Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 16

Lex froze, worried that Clark was offended because they'd started something without him. Given his earlier mental state, this exclusive coupling with Buffy was probably a very bad idea. But instead of censure or hurt, there was quiet affection shining in Clark's steady gaze and the hand that touched Lex's face was gentle.

Dark hazel eyes also sought the source of the sound, and Buffy noticed Clark about the same time Lex did. She watched his expression carefully before deciding that he was just enjoying watching them. When Clark reached out to touch Lex, Buffy leaned forward and kissed the back of his hand. "Hey baby," she whispered softly in greeting, the first to break the silence.

"Mmmm... hey. How long was I out?" Clark's voice was sleepy but the kiss he gave Buffy and the one he gave Lex was anything but. Full exploration with lips and tongue and Lex was this close to whimpering when Clark finally pulled back.

That was it... he was going to fire Lana because the Girl. Was. Too. Dumb. To. Live. Anyone who grew up next door to Clark Kent and didn't jump him the instant he hit puberty had no business working for LuthorCorp.

"Half an hour... maybe forty-five minutes. Did you want to join us?" While Lex was thoroughly enjoying this solitary session with Buffy, he had no objection with pleasing Clark as well. Adaptability was a very useful skill just about everywhere.

In response, Clark yawned and scrubbed at his eyes. "Uh-huh... but I should clean-up first, right? I don't want either of you to get sick."

"It's probably a good idea," Buffy affirmed. "You might want to wake up a bit more, too, baby. We're not going anywhere... and could probably go on for a pretty long time. We'll wait for you." Buffy gave Clark a reassuring smile and caught his hand to kiss his palm. She folded his fingers around the kiss; a sentimental movement, giving him the kiss for his very own. Silly, yes. But sometimes the little things made a difference.

In response to that kiss, Clark beamed. His eyes were still sleepy as he shuffled off toward what he thought was the bathroom only to find himself in the study. Damien was standing by Lex's desk, sorting through some papers and he looked up immediately. "Mr. Luthor, your father's on the... oh dear. Mr. Kent?"

Okay... naked. Very, very naked. And face-to-face with Lex's personal assistant. A guy who'd given him the creeps until he realized that Damien was devoted to Lex. After that they had a cordial relationship but Clark would not classify them as friends.

While he stood there staring at Damien, his brain once again helpfully added the being naked part. Naked and covered with sweat and Lex and he was never going to live this down. "Um... Hi... where's the bathroom?"

"Go back the way you came and it's on the other side of the main closet." Damien's expression was one of complete control. He watched young Mr. Kent blush from the toes up and all he could think was **Lex finally has what he's needed for so long. Good.**

"Thank you..." Clark hurried toward the door while trying not to turn his back completely on Damien just in case there was a sign back there that screamed 'Lex was just here'. He stopped just inside the doorway and asked. "Should I tell Lex his dad's on the phone?"

"No, Mr. Kent. I think this once the elder Mr. Luthor can cool his heels. Shall we expect you for dinner?" Perfectly polite tone complete with the lift of an eyebrow and then eyes averted to save Clark any further embarrassment.

"Um... yeah. I think so. We'll..." Another blush, this one so hot Clark thought his face was going to burst into flames. "We'll let you know."

"Very good..." With that Damien took matters in his own hands and left the study himself. Clark hurried back into Lex's bedroom and rather than heading to the shower, he climbed back into the bed and pulled the covers up over his head.

Buffy blinked as she saw Clark pass by, his cheeks bright pink, and climb into bed again. The covers went up over his head and she got even more confused. Then it clicked... he'd headed for the bathroom and gone out the door to the study. And someone must've been out there - maybe this Damien that Lex mentioned. And the poor boy was embarrassed.

"Clark," she called out softly. "Are you okay, love?"

"No," came the muffled reply as Clark burrowed further under the covers. He wondered if it was possible to blush to death.

"Clark, what happened?" Lex really didn't want to move but if Clark was as upset as his voice indicated, they really had little choice. "Come here and talk to us."

There were even more burrowing sounds and then a sigh. Just as Lex moved to lift Buffy off his lap, he heard the covers rustling and then the pad of bare feet on the wooden floor. Clark plopped down on the rug in front of the divan and curled his knees up to his chest. He stared at the fire, encircling his knees with his arms. Bright red ran down his back, spreading across his shoulders and neck.

Clark was right in front of the divan, easily in reach from where she sat. Buffy reached out and ran her fingers through Clark's hair. Once, twice, several times. Gentle fingers, looking very pale against dark hair. "What happened, Clark? Talk to us, please?" Except for very small rocking motions, she mostly held still. She was concerned for Clark and didn't want to upset him by appearing to place their pleasure above his pain.

"I went the wrong way..." The words were muffled against his knee even though he leaned into her light touches. "Don't know my way around this part of the castle."

The wrong way meant his study and if Clark was blushing that heavily... "Let me guess. You ran into Damien." When Clark blushed more and nodded, Lex rolled a little towards him, careful not to dislodge Buffy. His arms slid around their teen-aged lover, holding him as close as he could. "Don't worry, Clark. Damien is completely loyal. He won't say anything to anyone."

"He saw me naked, Lex. You and Buffy are the only people who've seen me naked since I was six." Clark's face was at least out from behind his knees even though he couldn't quite look at them.

"There are no communal showers in the boys' locker room? No wonder I enjoyed boarding school so much." He kept the tone light, knowing that would draw Clark out more than acting shocked or worried and it did. Clark finally turned to look at him and there was a small smile on his lips.

"Your school doesn't have communal gym showers? Geez, California must be more progressive than I thought..." Buffy murmured, shaking her head. "Granted they were divided by sex... but you learn that no one has anything that you don't, generally." Buffy leaned over and hugged Clark gently, as best she could given her position.

"Baby, it's not that big a deal. As long as he didn't touch you... no harm done." She couldn't help but add that little possessive comment. If Damien had touched Clark... but she honestly didn't think he'd dare. Especially if he was as loyal as Lex believed.

"He wouldn't dare," Lex confirmed, his tone dark and deadly. He trusted Damien completely but the sight of Clark Kent naked was enough to tempt the Pope. Maybe not the current one but there were some from the late Renaissance that Lex could name off that would've been all over Clark.

"No... I'm not worried about him touching me. But he might tell my parents... or your dad. Who's on the phone." Clark turned the rest of the way around, resting his crossed arms on the divan. His fingertips brushed along Lex's shoulder.

"Probably wants to see the projections. He can wait." Long, slow glide upward into Buffy and then back down. Silent confirmation that he had no intentions of stopping to take a call from his father.

The concerned look still remained on Clark's face though. Lex raised a hand to tangle in his hair and grip the back of his head. "Damien won't tell your parents. He won't tell anybody. The man's kept more secrets about me than anyone in the world. You can trust him, Clark."

Buffy brushed her fingers against Clark's cheek. "Some people are just like that. They devote themselves to a person and they stick with it. It's just part of who they are." The description made her think of Giles. Giles, who had always stuck with her. No matter what mistakes she made or how many times she disappointed him. After many long months, she'd finally realized why he left.

Giles thought he was holding her back... thought that if she didn't have him to lean on, she'd finish the job of growing up and get on with her life. It had been a mistake, and one it had taken time to forgive him for. But at least she understood, now, why it had happened. It still hurt, but she understood.

"It's just... I didn't want to get caught this soon, you know? Wanted it to still be a secret... our secret." Clark raised his head enough so he could kiss Buffy and then kiss Lex. Always trying to keep it equal, to not have one be ignored in favor of the other.

"It's going to have to remain a secret, Clark. At least until you're 18 and able to be on your own. You're barely above the age of consent and anything you and I do is illegal in the eyes of the courts." They had this discussion once. Right after the incident with Jeff Palmer and Clark had asked him why he couldn't have chosen Amy over Victoria. At least Amy had loved him.

So Lex sat Clark down with the state statutes and explained how everything worked. That sex between two consenting adults of the opposite sex was legal but sex with a minor under the age of sixteen packed a hefty fine and jail time. Lex had been willing to leave it at that until Clark asked him about the next section of the law and requested an explanation of sodomy.

Needless to say, Clark went home a lot better informed and Lex ended up in a cold shower. Which did nothing more than leave him with freezing skin and a hard-on that wouldn't quit. That reunion session between his hand and his dick started in the shower and ended up three hours later with extremely messy sheets and very sore body parts.

"There are too many people who wouldn't understand," Buffy said sadly. "This kind of relationship we share just isn't legal. In no state, that I know of, is it legal for a person to have more than one spouse at a time. Male or female." She sighed. "And laws like that make things very difficult for people in a relationship like ours. The restrictive marriage laws tend to result in someone getting hurt."

Which was as close as she could get to a topic that bothered her. She had absolutely no idea what to do if one of her lovers asked her to marry him. No matter what choice she made, one of them could be hurt by it. And that just wouldn't do.

Very, very smart girl. While he'd idly considered marrying her off an on during the course of the past few hours, it had mainly been a joke. Lex needed to know so much more about her before making that kind of decision. He would be the logical one to do it. Clark was too young and his parents would object strongly. The only person who would object to Lex taking that step would be his father and he suspected that would not be a strenuous objection.

Hell, his father would probably be so relieved at the prospect of a legitimate grandchild that he'd pay Buffy to marry him.

Marriage was honestly more than Clark had considered, no matter how strongly he felt about Buffy. Next fall would see the start of his sophomore year in high school and while Clark knew some guys who got married that young, he wasn't ready for it. Besides, his parents would never agree. His mom was fighting his growing up tooth and nail as it was. Though if he chose anybody, it would be Buffy. Maybe she'd wait for him... or maybe Lex would marry her and when he graduated, they could all live together.

The house was certainly big enough.

Lex could see the silence on both their parts was hurting her. He raised his free hand to cup her cheek and murmured, "If I ever marry anyone... it would be you."

Buffy smiled and nodded, resting her hand on his. Her free hand reached for Clark. "I didn't mean to broach anything now. But we'd need to figure something out at some point, because if either of you ever asked, I wouldn't want to be in a position where someone gets hurt no matter what I do. Does that make sense?" Her eyes shifted from Lex to Clark.

She needed them both to understand, so she wouldn't ever get caught in the middle like that. It would be too unfair to everyone. Herself included.

"Perfect sense. Let's just see how things work out. I'll talk with Damien if it will make you feel better, Clark." Lex could feel Buffy relaxing against him and he hoped that the crisis had been averted. He and Buffy had a lot of things to discuss. Not that Lex planned on keeping any secrets from Clark but he was still younger than both of them and there would be things that he didn't understand.

"Please? I got grounded for a month because of the party last December. I can't imagine how long I'd be grounded for this. Probably until my junior year of college or maybe until I'm thirty." Clark's smile was back and he nuzzled Buffy's hand.

"I'll make that my first priority. Now why don't you go clean-up and join us?" Turning Clark's mind away from the problem and back to sex would further ease the situation. "The bathroom's..."

"The other direction. Past the closet... I remember. I just got turned around because I was sleepy. I'll be right back." He leaned forward and kissed Lex first this time and then Buffy. "I love you..."

"Love you too, baby," Buffy smiled up at Clark. She gave Lex a moment to return the sentiment, then added gently, "Now go get cleaned up so you can come back out here with us."

When Clark had disappeared into the bathroom, Buffy leaned down and kissed Lex. Softly, slowly, gently, she kissed him. And she didn't speak. She thought there was something on his mind, but she would let him choose his own time to talk about it. In the meantime, she slowly began to rock her hips against his again; she took her time and enjoyed the slow glide and the pleasant shivers it sent through her body.

He followed those slow movements with ones of his own and when she reached the bottom of one stroke, Lex circled his hips, grinding his pubic bone against her clit. That earned him a gasp and a dark-eyed look from Buffy. "How do you like it? Do you prefer fast or slow?" Lex murmured as he rose up to lick at her throat.

There was so little he knew about her beyond the reality of who she was. He wanted to know everything. How she took her coffee in the morning and did she sleep on her back or her side? How old was her sister and how long had they been on their own?

She tipped her head back, baring her throat to him in a motion that showed trust as much as anything else. A vampire-hunter did not lightly bare her neck to anyone. "Depends on my mood, and which part of me you're trying to attract," Buffy murmured, giving hint of her dualized nature for the first time. "The fighter in me likes it faster, the thrill of it," she began slowly, in a soft voice.

"The woman in me likes it like this; slow and gentle and the way it makes me feel cared for." Simplistic answer, but comprehensible. She didn't really feel like delving into the nature of a Slayer right now.

Lex's mouth grazed a spot under her ear before he spoke again "So who's in control now? Am I dealing with the fighter... or am I dealing with the woman?" His hands cupped the ball of her shoulders and his hips rose off the divan as he pulled both of them together. Through sheer force of will, he held that position and Buffy felt him flex deep within her.

Muscle control was everything. He'd shown it to Clark when his lover's cock had been deep inside and now Lex was demonstrating it with Buffy. There were many, many things he was good at. Sex was something he was great at.

Buffy cried out softly, feeling him moving inside her, flexing against her channel. It took a moment before she was able to answer him, "Right now, you've mostly just got me... the fighter isn't ever far, though. And I'm not sure you really want to meet the Slayer within..." The real essence of the Slayer even scared Buffy, and it was part of her. She'd always kept it carefully hidden from her lovers because of its ability to hurt them badly.

And, in Spike's case, it would've been the end of him. Which really might not have been a bad thing, all things considered.

"I love a challenge." Lex flexed again before loosening his grip and sliding back down. His whole body went down as well until he was lying on his back, looking up at her. "But the woman's more than enough for me right now. Lean back." He raised his knees, giving her a platform to rest against. When Buffy complied, Lex placed one hand on her belly again and pressed. The whole angle of penetration changed and his eyes narrowed as she tightened on him.

She was very, very good. Her oral technique had been excellent and the muscle control was breath-taking. There were a few places where her education had been lacking. Probably not a fault of her own, given her age and inexperience it was more likely a lack of adequate partners. Something he was going to remedy.

Right now the head of his cock should be rubbing right against the G-spot. Lex shifted a little to the left and knew he hit it when Buffy gasped and arched upward. Beautiful body on full display and he wished he had a camera right now to preserve the image for all time.

Her whole body arched, and if she'd been laying down she'd be mostly off the couch right now. Another soft, keening cry slipped from parted lips and her eyes closed as her head fell back. Dear God, she'd never felt anything like this. Not with anyone, ever.

When the wave passed and her body settled back, she very softly answered the question she'd seen in his eyes just before he'd moved again. "The muscle control is part of being what I am. I can control almost every muscle in my body."

And that ought to satisfy his curiosity. She was beginning to think that his mind must operate on several levels all at the same time, because no matter what he was doing he always seemed to be questioning something. Whether or not she could tell every time was debatable. Her mind didn't function that way. She wasn't a genius.

"Useful skill. I enjoy reaping the benefits." Voice soft and low, fitting with what he was doing. It'd been far too many years since he'd done this. Emilie would be proud of him. After all, she'd claimed he was the finest student she'd ever taught.

After a few more strokes, Lex held up both of his hands to her. He turned them so their fingers would not intertwine but instead she could grip and squeeze. When Buffy took both of them and held on, he lowered his knees slowly. "Keep your back against them, I won't let you fall."

Lex kept his word, not letting her fall. When she was bent almost all the way back, he moved, thrusting upward. The angle was incredible. This was something he couldn't keep up for long but it was worth it to hear her startled cry of pleasure.

Buffy almost didn't recognize her own voice in the cry that spilled out of her. Higher than her usual cries, breathy and needy and surprised all at the same time. The sound made her shiver and the feeling... the feeling, as Lex thrust into her again, was absolutely unbelievable. White-hot sparkles danced along her nerves and stars danced behind closed eyelids.

She was flying, floating, feeling tethered to the ground only by Lex's hands in hers and his cock within her. Every other sensation seemed distant, surreal, as her body tried to cope with the influx of pleasure.

Hot damn was he good... he really must have been taught by the best.

Two thrusts and then one more and he had to stop, otherwise he'd be coming. His lover had been hitting skimmers, little climaxes with every stroke and soon it would be time for a big one. Lex wanted to wait until Clark came back for that.

God, he'd missed this. He'd been too busy with thwarting his father and dodging the Smallville mutant of the week to take time to seriously make love to a woman. Too tied up in his hopeless pursuit of one Kansas farm-boy to indulge in this favorite pastime.

This was how Clark found them, their bodies entwined together like a Chinese puzzle. He stood a few feet away, hair still damp from his quick shower, and watched the tiny movements of Lex's hips. The position they were in seemed to be driven by tension. The tension in Buffy's body and legs and the tension in Lex's arms. The look on Lex's face was just this side of bliss. He had to take a step or two the other direction to see Buffy's but hers seemed to be the same.

Dimly, Buffy sensed a third presence. Her eyes slowly slitted open and lit on the figure of a tall, damp, naked boy. Her lover, and Lex's, had rejoined them... they were all together again, and their current interaction took on another dimension. "Clark," she breathed lightly. "Glad you could... join us." Her eyes met his, focusing easily despite being dim and hazy with pleasure and passion.

Her eyes, her smile, her entire expression invited Clark nearer. Drawing him into their love-making session with only a look, letting him know that he'd been missed and not left out. Never left out.

At the sound of Buffy's voice, Lex's eyes opened as well. He greeted Clark with a lazy smile before thrusting upward again. Buffy's body bowed as she made that wonderful needy sound again. "Come here, Clark... I need another hand to make this work."

Clark did as requested, kneeling in front of the divan which earned him a shake of Lex's head. "No, Clark. I want you over the end up here by me." Obligingly, Clark moved and leaned over the top of Lex. "Reach down between Buffy's legs and find her clit... It should feel like a little bump."

It was hard to reach Buffy from the end of the divan so Clark had to lean over a little further until he was almost lying on top of Lex. He reached for the spot Buffy and Lex had shown him earlier. He found it with his fingertips. "Got it. What do you want me to do?"

"Just rub it gently. Un-huh, right like that." Yes, Clark was in the perfect position. Lex turned his head, tilted his chin up and as Clark leaned over just a little more, Lex opened his mouth and Clark's cock slid right in.

"Oh God." Now this was something he never expected. Clark didn't even know anybody could do that. But Lex was, he was breathing through his nose and taking him deeper every second.

Buffy cried out, breathless again suddenly. The combination of sensations was heady, Lex's gentle thrusting within her and Clark's fingers on her clit. Combine those with the fact that she could see Clark's cock disappearing into Lex's mouth from this angle... her body was very nearly on overload.

From all appearances, Buffy assumed that she once again had a lover with something of an oral fetish. Not that she minded, and Clark certainly didn't seem to be complaining either... but it made for quite a show, with all three of them together.

When he started, Clark was only half-hard but while Lex sucked he reached full erection in a matter of seconds. Which only made the long, slow glide into his mouth and down his throat that much easier. The sweet taste was back, light and tangy. Lex didn't mind his lack of mobility, if he moved too much he would come and he wasn't ready for that.

Clark braced one hand on the back of the divan while he continued to stroke over that hard little nub. He tried not to think about the fact that Lex was sucking his cock. He tried really hard not to think about it. But he did crawl up a little further onto the divan so he could get a better angle.

She was very close to a climax. Almost too close; she wanted this to last. To have all three of them together for just a little more time. "Clark... baby slow down a little... please," Buffy pleaded with her young lover. "I want this to last a little longer..." She closed her eyes briefly and tried to control her breathing. It was the only thing she could think of, the only way to reach for a little control of herself.

Her whole body trembled, shivering a little more with every stroke, every bit of sensation. But the longer she held off, the more powerful the climax would be... and that was only her secondary motive. The primary one was just to hold onto this gentle tenderness while she could. To let it envelop her and remind her what it was like to be cared for... just for a little longer.

Holding onto her hands, Lex squeezed lightly with his thumbs before moving them until he was supporting both with only one hand. He needed the other to wrap abound the base of Clark's cock to keep him from going too deep. Clark was longer than he was used to and he needed to shorten the stroke to keep from choking.

Following Buffy's directions, Clark eased up. He slowed the pace of his strokes and lightened the touch. It took a few tries before he got it right. It was a good thing he was the one on top and he'd gotten some sleep because he needed all of his strength to keep from collapsing on either of them.

Buffy gave a soft sigh of relief when Clark did as she asked. The current level of sensation was something she could cope with for the bit of time she'd asked for. She had no idea whereabouts Clark was, pleasure-wise, because he'd mostly just started... but she guessed that Lex had to be near to coming, too.

They'd been at this for a long time, relative to what she was used to, and she had trouble believing that something that could spiral her so high, so fast, and for so long could possibly not have a similar effect on him. It just didn't seem possible.

Out of curiosity as much as anything else, Buffy tightened around Lex... just a little. She waited, holding her breath, wondering what his reaction would be. Nonverbal, probably, unless he wanted to let go of Clark. Which she doubted. But the man could say a lot with those steel-toned eyes of his... Not that she could see them from this position though... Clark was in the way.

The response she received was a sudden hard buck of Lex's hips as well as a deep moan. Which triggered one from Clark along with a thrust from him. Close, Lex was so close to coming that he could taste it. If she squeezed again, he was going to go.

Slowly, Lex brought his knees up again, lifting Buffy as he did so. He sincerely appreciated her tiny size at this point, it was no strain to lift her. As she rose upward, Clark leaned over for a kiss, losing himself in the softness of her lips.

Buffy closed her eyes and gave in to the kiss. Soft and sweet and entirely Clark, their tongues dancing and gliding together slowly. When she was upright again, she released Lex's hand and wrapped her arms around Clark instead. Savored a few more moments of the gentle, easy feelings within her and around her.

Finally, she knew she couldn't take any more. Her body felt like it was humming, tense and on fire at the same time. She pulled briefly away from Clark's lips to whisper in his ear, "Now, please, baby..." Her hips pressed just slightly against his fingers. She wanted him to send her over, to have a part in the incredible pleasure that was filling her up so completely. It wouldn't take much, anymore.

With both hands free, Lex was in better control of Clark. He kept one hand around his cock and the other on the curve of his hip. His slides upward into Buffy matched Clark's downward thrusts into his mouth.

Clark nodded, pressing harder and twisting his wrist a little to get a better angle. Lex was doing something really wild with his tongue and the crown of his cock, which meant Clark's own climax wasn't that far off. There were also pulses against the back of his hand that reminded him of what usually happened when he was playing with himself up in the loft or in his bedroom. Lex was about to come. Clark was willing to bet the family farm on that fact.

Buffy keened again before she pressed her mouth to Clark's and kissed him deeply. It only took a moment for the myriad sensations to combine into a wave of fiery pleasure that pushed her over the peak into orgasm. Her cries were muffled by Clark's mouth on hers, but her body arched and trembled, and her sheath clenched around Lex in a fluttery spasm.

Stars danced before her eyes and she could barely breathe from what was possibly the strongest climax of her life.

He managed four maybe five more thrusts before it slammed into him. Lex pulled back and pulled off of Clark's cock. He couldn't chance biting his lover as his own orgasm hit. Strong and sharp and breath-taking all at the same time. So strong that he did something he hadn't done in years while coming, Lex cut his tongue on his teeth. Bright copper filled his mouth, adding to rather than detracting from the experience.

The loss of Lex's mouth was devastating but Clark made no complaint. Not when he was so completely occupied with kissing Buffy. Below him he could feel Lex thrashing and calling their names in a choked voice. That voice was probably the sexiest thing he'd ever heard in his life.

Arms wrapped tightly around Clark's neck, Buffy clung to her young lover in a desperate attempt to ground herself. Her mind and body and every sense felt hazy, and she thought idly that if she'd been a witch and not a slayer, she really might have been visibly glowing right now. But she wasn't a witch, so she didn't think she really glowed, and didn't care to open her eyes and see if she was right.

Instead, she held on tightly to the only thing that seemed real as tremors continued to pass in waves through her body, beginning where Lex pulsed inside her body and spreading out to touch her everywhere. It was an incredible feeling, and she couldn't remember ever feeling anything like it before in her life.

Clark held onto her, keeping Buffy from collapsing. He knew the instant that Lex recovered because his cock was one again surrounded by his friend's mouth. The sucking was slower now and somehow wetter.

When he finally looked down between his legs, Clark caught sight of Lex's arched throat, then his mouth so full, lips stretched wide to accommodate his size. There was something strange at the corner of that mouth, something the wrong color but he let it go when Buffy pulled him in for another kiss.

Buffy kissed Clark thoroughly, deeply once more. Then she had to pull away, as oxygen became a serious issue. She was panting heavily, and still trembled just a bit. But she opened her eyes and gave Clark a brilliant smile. It made her feel warm to see the light that lit his eyes when she did, and it was all she felt capable of, at the moment. Post-orgasmic bliss was hitting her hard this time Her whole body felt languid. And she didn't fight it.

Holding her up was easy, especially since he was able to use both hands now. Lex had him braced in place, controlling every movement of his lower body. Clark kissed Buffy gently for a few more minutes before letting go so he could look down at Lex again.

The strangeness was still there only there was more of it. Clark lifted up a little more as he tried to figure it out and he realized it was a kind of pink foam, bordering on red.

Blood, what he was seeing was blood.

Lex was bleeding.

Lex was bleeding.

The image in the storm cellar of his lover's broken and bleeding body flashed before his eyes and Clark did the only thing he could to. He pulled away, backing up as far as he could. Unfortunately his balance was off and he ended up stumbling, then hitting the wooden floor with a very heavy thump.

"Clark? What the hell...?" One minute his mouth was blissfully full and the next Clark was completely gone from sight. Lex twisted, trying to catch sight of Clark and found him sprawled on the floor, several feet away from the divan. "Are you okay?"

Raven hair a study of casual disarray that Vidal Sassoon would have killed to create and eyes the size of saucers, Clark Kent was the epitome of terrified innocence. Once you got past the naked and hard part of the equation, that is. He was staring at Lex's mouth, unable to speak, unable to do anything other than make a small whimpering noise that reminded Lex immediately of those terrible minutes when he thought the boy was lost to them forever.

Blinking, startled by the sudden movement, Buffy leaned over and dabbed her fingertip against the corner of Lex's mouth. "Lex, you're bleeding," she said very softly. "What happened?" Her eyes shifted from him to Clark and she took in wide, dark, terrified eyes. "Clark, baby... it's okay. I don't think you did anything wrong. Come here, please?" She held her arms out to him, a pleading look on her face.

Lex wiped at his mouth and it came away red. "So I am. Bit my tongue earlier. It's already started to heal up." He sat halfway up and held he hand out to Clark. "It's okay. You didn't hurt me, Clark. I did it to myself. Come here."

Clark hesitated, suddenly feeling very young and unsure of himself. There was a thin trickle of blood running down from the corner of Lex's mouth and his entire attention focused on it. He scooted forward and wiped the trail away with his thumb. "You sure I didn't...?"

"I'm sure. It's been years since I did that but yeah... I bit my tongue." Lex pressed it against the roof of his mouth, testing the wound, which had already closed. "I'm fine, Kent. Now get back up here so I can finish blowing you." His smile was sharp, shark-sharp and Clark felt a moment of worry until he looked into Lex's eyes and found that hunger again. The one he'd seen so many times today.

He hadn't hurt Lex and Lex still wanted him so maybe it'd be okay to just... you know... finish. Come in his mouth again. Clark knew his ears were burning but it didn't stop him from rising up on his knees. Although it did surprise him when Lex scooted towards him, moving until his head dropped off the end and his mouth was... oh yeah... right there.

Once again, Buffy found herself witness to a sight she'd never imagined seeing. Two gorgeous, drop-dead sexy men... with one's cock in the other's mouth. Deep in the other's mouth. She could see Lex's chin touch Clark's belly, could see muscles working in the column of Lex's throat. Even with a cock in his mouth, Lex's aura seethed with confidence. Contentment oozed from his body as he pulled Clark closer.

On the other side of the equation, Clark still looked shaky. Wide-eyed and vulnerable. Concerned, though the edge of terror had faded when Lex admitted to biting his own tongue. But she could tell he was still worked up over it, and not all of the motivation for his rapidly beating pulse was coming from his dick.

She shifted forward slightly and held out her hands to Clark. "Here, baby... hold on to me," she offered lightly. Buffy saw him hesitate, but after a few moments his hands reached for hers. She shifted their grasp so that she was holding onto his forearms just past the wrists, and he was holding hers similarly. She wasn't indestructible and, while she didn't mind the bruises, she didn't want layer upon layer of them either.

That would hurt more than just a little.

"You can hold onto me, squeeze my arms, and it'll be okay. I promise," she told him gently. "And if you want to practice control later, we'll do it. I'll show you how. For now, just relax. And enjoy. Just let go of the fear and trust us, love. We'll keep you safe."

The only thing wrong with this position was his inability to speak. Lex was in perfect agreement with Buffy and while he might seem vulnerable to the eyes of an innocent, he had complete control of Clark. His hands were braced on Clark's hips, guiding him in and out, in and out in a soothing rhythm that would soon set Clark at ease. With his head titled back, there was little, if no chance, of Clark damaging either the hard or soft palate.

Lex's throat was relaxed and open. All he really had to do was match his breathing with Clark's careful thrusts and... oh yeah, use his tongue to drive him wild. Lex sucked hard, slowing the next inward thrust and increasing the drag coefficient on Clark's cock to the power of ten. That earned him a buck and a groan and the exceedingly rare event of hearing Clark Kent curse. "Fuck, Lex..."

**That's sort of the point here, Clark.** Internal snark, one of his hidden skills. Lex used it to deal with his father and the army of toadies that worked for him. It was the only thing that made a visit from Dominic Senatori palatable.

Holding onto Buffy was the only thing keeping him upright. And the hands on his hips was the only thing keeping him from pushing in and in and in. This was just another lesson in control, only this time without the teddy bear or the eggs. He'd mastered those - he could certainly master this.

Buffy was more than willing to be used as a prop to keep Clark upright. It had actually been part of the idea... as talented as Lex's tongue was, she knew she wouldn't have been able to stay upright with Lex doing that to her. Or Clark either, for that matter... once the boy got going, his sheer enthusiasm and willingness to listen to hers or Lex's murmured instructions went a LONG way.

But this wasn't about her. Buffy's body, complete with Lex still inside, was replete and comfortable... for the moment, at least. After this, what she really wanted was a shower. And to finish her sandwich, because she was getting hungry again. But she set those thoughts aside and focused on Clark. And Lex, of course, but Lexy could take care of himself. And Clark, and her, as he'd so ably demonstrated.

And, okay, yeah... powerful climax equals brain out the window. She was glad neither of her lovers displayed any mind-reading tendencies. She'd have to be majorly embarrassed if either of them could hear her internal babbling. At least she wasn't saying it, which would be a total disaster.

Idly Lex wondered how bad his father's heart attack would be if he'd installed cameras in his room after the incident with both Jeff Palmer and the thieves who'd broken into his vault. The mere thought of having Rog deliver a similar manila envelope to his father with photos of himself and his two lovers was quite amusing. Maybe the old man would simply keel over and save him the trouble of mounting a hostile takeover before he was thirty.

His dad wouldn't mind the woman. Hell, he'd be overjoyed to see his son's dick employed in something that might bring about progeny. An heir with hair that could someday inherit the Luthor billions would send Lionel into paroxysms of delight.

Delight that would be short-lived when the camera shifted subjects and preserved for all posterity the young god currently fucking his son's mouth so damned thoroughly. Heart attack and maybe a stroke on top of it once he found out just how young said young god was. Sixteen - Dad might end up on a respirator for the rest of his life... Or a coma.

Serve his father right for exiling him in the first place. 'I'm sending you to Smallville, son, where the only thing you can fuck are women and the occasional farm animal.' Bastard. Pity he couldn't chance it.

But the thought of waking some morning to a shotgun in his face held there by an outraged Jonathan Kent was sufficient deterrent. Neither he, nor Clark, nor Buffy could afford to piss off the elder Kent. The man had one hell of a temper and he was extremely protective of his son. No wonder, considering his son was front page of the Inquisitor material and damn... he was going to have to find Rog and kill him.

Soon. Clark whimpered, the sound low and needy and embarrassing. But Lex was doing something with his tongue that was stealing his breath away. And when he dropped his head even further back, pulling him all the way in, Clark was sure his brains along with everything else in his body had just drained down into his cock.

Buffy watched as Clark's cock fully disappeared into Lex's mouth again. Fully as in completely as in she couldn't see it at all. She took in the angle Lex's head was at and began to wonder if she might possibly find a position that would allow her to do something similar. Over the years, she'd learned to control her gag-reflex and refined it along with the rest of her muscle-control abilities. That wasn't the issue.

Breathing might be an issue. As would the fact that the throat did narrow at some point and there just wouldn't be a way to force it larger because it wasn't a muscle-controlled diameter, it was just the way it was. But she would do some thinking and maybe talk to Lex and see if they could come up with something. She wanted to try. She really wanted to try... she'd tasted Clark in Lex's mouth, and she wanted to try it for herself.

Not that she really thought Clark would complain much if Lex could take him better than she could... but she wanted him to get the most out of it that he possibly could. Granted that she was the only female in this relationship, and if they wanted... God, there was that word again... if they wanted pussy they'd have to get it from her. But she didn't want to be an object like that, either.

This could be a tricky situation. She'd have to think about it later. When she could be broody and no one would care. This wasn't a time for broody. This was a time for pleasure and enjoyment. As much as they could have, anyway.

Nothing like a good long session of oral sex to relax a guy. No wonder he'd been so tense the last year. Lex couldn't remember the last time he'd blown someone. Well... that wasn't true. He just didn't want to remember it. The guy was a hell of a lot smaller than Clark and he came in about 10 seconds flat. Plus there was the whole taste and smell factor.

Lex knew he was ruined for life...

Clark Kent's taste was in a category all its own. Lex had always liked the bitterness of semen, it reminded him of a good dark beer. But Clark's lemony taste and mild musk was seriously addicting.

Lex felt a slight flutter around his cock and then a gentle squeeze. No, he hadn't forgotten Buffy. In fact, his dick was perfectly happy to be right where it was, thank you very much. She was still warm and wet and trembling a little from her climax.

His feelings for her were growing stronger every minute he remained in her presence. Despite the fact she was the Slayer and technically the most physically powerful woman on the planet, there was a fragility about her that reminded Lex of his mother. The only woman he'd loved with his whole heart.

It was possible that he could grow to love her, given time. He had serious trust issues where women were concerned. Truthfully, he had serious trust issues where people were concerned. The only person he trusted was Clark; even though he knew Clark had been lying to him from the first day they met, Lex still trusted him.

It was easy to love Clark. His friend had a big heart, always helping out wherever he could. Running in where angels fear to tread. Of course, being a super-strong alien probably helped a lot but still... Clark never showed fear about anything other than someone discovering his secret. A secret that he'd just laid at Lex's feet along with access to his magnificent body.

Had Clark been anyone else, Lex would have considered that a very bad move. Alexander Joseph Luthor was an ambitious man. He would use anyone and anything to achieve his goals. Anyone and anything except one Clark Jerome Kent... his only friend in the world and honestly... the love of his life.

Strange what revelations one could reach while sucking someone's cock. He should do it more often...


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