Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 19

With the call made and instructions given for Damien and Damien alone to deliver their meal, Lex paused long enough to unlock the main door to the suite before returning to bed. Clark had Buffy turned towards him and was studying her face. The Kent thousand-yard stare his friends called it and Lex tended to agree. His lover - thinking of Clark Kent as his lover was enough to make Lex shiver as he crawled back into bed - his lover had this uncanny knack of being able to look into people and see them for what they were.

Of course, the x-ray vision probably helped.

With Buffy between them, Lex reached over and brushed an errant lock of hair out of Clark's eyes. "Still happy with all of this?" the words barely more than a whisper as he studied that innocent face. Made even more innocent looking when Clark ducked his head and flushed before meeting his eyes.

"Yes. Are you?" This was the first time they had a chance to talk by themselves and Clark was brimming with questions. The most important one he'd just asked.

"Delirious." Any other time and with anyone else, the use of that word would have been pure sarcasm. But not here, not with the sleeping body of their lover lying between them... Not with Clark.

Buffy sighed softly in her sleep and shifted. Buried her face against Clark's shoulder, pressed a little closer, then settled again. Even asleep, she was still vaguely aware of comforting presences around her... and she wanted nothing more than to be as close to them as she could be.

When Buffy moved, Clark did the same to accommodate her. Together, he and Lex touched Buffy and touched each other. Light strokes for Buffy, designed to soothe without waking. Harder touches for one another, seeking the places that felt good, that drew a gasp or a moan that got smothered by a kiss.

If it weren't for his promise to Buffy, Lex would have switched sides of the bed to lie behind Clark. Lie behind him and push into the inferno of his body. Too soon. It was too soon to have sex again despite the urgings of his cock. Let Buffy sleep, then dinner and then... and then he'd lose himself in the wonder that was Clark Kent.

After a few more kisses, there was a discrete knock at the door followed by it being opened. Lex didn't look up from his leisurely exploration of Clark's mouth. If Damien hadn't figured it out by now, then he didn't deserve to be in Lex's employ.

With tray in hand, Damien glanced over at the bed. The substantial body lying under the covers was none other than young Mr. Kent, no mistaking that shock of dark hair. And Lex was wrapped around him, their mouths busy and hands were not to be seen although there was movement under the covers.

Bully for them. Damien had no illusions about his employer's tastes where bedfellows were concerned. He'd seen all kinds inhabiting Lex's bed. Literally all kinds. Mr. Kent, despite his relative youth and dewy-eyed freshness, was a much better match for Lex than that insipid tart Victoria Hardwick.

For underneath his painful earnestness lurked a fine intellect. One that would challenge Lex, rather than toss his hair about and engage in entirely laughable attempts at corporate espionage. The door had not hit that girl's over-priced haunches quickly enough as far as Damien was concerned.

Turning his back on the couple in bed, Damien set the dinner tray on the low coffee table. He went to retrieve the implements as well as the chilled bottle of Dom and found himself pausing when he caught the flash of something golden in between the bed's two occupants...

Apparently there were three occupants. Not that unusual where Lex was concerned although he'd not indulged in anything beyond one-on-one since his exile to Smallville. However, Damien would not have suspected that Mr. Kent would partake of such... delights.

Stopping in the middle of the room, Damien studied the petite individual currently cradled between Lex and his... companion. He could only catch a glimpse or two of her but what he saw, he liked. A delicate beauty, definitely female, and apparently completely asleep. How could anyone sleep with that going on over their head? Lex had Mr. Kent's head pulled back and was biting at his throat in such a ruthless fashion that Damien found himself growing aroused.

Considering he'd never found another man attractive in his life, that was saying quite a bit for the appeal of this situation.

Best to take care of setting up the meal rather than standing in the middle of the room gawping while Lex Luthor branded his - dear lord - underage lover with his teeth. Now that was an image his heterosexual nature just did not need to dwell on.

Ignoring Damien was simple. Trying not to climb on top of Clark and fuck him within an inch of his life? Now that was hard. Especially when Clark made that whimpering sound and sucked on his tongue.

In deference to Buffy, who was still sleeping peacefully between them, Lex broke off from the next kiss. With eyes closed and a frown appearing between them, Clark blindly reached for him. After being evaded twice, those marvelous hazel eyes opened and widened when he spotted Damien laying out silverware and plates on the coffee table. He hadn't even heard Damien come in, let alone set up dinner for them.

There was a soft pop as the champagne was opened and Lex held up his hand while not looking away from Clark. A moment later, there was a chilled glass in that hand and he brought it to his mouth to take a sip. "Thank you, Damien. You may go."

Lovely, lovely girl. Mouth pink and halfway open, revealing teeth that gleamed like pearls. There had been many beautiful women in Lex's bed but none like this. The same comparison applied to Mr. Kent who was blushing furiously and trying not to look at anything at all.

Buffy stirred slowly. It was quiet, perhaps a little too quiet. And there were eyes on her... more pairs than felt right. Slowly, dark hazel eyes opened and Buffy twisted around slightly so she could look around her. Clark on one side, Lex on the other... and not too far away, a man holding a bottle of champagne. A man who was studying her rather intently. She blushed lightly, but still tried to smile.

"Let me guess," she began, her voice still light and hazy as she wasn't quite awake yet. "Damien, right?" She couldn't think of anyone else that Lex would allow into the room, with the three of them in bed like this.

"Yes, Miss," was the reply in a very cultured British voice. He inclined his head towards the sleepy young lady who looked perfectly at ease. Young Mr. Kent was actually looking at her now and shyly touched her face while Lex alternated between sipping at his champagne and nibbling on the girl's shoulder.

"Sorry we woke you," Clark apologized, leaning forward to kiss Buffy. Not a deep kiss, just a very gentle one. His lips were still tingling from where Lex bit him.

Buffy smiled and returned Clark's gentle kiss. Her eyes softened when she looked at him, and her hand lifted to caress his cheek. "It's okay, baby. I feel a little better anyway. Thank you."

Lex's mouth was cool on her shoulder, and she tilted her head aside when he worked his way towards her neck. She remembered that Damien was in the room and blushed again, but she didn't say no. Couldn't, honestly... it just felt too good. And she was so glad to have woken up between her lovers. It reassured her, calmed her down. No more nightmares, at least not today.

Taking Lex's single-minded pursuit of the young lady's shoulder as his cue to leave, Damien made a graceful exit. Or as graceful as he could given his... condition. He set the bottle down on Lex's dressing table where it could be easily reached for a refill and left the room, closing the double doors behind him.

Once outside, he took a moment or three to compose himself. This change in the household situation would take some careful handling. Contingency plans would have to be laid for whenever Mr. Kent or the lovely young lady appeared at the doorstep. Phone calls re-routed, evasions laid out and practiced for the elder Luthor's attempts to contact his son when his son did not want to be reachable. Given the ease Lex showed with his companions, this was not going to be a one-time occurrence.

This represented a challenge, nothing more. Damien would do as he had always done, keep Lex's secrets as they were intended to be... secret. Mr. Kent was barely above the age of consent and if there was one thing his employer did not need was a visit from the local constabulary with charges of his corrupting a minor. Until Mr. Kent was 18, not one word of this would leak beyond the doors currently closed behind him.

Not one word.

Buffy relaxed further when she heard the door close and felt Damien's presence drift out of range of her senses. She leaned back against Lex and combed her fingers through Clark's hair. "Thank you, both of you. For still being here. It means a lot," she said softly, safely assured that they were alone. And it did mean a lot to her... it gave her a comfort level with them that was greater than with anyone in quite a while.

They kept their promises and stayed with her when she needed them to. And that meant more to her than she knew how to tell them.

Serious abandonment issues. Something else to explore at a later time. And Lex intended on knowing everything about her. It was his nature to pry things apart and discover how they ticked. The loss of her mother and her father's callous behavior might be enough to cause this but he doubted it. If pressed to pinpoint his suspicions, his choice would have been something more intimate... a lover, rather than the loss of a parent's life or love.

He sipped a little more of the champagne, enjoyed the tingle left in his mouth by the bubbles while he watched Clark do what Clark did best. Be painfully earnest and caring. Their boy cuddled Buffy close, kissing her mouth with a great deal more expertise than he'd exhibited earlier today. Fast learner...

"We promised," Clark said simply, his lips brushing her cheek. It was as simple as that. You give your word and you keep it. During the last year he'd had to break his word far too many times in order to save someone else.

The worst had been the night of the Spring Formal. When he saw the look on Chloe's face as he got back to the dance after saving Lana, the hurt and the disappointment so strong he could taste it. Because he'd chosen Lana over her. Never mind that Lana would've died. He still chose her first. That signaled the end of the first and only date he ever had with Chloe.

Clark didn't want a repeat of that disaster. Not with Buffy. Not ever.

"I know you did, baby," Buffy answered gently. "And, unlike many people in my past, you kept your promise." She shook her head lightly and her fingers ran lightly over his face and down his throat. "I never minded promises that were broken for a good cause... I've broken a few, myself, in order to rescue or protect someone who needed me. And I've had promises broken over those kind of things, and that's okay."

But some things... some things weren't acceptable. "Saving the world, or even just a friend, is one thing. It's important. But breaking a promise because you don't feel like keeping it, or something 'more fun' comes up... those hurt. You understand what I mean?" Having been in Clark's place, and at his age, she was doing what she could to set his mind at ease over the things he couldn't help.

"I do." Now if only his friends could understand that. There were so many times Clark had wanted to blurt his secret out to Pete or Chloe so they'd understand why he had to run off all the time. But he couldn't. It was dangerous, not just to him and his family but to his friends as well. Beyond the fact that he loved Lex, Clark didn't feel badly about telling him because Lex had resources no one else had. Lex could protect himself, both with his fists and with a sword... and yeah, with a gun while Pete and Chloe would be sitting ducks.

"Clark's never done that. He never will." Lex shook his head at the idea of Clark breaking a promise so he could have fun. It just wasn't in Kent's nature to do something that cruel. It was in his, but not in Clark's.

"Oh, I know that. I just want to be sure he understands the difference between broken promises that hurt and ones that don't. Because, at his age, I'd already had to break promises several times in order to do my duty... and I hated it. Felt guilty every time." Buffy sighed and looked up at Lex. "I want Clark to know that I understand that kind of issue, so he doesn't have to feel guilty over me."

It was really a very big deal, especially at Clark's age. For herself, the desire to just be a normal girl went so deep at that age... she would've given almost anything to have someone she could talk to who would really get it.

"But I have broken ones that hurt. Chloe..." Clark left it at that, knowing that Lex would understand. The night of the twister he'd run into Lex at the hospital. He was carrying Lana who was unconscious and had been since the truck took to the air. Only to find Lex was silently enduring stitches in one of the curtained alcoves, his expression carefully blank.

Once Lana was turned over to the waiting doctors, Clark had taken a seat beside Lex and listened to what had happened to him. The mansion was in a shambles, his father was still in surgery with a punctured lung and a broken leg. When the nurse walked away, Lex's composure cracked. He confessed that for a few minutes he'd seriously considered letting his father die and the only thing that kept him from doing it was knowing his friend - his best friend with the savior complex - would never forgive him.

That was the closest he'd seen Lex to tears until today. The only thing Clark could think of to do was hug him and tell him he did the right thing. It was then he remembered Chloe and the dance and he blurted out his fears to Lex. Who told him if Chloe was the one, then she would understand. And Chloe... hadn't.

"But Chloe doesn't know, does she? You said no one else knew about you. That means that she really can't understand, love," Buffy soothed gently. "If she's your friend, she forgave you... but she can't really understand, because she doesn't really know what happened. And it hurts you, I know it does. But you feel better, knowing that you did the right thing than you would have if you'd stayed with Chloe and let someone get hurt."

Unless her understanding of Clark was off, which she doubted, Buffy didn't even need to ask about that last part. The guilt he felt over hurting his friend wasn't as bad as the guilt he would have felt if he'd let someone get hurt or killed when he could've stopped it.

"She didn't forgive him because he went to save Ms. Lang," Lex provided, rolling over to set his empty champagne glass on the nightstand. "Ms. Sullivan's chief rival for Clark's affections. Or at least she had been until today." The bed shifted, the covers slipping down as he moved back into his earlier position behind her. One brow lifted in silent inquiry, his way of seeking confirmation of their status from Clark.

That confirmation was given by way of a nod even though it was accompanied by a slight frown as Lex continued. "Ms. Sullivan is a fine young woman but she is... young. In a few years she might come to understand but for now... Clark left her standing at the altar in order to save his first love and that's all she can see." Lex softened the words with a touch and then a kiss, which Clark returned. "Give her time. She'll forgive you."

Buffy nodded her agreement. "She will. Honestly, Clark. According to Dawn, she talks about you a lot... unless I'm mistaken and there's more than one Chloe. The budding journalist?" Both Lex and Clark nodded, confirming her assumption. "Okay, then. If she's still talking about you, love, then she still cares. She's hurting, but she'll forgive you. It just might take a little while."

Buffy sympathized with Chloe, really. Loving someone who didn't see you that way was harsh. But she would get over it... the girl obviously valued the friendship. But, as the very young often did, she made the mistake of assuming that when she got over her fit the relationship would still be the same. And while she knew Clark wouldn't just stop being Chloe's friend, the girl would return to a slightly different Clark than before.

And she'd never really know what she'd missed.

"But what if she wants to go back? We were kinda dating and... I don't want that anymore. I don't want anybody but you." Clark glanced from Buffy to Lex and then back again. He did want to patch things up with Chloe. She was one of his best friends and the cold shoulder reception he'd gotten the Monday after the dance and the weeks that followed was getting to him. The only time Chloe talked near him was when he was with Dawn and then she was talking to Dawn and not to him.

**You better not, Kent. Gabe wouldn't appreciate his daughter being shipped off to parts unknown.** Years and years of hiding as well as his father's careful tutelage were the only reasons why those words stayed where they belonged. In his head. Lex really didn't mean to cause Chloe any injury but the thought of her touching Clark was enough to arouse his jealous nature.

Buffy nodded. "You'll have to talk to her, when she decides to talk to you. It's better that way. If it were me, I'd want to stay friends... because not being friends would be losing you entirely. And that would be a terrible thing." It really would be. If Buffy ever lost Clark - or Lex, for that matter - she would still want to be friends. To not lose them completely. Even if, like with Angel, the friendship would be bittersweet.

Tinged with the knowledge of what she'd lost and couldn't have again.

But even that would be better than nothing. Better than the void their absence would leave in her life.

"So I wait. That's something I'm good at." Clark laughed, although there was no humor in that sound. He was good at waiting. Waiting to grow up, waiting to be normal, waiting for Lana to notice him, waiting for everything and anything. His dad always told him that good things come to he who waits...

While Lex was always telling him to seize the day. Considering how this afternoon turned out, Clark was a lot more inclined to do the seizing thing. He'd taken the chance with telling Buffy, taken the chance with telling Lex and look where it led him. In bed, with two people who loved him and bonus... no longer a virgin.

"Yes, you wait. Unless she's a fool, which after our bouts of verbal judo I highly doubt, she'll come around." Urbane, smooth as silk, there was the voice and the tone his father would be so proud of. Especially with his inner Lex screaming mine, mine, mine at the top of his lungs. Clark was the loyal sort, he wouldn't stray... and if he did, then Lex would just have to hunt him down and drag him back by his hair.

Such nice thick hair. It made a great handhold as well as providing fodder for some of his more esoteric fantasies. Clark with hair down past his shoulders, perfect for grabbing and twisting while getting fucked from behind.

Long winter nights in Smallville had been quite the education in his own hidden kinks.

"Part of wisdom is knowing when to walk into something, when to walk away from something, and when to just wait and see what happens," Buffy said lightly. Something she learned from Giles, more or less. Patience was a virtue... and there were times for patience and times for action. "And in the meantime, we'll keep you from being lonely," she added with a smile. "It's okay to miss your friends, but we wouldn't want you to be sad either."

Buffy never wanted to see Clark sad. Or Lex, either. Unfortunately, large portions of their lives were well outside her control. All she could do was be there when they needed her.

Smart, beautiful, sexy, strong... and why wasn't she married yet? Giving up on his very X-rated thoughts about Clark, Lex returned his attention to Buffy. He studied her face, admiring the clean sweep of her brow, the angle of her cheek, the slight up-turn of her nose. This was a face he could easily wake up to for the next thirty years and consider every moment well spent.

Clark nodded, listening carefully to everything Buffy said. It echoed some of the things his folks told him when things went wrong, that no matter what, he'd always have them. And now he'd always have Buffy and Lex... although it was a totally different kind of having. That thought made him blush... 'cause, yeah, still naked here.

Really, really naked. For once it was good to be Clark Kent, total loser. He couldn't see Whitney or any of the popular guys ending up in this situation. Well, maybe the being naked with a girl but being naked with a girl and another guy? So not happening in Smallville.

Buffy canted her head slightly, watching Clark. He was blushing. Really blushing. And it was amusing, because it gave away his thoughts so clearly. He was thinking about the three of them... in what regard didn't matter, she just knew it was naked. But she decided not to tease him.

Instead, she turned her eyes to Lex. Who was watching her with an almost appraising look in his eyes. She wondered what he was thinking, and debated for a moment over whether or not she could ask him. Or, not so much that as did she have the right to ask... and would he even answer, if she did?

She didn't know... and so decided to ask anyway. "What are you thinking about?" she asked Lex very softly, almost hesitant.

He answered immediately, his tone distracted as he traced one fingertip along her temple and then down the line of her jaw. "What you will look like in thirty years."

Just as beautiful. Hint of silver in the hair and a few lines around the eyes but just as beautiful. The startled look was a good one for her, one that Lex liked. He leaned forward over her shoulder and kissed the mouth that lay still half-open in surprise. Wanting to know how she would age was as much of a commitment as he could offer today.

Some other day, he might be able to offer more. When he knew her inside and out.

As much as it surprised her, the fact that Lex was thinking about how she would look decades down the line also warmed her heart. It signaled to her that, in some way or another, he hoped to be there to see it and find out. It wasn't a commitment, by any means... unless one of friendship at a minimum. But it was enough to make her smile when he finished kissing her.

"A little more like my mom, I'd expect," she said finally. "Except that she was really beautiful... I mean really. Long, curly hair and such beautiful, expressive eyes. Very motherish, gentle and kind and sincere. A soft lap to cry on and gentle hands that played with my hair..." She sighed softly. "If I age half as well as my mom, I'll be happy. I miss her."

"I know how you feel." No hiding behind the mask, not now. Buffy asking about his mother had led them to this place and Lex couldn't think of anywhere he'd rather be. Soft bed, warm bodies and minds that rivaled his own. Behind Clark's mid-western naivete lurked a fine intellect, an alien intellect but a fine one nonetheless. And while Lex could tell Buffy had doubts about being able to keep up with them, he did not share those doubts.

She was a Slayer and had been for over six years. What he'd been able to discover about Slayers was fairly simple, only the smart ones lived beyond a year or two at most. She'd survived three times longer than that.

The Luthor in him, the voice he hated was already putting a spin on this. Alien lover, supernatural lover... the only two people in the world worthy of his attention. Lex's mouth tightened for a moment as he quashed that thought before leaning in for another kiss.

Which was followed by a kiss from Clark whose blush had faded. He cupped Lex's cheek in one hand and turned him away from Buffy into an open-mouthed kiss that left them breathless. Or left Lex breathless while Clark seemed perfectly calm.

Buffy lounged on the bed and watched her lovers kiss. Lex seemed breathless when Clark released him, which amused her. Clark was getting good at kissing them breathless. Thank God for Slayer abilities that let her hold her own a little better. Sometimes even she wondered if Clark actually needed to breathe, ever.

Or maybe he just had a huge lung capacity. Either way, it was amazing.

And he'd gotten good so fast. If she hadn't been the one to give him his first real lesson in kissing that morning, she would never have believed that he hadn't been doing it for years. He'd taken to intimacy at an incredible rate. It made her wonder if, given his alien physiology, he wasn't on some level older than he would've been as a human. Sometimes he seemed older than her, and sometimes he seemed younger than his own age.

When Lex could form words again, he narrowed his eyes at Clark who responded with a sunny smile. "Super-strong, right?" A broader smile and a nod. "Super-fast and bullets don't affect you?" The smile dimmed a little but the nod was still there. "X-ray vision and your learning curve is off the scale... Plus, there's the kissing me stupid thing."

At that, Clark laughed. The heavy weight of hiding his abilities gone for the moment, he indulged himself in a fit of laughter that ended with him flat on his back and actually gasping for air. "Y-you missed one."

"What's that?" Lex was on the verge of laughter himself, especially when he heard Buffy giggling. The kissing him stupid line did its job, it erased the last of Clark's melancholy over Chloe and hopefully eased Buffy's thoughts about her mother.

"Floating." He felt light enough to do it now. Maybe if he closed his eyes and thought about fluffy clouds and how good all this felt then he would float.

"Floating?" That did not come out as a squeak, it really did not. Lex's voice hadn't broken like that since he hit puberty. Great - Clark was talking about defying the laws of gravity and here he was wondering whether his voice was cracking like a 13 year-old. "You can fly, Kent?"

"Not fly... float. Happens when I'm sleeping. I've broken a couple of beds this year." Clark opened his eyes and shot a sideways glance at Buffy and Lex. Buffy's eyes were sparkling while Lex looked totally dumb-founded. "That's why the bed's on the floor now. Dad got tired of fixing it."

Buffy couldn't help the grin that was on her face, or the way her eyes danced. She could see it out of the corner of her eye, in the mirror over the bed. She was thrilled to death with the idea that Clark could float. "I bet you'll learn how to fly eventually. Oh, Clark, that's so cool! I've always wanted to fly... the closest I ever came was my dive off the top of a tower. But what a rush!"

She studied him, almost bouncing in her excitement. Clark could float... defy the law of gravity, which to her knowledge no one else could do. What other fun things would her young lover learn how to do? "When you learn how to control it, will you take me with you sometime? Please?"

Clark beamed at Buffy, rolling over onto his side facing her. The enthusiasm in her voice was infectious and he was close to bouncing himself. "Sure. Once I figure out a way to land without crashing."

That earned a shudder from Lex. Flying, something he'd been terrified of as a child and only learned to tolerate within the past few years. His father's chosen mode of transportation, a helicopter, was still beyond his tolerance threshold. Whenever he stepped into one of them, he spent the entire flight with hands and jaw clenched. But with his eyes open, always open. To shut them would be an acknowledgement of weakness, something his father never allowed.

And here Clark was talking about floating. Possibly flying... and crashing. Declining to say anything more, Lex settled down on the other side of Buffy. He wasn't hiding behind her. He really wasn't.

Buffy just grinned. "Okay. Though as long as we crashed on something soft from not too high up, I don't think I'd mind. I'm not afraid of heights or anything. I'd have never jumped off that platform if I was. Or, well, maybe I would've. I knew I wasn't going to survive it, anyway. But that's neither here nor there." She was chattering in her excitement, and suddenly she was aware that she'd said a lot more than she meant to.

Awareness dimmed her excitement and she calmed down. "Sorry... I got off-topic. It's really cool that you can float, love. I guess there are some really fun things that come with being different. I can't imagine feeling that free... it's why I love speed. I love to run, to tumble, to soar through the air. Even if it's only for a minute."


Clark flying.

His Clark flying.

His Clark and his Buffy flying.

It wasn't going to happen. Not without a crash helmet and the best body armor he could possibly cook up in the lab. Which was something else he could do to occupy his free time. Whatever free time he was going to have where he wasn't replaying this entire day in his head.

The first time Lex met Clark, he'd been the one flying over Smallville. Soaring outside of his cold - dead - drowned body until brought forcibly back to earth by a pair of huge hands pressing air and life back into his water-soaked lungs. That was the only time Lex had ever truly enjoyed the sensation of flight.

"As soon as I figure it out, you get the first ride, Buffy. Lex...?" Clark waited until Lex raised his head from the pillow to look at him. The steel-grey of his lover's eyes was not a sharp as usual, like Lex was distracted by something. "You get the second. I promise."

Buffy giggled softly. She wasn't entirely sure that Lex wanted a 'ride'. At least, not a flying one. But she decided to not draw attention to that fact. Instead she grinned again and said, "Cool!"

Inwardly, she was very glad that neither of them had asked questions about her earlier slip. She would tell them about her past, but she wasn't ready to handle questions yet. She didn't think Lex would ask much more, because he wanted to protect Clark from hearing the really bad stuff. But it surprised Buffy that Clark hadn't said a thing about it. Apparently tact was something he was aware of.

He was better at tact at sixteen than Cordelia had been at twenty, unless she missed her guess...

The whole thing about the tower had his curiosity going but Clark was willing to let it go. Lex had already made a pretty big point about not pushing Buffy any more about her past today and he was content to follow Lex's lead on this. Eventually, he'd get the whole story. When Buffy was ready.

Just like he was willing to let Lex's silence about flying with him go. He knew about Lex's fear of heights, it was one of the few weaknesses his friend had shared with him. That confession came after the incident at the plant when Lex ended up dangling from first Earl Jenkins legs and then a broken catwalk about forty feet up.

When he came over to check on Lex, sneaking out of the house because he was still grounded from the party, Clark had found Lex almost passed out on the couch. There was a half-empty glass of Scotch on the table along with a bottle of pills, several of which dotted the glass surface. The back of Lex's head was as purple as his shirt and when Clark woke him, Lex's speech was slurred. He confessed to being scared to death, so scared that whenever he closed his eyes all Lex could see was the ground rushing up at him.

So flying and the mention of crashing was not a good thing where Lex was concerned.


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