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And hey - we finally got around to editing the beginning of our Smallville/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover fic! So here is is... let us know what you think, please?

By Lex's Lady and Mistress Ace
Our other current epic-in-progress... this one even more so than Bring Me Into The Light! What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? Rated NC-17 overall. Buffy/Clark/Lex.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine - UNBETA'D
Chapter Ten - UNBETA'D
Chapter Eleven - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twelve - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirteen - UNBETA'D
Chapter Fourteen - UNBETA'D
Chapter Fifteen - UNBETA'D
Chapter Sixteen - UNBETA'D
Chapter Seventeen - UNBETA'D
Chapter Eighteen - UNBETA'D
Chapter Nineteen - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twenty - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twenty One - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twenty Two - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twenty Three - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twenty Four - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twenty Five - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twenty Six - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twenty Seven - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twenty Eight - UNBETA'D
Chapter Twenty Nine - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirty - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirty One - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirty Two - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirty Three - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirty Four - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirty Five - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirty Six - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirty Seven - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirty Eight - UNBETA'D
Chapter Thirty Nine - UNBETA'D
Chapter Forty - UNBETA'D
Chapter Forty One - UNBETA'D
Chapter Forty Two - UNBETA'D - NEW
Chapter Forty Three - UNBETA'D - NEW
Chapter Forty Four - UNBETA'D - NEW
Chapter Forty Five - UNBETA'D - NEW
Chapter Forty Six - UNBETA'D - NEW

Unstoppable has been nominated for the Smallville Awardz contest! Click the icon to visit the contest journal. ^_^ We've been nominated for both Best of Crossover and Best of WIP.  

Card One - The Fool by Mistress Ace. Rated NC-17. Clark/Lex futurefic.


Ace and I wanted to share our adventure at the Wizard World 2002 convention in Chicago, IL. Both Mistress Ace and I were in attendance, and we were able to spend several hours around the ever-sexy Michael Rosenbaum. We have pictures, anecdotes, and stories to share. And we will. As soon as we write them all down. :-)

In the meantime, go check out the opinions of some of our fellow fans and co-list members!

Janet's write-up.
Debi's write-up. Want to see Debi's pictures? Go here!
For Becky's comments, see her LiveJournal - start here and here! She also has a few pictures, etc, if you want to browse through her LJ pages.
Steeleye posted her write-up and pictures on her own site, but here's a link to it. ^_^
And hopefully more to come soon...

And here are our pictures for you to see. There was just getting to be too much on this page, so I moved them over. That way people after the fic won't have to wait for the thumbnails to load. I'm still working on mastering thumbnails, but at least these work, right? I have more to add, since I don't yet have the photos Mistress Ace took, but to begin with...


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