and Lex's own hands braced on her calves while he rocked into Clark.

The heat in Lex's eyes made Buffy shiver again. Her voice was softer, lower, when she spoke again. "Clark, love, your parents knew we were coming here, didn't they? You could just tell them that we decided to stay longer than we expected. I doubt they'll ask you what we're doing, because we came here for an entirely different reason." She, too, was adept at finessing the truth.

She hated to outright lie, as she considered herself a reasonably honest person, but it had been necessary to skirt the truth several times in order to stay out of trouble and keep her secret about slaying.

"Did you want to call them now, Clark?" Years of training allowed Lex to keep his voice smooth and perfectly reasonable. He knew Clark wasn't ready for the thoughts and the images in his head. It would probably be weeks before they got anywhere near that far. But he was a firm believer in having goals, even impossible ones.

Clark looked around for a clock and finally spotted one on a dresser. Thankful for his sharp eyesight, he shook his head. "No, it's only 1:15. If I call now, they'd only have more questions. They're used to me doing last minute things." Like saving the town from fat-sucking vampires and bug boys and guys who suck the heat out of your body. He wondered why Lex never mentioned the lake out on the east side of the property. The one that was still frozen over.

How in God's name had Clark been able to read that clock? It was all the way across the room and Lex couldn't read it unless he was right on top of it. Oh. Right... More of Clark's secrets. Buffy had told hers but Clark had yet to open up.

"Clark," Buffy said in a rather amused tone. "If you're going to show off, you might as well tell us about it. Even I can't read that clock from all the way over here. The display is too dim." Eyes snapping with humor, she watched Clark as he blushed. That was his second slip so far today. The more comfortable he got with them, the less he thought about hiding... forgetting that Lex still didn't know about him.

Poor kid. Too much pressure on one boy, and when the pressure finally let up he made mistakes. Not serious ones, thankfully, but enough to cause some confusion. But she'd watched him thinking, earlier, and was reasonably sure that he was going to share... he just needed a little prompting.

Suddenly aware of what he'd done, Clark turned toward Lex. He was ready to confess everything. He couldn't be this close to anyone without telling them. Lex could get seriously hurt if they continued and it was only fair that he be aware of the risk. "Lex, I..."

Here it was, the moment of truth. The end to all the lies between them that left each of their encounters with a bitter after-taste. Lex already knew most of it. Clark was strong and he was fast as well as being the best thing that ever happened in Lex's life. Lex didn't want the lies between them anymore but he also didn't want Clark to compromise himself. "Clark... you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to."

"No, Lex. I have to tell you... I just never thought I'd end up telling you when I was..." Clark looked down at himself and then over at Buffy and Lex who were much more comfortable in their state of undress than he was. "Um... naked."

That drew a laugh from Lex. One that broke the tension between them. He reached out, sliding his fingers into Clark's hair in a casual caress. Which spoke volumes because it was casual, not forced like most of his past shows of physical affection to a lover. "Clark... If it were up to me, you'd always be naked."

"I think I'd second that emotion, if it were up to me," Buffy giggled softly. "Seriously, though, Clark... what is it that makes you uncomfortable? Your body is as much a part of you as your mind and your soul. Why hide it? Is it just because moral codes say it's wrong to be nude in groups?"

She was genuinely curious. While not entirely comfortable with herself as a sexual creature, physicality was different. She didn't really care much if people saw her naked, as long as they kept their comments to themselves. Those who couldn't keep their big mouths shut learned to.

It was a little ironic and more than a little contradictory, she knew, but she could be perfectly comfortable sitting here naked and talking. Even though it embarrassed her when they watched her undress prior to sex.

Clark thought about it for a minute. Long enough to catch Lex giving him one of those once-over looks that now made his toes curl. "God. Lex... when you look at me like that I get..."

"You get what, Clark? Hard?" He could easily have been in a boardroom discussing a takeover, Lex's tone was that smooth. Now that the barriers were down and Clark was aware of his attraction, Lex had no intention of hiding it. "Believe me... when I look at you, I'm hard. All the time. Every single time."

Okay, the blush was back in full force. Which should have been impossible since every spare blood cell was currently located in his cock. Clark's hands move to cover himself but the rise of Lex's eyebrow served a subtle warning as well as a request not to. "Every time?" Lex nodded. "At the Beanery?" Another nod, followed by a slow smile. "At the Torch? With Chloe watching?"

Silence and then another nod. Which drew a groan from Clark as well as his clutching convulsively at the edge of the weird couch. His voice dropped to whisper. "In... in my kitchen?"

"Yes... even there. Trust me... having an erection when your dad is giving me the evil eye is not an experience I recommend. This..." Lex tilted his head to one side to study Clark. "This is. You are with people who love you and who trust you. If you can't be naked with us... who can you be?"

"He's got a point, there. And honestly, you have a similar effect on me. Not that you can tell when I'm wearing clothes, but it happened more than once this morning, you know." God, didn't he know how gorgeous he was? Why the girls at the high school didn't flock around him, Buffy had absolutely no idea. All the better for her, though... those silly girls had no idea what they were missing.

And if it were up to Buffy, none of them would ever find out.

"It did?" The blush was fading but the shyness was back. Clark looked up at Buffy from under his lashes which should have been impossible considering how much taller he was, even sitting down. But somehow he managed it. "Nobody at school seems to think so. Except for Chloe and that's 'cause she didn't move here until 8th grade."

Lex laughed again, this time in sheer disbelief. "And here I thought it was only Ms. Lang who was that dense. The girls in this town... No. The women in this town are blind, deaf and dumb. So is every single gay or bi man from here to Metropolis."

"With the exception of you..." Flirting, maybe he was getting the hang of the flirting thing because Lex's smile deepened as did Buffy's.

"With the exception of me," Lex agreed, genuinely surprised that Clark's ego was this fragile. Although it shouldn't be that surprising... he had found the boy tied up to a cross in the middle of Riley Field, after all. That incident was traumatizing enough to destroy anyone's ego. Dressed only in his boxers, sweating although the night had been freezing. If Lex could've proved who perpetrated that act of cruelty, he would've had them run out of town on a rail.

Even though Clark's hands were tied, rather than nailed, what had been done to him was a crucifixion. The most painful form of slow execution known to man. First the arms gave out due to the stress of holding up the body and then the lungs filled with fluid until the victim finally drowned. Within the space of 24 hours, Clark saved him from drowning and he returned the favor.

Now if he could only get the image out of his mind...

Buffy watched Lex's eyes darken and wondered just what he was remembering. "What is it, Lex? What's wrong?" Her concern was almost a physical presence; she had absolutely no idea what might've darkened Lex's mood so abruptly. There was nothing at all in his playful exchange with Clark that should have brought this on. And she was relatively sure that if she'd done something wrong, he would have told her.

Lex rubbed at his eyes. His father was right, he was far too emotional and he still hadn't learned how to hide it. "I was remembering something..." He looked at Clark who gave him a concerned look and brushed his knuckles along Lex's cheek. A touch that very nearly caused Lex to flinch.

They were being open here, being honest. And whether or not Clark was taking his advice and keeping his own council, that memory was one burned into Lex's mind. Even more so because he had dreams about it. About finding Clark there and pulling down his boxers rather than untying him first. Tearing off the necklace that made him weak but leaving him on the cross so he could admire and then take the boy into his mouth...

Suck him dry.

Those dreams had been the true beginning of his sexual interest in Clark. They fed his dark side and reminded Lex that while he walked like a man and talked like a man, his upbringing and his training left him flawed. Left him where he could sexualize the suffering of an innocent. And wasn't that the true definition of a monster?

"Buffy... you talked about secrets. You'd be surprised the cruelty that grows right alongside the corn in this place. The night after Clark saved my life I was working late at the plant..." When he realized what Lex was going to say, Clark started to protest only to be silenced by a hand on his arm. "Clark... she needs to know that not everything evil wears a demon's face... although I'm sure she knows. Don't you, Buffy?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I know that," Buffy replied heavily. "But that's not really the kind of evil I go after. The human world has a system of laws and law-enforcement to deal with that kind of thing. I've never killed a human, and I never will. There are limits to what's reasonable to do with a power like mine. And I keep to those limits. I have to. But no one hurts someone I love and gets away with it, either."

Still, she was curious to know what Lex meant. "Anyways, it exists. Some say it's human nature, though for the sake of my sanity I try to believe in the goodness of people whenever possible. But... what happened?"

Clark shook his head, looking down at the coffee table. "Lex... it's been going on for years. It was my turn."

Anger, pure and clean and terrifying to behold, burned behind Lex's eyes. "Quaint custom. As I said before, even the Romans saved that for special occasions. Clark, if I hadn't been working late, you would have died."

Lex knew what was coming and he wasn't going to let Clark get away with it this time. "It's not harmless, Clark. It's a deadly game. It's slow and it's painful and I damn near lost you."

Buffy watched the exchange back and forth for a few minutes, then interrupted. "Would somebody please tell me what happened?" She looked at Clark and asked in a deadly serious tone, "Clark, what did they do to you? And who did it, and why haven't their asses been kicked for it?"

Even without knowing just what happened, she was already getting angry. And protective. Clark had almost been killed... and damn if she was ever going to let anybody get away with it.

Clark leaned forward, his head in his hands. The Scarecrow hazing had been part of Smallville High's tradition for so long that no one questioned it. For all he knew, his own dad participated in it. It was Smallville's dirty little secret. Nobody talked about it, in fact a lot of the kids in the school had no idea it was real. It was something whispered about in the bathrooms. Something everybody thought was cooked up by the seniors to keep the freshman in line...

Until the day of the meteor showers and Jeremy Creek had been found, limp and unconscious. Then it was front-page news for a few weeks until something else even more horrible cropped up.

Lex's arm tightened around Buffy, holding onto her so she wouldn't launch herself at Clark when he voiced the rest of his concern. "Clark, Buffy needs to know. You mentioned a sister... Dawn? What if she ends up dating one of those guys? If they could do that to you, what's stopping them from doing something worse to a girl?"

The hands dropped away immediately and Clark turned to look at both of them. "I wouldn't let her. I'd figure out something..." His eyes were beseeching, asking Lex to stop.

But Lex had not intention of stopping. Not when he was on a roll.

No denial that there'd been several people involved. This was more information than he'd been able to glean from Clark in months. Whenever Lex brought it up, Clark shut him down... "So you do know who did it. And there were more than just the quarterback? Jesus, Clark... you're lucky they didn't rape you before they stuck you up on that fucking cross."

"They did what?!" Buffy struggled against Lex's grip for just a moment. "They put you up on a cross? God, Clark, that's not a prank, that's torture!! They do that kind of crap in Hell, it's that painful and that deadly. Why didn't you stop them? Were there meteor rocks in that field or something?"

She'd stopped struggling, stopped trying to move at all, but a fiery rage simmered just below the surface. Her eyes were blazing. If she ever found out who did this, she would be sure that they never hurt anybody like that again.

Still coldly furious, Lex answered for Clark who seemed to be searching for something to say that would soften this. Rationalize it. There was no rationalizing the fact that a bunch of jocks strung his lover up in a field and left him to die. "No. None in the field. Just one around his neck."

Lex's words brought back that crushing pain. The agony in his arms and the searing cold. Each breath more labored as he realized he probably wouldn't make it to see the next sunrise. That his parents would have had to come out and identify his body. All because Whitney Fordman saw Lana kiss him on the cheek.

He'd hidden that memory away after saving everybody at the school that night. And taking out a small measure of revenge by stacking up the trucks belonging to the jocks who hung him out there. But sometimes... Clark still had nightmares.

"Clark..." Lex brought him up short, reaching for his hands, which were shaking. "Do you know why I thought you might be... amenable to this? To being with me?" Clark shook his head, trying to fight down the residual panic.

"There was a kid in Wyoming. Ft. Laramie, and he got strung up in field like you did. They left him there and unlike you... no one saved him." The hard look in Lex's eyes faded to be replaced with infinite sorrow and a bit of disgust at what he had to say. "His name was Matthew Shepherd and the only thing he did was be gay. That was it. And they killed him for it. Forgive me, Clark... I thought that's why they did it."

Buffy mastered her emotions as she listened to Lex talk to a shaking Clark. Her protective instincts were stronger than her anger, and she gently tugged Clark over on the divan so he was sitting right beside them. She gently pulled him into her arms so his trembling form was leaning against her and Lex.

She petted his hair, his shoulders, touched his cheeks gently, murmured soothing sounds in his ear. "Shhh, love. It's okay... you're safe and it's over." She knew all too well the signs of someone reliving a traumatic event... they needed to calm him down, reassure him. God, he was so young...

So physically strong and yet so fragile... both of them. Clark could probably break him in half and knowing what he knew about the Slayer, Lex was certain Buffy could do the same. But that didn't mean they couldn't be hurt and the desperate fear on Clark's face confirmed he was hurting right now.

Lex set aside his anger and his disgust and his ever-present plans for revenge by wrapping his free arm around Clark. "I won't let them touch you. I'll gather up every single one of those damned rocks and have them shot into space. Clark... I love you."

Buffy felt Clark curling closer to them, much as she had done earlier with each of them respectively. He needed their strength, and she was more than willing to give him all she possibly could. "We won't let them near you again, I promise. You'll never have to touch one of those damn things again... if you so much as suspect there's one nearby, tell me and I'll get rid of it before it ever gets close to you. It can't hurt me, just like the things that hurt me can't hurt you. We'll keep each other safe, all of us." She kept her voice gentle, soothing, peaceful.

She made promises that she swore she would keep, even if he wasn't listening or wouldn't hold her to them. She would hold herself to him, and he would be safe. It cut straight to her heart to see him so frightened, so tormented. So vulnerable.

He had a few phone calls to make. Clark's silence about the rocks effects was proof enough. They could hurt him and Hamilton was still trying to find out practical applications for them. What if they discovered the rocks could be used to grow the best crops on the planet but a single bite of the same crops would kill Clark? Lex couldn't talk that chance. Not with Clark.

A world without Clark in it wouldn't be worth living in. His dreams of world domination could wait.

Although the real matter at hand was getting Clark to calm down. The boy was still shaking and gasping for breath. "Clark," Lex kept his voice soothing and gentle. "The ropes are undone. You're safe. You're with us and you're safe."

"Lex... Oh God, Lex." No tears in his voice, just oceans of fear and remorse as Clark rubbed his face against Lex's scalp. He turned and kissed the warm skin, sending a shiver of pure appreciation down Lex's spine. "I'm sorry. It's all my fault. It's all my fault."

"No, Clark, it's not. Nothing you can say or have said will ever make me believe that any of the mojo that happens in this town is your fault. It's not." Buffy's voice was still soft, calm, even gentle... but beneath it was assurance and firmness. She refused to let him blame himself, because it wasn't his fault. Not even close.

Fierce whisper in his ear, Lex's anger a direct contrast to Buffy's gentleness. Each of them, different sides of the same coin. "Clark, this savior complex has gotten way out of hand. It's not your fault this place is the way it is. Like you said, that crap's been going on for years. Although, I'm putting a stop to it. Riley's field is the site of the new parking lot for the plant. It'll be paved over before the next Homecoming."

"It is my fault, Lex." Clark lifted his head and he looked him in the eye as he ran his hand over Lex's head. "This is my fault. The meteor shower is my fault."

Even more anger boiled to the surface. Clark was a victim of that shower, just as he'd been. His strength, his incredible speed were no different than Lex's own altered cells. "Oh please. The meteor shower happened in 1989. You were what? Three, maybe four years old? How in God's name can that have been your fault?" Clark opened his mouth to protest again and Lex pulled him in for a fierce kiss, effectively silencing anything Clark was going to say.

Tongue and teeth and anger all mixed into something dark that turned him on almost as much as the gentle side of Lex. Clark hoped he wasn't the one making those whimpering sounds He really did. When Lex kissed him, his superhuman strength went completely out the window and all he could do was hang on.

Finally Lex let him go, the iron grip in his hair relaxing and Clark took a shuddering breath. "Lex..." His lover was still angry and Lex tugged him down for another kiss but Clark resisted. "You don't get it. I came down in that meteor shower. Maybe the ship dragged the meteors along, I don't know, but I was in it."

Buffy watched the expression of total shock cross Lex's face. Whatever he was expecting to hear, that wasn't it. Then, he started to laugh. Slowly at first, but it escalated quickly until he was almost hysterical. Buffy had no idea just what he was thinking this time, and she wasn't quite sure what to say to him.

So instead, she spoke softly to Clark. "You have no idea where you come from or how you got into that meteor shower... you can't blame yourself for something that was entirely outside of your control. You were hardly more than a baby at the time! I know you want to feel responsible, Clark, but it is not your fault."

The laughter stopped abruptly as Lex came back to his senses. He was partially relieved in that Clark wasn't another one of the run-of-the-mill Smallville mutants. Mainly because they almost all has a nasty habit of turning up dead. He really did need to talk to Clark about the frozen boy in the middle of his lake. It was migration season and the loss of the habitat was bound to bring some environmentalist around to check on it.

The thought that Clark was an alien hadn't occurred to him. Well... it hadn't until today. Nobody's semen tasted that good. And if Clark came down in a ship... Fuck - Hamilton and even worse Nixon.

But first there was the man... alien... Clark in his arms that he hoped would remain in his arms. Clark had come clean with his secrets and now Lex had to as well. And his were nowhere near as innocent as Clark's. Yes, his friend had lied to protect himself but he'd also lied to protect his family.

If anyone figured out the truth about Clark, anyone else that is, he'd be torn out of the Kent's lives so fast it would make their heads spin. They'd end up splashed over the cover of every tabloid around the globe and Clark - his Clark - would be locked away in some lab. Being tied up in Riley Field was a picnic compared to what would happen to him there.

Fighting down his own surge of irrational panic, Lex started to run contingency scenarios in his head. Hamilton could be bought off with a research grant and an expungance of his criminal record. Nixon... old Rog would either have to be bought off as well or meet with an unfortunate accident. Being an investigative reporter was a dangerous job.

Taking a deep breath, Lex sank his fingers into the thick mane of Clark's hair. "It's not your fault. What happened, happened. You're no more responsible for it than you're responsible for global warming or the Mid-East crisis or why you can't get a decent cup of hot coffee any more. Got it? You, Clark Kent, are an innocent and I intend for you to stay that way."

"Thank God... maybe he'll listen to you better than to me," Buffy sighed and shook her head. Admittedly, she had a hero complex a mile wide, and a nice strong guilt complex to go along with it... but Clark was blaming himself for things that had happened when he was too young to even remember them! Even she wasn't that bad... Buffy didn't blame herself for the failings of the previous Slayer.

For Kendra's death, yes she blamed herself, and somewhat for what Faith had become. But she didn't hold herself responsible for things that had happened when she was dead, or for circumstances outside her control. That way, madness lies.

As Lex and Buffy both talked to him, Clark calmed down. The rational part of his mind understood it really wasn't his fault. He was a victim of circumstance just as much as the rest of the people in Smallville. But his heart ached for all the pain and the devastation that his coming to Earth caused. The meteors killed Lana's parents and a lot of other people. They almost killed Lex.

Words were followed by kisses. Some gentle and sweet, given by lips as soft as petals although the woman behind them was almost as strong as he was. The others were wild and fierce, full of possession and desperate need. He responded to both, tipping his chin up and moaning when Lex marked territory - then dipping his head down and letting his tongue dance with Buffy's.

Grief and fear gave way to something else. His skin felt tight and the couch was too small for this. Clark wanted to go back to bed. He wanted all the things his teachers warned him about. He wanted to know what it would feel like to be where his fingers had been with Buffy. And he wanted to know if there was anything else he could do with Lex.

Buffy wasn't entirely sure when comfort became passion, but she gave herself up to it. Lex had most of the story... the rest could wait until later. Words were a wonderful means of communication, but they all needed to know Theirs was an odd relationship, but Buffy honestly didn't care.

They all needed the love, comfort and understanding that they could only get here... and Buffy's only real wish was that the bonds between the three of them would only get stronger. And deep down, where she barely admitted it to herself, Buffy hoped Lex could someday love her too. She'd never compete with Clark - that would be a hopeless struggle. She just wanted a little place of her own.

But Lex was human, and love-starved to all appearances. He needed time, and she would give it to him. She would give her love without ever asking for love in return. And if someday she got it anyway, her joy would be complete.

Lex was the one who finally broke away, gasping for air as well as a moment of sanity. "Both of you... Bed now. This..." He slapped his hand down on the divan to illustrate his point. "Is great for the advanced class - especially for one-on-one - but I want more room."

That outburst struck Clark as funny even though he wasn't sure he understood. He laughed and a moment later, so did Buffy. But they both got up. Clark snuck one of the cookies off the tray and nibbled on it. Adorable little kid behavior and Lex found it utterly charming. "Clark, take the tray with you. I think I can chance crumbs in the bed."

"Sure you don't mind?" When Lex nodded, Clark grabbed the tray. He really was hungry and Buffy hadn't finished her food. Even Lex had barely touched his. He held the tray with one hand and his other hand rested on Buffy's hip as they walked back toward the bed.

Lex watched them move. Hamilton could wait for a few more hours. And as long as Clark was here, Nixon couldn't get near him. There were a lot of things he still needed to tell Clark but when the boy looked back over his shoulder at Lex, all those things disappeared. The only thing he could think of was... Clark Kent had a great ass.

When they reached the side of the bed and Clark set the tray down, Buffy held up her arms, looking for all the world like a very tall little girl, and asked in a sweetly pleading tone, "Would you toss me up onto the bed, please Clark? It'd be fun... kind of like flying..." From the expression on his face, Clark did remember her comment that morning about flying. Maybe he would indulge her, at least this once.

And maybe while it happened, she would be able to feel a little more her own age for a change.

Clark laughed and picked her up while Lex admired the sweep of muscle and the tightening of buttocks. That sight alone was enough to turn even Charleton Heston gay. The sunny smile was back in place as Clark tossed Buffy straight up in the air first. Which left Lex insanely grateful that he lived in a castle that had twelve-foot ceilings. She giggled on the way up and on the way down. The next toss ended her up in the bed and Lex had to fight the urge to ask for the same treatment.

Instead he ambled toward the bed, making his way through the random piles of clothing. Clark was about to dive onto the bed after Buffy when he felt a warm body against his back. He stopped and waited, shivering as Lex's hands settled on his hips and shaped themselves around his ass. "Do you have any idea what I want to do with you, Clark?"

Clark's wide-eyed look told Buffy that Clark didn't have a clue what Lex wanted to do, even before he shook his head. Buffy smiled and spoke up in a sweet, playful voice, "Not at all, but I'm sure you'll enlighten us, won't you?" Of course... why bother to ask if he wasn't planning on answering? Lex knew Clark didn't have the experience to know, though he might have come up with an idea or two.


Buffy had a few ideas of what they might do, both with themselves and with her, but she was a little out of her depth as well. So she just leaned back to wait and see. And listen.

"Of course," Lex responded with a smile, right before he nipped the warm skin of Clark's shoulder. His hands moved outward, spreading those cheeks and his cock nestled perfectly into that space. Clark made an indescribable noise and his whole body shook. "I'm hoping your physiology is similar to ours, Clark. Because I can make this feel so good..."

The physiology seemed to be a good match even though Clark's cock was longer and thicker than most. And the taste... God, that taste was now Lex's drug of choice. He was solidly addicted to it at this point even after only one application.

'First taste is free'...

"Oh... in there?" Clark sounded shocked. Not too shocked but still shocked. And when Lex thrust forward, he rocked back into it. "Oh man..."

"Mmmm-hmmm. And Buffy... I'm good at the other side of the coin too." His eyes caught hers, holding her attention for a minute or two. "I wanted to compliment you earlier but it didn't seem to be the right time. Your mouth... I'll dream about it."

Buffy blushed at the compliment but didn't avert her eyes as she smiled at Lex. She got to her knees and sidled over to them, leaning in to kiss Lex over Clark's shoulder. "Dream as much as you like... and if you want the reality, all you have to do is ask." She smiled again as she leaned back to watch the interaction play out before her eyes. "I never doubted you were good at anything you chose to be good at."

She left it unsaid that he'd obviously chosen to be good at it, and practiced a lot to get that way. She was definitely not a virgin herself, but she didn't want to rub the past in Clark's face either because he was a virgin until today.

"I had excellent teachers... just like you did. And Clark..." Lex ran a hand down his silent lover's side, earning another buck of the boy's hips, which he rewarded with a long, expert grind. "He'll benefit from it."

**Not that he'll ever get the chance to practice it with anyone else.** The thought was there and Lex knew it was reflected in his eyes. Right where Buffy could read it and the girl was nothing if not perceptive. Clark was his. She was his. And Lex was willing to belong to them. Not monogamous by any stretch of the imagination but he was certainly willing to give it a try for them.

Buffy's brilliant smile told Lex she understood what he was telling her without words being spoken. And it also told him it meant the world to her. She moved closer to them again, pressing her body against Clark's and leaning over to kiss him and then Lex. She didn't feel like watching anymore... she wanted to give herself to them, let them know that she belonged to them and always would.

And it didn't really matter whether or not Clark immediately understood the look in her eyes. He would in time, along with everything else.

"Ummm... Lex?" Clark's voice broke on his name and he had to clear his throat. But when he spoke again, the tone was deeper and there was more humor in it than nervousness. "Can we stop talking and... you know... start doing?"


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