Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 15

She smiled at Lex when she saw the blanket in his hands, where he stood by the divan. She stopped right in front of him and wrapped her arms around his waist, rested her head on his chest. And tried to relax, to clear her mind. She was sure he had all kinds of questions for her, and the telling was probably not going to be easy.

Did she have any idea how beautiful she was in that very moment? Lex sincerely doubted it. Instead of asking questions right away, he took a moment to hold her, the blanket held loosely in his right hand. He lowered his head and kissed her, letting his mouth supply what words could not.

Buffy had somehow managed to save Clark and for that, Lex would be eternally grateful.

Buffy smiled softly at Lex when the kiss broke. Her eyes expressed her understanding; she could've sworn that he was communicating gratitude, among other things, through the kiss. It wasn't necessary, because she'd have done it anyway... but it felt good to know that he was glad of something she'd managed to do.

She pulled away gently so they could sit down together. As he wrapped the blanket around them, she leaned lightly against him and rested her head on his shoulder. While she knew that he genuinely liked snuggling with Clark, she wasn't entirely sure where his comfort lines were with her... so she didn't push and just got comfortable beside him.

If he'd been someone else, she probably would have sat facing him and draped herself across his chest so she could look at him and still be close to him while they talked. But, again, she just didn't want to push. They'd gained too much today to risk it now.

After she'd settled in and Lex got used to her head on his shoulder, he slid an arm around her side. The back of the divan was low but it provided adequate support. He stared into the fire, the light reflecting in his eyes and on his skin while he examined each question and discarded it before determining the right place to start. "First... thank you for whatever you did. I thought we'd lost him."

"You're welcome. I was afraid we had too, for a minute. But... well, I did that once, too. Little over a year ago... Something traumatic happened, in this case Clark thought he hurt me badly, and his mind went into a loop of pain and fear." She shook her head and sighed, studying her hands. She supposed to the casual eye, they looked pretty bad. But she'd had worse.

Lex took one hand in his, turning it over and over to examine the bruises. They were dark purple, typical of an immediate injury, but the edges were already fading into yellow and green. She did heal like he did. In a few hours, those marks would be nothing but a memory. "So... what did you do?"

"I went into his mind. Found where he was hiding and spoke to him." She shivered as the image flashed across her mind's eye. "It was awful, Lex. He was caught in a nightmare where he killed you accidentally. It wasn't anything related to reality, just the manifestation of his fears. He was convinced that he was a freak, that he could never be close to another person because he could kill them in the blink of an eye."

She took a deep breath and tried to stay calm. "I don't... I don't know how he got that bad. It has to have been the culmination of years of fear to take control of him like that. He's terrified of himself sometimes, I think. Of what he might do without knowing how to control it."

"And sex is about losing control." He looked over his shoulder at the boy... at the young man lying in his bed. Clark had rolled over onto his side with one arm casually sprawled across the mattress and the other tucked under his pillow. A poster child for innocence even though Lex knew just how thoroughly debauched Clark had become.

"We'll just have to work with him. Give him limits and see if he can keep to them. I've got some equipment if we need it." His attention turned back to Buffy who was also gazing at Clark over the back of the divan. "And we both heal quickly... Hunh..." A deeply considering expression settled over Lex's features and he rubbed his hand over his chin while Buffy waited for him to explain.

"Destiny. When I first got a chance to talk to Clark, I told him we had a destiny together... It's just turning out to be a lot truer than I thought." There was a far-off gleam in his eyes. In his head Lex saw the world at their feet, not just the business world but the world. With Clark and Buffy's abilities and his knowledge and resources, they could alter the course of history.

Buffy made a face. "Destiny is what you make of it, and there are loopholes in everything." Her voice bordered on bitter as her mind skipped over prophecies of apocalypse and death, the ones she'd averted and the ones she'd finessed. Like dying at sixteen.

"I wonder what Giles would think about my life, right now. I wonder if there's a prophecy in the Codex about it," she mused. "I haven't looked at the thing since before I moved..."

At the mention of prophecies, the happy gleam in Lex's eyes faded and he looked away. Cassandra Carver's limp hand rested once more in his, gnarled fingers and eternally dry skin scraping across his own as he dropped it. The vision of his future had killed her. Lex didn't want to do good things, he wanted to do great things and those great things had killed the only person who'd ever seen them.

He'd gone to her to find out if Clark was in his future, if the heated looks he'd been exchanging with Clark meant what he hoped they meant. Lex came bearing gifts, they spoke about the Greeks, which he found amusing on far too many levels, before he sat down and took her hand. The only thing he saw was a flash of white and then red, which was probably caused by the sunlight streaming in through the window. When Lex asked her what she saw, the seer that Clark put so much faith into was dead.

Buffy felt Lex tense and looked up at him immediately. "What's the matter?" she asked softly. "What did I say?" Her mind was racing, going over what she'd said. Destiny. Giles. The Codex. Something to do with prophecies, maybe? But would he have a reason to share her aversion to them? Even if he believed in them, there wasn't a whole book of them on his existence... was there?

"There was a woman named Cassandra, and if that's not an example of irony, I don't know what is... She lost her sight in the meteor showers and somehow convinced Clark that she could see the future." Lex rubbed his hand along his chin, feeling the scar underneath as he did so. Another object lesson from Dad, never fence without a mask.

"Clark's such an innocent, he believes in people and someone's got to protect him... After the scarecrow incident, he forgave that bastard Fordman and now the quarterback's one of his best friends... I don't trust that guy any further than I can throw him." The arm around Buffy tightened as Lex continued to stare into the fire.

"She told Clark that someone close to him was going to die so he showed up on my doorstep and lectured me about my driving. Told me that I needed to slow down and where's the fun in that?" Lex smiled when Buffy giggled at his teasing tone and kissed her forehead. It felt so good to hold her, maybe there was something to this physical comfort thing after all.

"We exchanged our usual banter. I teased him about getting stock tips... and he gave me one of those looks. The kind where if he hadn't been sixteen and if this wasn't Kansas I would have stripped him right down to his bare skin, slammed him up against the door and fucked him until neither of us could stand... And then he left." The erection Lex got at that memory didn't come as a surprise and he wasn't embarrassed by it at all.

Buffy laughed lightly. "One of those looks that makes you feel like you'll just die if you can't have him? I've never seen one from Clark, but I think I know what you mean." She smiled and turned her head to kiss his neck gently. "There are people who can see the future, though, Lex. It's not always clear, and you don't necessarily know what will happen between now and then, but it does happen."

She paused and considered telling him about her dreams, but decided it could wait until later. "So then what happened? Did you go to see this Cassandra?"

"I did. Our first meeting was... tense. Miss Carver was quite the remarkable woman and saw right through me. She knew I was there about Clark, not to ask her about stock tips. She held out her hand and said she might see Clark in my future... and I didn't take it. I didn't want to follow a road-map..." Lex shifted, lying back a little more and taking Buffy with him until she was sprawled across his chest, their legs entwined.

"I was also afraid that she wouldn't see Clark in it. I'd shown him the car and asked him about the accident and he lied to me... again." There was a noise from across the room and Lex's head snapped around to check on Clark. Who had rolled over onto his back with the sheets tangled between his legs. His entire chest was bare and one hip gleamed in the dim light.

The sight was enough to make Lex's mouth go dry. Beautiful boy in his bed, beautiful debauched boy who he'd pushed and prodded and cajoled in an effort to learn his secrets and all Lex had really needed to do was tell him the truth. Tell Clark he loved him and Pandora's Box was spilled at his feet.

"God, he's... have you ever seen anything so perfect? How did we get so lucky?" The question was rhetorical. Lex really didn't expect an answer even though Buffy was gazing at Clark as well.

"I have absolutely no idea," Buffy murmured in response. "None at all..." Her eyes moved from Clark to Lex and she studied his expression thoughtfully. When his eyes turned to her, probably wondering why she was looking at him or something, she leaned over and kissed him.

She really didn't know how she'd gotten so lucky. The only thing she could come up with was that maybe there was a reason why the Powers That Be had allowed her to be brought back into life. That perhaps this was some kind of cosmic reward for continuing the fight, even after she'd been taken from her resting place.

Perfect boy and perfect girl. Lex's first instinct when she kissed him was to lie back and let the blanket fall to the side. To lift her up and set her down on his cock... which really liked that idea. It pulsed against his stomach, demanding that he give that idea some serious consideration.

He was used to ignoring that body part at this point. Months and months of longing for Clark had cemented his iron-clad control over his dick. And if that hadn't been lesson enough, he could always bring up Victoria and that was enough to eliminate any residual stiffness. So instead of initiating another round of sexual intercourse, Lex merely returned her kiss.

For her part, Buffy was trying to decide if she wanted sex or answers. She finally decided on answers, since Lex was apparently feeling like giving them. Sex she could probably have anytime... and if they both still wanted it when they finished talking, which seemed likely because of the way their bodies were pressed together, they could always have sex after.

So when she finally stopped kissing him, half out of breath, she picked up where they'd left off. "You know Clark hates lying to people, though. And he doesn't have to lie to us anymore. But what happened after that?"

"Martha... Mrs. Kent was almost killed by some madman that chased her into the corn-crib. Clark didn't say much about it other than she was fine but it made me believe that Cassandra was the real thing. So I went back." White roses, perfect white roses from the hothouse and baby's-breath. More the sort of bouquet one took to the cemetery than to meet with an elderly prophet and maybe that choice was a prophecy in and of itself. "I took her roses and we exchanged barbs about Greeks bearing gifts. Considering what I wanted to do to and with Clark, my belief was cemented in stone."

He could still smell the roses when he closed his eyes. The scent was heavy and sweet and funereal. Shaking away the sense memory, Lex stared up at the ceiling. "She held out her hand. I took it and waited... and waited. Cassandra said nothing, she sat there for a few moments... gasped once and said nothing at all."

"She died," Buffy guessed softly. Then she went one step further, based on how she would likely react to something like that. "And you think you had something to do with it, I'll bet. Lex, it happens. She was old, after all." She snuggled against him, offering him comfort and understanding and love.

"Buffy, she had visions. She saw my future and it killed her. Cassandra told me she might see Clark in my future and that future killed her." Monster, he was a monster. He'd defiled the innocent and was going to hell and just a glimpse of the havoc he was destined to wreak was enough to slaughter a harmless old woman.

"She saw what your future might be, Lex. Whether or not that future comes to pass is entirely determined by the choices you make," Buffy said gently. She lifted her head and looked down at him with a bit of a smile. "You don't know what choices would have led to that future, Lex. It could be that being here with me and Clark right now has put you on a different path. All people have the potential for darkness in them, Lex. Everyone does."

It was a fact, plain and simple. And often, it was easier to give into the darkness than to fight it. "But at the same time, all people have the capability to do real good. You just have to decide which side of the equation you want to be on, and that's influenced partly by the people around you. The people you love." She knew that she didn't have to say that Clark was good. He had the innocence and purity that made evil impossible for him.

"I want to be on whatever side you two end up on. I'll do anything to stay close to Clark. My father asked me to come back to Metropolis a few months ago... When I refused, he tried to force the issue by closing the plant." Lex's hand cupped her cheek but he didn't draw her down for a kiss. "I led an employee buy-out, sacrificed my trust fund and all of mine and my mother's stock to do it so I wouldn't have to leave. I want to forge my own destiny free from him."

His thumb brushed over Buffy's lower lip, dragging it down for a second. "My father loves using Alexander the Great as a role model for me. Ironic, don't you think, considering my choice of bed-mates?"

Lex's smile deepened and sharpened as his other hand trailed up and down her back. "The Romans sent their sons out to the farthest reaches of their empires to teach them leadership which is why he sent me to Smallville. Most of those emperors were brought down by those sons when they returned to Rome at the head of their own armies. Clark was to be one of my generals... my general and my lover. Are you going to be the other?"

Buffy smiled and nodded. "I will, for as long as you want me to be. Even if fighting wrong in the human scope of things is normally something I don't do, someone needs to put a stop to the terrible things your father does. If you want my help to do it, I'll be there. And if you just want me to help Clark keep you on the right path, I'll do that too."

She rested her hand lightly on his, holding it against her face. "Because you already know which side I belong to. The same side I'll always be on, because I dedicated my life to protecting people who are unaware of just what lies in the darkness. If you want to be on my side, I'll happily help be sure you stay there."

"Good... you and Clark will keep me on the right side of the street. And you and I will teach him how to lose control without hurting anyone. I admire Jonathan Kent but he's got Clark wound tighter than a drum. This is the first time I've ever seen him when he wasn't carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders." Lex lifted his head up from the upholstery to kiss her once more before casting a glance at Clark.

Who had shoved the sheets down even further. The tops of his thighs were visible as well as the long, soft spill of his cock along the line of his hip. How in the world Lex managed to keep his voice sounding so detached with that visual, he had no clue. "Now it makes sense. He's almost invulnerable... Any doctor who tried would have broken his scalpel."

"And probably did," Buffy agreed. Then her mind backtracked to the other part of what Lex had said. "And you're not far wrong, about him feeling like he carries the weight of the world. It sort of comes with the territory, I think. Except, in my case, I actually do. Averting apocalypse is my job."

Lex nodded, a drunk Spike was a font of information. That vampire never knew when to shut up, which is probably why his plans to destroy the world always got side-tracked. "I know. That's the Slayer's duty... but you had friends who helped, right? Willow and Giles and Xander..." With that said, Lex laughed. "Now you have another Alexander... Alexander Joseph Luthor at your service."

Buffy grinned. "Another Alexander, but hardly any similarities between them. Outside of age. Xander is quirky, strange, but a little clueless. He eloped with a vengeance demon not too long ago." She smiled and kissed him again. "Think I like you better. I could never have fallen in love with Xander," she added gently.

"Mmmm... clueless I've never been. And no one has ever called me Xander. Alexander, Alex, Lex... Lexy but never Xander... As you can tell, I prefer Lex." Giving into another kiss was easy as was pulling her up until her legs straddled his hips. Slowly and subtly Lex pushed on her shoulders until Buffy was sitting up astride him. Her pale skin was a perfect match to his own, especially when he cupped her breasts in his hands and thumbed the rosy nipples.

Buffy whimpered and arched into his touch. "Mmm... I like Lex, too. Suits you. And Xan... well, let's just say that he never had a chance at getting this close to me. Not my type... I'm too much for him to handle."

She smiled and feathered her fingertips over Lex's chest, finding his nipples and rolling them under her fingers. "But you... you just seem to have this aura... there's a power about you, and I like that. I like you." Buffy winked at him. "Though I'll admit I thought about calling you Lexy... just wasn't sure if I could get away with it."

"Only here... when we're like this." This time they could afford to be slow. Clark was still deeply asleep and Lex wanted to take his time. Lightening his touch, he traced lines along her throat, down her shoulders and her arms with just his fingertips. He kept his hands soft, weekly manicure and sea-salt scrubs. The sign of a successful man was in the hands, his father always said.

Ignoring the incessant demands of his cock, Lex brought one of her hands to his mouth where he drew each finger in with agonizing slowness. But rather than sucking on them, he tickled the pads with the very tip of his tongue, allowing that to be the only contact other than the seal of his lips around the base.

Buffy's eyes widened, then relaxed into the soft caresses against her body. Her free hand still moved on his chest, but her touch became feather-light. Her hands were as soft as his, thanks more to Slayer regeneration than anything else. She couldn't afford to give herself the kind of pampering she would have liked to. But her natural powers kept her body as soft as it always had been, and she was grateful for that.

Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips as she watched him move from finger to finger, teasing her with his tongue. He was good. God, was he good. Part of her wanted to pull her hand away so that she could touch him... but the other part wanted to let him play, to see what he would do. And the latter part won.

That same tongue-tip followed the path of her life-line, up and over the two breaks as he explored her palm, then her wrist. There he marked her with his teeth again, idly wondering about having a small tattoo placed on that spot to commemorate just how much it meant to him. His mouth made its way up her arm, partially by his sitting up and partially by her leaning in to meet him. While the logical progression would have been to move up to her neck, Lex veered off towards her breast.

Nothing he did followed the standard path of seduction. Any other man would have cupped her breast and licked or toyed with the nipple. Instead, Lex held his mouth above the skin and simply breathed on her. The warm air washed over her, teasing the sensitive flesh and raising goosebumps on her arms and legs. The only place where they touched were her thighs on his stomach, the light tap of his cock against the curve of her ass and where her calves framed his sides.

Buffy shivered delicately, but otherwise held herself still. Her eyes were fixed on his face and her body tingled with the thrill of anticipation. What she was anticipating or when, she didn't know... and that was part of the thrill of it. So she refrained from moving as much as was possible, and waited.

Waited and watched, and let the red marks and minor throbbing in her wrist remind her that he wanted her. That she was his. And that thought made her say his name on a whisper of a breath.

Lex's eyelids flickered in response to his name and he breached the distance between them by tracing the underside of each breast with his tongue. Light gentle flicks on the skin, tasting her and teasing her at the same time. He left the nipples alone until he'd mapped the entire contour with his lips, then finally drew them in one at a time and suckled. Feather-light pull of tongue and lips, only staying long enough to leave her aching before moving to the next.

He'd been trained by the very best. On his fifteenth birthday, Lionel had greeted him at 6 a.m. when Lex came stumbling in from a night of hard clubbing. He'd been fucked by at least three different men, none of whom he knew the names of and he reeked of sex and sweat and drugs. His father gave him one contemptuous glance before handing him his birthday card and a plane ticket.

What followed after that had been quite the education. Lex found himself on an island in the Caribbean where he spent six weeks being inducted into the fine art of sensual excess. His addiction to pretty boys with hard bodies never faded but he did gain an appreciation for the fine art of making love to a woman.

Buffy's hands moved to cradle Lex's head the moment his lips touched her breast the first time. They rested gently, fingertips slid back and forth in light caresses, and if he hadn't already known how strong she was he wouldn't have been able to tell from the feel of her hands.

She was careful to avoid doing anything that would prevent him from moving when and where he chose. Buffy let him tease her and make her body ache, and never sought to stop him. Her eyes turned dark and hazy with pleasure, but she continued to watch and only the occasional soft gasp or whimper escaped her.

Buffy loved the feelings he was causing in her, and he was being so gentle... it had been far too long since she felt anything like this. And if she hadn't known better, she could almost have sworn that he was making love to her with love in his heart.

Since losing his hair, Lex usually flinched when anyone touched his head. It was too much of a reminder of what no longer existed. But Buffy's touch, along with Clark's, he craved. So there was no flinch, no pulling away, he let her hold him while he continued to pay full attention to her breasts. Warm and weighty and just the right size for her little frame.

His hands skimmed down, barely touching her stomach, the outside and then the inside of her thighs. Formless patterns were painted on her skin with the lightest of touches and when they finally slipped in to stroke the light dusting of hair between her legs, Buffy was ready for that touch.

There were questions he wanted to ask her. Questions about her plans and her future here in Smallville. Where she was working and how she ended up with custody of her sister and why such a young woman carried that responsibility. But that could wait... along with the questions of what she liked and how far could he push things.

Whether she liked to be on the top or on the bottom or if she objected to being taken from behind with her wrists held in one hand while the other played with her clit. Or if she would like to be treated to what he and Clark had already experienced, being taken by both of her lovers at the same time.

Yes... all those questions could wait.

Buffy gasped softly and whimpered; her body again arched towards him, sought his touch with silent pleas. So light, so gentle, barely touching her at times... and she wanted to be touched. Her sex was wet, so wet she thought he could feel her dripping and waiting just for him.

She wished she knew what to do for him, or that she had the courage to ask him. She'd seen him in livelier, rougher and faster-paced situations... but she didn't know what to do for him now. Or if he even wanted her to do anything. It had been a very long time since anyone had wanted her to just accept what she was being given, as long as it had been since her last experience with this kind of gentility. And she didn't know what she should do.

In a way, she felt lost.

Completely coated at first touch, his lover lifting and reaching for more in the second. So responsive, easily as responsive as Clark had been. Lex teased the lips, slipping one finger in and out while he explored her neck. Light brush of his lips on the skin, the scar on his upper lip dragging a little. When they found the raised section at the base of her throat, he hesitated and then he licked around the edges. The shape of a mouth had been left there along with the shiny, smooth texture of abused skin.

"God, Lex," she whimpered, both because of his finger sliding into her body and the feel of his mouth on her scar. Both Riley and Spike had avoided Angel's mark... but Lex didn't know what it was, and so didn't avoid it. And, to her surprise, it felt good. Instead of being less sensitive, as most scars tended to be, it was almost... almost more sensitive.

It figured that he'd find the one scar on her body and play with it. And she certainly wasn't going to stop him. One more unique experience... and that wasn't a bad thing.

Whatever had left that scar had a larger mouth than his own. Lex had to stretch his jaw to match the bite-mark and when he had it as accurate as he could, he hummed against her skin, drawing out another moan of his name from her.

He could feel the blood rushing under her skin, which was thin. Vampire bite, this was a vampire bite and the thought of it made him shudder. It also made his cock harder and more demanding of attention. Pulling back from that scar wasn't easy but he managed it and when Buffy's eyes met his, Lex's were dark and dilated, belying his outward calm.

Buffy's hands slid around to cup Lex's face as she leaned in to kiss him. Long and deep and passionate, but still gentle and sweet. She was breathing hard when she finally let their lips part, and she looked into beautiful, needy blue-gray eyes once more. "I want you, Lex. I need you. Please?" Whisper-soft plea, always asking rather than demanding. She thought she saw his eyes flare once with an answering need before she kissed him again.

When neither of them had any breath left, Lex pulled away. He placed his hand on his hips and with infinite care, guided Buffy into position. There was no awkwardness and no fumbling. This was something Lex was very, very good at.

Single stroke in, drawing her down at the same time rising to meet her. Lex didn't stop until he was fully buried. Not nearly as big as Clark, this position allowed him the ability to reach almost as deeply. His smile broadened when he felt the head of his cock nudge her cervix. That was when he sat up, turned her head to the side and covered the scar with his mouth again.

He licked the skin during the first inward thrust, sucked on it during the second and on the third, he bit. Hard and fast, not breaking the skin but she would bear his mark there for the next few hours.

Buffy keened softly in Lex's ear when he bit her; her entire body nearly convulsed and her channel clamped down on his cock for a few seconds. It wasn't entirely a physical reaction, though; her body responded to the flash of emotion that sped through her when she realized that he was placing his mark on top of the one already there, claiming her absolutely. It was a heady feeling that spun another rush of desire through her.

She began to rock her hips against his, moving in perfect harmony with every thrust. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her mouth sought his throat, his ear, his shoulder. She laid kisses everywhere she could reach and bit him lightly a few times. Not hard enough to leave more than the faintest of marks, but enough that he could feel it.

If anyone had told him this morning he'd be spending his afternoon doing this, Lex would have laughed in their face. He had a pre-dawn meeting with his father to go over the board-meeting notes and exchange vitriolic barbs. Lionel had not been happy losing the battle over the Smallville plant and he delighted in getting in what jabs he could. So when the emergency flight to Stockholm came up, Lex was more than relieved to put his father on the plane and head for home.

He'd planned on finishing the projections and maybe calling Clark over for a friendly game of pool. Which consisted of his beating Clark into the ground in between bouts of staring at Clark's stellar ass while he bent over the table to line up the shot. Their pool tournaments had become his favorite pastime as well as his favorite torture.

But instead, Clark showed up at his doorstep all dewy-eyed and mussed by the wind... even though there had been no wind to speak of. And with a girl in tow. A girl who was clinging to Clark and the mutual interest between them had been staggering. So goodbye Clark and all of Lex's longings for something else with him.

Now, three hours later, Clark was passed out in his bed after having been thoroughly fucked in every way imaginable and he was on the divan with said girl involved in one of those long, slow fucks that seemed to last three days. She was riding his cock and he was driving up into her like he had all the time in the world. Never mind the boy asleep in his bed. Clark was down for the count...

This was what he would classify as a good day. A very good day.

Part of Buffy was also reflecting upon the events of the day that led her to where she was now. She'd gone out in search of homemade apple pie, met a boy who was both the strongest and most gorgeous innocent she'd ever met in her life, and come with him to this great castle of a home. A home that belonged to his best friend, the man currently buried in her body and slowly driving her crazy.

Over the course of the morning she'd gone from silently wishing that Clark were older to not caring that he was underage and all the way to loving him deeply. She'd also gone from defensive caution with Lex through to the same kind of love she had for Clark. And now she was here, being gently taken by a man who admittedly didn't really love her, while their young love slept in the huge bed nearby.

Life just didn't get any crazier, but she was happy.

For once.

He'd told Clark once that not all relationships were based on love. In Lex's experience, most of them weren't. But he could love this girl. Given enough time, he could love her deeply.

For now he was content to have mutual respect and tenderness. He hadn't been this tender with anyone in years. Certainly not Vicky... Vicky was the rough and tumble sort. She liked it high and hard and more times than not, she indulged him in anal intercourse rather than vaginal. Which worked for Lex.

When he took her from behind, he closed his eyes and the body under his grew leaner. The curves were replaced by strong muscles. The wild red mane shortened and darkened into a cap of careless raven curls that Lex would grab and pull on while he viscously buried himself into that warm willing body. Yes, Vicky had been a means to an end and she'd also fueled his rich fantasy life.

As Buffy arched above him, Lex decided he'd never use her that way. She wasn't here to swindle him out of his inheritance. She wasn't here to break him or his father. She was here because she loved Clark and she loved him. And Lex could live with that.

She smiled a bit as the look in Lex's eyes gentled again and turned appreciative. And she realized that even if he never loved her, they would always have each other anyway. Mutual respect and caring could go a long way, as could friendship. The best marriages were based on those things as much as on love, after all. And Buffy believed that even if Lex didn't love her, she still meant something to him.

Not the way Clark did, she could never compete with that. But she had her own place and was content in it. So she smiled for him and caught his lips in another kiss. A kiss of acceptance, of love on her part, of genuine concern and desire.

And she knew that he understood. Even if he never actually said it.

It was when their mouths parted that time that they both heard a sound close by. Lex opened his eyes, craned his neck to see what it was and found himself looking into Clark's eyes. Their young lover was kneeling at the near end of the divan with his head propped in his hands watching them.


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