Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 17

Unaware of the fact that her mind was somewhat paralleling Lex's - and imagine her shock if she knew - Buffy was also musing over secrets. Specifically, the secret of her identity, which she'd shared with him. Clark would never tell a soul, of that she was certain. Lex... he'd been more of a risk, though she hadn't thought much about it at the time.

Lex was ambitious, that much was plain as day for anyone to see. He oozed power like he oozed sensuality, and ambition was part of the package. He might have tried to use her, and he might have tried to go after Dawn as leverage. Or even just threatening to expose what he knew, though a place like this wouldn't likely buy into the vampires and magic thing too much. But he could, potentially, do a lot of damage to what remained of her family.

So why had she told him?

Trust. She trusted him. She didn't know why, but she did. It was almost... innate. Just something she knew at the time. It was right.

Oh, there was a good chance he'd considered, even if only briefly, alternatives. The habits of a lifetime don't change in a day or a week or even a few months, and he'd probably been playing power games for as long as she'd been the Slayer, if not longer.

But... there was something completely human about him. Something she'd really only begun to see when she noticed that he was mooning after Clark. When she realized that there was mutual longing going on in front of her eyes. And perhaps that was why she knew she could trust him.

Because of Clark. Because Clark made Lex want to be a better person. And that simple desire told Buffy that she could trust him. With her secret...

And with her heart.

Balanced on his knees and with Buffy's added strength, Clark was gliding through this. Lex was pulling him in smoothly and then back out and whenever Clark looked down he was treated to either the sight of Lex's long, pale throat and the dark pink lips wrapped around the thick column of his cock. Or the x-ray kicked in and he could see the internal view, which was still sexy in a very weird and scary way. Mainly because that cock was his... Clark Kent's and yeah... he was getting laid.

A lot.

A whole lot.

Pete was gonna be so jealous. Even though there was no way he could ever tell him. Pete hated Lex enough already, he really didn't need to find out that his best friend from kindergarten on up was getting sucked off by the dreaded Lex Luthor. Had gotten sucked off by him and - man, his mom was going to hate that word becoming part of his vocabulary - fucked by him and fucked him in return.

And he couldn't tell Pete about Buffy either because they went to school with her little sister. Clark genuinely liked Dawn, he'd even started to get a little crush on her... that is until he met Buffy. So there was no way he could tell Pete about Buffy either.

That... sucked. He had to listen to Pete crow about every girl his friend got a chance to talk to, or take to the movies, or a dance and he wasn't going to be able to say a thing. Not even when Pete bragged about getting to second base at the Spring Formal with Erica Fox, which if he heard one more time, Clark was going to hit him into next week.

He'd almost kissed Chloe, almost, and the tornado had to show up and he had to go save Lana... again while Pete was making out in the office of the Torch.

Kent was getting distracted, and that would simply. Not. Do. Putting every skill he had to the test, Lex sucked him all the way down into his throat, sealed his lips around the base and swallowed. Clark yelped... literally yelped and surged forward, bumping Lex's nose with his balls, which garnered another yelp.

Now that was a noise he wanted on tape. Something to play back after he sent both of his lovers home for the night. It'd certainly liven up the dreary task of working on profit margin analysis and production projections for the next 12 months.

Clark looked up at Buffy and his whole body shuddered. His hips started moving of their own accord and his hands tightened briefly on her forearms before easing up. "Ohhh... Ohhh... Lex..." Desperate not to say anything that would sound naive or too young for words, Clark pulled Buffy toward him and kissed her.

Buffy smiled and kissed him back. Her fingers tightened slightly around his arms, just enough to both indicate that it was okay for him to do the same and to brace herself if he did squeeze her arms tightly. Her tongue engaged his in a gentle duel, drawing their tongues from one mouth to the other in an echo of Clark's cock in Lex's mouth.

She knew immediately when he caught on, because his tongue began to thrust into her mouth in a faster rhythm. The little whimper when she caught his tongue and sucked on it sent little thrills through her body.

She could get used to this... really, really quickly, she could get used to this level of interaction. Of attention, and caring, and... well, just pure sex. When she really got going, she tended to wear out lovers, in the past. Too much energy. But these two... had every chance of wearing her out rather than the other way around.

Yes, that settled it. Security cameras in every room and tape recorders. Especially in here. Every whimper, every moan, every flash of golden movement or pale body were going to be recorded. Not to show to his father, not to show to anyone else... simply for his own benefit and later enjoyment.

Nothing in life was permanent. Clark's young, too young to know who he was meant to be with for the rest of his life. Lex couldn't remember who his interest was held by at sixteen, couldn't remember even ten of the people he'd slept with during that year of his life. So when Clark finally tired of this and moved on, Lex would at least have the pictures and the sounds to remember him by.

Buffy, he had more of a chance of holding onto. She was older and, by all accounts, had been through several disastrous relationships. When Clark left, they would at least have each other. For however long that lasted.

Lex sucked harder. He pulled back far enough to curve his tongue up under the retracted foreskin and hummed. That earned him a flood of pre-come, tangy and sweet and the rush from it was incredible. Above him Clark was babbling something about don't stop and I'm gonna come and that was music to Lex's ears. He opened his mouth and opened his throat one more time, pulling Clark all the way in.

When Clark felt Lex tighten on him again, that was it. A wave of heat radiated out from deep inside, rising up over him and sending him spinning out of control. He thrust into Lex's open throat, the pulses starting at the base of his cock and Clark was gone. Well and truly gone...

Flying, he was flying.

The first shot went straight down his throat and into his stomach. Lex swore he felt it actually hit. The jet was that strong. He pushed Clark back until only the head remained in his mouth so he could catch everything else. Yes - strong and lemony and better than anything else in the whole world.

Buffy held onto Clark as he swayed. She watched him with a smile as his expression radiated pleasure and words tumbled from his mouth in an uncontrolled torrent. He really was adorable when he came. Not to mention incredibly sexy, both because of the way he looked and from the combination of adult and child in him. It was very attractive... it drew her loving, protective side and her more primal, sexual side wanted to be near him.

Clark was incredible. Lex was incredible, too. She just didn't have the words to tell them so... didn't know quite how to tell them how... how transcendent they were, together.

Now that was what he'd been wanting. Ever since he'd first tasted Clark's come, Lex wanted more of it. Maybe he could convince Clark to bottle some for him... **No, Dad, not that bottle. I think you'll find the bourbon more to your taste. Hmmm? Oh, this? Just a protein shake Andre whipped up for me...**

Coming back to earth, Clark found his whole body shaking. The support Buffy was giving him the only reason why he hadn't fallen over. His legs, usually so strong, were like limp noodles and he swayed, then collapsed onto the back of the divan when Lex eased his cock the rest of the way out.

When Clark let go of Buffy's arms, Lex used his elbows to push himself up into a seated potion. Buffy was still in his lap and wonder of wonders he was still hard and still inside her. Let's hear it for Lexian stamina. He pulled her in for a kiss, sharing part of his mouthful of essence du Clark Kent. The rest he was saving for Clark himself.

Time to teach the innocent another trick. One of Lex's all-time sexual favorites. Snowballing...

Buffy smiled as she kissed Lex. It was sweet of him to share with her... she rather enjoyed it, and one look at his face told her that he did, too. She spent a few moments just marveling at the taste. Completely unlike anything she'd ever tasted, it was sweet and rather lemonish. Definitely unique, and not at all unpleasant.

Finally she released Lex's mouth and let him pull away. With an amused smile, she watched as he kissed Clark... and almost giggled at the expression on Clark's face when he found his own essence in his lover's mouth.

At least Clark didn't pull away. Lex opened his eyes just enough to catch Clark's startled expression before he pushed his come-soaked tongue into Clark's mouth. The hand that rose to grip his shoulder tightened a little and then relaxed. When Clark started sucking on his tongue, Lex instantly raised his lover's price to twenty times Canada's gross national product. It was a good thing Clark loved him because Lex could no longer afford the going rate.

So okay... he'd tasted it before. When Lex kissed him the first time and there'd been a couple of times in the shower when he'd rubbed his face after coming and gotten some smeared on his lips but this was the first time he'd sought it out. It tasted good, really good. A little like his mom's lemon squares but not as strong or biting. And Lex was massaging his tongue, kneading at it in a way that reminded Clark of the first kitten he'd ever held. Soft little paws on his bare stomach, claws that he couldn't feel and was Lex purring?

When Lex broke away, he was panting. And his hips were moving, sliding his still hard cock in and out of Buffy. Kent had this uncanny ability to kiss him stupid. Words were a foreign concept at the moment so he pressed his forehead against Clark and cupped the nape of Buffy's neck, pulling her in close too.

Buffy pressed in close and wrapped her arms around her lovers. Hazel eyes closed slowly and, other than the rocking of her hips that matched Lex's, she was still and quiet. Just soaking up as much gentle attention as she could, while she could get it. God only knew what tomorrow would bring, after all. Perhaps more of the same, but also perhaps not. She would never know... she might have prophetic dreams, but not of that type.

She could look in some of the prophecy books, at least the ones in English or that she had translations for. Giles had left her translated copies of several of the upcoming prophecies from the Codex. And she was hoping to find a way to learn Latin before she ran out of prophecies.

But for now... for now, she would just enjoy what she had. Clark and Lex. The only two people in her life other than Dawn who genuinely cared about her.

"Lex... that was... wow. Where'd you learn that? Or do I want to know?" Clark was still shaking even as he reached around Lex to pet Buffy's hair. He wanted to go back to bed and curl up with both of them but moving wasn't going to be happening anytime soon. Not if his knees had anything to say about it.

"Which part? The inventive use of furniture or the snowballing?" His lips ghosted over Clark's cheek, gliding up that long plane and enjoying the burn. Clark needed a shave and Lex was determined to enjoy the rough sensation of incipient whiskers on his friend's face. He didn't grow any himself so he had to take what he could get.

"Ummm... not to sound naive or anything... but what's snowballing?" That was a term he'd never heard before. Clark was pretty sure it was called a blowjob unless the information Pete had been feeding him since fifth grade was patently false. Which it shouldn't be because Pete had older brothers who had girlfriends and one was married.

"Remember when I kissed you?" Lex smiled when Clark nodded and before he continued, Lex turned to give Buffy a gentle, searching kiss. He loved the way she responded to his and Clark's every touch. Like she'd been starved for affection for years... which she probably had. Something else he intended to remedy. "After you came, I kissed both of you and I shared... that's called snowballing."

"Oh... Oh!..." Clark's eyes were impossibly wide as the meaning sank in. It didn't help that Lex's voice made everything sound dirty, even when it wasn't. And what he'd just said was dirty. Really dirty. "Oh man, I'm never gonna be able to have a snowball fight with Pete ever again."

Buffy laughed gently. "Really? I've only had a snowball fight once... maybe by winter I'll have invested in a warm enough wardrobe to take my sister out and play in the snow. Wow... imagine an entire winter of snow. Like, months of it!" Her eyes danced, then she shivered. "Way too cold... but it has fun potential."

Then she winked at Clark as Lex joined in, laughing with her. "Even if you do blush bright pink every time one of us throws a snowball at you."

"Like I'm not blushing now? When am I ever gonna outgrow this?" Scrubbing at his burning cheeks, Clark laughed self-consciously. His blushing was one of the ways his parents could tell when he was lying. He usually lit up like a Christmas tree. Which made it a wonder why he'd been able to keep his secret this long.

"I hope you never do. It's... charming." That comment earned Lex a sock to the arm, which he made a great show of rubbing as if it had really hurt. Which in turn drew a kiss on the mock-injured spot by Clark and Lex reeled him in for an open-mouthed, tongue-like-an-eel kiss that shattered every last bit of Clark's naivete where kissing was concerned.

When Clark pulled back, too stunned to say anything or even try to move more than a few inches, Lex turned his attention to Buffy. "Winter here is long and dreary but I have the feeling you're going to liven things up. Clark keeps trying to get me to go on a sleigh-ride but with our luck we'd get caught in a blizzard. Think you can come with us and keep me warm?" He ran a hand over his bald pate in an obvious ploy for sympathy. Which was belied by the way his eyes twinkled with mischief.

Buffy grinned and nodded, leaned forward to kiss Lex's head gently. "I think I could manage that rather nicely. Though I don't know how much I liven things up... unless trouble is following me around, by that point." Her eyes twinkled and she leaned over to kiss Clark's temple gently. "The blushing is rather cute, you know," she whispered into his ear as she pulled away.

Reaching out, she slid one hand through Clark's hair and the other skimmed lightly over the top of Lex's head. Then, with another smile and a wink, she said playfully, "Yep, you definitely need to be kept warm. You lose 70% of your body heat through your head, you know. And I think I'm jealous... your skin is smoother than mine is."

"Comes from having no hair at all. I hated it when I was a kid but I'm used to it now." Lex leaned into her touches, letting more of his walls down. His mother and Pamela both use to do that, rub his head gently and they were the only ones that didn't make him feel like a freak or some exotic pet.

"I like the way it feels too." Clark's big broad and impossibly soft hand joined Buffy's. Now he had two people petting his head and Lex was this far from purring. If he could have made that undignified of a sound, he would have. The best he could do was a rumble of approval.

Buffy purred gently in response. It was kind of a funny feeling, petting Lex... but also a very comforting one. She got the feeling that very few people were allowed to touch his head like this... That he let them, and was enjoying it, said quite a bit to her.

She tilted her head and studied Lex for a moment. "You know," she said finally, a touch of a smile lighting her eyes. "I think that you look so good as you are that I don't know if I can even picture you with hair." Her head canted in the other direction and her face took on a contemplative expression. "You know... I don't think I can..." Curiouser and curiouser, since she usually had a very good visual imagination.

"Can I... can I ask what color it was?" she asked finally in a small, hesitant tone.

"The same color as my mother's... which was attractive on her and ridiculous on me... Flaming red and curly. I got teased about it when I had it and reviled when I lost it." His steel-grey eyes met hers and for a moment, Buffy saw the man she'd met in the front foyer earlier that day. Remote and cool, his steady gaze an assessing one while he awaited her judgment.

Lex was doing it again, putting up barriers. And they had no place here. Clark leaned over and nuzzled his neck. The movement was a little awkward but it drew a quick smile from Lex and the cool exterior melted away as he lifted his chin for a kiss from Clark. Then gave Buffy one as well, an apologetic one.

Buffy smiled and the expression in her eyes said that his apology wasn't necessary. When Lex's lips left hers, she pulled him closer and kissed the top of his head with an open mouth and a flick of her tongue. "I like you the way you are, Lex. No judgments here," she murmured softly. "Willow is a redhead, and if your mother had hair like hers, I'm sure it was lovely." Gentle acceptance with a touch of admiration colored her voice.

She now knew the little that she really needed to know about Lex's mother. Clark had been right, she'd provided the foundations for the gentle man who currently held her and Clark. And while the years may have made him hard, cold and bitter... the foundations were still there, and the young man within still knew how to love. Tremendously reassuring, and Buffy had a great admiration for Lex's mother all of a sudden.

"There's a portrait of her in the main hall. I don't think it does her justice but I'll show you later." He ran his hand up Buffy's back, then riffled Clark's hair. Silken under his fingertips and just as thick as he'd imagined it would be. Touching Clark was a sensual delight Lex had denied himself for far too many months. Now that he could touch, he couldn't get enough.

Closing his eyes, Clark leaned into that touch. His lips brushed Lex's cheek, tingling from the contact. "Mmmm... Lex?"

"Yes, Clark?" Lex was distracted at the moment, both by the feel of Clark's hair and his current fascination with the curve of Buffy's chin, which he was exploring with little nips and kisses.

"Are either of you hungry?" The sandwich before his nap was long gone by now, cannibalized by his body to feed the inch or two he still had to go before this growth spurt was over. His mom kept looking at his size fourteen feet and despairing that he'd never stop growing.

Being six foot four at age fifteen had put quite a dent in the family budget with all the clothes his parents had to buy for him. Luckily plaid flannel and the XXL sweaters that kept showing up in the season end clearance sales were cheap. They were the only things keeping his family out of the poor-house.

Buffy giggled softly and shook her head. She was, a little, but if Clark was hungry he could finish her sandwich. She could always eat later. "You can finish my sandwich, if you want to, love. I don't mind." Even as she spoke, she tilted her head sideways to let Lex's mouth continue along her jawline. If he moved down from there, he'd hit her scar again... but since neither of them had asked about it, she wasn't going to go into explanations.

That Lex didn't avoid it was enough to convince her that he just accepted her past as it was. Even if he didn't know about it all, yet.

"Mmmm... or I can order more for us. Anyone in the mood for champagne?" There was a magnum of Dom in the fridge in the main study. He'd been saving it to celebrate the first quarter profits for the plant after the buy-out. But this was even more of a cause for celebration.

"I'm not allowed to drink yet." Tired of sitting on the floor, Clark climbed up onto the divan and settled in behind Lex. He bore most of his lover's weight against his chest, nuzzling his neck again while Lex nibbling his way down Buffy's throat.

"Clark... if you're old enough for this... you're old enough for one glass of champagne." Perfectly logical. Old enough to fuck, old enough to drink. If he was going to corrupt Clark, he might as well go all out.

"I'll have one, if you're ordering it," Buffy agreed lightly as she tipped her head further aside for Lex. "But only one. Even without the magic, alcohol and Buffy aren't exactly mixy things. But one glass won't hurt anything." She looked at Clark out of the corner of her eyes. "Baby, if one glass won't hurt me, it certainly won't hurt you. Even if you've never had a drink before, you could drink me under the table and still be sober."

He probably could, at that. But her buzzes didn't last long, and the alcohol was usually out of her system before the hangover could begin.

"Or I could always pour it over both of you." That said, Lex licked at the scar on her neck. In the center of it were the impressions left by his own teeth, a mark of possession if he'd ever seen one.

"Why would you want to do that?... Oh... not the brightest question I could ask, huh?" Not for the first time, Clark felt out of his depth. He thought he knew Lex but he was finding out that he really didn't. His best friend - an incredibly intelligent guy who was unfailingly kind to him even though he asked rather pointed and dangerous questions - was also what his dad called a hedonist. He'd do anything, anything at all for pleasure's sake.

Which didn't fit in at all with the way Clark had been raised. Hard work, applying yourself and being frugal in everything was the Kent way. No wonder Lex drove his dad nuts.

Buffy's eyes widened. She'd played that game, a little... but never tried it with something like champagne. Finally she smiled and said, "I'll bet the bubbles tickle." She turned a fond expression on Lex, tilted her head and regarded him with dancing eyes. "Hedonist," she accused playfully. "Playing games with us, now?" Not that games couldn't be fun... she hadn't been overly experimental, but she recognized the signs, at least.

And she knew from what little history she remembered that people in parts of society who had few options in the way of fun tended to make up games for their own pleasure. And way back in history, in the heyday of the hedonists, sex had been a very popular game.

"Mmmm... you have no idea what I'm capable of." Long slow drawl followed by a shift of his hips underneath her. "But I'll be happy to show you, given enough time. And yes, they tickle... everywhere." Lex licked the scar again and bit lightly, smiling as she arched up against him.

The urge to nose in like an eager puppy was showing up again. Clark pulled Lex and Buffy in even closer, kissing his way up the nape of Lex's neck and stopping when he found the bump that drove Lex up the wall earlier. He explored it with lips and tongue, smiling to himself when Lex started to shudder. That was a reaction Clark really loved.

Buffy's head fell to the side when Lex bit her neck again and she whimpered. Her hands lifted, settled lightly on his shoulders. Her fingertips curled around the curve of smooth skin and ever so slightly pulled him closer. "You like doing that, don't you?" she murmured after a long moment. He really seemed to enjoy it... though why, she wasn't sure. It was the only scar on her body, the one that never faded and probably never would.

And Lex really seemed interested in provoking whatever reactions he could by teasing and leaving his mark on the same spot.

"I do... Someone dared to mark you. I know what that's like." Lex licked his upper lip, the scar there and the one under his chin were the only ones that never faded. One of them placed there by his father and the other by the meteor shower that had brought Clark to earth. The same Clark who was sucking on his neck and making him harder than hell. He'd come probably fifteen minutes ago and hadn't come down completely from it yet.

Starting up again was the stupidest thing he could do, the result would be a painful climax at best or several searing hours of all-out fucking that would end with him frustrated and one, if not both, of his partners very sore. It was time for a serious break. Food and champagne were definitely in order.

Now if he could just get Clark to stop nuzzling him and playing with his hip-bones... And for God's sake was Clark hard again? Lex wasn't going to last through the first day of this, let alone a week, or a lifetime.

"I made him bite me, Lex," Buffy murmured gently. "It was the only way to save him. He would have rather died than hurt me, and I would have rather died than let him. That's why it's there. And shortly thereafter, he left me." She shook her head slightly and closed her eyes. Not at all a pleasant memory. But that mark gave the measure of her dedication to the people she loved.

When she loved, she loved absolutely. And the single mark she bore proved it.

Lex studied the mark, tracing the edge of it with his thumb before looking up into Buffy's eyes. "And he would be Angel... right? I can't see Spike being that selfless." No. Spike, the Spike he knew was far from selfless. And any other vampire would simply have torn her throat out if they'd been allowed that close.

Buffy nodded slowly. "Yes, Angel. The vampire with a soul who fell in love with a Slayer. The ultimate in forbidden love, if you want to look at it that way. It's a long story, and I'll tell it if you want but it doesn't have a happy ending." Not at all. Angel had been the first to break her heart, regardless of the fact that he thought he was doing it for her own good.

It wasn't a pretty story, either. If she told it in Clark's hearing, she would have to edit the events of her 17th birthday and the time after, for the sake of his innocence. Lex would be able to tell, more than likely, but he'd also understand the reasons. He was as protective of Clark as she was, if not more so.

Lex's eyes flickered, went cold for a moment before returning to the mark on her neck. He shifted in Clark's lap, turning his head slightly toward the boy who was silent. Expectant. Waiting for whatever she was going to say, waiting for more pain that he could do nothing about except mourn and feel guilty that he couldn't prevent it. Something had to be done about that messiah complex... but not today.

"Maybe we should save that for another time?" Lex's response was polished, spoken in an urbane drawl that served him well in many tense situations. He did want to hear the story. He wanted to hear all her stories and all of Clark's eventually. However, Clark was hungry and there was something in her tone which stated clearly that this one was something Clark was too young to hear.

The urge to push for more information was right there, a miniature Chloe going off in his head in full journalistic fervor. Clark opened his mouth to ask but as he did, the thread of steel underlying Lex's casual mien registered. Lex was trying to protect him and maybe he was right, Clark's head was already spinning from too much input. One more thing could be one thing too many.

So instead, he nodded, enjoying the feel of Lex's warm skin against his cheek. "That would be good. If that's okay with you, Buffy?" If she needed to talk, needed to tell them then he'd listen but otherwise food was sounding way too good right now.

Buffy nodded and smiled - though whether in acceptance or relief she wasn't entirely sure. "That's fine, truly. It can wait... the past is past, after all." And there had been enough painful revelations already today. The harsher ones could wait for another time... a time when she could give Lex the full version and Clark an edited one afterwards, preferably.

"So, food, I'm guessing? It's a little early for dinner, though, isn't it?" She asked lightly, changing the subject again. Fortunately, Dawn had plans to eat dinner at Lana's, so Buffy didn't have to worry about getting home to feed her sister. One of these days, though, Dawn needed to learn how to cook.

"My cook is always on call. I keep strange hours. Clark, you can start with the leftovers if you like." Tilting his head back, Lex caught the sheepish grin on his friend's face and he nudged Clark with his shoulder. "Go... I can hear your stomach from here. You need to fill that bottomless pit so we can come back to this..." Smiling more to himself than anyone else, Lex ground his canted hip into Clark which earned him a tight, painful clutch and a moan.

When Clark didn't move, Lex nudged him again. And that was enough to get him to slide out from behind Lex. His feet pattered along the hardwood floor and then onto the rug beside the bed. "Do you want the phone, Lex?" It was lying half under one of the pillows and if Lex was going to order down to the kitchen he was going to need it.

Looking up from where he'd been engaged in kissing Buffy, Lex held up one hand. "It would help. Hand it over, Clark." Disengagement from Buffy's body was on the agenda... later. After he made a call or three. The phone was laid in his palm and Clark leaned over the back of the divan to kiss Buffy as well, holding the remains of Lex's sandwich. Which had several Clark-sized bites taken out of it.

Buffy kissed Clark and caught his hand long enough to take a very small nibble of the sandwich before she gave it back to him with a smile. "Thank you, baby," she said after she swallowed.

When Lex held the phone to his ear, Buffy quieted down and lightly placed a finger over Clark's lips to remind him to do the same. No point in making it difficult for Lex to talk... not to mention the fact that Buffy had no idea who he was calling.

Speed dial 1 and Damien picked up on the second ring. "Damien... Yes, I heard. What did he..? Yes, on my desk..." Lex paused, the warmth in his expression fading a little as he listened. "Thank you. Is he calling back?... Good, if he does - I'm not available. Not for any reason." His brows lowered, the low-grade headache that his father always brought about had started to throb behind his right eye.

It was understood that Damien would come up with a plausible excuse as to why Lex was incommunicado. Just as it was understood that Damien would never mention why Lex was unreachable. If a true emergency arose, his assistant would find him and it would be dealt with. But his father's little hoops and object lessons were something Lex had absolutely no patience for today.

He rubbed at his eyes only to feel the impossibly light touch of Clark's hand at one temple and then Buffy's at the other, each of them easing the tenseness there. Marriage forth-with, my good man... "Yes. Dinner for three. Small salon in an hour?" Lex laughed in response to something Damien said that the others could not hear. "On second thought, make sure there's enough for four. And Damien? Thank you."

Buffy smothered a giggle behind her hand when Lex ordered dinner for four. He was probably right... they'd probably need it. Or... Clark would anyway.

When the phone was disconnected, Buffy leaned forward and kissed the side of Lex's neck, then his temple. Her fingertips resumed the gentle massage as soon as her lips left his skin, and her other hand slid around to knead the muscles of his neck. She wondered what could possibly get him this tense, just by mention. Sounded like... a little like her parents had reacted to a mention of the other, right before the divorce.

"Your dad, right?" A quiet question from Clark had Lex nodding. The only thing in the world guaranteed to set him off like this was a conversation with or about his father. They'd come to an uneasy truce after the storm that almost killed Lionel and left part of the mansion destroyed. His father agreed not to block the buy-out, even allowed Lex to repair the mansion and continue living in it but that didn't mean their state of constant warfare was over.

Not by a long shot.

He'd be fighting the old man until they nailed the coffin shut on him. And wasn't that the perfect image for his brain to latch onto. Good-bye erection. It was nice knowing you...

Part of what Lex liked so much about Clark was his friend knew when to ask questions and when to be silent. This was one of those silent times. The hand on his temple kept massaging, spreading relaxation through over-taxed muscles while Clark quietly munched on the sandwich in his other hand. Multi-tasking, great skill...

Leaning forward, Lex kissed Buffy in apology for his body's failure. Warmth seeped out of her along with his quiescent cock, wetting the upholstery beneath him. A shower was definitely in order... not that he wouldn't mind cleaning her up with his mouth but it would be a more expedient way of dealing with the mess. Plus... water and two beautiful bodies to toy with.

It was a good day to be Alexander Joseph Luthor... really.

Buffy accepted his apology and returned the kiss with acceptance and understanding. Their bodies needed the break, anyway. Even hers. Slayer stamina went a long way, but she'd be very sore later if they didn't take a break for a while.

"So, we have an hour to make ourselves presentable before dinner?" she asked gently. "Maybe we could find one of those three-person-small showers and get cleaned up? I'm thinking the hot water would feel incredible, right about now..." And it would. Aside from getting rid of all the sweat and semen that clung to her body, Buffy just loved the feel of hot water pounding against her back and warmth seeping into her body from the outside.

"Will a five person shower do? I'm not sure how far I can walk at the moment." At Buffy's light laugh, Lex smiled and waited until she climbed off him. He swung his legs over the edge of the divan and stood up, swaying a little before regaining his equilibrium. It had been far too long since he'd indulged like this.

As Lex turned, he found Clark standing by the end of the divan, obviously ready to catch either of them should they fall. And that earned his lover a kiss, albeit a sloppy one because he'd just finished off the sandwich. Mmmm... Clark and turkey with avocado, quite the combination.

If Lex was going to keep kissing him like that, they'd never get anywhere. Clark was more than happy to further his own education where kisses were concerned but Lex and Buffy both needed a shower. He pushed Lex away after a few seconds, then took his hand and Buffy's. This time, Clark remembered exactly where the bathroom was.


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