Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 10

"I don't want you to stay away. You'll find Smallville's a closed little community, it's hard to find a place if your family hasn't lived here for three generations... we outcasts need to stick together." His eyes darkened for a moment before he looked away. He'd betrayed too much - like his father always said, he was ruled by his emotions. Lex could feel the loneliness in her, could taste it on her skin and it matched his own.

"You're not an outcast, Lex." Clark's head came up, eyes wide. The memory of Lex's sneer in that garage, the harsh words about how everyone in Smallville treated him like a pariah came flooding back. Along with the sound and the impact of the bullets on his skin, the force of it twisting his body and sending him to the greasy, cold floor.

"Oh please, Clark. No secrets here, no lies. To everyone in this town I'm just another Luthor, despoiler of Mother Earth." Lex drew away from both of them, moving gracefully off the bed and stalking toward the bathroom. He needed a moment to gather his thoughts and push at that niggling memory, the one that came to him in dreams.

Like a sore tooth that his tongue couldn't keep from touching. Sharp burst of gunfire, the Uzi bucking in his grip as he sprayed bullets into a car and then into... Jesus, no. Clark falling, pockmarks appearing in his back, fabric tearing and the dull thud of metal striking flesh. Just inside the bathroom door, Lex stopped with his stomach roiling. Please let that be a dream... please, dear God let that be a dream.

"Even if he's not an outcast, Clark, I am. Have been since I was called... Smallville's no different, in that." With a small smile and a gentle kiss, she curled into his arms. Part of her wanted very much to follow Lex, and she would in a moment. But if he needed a little space to calm down, she would give him that first.

"People can be very harsh and judgmental, love," she continued to explain. "They fear what they don't understand, and both Lex and I are different from normal in ways that very few people can really understand. And that makes us outcasts."

One more kiss, soft and gentle on Clark's lips, and she pulled away. Sat up and moved to the edge of the bed, prepared to follow Lex. To go wherever he needed, perhaps to rescue him from himself.

Sink, he was leaning over the sink and the sweetness in his mouth had been replaced. Sharp and foul and it was all he could do to keep from throwing up. Rickman, fucking Rickman had gotten past his defenses. Had bearded the lion in his own den and held out his hand. His father drilled into him the art of being gracious in victory and against his better judgement, Lex took that hand.

Only to wake up seven hours later, standing outside of a garage and staring at the remains of his Mercedes. Insanely grateful that he'd at least picked an ugly car to have set on fire. The doors were blown off and the rest of the carcass was still smoldering. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Clark talking to the cops and the coroner was there. He couldn't smell much beyond the reek of gasoline but cordite was something he knew. His clothes reeked of it and so did his hands.

Oh fuck... oh fuck. He shot Clark. He pulled the trigger and smiled as his only friend in the world danced like a marionette. Long, lean body jerking back and forth with the impact of each bullet. Falling to the ground moaning and looking up at him with pain-glazed eyes as he kicked Clark over onto his back. And raised the gun again.

Clark's head snapped up when he heard the first choked cough. He was off the bed and moving with Buffy right behind him. Both of them coming to halt just inside the bathroom door. Lex was hunched over the sink, his eyes watering as he spit into it. His body heaved again, fingers clutching the counter's edge in a desperate attempt to stay upright.

Buffy was at Lex's side instantly. Arms around him, circling his back and supporting him with a hand on his chest. Nurturing instincts fully to the fore, she murmured soothing things to him and held tighter as his body heaved once more. The towel bar was just out of reach, and she looked up to ask softly, "Clark, would you hand me that washcloth, please?"

Even as she held Lex, her mind was racing. What could possibly have provoked this kind of reaction in him? He was almost trembling against her, a fierce, desperate look in his eyes. What in the world had happened to cause this kind of trauma?

Clark grabbed the washcloth, turned the faucet on in the other sink and soaked it while Lex continued to heave. His whole body convulsed, mouth open and eyes staring at the wall. Food poisoning was the first thing that came to mind and the last thing Lex had eaten had been... Oh God...

He'd poisoned Lex. Somehow his come was a poison and didn't that just fit in great with everything else that set him apart from the world. As Clark handed Buffy the washcloth, he watched his best friend heave again and gasp for air. "Lex... oh God, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Running wasn't an option, not when he was naked but Clark wanted to run so bad.

Run away from those eyes still staring at nothing, away from those hands gripping the counter so hard the knuckles were bone white. Run away from the pain and the terror and the desolation on Lex's face.

"Shhh, baby," Buffy soothed Clark even as she held Lex closer against her little body. "I honestly don't think you hurt him. I think... this is about something else." She paused, hesitated, then raised her hand from Lex's chest to brush lightly across his cheek. "Lex?" she asked, her voice gentle and just barely loud enough to be heard. "Tell us what's wrong, please?" she pleaded.

"God... oh God... R-Rickman... fucking Rickman." Lex gulped, then coughed and there was nothing left to bring up. Dry heaves were worse, gut-tearing in their intensity as he watched Clark spin away into the dark. "I shot you. I shot the only person I trust... fuck... fuck..."

Instant recognition and Clark knew what to do. He turned Lex toward him, ignoring the sheen of sweat and the foul wash of breath. "And the bullets bounced off, Lex. All they did was leave bruises. That's all. You didn't hurt me."

"I shot you..." His hands gripped Clark's shoulders, holding tight as Lex swayed. Buffy steadied him, mopping at his back and chest with a cold washcloth that was a balm to Lex's out-raged senses. "My only friend... the only person in this miserable world that I love and I shot you."

"What happened?" Buffy asked gently. "Some kind of mind-control? Lex, love, we all know that you'd never do something like that willingly..." And he wouldn't. His very reaction attested to that. He would never hurt Clark, ever. "Clark is here, and he's fine... you didn't hurt him, and he doesn't blame you in the least. Do you, Clark?" More statement than question, she still glanced up at Clark. The look in his eyes confirmed her words.

She turned on the water and rinsed the washcloth, then stood on her toes to very gently wipe the cool cloth across Lex's brow and down the sides of his face to his neck. Gentle, soothing. Perhaps a little on the mothering side, though not consciously.

"Lex, Rickman and Kyle had the same powers. They could shake your hand and get you to do anything they wanted. It's not your fault." Clark held onto Lex while he watched the bleakness leave his friend's eyes. Steel-grey softened and Lex shook his head before wiping at his mouth.

"Jesus... I need to sit down. You're sure you're okay?" Lex's hands were on Clark's shoulders again, searching for some sign of what he'd done. Some mark of sin on that flawless skin. But there wasn't and that simple fact eased Lex's distress.

"I'm okay." Quiet affirmative as Clark moved back a little to left Buffy in. She gently washed Lex's face and his neck, soothing him with soft croons and a kiss on his shoulder. While she took care of Lex, Clark turned on the water in the sink and rinsed away the evidence on Lex's breakdown.

Buffy set the washcloth down when she was finished. She looked up at Lex, who appeared much calmer, now. Wrapping her arms around him, she rested her head on his chest with a soft sigh of relief. "Are you okay, love?" she asked gently. When Clark was done rinsing the sink, she gestured him closer. Each of them had an arm around Lex and, together, they walked back out to the bedroom.

She guided them to the divan to sit down, since it was both closer and easier to settle on than the bed. She lifted her eyes to study Lex, once they were seated; this breakdown, minor though it was, had her worried. And probably Clark as well.

Oops... almost as an afterthought, Buffy jumped up and dashed back to the bathroom. After rooting around in a cabinet, she found a bottle of mouthwash and a small cup. She poured out a measure of the minty liquid and took it into the bedroom for Lex. "Here... thought you might want this."

"God... why hasn't someone snapped you up already?" Lex accepted the cup and swigged the contents. He felt the solid warmth of Clark beside him and leaned back a little. Large, strong arms encircled him, drawing a sigh from Lex after he swallowed the mouthwash. It almost came back up on him but it was worth it to get that foul taste out of his mouth. Clark nuzzled his temple, pressing a line of inexpert wet kisses along the skin and Lex couldn't hide his smile. No longer a virgin, but far from skilled... This was going to be an interesting project.

Lex patted the spot next to him and waited until Buffy took a seat. He wrapped his arms around her, back to front with Clark supporting both of them.

Buffy shrugged lightly and bit her lip, an expression of sorrow on her face. **Because they all leave me,** she thought... but she couldn't say that. Finally she sighed and answered softly, "Bad luck? I don't know, Lex." Would he press the issue? She had no idea. Perhaps not with Clark there. Hard to tell, really.

"Fools, they were all fools." He kissed her temple, butterfly light movement of his mouth and Lex knew Clark was studying him. That was confirmed a moment later when the same butterfly light touch was used along Lex's own temple. Beautiful mouth, Clark Kent had a beautiful mouth and Lex basked in the quiet pride of ownership for a moment or two.

Panic gone - another nightmare explained. And Clark was still here. Still his friend...

Buffy shook her head just a bit and sighed. She leaned back against Lex, allowed her body to relax fully and her eyes to close. "Perhaps," was all she could say in response. She would agree with that assessment of Angel; what kind of blind idiot left a Slayer, expecting her to have a normal life without him? Riley... no, he'd done what he had to do. For the sake of his life and his sanity.

And to her mind, they were the only two that really counted.

"Mmmm..." Another slow pass, this time beneath her ear and tracking down the line of her jaw. Lex's hands rose from around her waist to trace lines along her belly and her breasts. "So, Clark... how does it feel to not be a virgin anymore?"

No need to look for the blush, Lex could feel it against his skin. Clark didn't answer for a minute and when Lex did finally look back over his shoulder, his young lover had a far-away expression on his face. "I feel... I'm not sure... Like there's this string tying me to you and to Buffy."

As Lex's hands rose, Buffy arched her back and pressed her breasts into his palms briefly. "That's love, baby," she answered Clark. "That feeling of connection when you've just been with someone you love with all your heart. It's a rather amazing feeling..." Soft, gentle sigh and a smile. She was feeling it too. Felt as if she ought to be glowing visibly the way she was inside. Content... she was content. Clark loved her, Lex wanted her...

There wasn't much that could make her happier.

Lex frowned as he thought about what Clark said. Given that he was still a little shaken up from his meltdown his emotions were still off kilter. But he was feeling it too. A strong pull toward the girl in his arms and an even stronger one toward Clark. It was a different pull than he'd ever experienced with a sexual partner before. Clark might have something there...

"It must be," Clark murmured, nuzzling Lex again. He couldn't get enough of Lex's skin, probably never would. It was softer than he'd imagined and Clark Kent had quite the imagination.

"So... where do we go from here?" he asked, biting back a small whimper as Lex shifted in his arms. Shifted and lifted and leaned back again, that move put Lex squarely between Clark's legs. Firm curve of waist and hip and ass pressing into his cock which was definitely waking up again.

"Anywhere we want to go," Buffy answered gently. "Anywhere at all." Buffy shifted herself backwards to join Lex when he was settled against Clark. She leaned back, her body almost molding itself to his as she settled herself as close as she could be. "Where do you want to go from here?" She asked softly of both her companions after she relaxed again.

"Mmmmm... we could stay here but that would require some immense acrobatics. And while I'm relatively flexible..." Lex left it open-ended. More sex was on his agenda... after months of celibacy and extreme longing, he was going to take as much as he could get. But Clark was still new to this and Lex wasn't willing to jeopardize any future encounters by pushing too hard the first time.

"I wouldn't mind going back to bed... If that's okay with both of you?" Clark didn't want to push his luck. In one day, he'd gotten to kiss a girl voluntarily, found out his best friend was in love with him, got to kiss Lex a lot. And that was even before they had sex.

"It's okay with me," Buffy agreed and tipped her head way back to smile gently at them both. "But does that mean I have to get up?" She pouted playfully at them, managing to smother a giggle. But she couldn't keep her eyes from dancing as she teased.

That pout on another woman would have struck him as affected. It was a ploy Victoria used shamelessly, acting as if a trembling lower lip was enough to sway Alexander Luthor from his chosen path. The only times he'd given in was when what she wanted matched his own desires - although Lex never let her know that.

But on Buffy it was... as charming as the girl herself. Lex could tolerate it in small doses... after all, he'd tolerated Clark lying to him for months so what was one small lip that begged to be bitten compared to that? Leaning forward, Lex did just that, seized her lip between his teeth - licked it, toyed with it and had her trembling in a matter of seconds.

Buffy closed her eyes and shivered. She couldn't think of a better counterpoint to her teasing... or one that made her shiver so deliciously. Lex was a very talented man... in more ways than one. And he genuinely seemed to enjoy her teasing, at least some of the time, even though she got the feeling that his enjoyment even surprised him. Maybe because it was her? Or maybe she was just that different from every other woman he'd been with?

She might never know... but not knowing didn't bother her. Not really. There were some things she was better off in ignorance of, she suspected.

"Still want to stay here?" Silky question framed by a lick at the corner of her mouth. Voice of smoke and dreams, words sliding past as he pulled back and tilted his head to one side. "Or can we convince you to join us?"

God, Lex was good. Clark had seen him do this before. Well, not exactly this because Lex had always been clothed and mouths weren't involved except for talking but Clark had seen it before. Lex was smooth, smoother than glass... smoother than the Milk River on a hot May afternoon when everything in the world was asleep including the fish... Lex was the definition of smooth.

Buffy smiled and lifted her chin to catch Lex's lips in another kiss. "Oh, I think I could be convinced," she replied lightly. "You seem to be pretty good at the art of persuasion." Her way with words would never be as smooth as his. He'd been raised to it in a way she hadn't been and never could be. Pity that all her gifts lay in her physicality... in some ways, she hoped she could just keep up with him!

With both of them, really, because Clark showed signs of being every bit as much a mental whiz as Lex. He just needed to finish growing up. But would he grow beyond her? She could only hope not.

"Comes from cutting your teeth on Machiavelli," Lex countered, the hand on her breast squeezing lightly. His smile deepened as she moaned in response. Behind him, Lex could feel Clark shifting, felt him sitting up further and a sun-bronzed hand closed over the other breast. The earlier fumbling was gone... completely gone.

Quick learner... damn quick learner. It fit the profile. Lex had checked Clark out thoroughly, top in his class in every subject except physical education. For the longest time, he'd chalked that failure up to his friend trying to adjust to a body vastly altered by the onset of puberty. But now he understood it was because Clark always had to hold back, had to be achingly careful to keep from shattering his weaker classmates in a careless moment.

Utterly silent, Clark nuzzled the nape of Lex's neck and felt him shudder when he applied teeth right there. A light touch, barely a scrape and Lex just made the most interesting noise. And... oh wow... rocked back against his cock, fitting it into the cleft of his ass. Where it was really, really warm.

"Machiavelli, huh? Please tell me that wasn't 'light reading'?" She raised an eyebrow in question. Ouch. If Lex read that stuff as a kid, his interest in her wouldn't last long. She struggled with that kind of stuff through high school and into college. Partly because there were some things in it that she just couldn't agree with.

But honestly, between Clark and Lex, it was getting difficult to keep her mind on ordinary subjects. Lex knew exactly how to play her body, and Clark was learning fast. She just had to trust that they also knew when to use it and when not to. And she did trust them.

"Oh, it was definitely not light reading. My father had me recite passages at the dinner table." That and excerpts from the life of Alexander the Great, Lex's namesake. The one thing his father had conveniently forgotten when setting up the legendary Alexander as his son's role model was said legend's sexual orientation. That Alexander was a product of his civilization, a time where many women and men lived totally separate lives... only coming together for the purpose of procreation and power marriages and love was something sought out amongst their own sex.

That Alexander had his Hephaestion and now this Alexander had found his own. Clark, his Clark... and along with Clark came a woman who was a legend in her own right. A Slayer who lasted more than a brief period of months or years. A woman who had saved the world many times over. She fit within his future plans almost perfectly.

With Clark on his right hand and Buffy on his left, together they could rule the world.

"Oh man... at the dinner table, Lex? And here I catch it for reading Nietzche in the loft." Clark had read Machiavelli and the themes were enough to make him wonder how the civilization made it past the Renaissance. It was a good thing that the Borgias and their contemporaries didn't know about nuclear fission and had to stick to poison and knives in the back to dispense with their enemies.

All of a sudden, Buffy felt like she was in way over her head. Way, way over. She could barely keep up with Giles and his demon-lore... and at least that had something to do with her directly! This... she'd read some of Machiavelli and some of Nietzche and some of Sartre and a few others. Mostly for school. But this... she would never in a million years be able to keep up with the level of genius in this room.

And that idea shook her badly, though she kept it all locked away inside. In the place where she carried all her sorrows and traumas.

No mistaking the gleam of panic in her eyes and Lex leaned forward to soothe Buffy with a kiss. He was used to people being out of their depth with him. His father had signed him up as a member of MENSA before he'd lost his hair and he did have one of the highest IQ's in the nation. Which was probably why dear old Dad hadn't engendered another heir with one of his many mistresses and sent his freakish son out to pasture.

Yes, he was smart and so was Clark and that was part of why he enjoyed Clark's company. But he also appreciated Buffy's because she was gentle and kind and reminded him that not all women were after him for his money. She was also the catalyst that had finally brought the situation with Clark to a head. And for that... he'd give her anything.

Buffy closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss Lex gave her. Used the moment to hide all her fears away in a place where she could forget about them for a while. When she opened her eyes again and twisted around to smile at both her lovers, the fear was contained. Not gone... her insecurities never just up and went away. But hidden away where they couldn't affect her time with her two gorgeous men.

With a light kiss for each of them, she murmured, "Weren't we talking about bed and not history?" Not the best attempt at changing the subject... but it would do.

"Bed sounds great." Not Lex this time but Clark. Lex was too occupied with kissing his way down Buffy's throat. Which left Clark with the option of watching them or... moving them.

Lex had no idea how it happened, none at all. One moment he was exploring the soft skin directly underneath Buffy's jaw and the next minute all three of them were in bed. Dropping acid in Club Zero's bathroom had nothing on the rush he was feeling right now. Clark had somehow bent the fabric of space and moved both of them in the blink of an eye.

Buffy began to laugh gently. Trust Clark to take matters into his own hands. And the look of shock on Lex's face... that was priceless. Buffy knew exactly what had happened, of course. Enhanced senses was a Slayer trait, and though she couldn't move or see as quickly as Clark, her sight was still sharp enough to at least see the blurry bit of motion. Like a VCR on super-fast-forward.

"Jesus... just how fast are you, Clark?" He swallowed heavily, willing his heart to stop racing. The smile that appeared on Clark's face resembled a smirk but Clark Kent never smirked. He smiled, he beamed, he grinned but a smirk just wasn't in his repertoire.

"Faster than the Lamborghini in fifth gear," was the reply Lex got to his question. And that earned Clark a dropped jaw and a stunned shake of Lex's head.

"I've never put it into fifth gear. That's a ticket I just don't want... Clark, over 200 miles per hour?" There had to be some practical application to that speed. Something they could do with it beyond Clark's backyard heroics. Something great and grand and wonderful... and something that could wait. Everything in the world could wait. In fact the world didn't exist beyond the door to his room.

"Probably nearer to 300," Buffy murmured as she got to her knees. She pressed her body against Lex's back and draped her arms around his shoulders, bending her head forward to nip lightly at his neck just behind his jaw. "Took me with him once," she finished, then focused her whole attention on what she was doing. Gentle nips and tiny bites soothed by long strokes of her tongue against his skin.

The look of astonishment on Lex's face made Clark laugh. It wasn't often that Lex was startled. "I can take you with me sometime."

"How... piggy back?" Vastly undignified, not fitting transportation for Lionel Luthor's son which was probably why it sounded so damned appealing. Lex liked speed, was addicted to it and the thought of having Clark and speed together... had infinite possibilities.

Instead of answering, Clark laughed again. Just the image of racing through the cornfields with Lex perched on his back was enough to send his newfound suaveness out the window. The laughter turned into a snort and then a cough, followed by Clark burying his head in a nearby pillow.

The mental image inspired by Lex's comment set Buffy to giggling as well. Her body shook gently against his back and she continued to trail her lips down his neck despite the soft sound escaping her parted lips.

When her mirth spent itself, she lifted her lips from his neck. She kissed the shell of his ear and whispered, "You'd enjoy it... it's quite a thrill, with the wind in your face and the ground speeding by so fast you can barely see it." Or maybe couldn't see it at all... hard to tell. She licked his ear and blew lightly over the damp spot before shifting to the other side and mouthing the juncture of neck and shoulder.

Clark was in every danger of asphyxiating as far as Lex could tell. His friend's face was buried in a pillow, neck and shoulders turning red while muffled sounds continued to work their way out. He really should see if Clark was all right but what Buffy was doing had him very, very distracted.

Lex had every intention of asking Clark for a ride whenever he came back up for air again. Patient, he could be patient. "I look forward to it... Clark... Clark, breathe for me."

Buffy received a stroke of Lex's hand down her back while they both waited for Clark to lift his head. Lex nuzzled Buffy's hair absently before nudging Clark with his foot, which earned another fit of muffled laughter.

Buffy shook her head. "He'll be fine. He's only laughing," she murmured soothingly. If Lex didn't recognize the sight of someone laughing himself silly, something had been distinctly wrong with his childhood. Even Dawn had memories of laughing herself almost to tears, though she hadn't actually lived them.

Attempting to distract Lex from his worry, she caught his chin in gentle fingers and kissed him. Deeply, passionately, and perfectly in control. She loosed just a bit of the fighting spirit within her and managed to take control of the duel of tongues.

God. Yes... A challenge. With a master even. Buffy was amazingly adept and Lex rose into that kiss. His hand tangled in her hair, his head tilted to one side as he nudged her mouth open even more. Deep kisses, one following the other until they were both breathless and shaking.

Sometime between the second kiss and the tenth Clark's laughter stopped. Somewhere between the time that Lex turned over to face Buffy and ended up on top of her, another mouth started to explore Lex's skin. Wide and wet and warm on his shoulder, along the line of his throat and up over the back of his skull, stopping to suck on the bump at the very back. Electrical shock to his brain broke Lex out of a kiss where he'd been finding his way to Buffy's toes via her mouth and he was gasping for air.

Now that had never been an erogenous zone before. Lex would stake his inheritance on that fact.

Buffy opened her eyes slowly when Lex pulled up. They flashed at him, a feral light shining from hazel depths before she got herself back under control and the light dimmed and hid itself again. Her lips were still parted and she was panting, but only barely.

She raised her hands to Lex's shoulders; her fingers kneaded the back of his neck lightly. Almost as if to contrast what Clark was doing... though she was guessing, because she had no idea just what Lex felt when Clark mouthed him like that.

His brains were leaking out his ears. They had to be because Lex couldn't string a single coherent thought together. He rocked into Buffy, slipped down a few inches and rocked again. Perilously close to burying his cock inside and that would not be good... Not yet.

Clark sucked on that spot again and smiled when Lex made this strangled noise. Lean hips were lifting up, hitching down and then back up again, nudging at his cock. Which was more than happy to go there. Nosing in between perfect half-moons like an eager puppy trying to get closer to its master.

"Jesus... fuck... Clark, stop that. Just... oh God... no... gotta stop." Hard push into Buffy and his cock slipped down even further, juddering across warm lips and seeking a way in... any way in. Lex shook his head, took several deep breaths in through his nose and ground out. "It's not safe... Have to clean up first. Buffy could get sick if I... oh God." Full push in, fortunately skipping along the bedspread, the angle all wrong.

Thank God...

As much as she hated to have to calm things down, Lex was right. They were skirting dangerous territory and even if she hadn't been sick in years, it was better not to take chances with something like this.

But she realized Clark didn't really know what they meant and really didn't want to stop. So she took matters into her own hands. She found one of Clark's arms and wrapped it around Lex's waist. The next time Lex's hips jerked upwards, she slid out from underneath him. "Lex is right, Clark. You boys play nice, and I'll be right back." She kissed each of them deeply but briefly and slid off the bed.

Straight to the bathroom and, after rummaging around a bit, she found what she was looking for. A bottle of alcohol and a clean washcloth. It wasn't the best idea, but it was the most expedient; the disinfectant would take care of the problem and they would have to be more careful next time. She poured the stuff over the washcloth, wrung it out enough to not drip, and took both items back into the bedroom.

"Lex? Are you okay?" Clark turned Lex a little so he could gauge his expression which was close to blissful. With a tiny line of worry between his closed eyes. He tried to roll Lex onto his back but that move met resistance when Lex bucked up into the cradle of his hips again.

"I'm... better than okay. But we have to stop for a minute." Lex's words were mixed in with pants and he shook when Clark kissed the back of his neck. "This is another thing your sex-ed class didn't cover. While you're... Jesus, fuck Clark, do that again and I'm going to have to hurt you." He shivered, feeling the ghost of teeth scraping over what was rapidly becoming Clark's favorite chew-toy.

Clark liked that little bump. He'd always found it fascinating and tried not to stare at it whenever he walked behind Lex or leaned over to watch his friend as he played the latest video game on his laptop. He'd almost touched it on more than one occasion and now he didn't want to stop touching it. And it wasn't like Lex could really hurt him...

"I mean it, Clark." Eyes closed, bucking into the next bite and if Clark didn't stop that, Lex was going to simply open his legs as wide as he could and impale himself on Clark's cock. Forget lube, forget stretching, forget being able to sit down comfortably for the next week. When Clark gnawed on that spot Lex's higher brain functions went out the window. "I'll tie you to the bed. Cuff you down and make you watch porn until your balls are ready to explode and then... I'll. Send. You. Home."

"Hey," Buffy said; she caught the end of Lex's warning as she came back over to the bed. "I thought I told you boys to play nice. Why with the threats?"

In an effort of strength, especially considering the washcloth and bottle in her hand, Buffy gripped the bedpost as high as she could reach and curled herself up until she could slide her legs up onto the bed and lower herself down again. **Getting into bed should not be that hard,** she thought. She understood Lex's love of the luxurious bedding, but it was damn near impossible to get enough of a grip in order to get herself up when they were occupied.

He was not going to sound petulant. He was not. Lex blinked, took a few calming breaths and tried to push Clark out of the way. Which earned him a surprised thrust from Clark and the blunt nudge of a very thick cock against his ass. Lex gave up on being noble and adult and simply whimpered. His father would hang his head in shame, once he recovered from the fact that his son was about to be fucked by a sixteen-year-old boy.

Now that was a really interesting noise. It was almost as interesting as Lex's threats... or at least until he mentioned the sending him home part. Clark pushed forward again, slipping into incredible heat and getting another choked sound from Lex.

Clark was grinning from ear to ear. He'd reduced Lex to not being able to speak. More than once. This was so cool... He shot a glance at Buffy and froze when he saw her frown and shake her head.

No more movement from Clark. It was probably safe to open his eyes and offer them bribes to never mention those noises to anyone. Not for as long as they lived. Lex caught Buffy's expression as well and knew it for what it was.

They were excluding her. First by not answering her question and then by almost fucking without drawing her into it. "It seems that Clark's found an impossible thing. An hot spot I didn't know I had... and he just won't leave it alone."

With a sigh, she shook her head again. "Clark, baby, I know it's fun to tease... but if he asked you to stop and meant it, then you really should. Give him a moment to breathe, if that's what he needs," Buffy said gently. Not scolding, but almost as if she were reminding him. "Just because you can push him doesn't mean you should." She took a deep breath and looked at both of them very seriously for a long moment.

"And..." she said finally, "if you want me to leave so that you can be alone, I will." Buffy fought valiantly with her emotions; looked away and hid her pain inside her heart where no one would ever see it. She would take herself home and cry in her own bed, where no one could find her except possibly Dawn. Who wouldn't understand anyway.

That brought Clark up short. He was about to protest when Lex shook him off and reached for Buffy. She was reeled into a tight embrace and an absolutely expert mouth silenced anything further that she'd meant to say. The washcloth ended up on the coverlet, damp seeping into its shimmering surface.

Not a chance he was letting her go. Not a chance in hell. Lex didn't love Buffy. Love wasn't something he did casually and he didn't believe in love at first sight... Clark being the notable exception. But he respected her and was growing genuinely fond of her the more time they spent together.

And being naked while spending that time really had nothing to do with it.

Clark sat up, pulling one knee up to his chest as he watched Lex kiss Buffy. He was still picking up how everything worked and trying to make sense of the emotions. Not that he doubted how he felt about Buffy or Lex but Buffy seemed to doubt it...

A choked whimper escaped Buffy as she resisted for just a moment. Then she melted against Lex, clung to him, and tried to keep the tears beneath her eyelids from escaping her eyes. She didn't think either Lex or Clark was actively playing with her... but the fact that they forgot her when she left the room for two minutes spoke volumes. And loudly.

She'd been foolish... giving her heart when she was still uncertain of where she belonged. They'd genuinely seemed to want her with them, earlier... and seemed to again, now. But she'd made them feel guilty, and guilt could be a driving force.

Lifting up from that kiss, it was Buffy's turn to get a warning from Lex. "Stop it. Just stop. We want you here. Not because it's convenient or because you have a beautiful body - although you do. You... fit."

Clark's chin dug into his knee as he listened to Lex's words. Buffy was feeling like an outsider and that was something that Lex probably understood better than anyone. Lex lived in isolation. He went to work where, until the buy-out, everyone feared him or sneered behind his back because of nepotism. Then he came back to the castle where he rattled around in the empty rooms, moving about with purpose and energy that no one outside of his staff ever saw.

Part of the reason Lex hung out at the Talon all the time was because he wanted to be near people. Didn't want them to touch him but he did want the heat and the scent and the sound of people moving through the fabric of life.

Clark spent so much time with him because he knew Lex was lonely. It wasn't the cars or the pool table or the indoor pool. It was because loneliness leaked out of Lex's skin and Clark could smell it. A solitary kid himself, he understood it and responded to it...

Buffy started to shake her head, then sighed and gave up. They didn't understand, either of them. As much as she longed for the light, the good and special things that she knew she could feel, still the darkness ate at her. Pain, fear, doubt, loneliness... these were things that made up her world, for the last year. And she didn't know if she could set them aside, no matter how much she wished to. But... she could try.

"I... I 'fit'..." she repeated softly; she gave the idea due consideration. Perhaps she did, in a way. Neither of her lovers were exactly normal. But... the past never entirely went away, did it..?

"Yes. You fit." Lex confirmed with another kiss. This one gentle and gentle wasn't his nature but it was what Buffy needed. Generosity was also not in his nature unless it was a means to an end. But Lex found himself being generous to Buffy... as she had been to him.

Pretty girl but he'd had prettier. Nice tight little body but he'd slept with super-models from every continent on the globe so that wasn't a factor either. What drew him was the sadness in her eyes and the hidden things that someday he'd hear the full story of.

Buffy nodded slowly after considering that for a moment. Perhaps... perhaps she did. It wouldn't be the first time her fears had been misplaced or simply wrong.

And there were times when Lex was just like her... almost a contradiction in terms. Fierce, but with the ability to be this gentle when needed. Protective, but not without reason. In a way, he mirrored her. There would always be differences, but there were similarities enough.

Maybe she really did fit.

For the moment, Clark didn't mind being forgotten. He was the one who had the secure relationship with Lex. A relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Trust that could only get stronger now he no longer had to lie to Lex.

He was also kinda secure in his feelings for Buffy. Sure, she was new to his life but despite what his father thought, Clark considered himself to be a good judge of character. She was... nice and pretty in ways that Lana never even dreamed of being and smart and... he'd been inside her. Felt her melt underneath him and Clark would have that memory for the rest of his life.

So it was okay that Lex and Buffy were so wound up in each other. And that Lex was whispering something into her ear that Clark was pretty sure weren't words. Or maybe they were and his brain decided that he really didn't need to hear them. He pulled his leg in tighter and watched them.

Buffy slowly managed to contain her emotions, shut the pain away, and began to relax. Her head rested against Lex's chest and her body lost its tension and almost melted in his arms. And even with her eyes closed, she could feel Clark nearby; she reached out with one hand until she found his leg, just touching gently. Letting him know that she knew he was still there.

"I'm sorry," she murmured finally. "I'll try to be more careful. It's just... it's too easy to believe that I'm going to be left alone again. I just don't seem to be the type that people want to stay around."

"Which brings me back to my earlier point. Fools. Every single one of them." Spike hadn't slept with her or at least he hadn't when Lex met him. So whoever else it had been, including the man that had trained her so damn well, Lex had only contempt for. Letting her go was not a mistake he'd make. It would be too much like failing.

And failing was something he didn't do.


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