Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 20

The silence in the room stretched for a few minutes as all three were lost in thought. Finally, Buffy decided to say something. "As comfy as we all are right now... isn't dinner waiting, and is it something that's getting cold on us?" She couldn't see from here what Damien has brought in, and she hadn't been awake when he was setting things up. So she was curious. And getting hungry.

Lex kissed the nape of her neck, grateful for the derailment of his train of thought. "Yes, it is. I hope you like chicken? Clark, I already know what you like." Flipping back the covers, Lex rose from the bed, his body a study of elegant lines and innate grace.

"Chicken? Lex, you didn't!" Now Clark was bouncing. He scrambled out of bed and super-speeded over to the coffee table. Ignoring Lex's astonished look, Clark knelt and lifted the lid off one of the larger plates. "You did! This is great. Mom's been trying to follow the recipe but she never gets it right."

Shooting a bemused glance at Buffy, complete with a subtle roll of his eyes, Lex held out his hand to her. "Chicken Kiev is an art form, Clark. Your mother's food is excellent and my chef keeps hounding me for the apple pie recipe. Case of quid pro quo, I think. But this is Andre's specialty."

Buffy accepted Lex's hand and slid out of bed in a smooth motion. She walked with him over to the table; as always, she moved with the unconscious motion of a dancer... or a hunter. Smooth, fluid, powerful. But she was barely aware that she was doing it; she moved in a way that felt natural to her.

"Well-made Chicken Kiev is a wonderful thing. I'm a good enough cook, I suppose, but I'm far from excellent. Dawn doesn't complain, though, and neither did Willow. So that's something," Buffy said lightly.

Admiring her was becoming second nature. Both he and Clark did it avidly. Clark from his position of the floor, a fork poised in preparation for lifting one of the pieces of chicken onto his plate. And Lex from his place at her side, matching his stride to hers. He and Buffy moved so smoothly, perfectly in synch. Each of them supremely unaware of their nude state or so used to living in their own skin that it simply didn't matter.

Not for the first time, Clark felt out of his league. He was still trying to get used to his body. Growing a foot practically overnight had left him clumsy, always falling over his feet. Or maybe the ever-present meteor rocks scattered all the way across Lowell County caused that. Either way, he'd never be as graceful as Buffy or be able to walk in the same sinuous way that Lex did.

Buffy paused in mid-step when she realized that both Clark and Lex were watching her again. Intently. "What?" she asked, suddenly a little nervous. "Did I do something?" As much as she loved the tenderness and caring and attention she'd been getting all day, being watched like that... it was a little unnerving. Especially when she was just walking...

Sure, it'd be different if she were dancing or tumbling or, heck, even Slaying - though not here, and not nude. But she wasn't doing anything to justify this intent focus... and it felt odd.

Lex's laughter was low and quiet while he continued to lead her to the table. "Just being yourself, Beauty. That's all." Out of curiosity - because he would never do something this spontaneous for the joy of it - Lex pulled her in close and bent her over in a classical dip. "Mmmm... dancing's a definite."

Probably only skilled in modern club dancing but he could change that. Courtesy of many years of boarding school, Lex could not only mosh and thrash with the best of them, he was also versed in Ballroom, Salsa and Swing. His favorite was Swing. The music, the movement and the clothes made for a very attractive package.

She did have the hips for Salsa though. But so did Clark and that thought led to some of the dirtiest images he'd come up with yet. **Dancing, Lex... not fucking standing up... dancing. Got it?**

"I love to dance," Buffy said with a smile up at Lex from her place in his arms. Her hands rested on his shoulders, and she was completely at ease with letting him support her. Buffy knew herself to have a somewhat submissive aspect of her personality; she was in control of so many things, so much of the time, that sometimes it just felt really good to not have to be in control at all.

But she also had another side, and the fighter in her was anything but submissive.

"Something about getting lost in the music and just letting it flow over me. Moving with it, giving in. But that's club dancing. The only classical dance I know is Swing, and only a little. The Bronze, the teen club in Sunnydale, had a Swing Night once every couple of months."

With that admission, Lex straightened back up and took Buffy with him. He gave her the opening push off of the Lindy Hop and she followed his direction beautifully. Charleston step, followed by a pull-through and Clark was gawping at both of them. Lex stopped right before the next move, which would have been a lift and a roll across his back for Buffy. "You certainly have the basics down. Better than most of my partners."

"Jeez, Lex. Is there anything you can't do?" The words were out of his mouth before Clark thought about them. Because if he had, he never would have said them. At least, not with that envious tone in his voice. Clark flushed and returned his attention to the food, dishing up some for each of them.

Buffy traded glances with Lex and, together, they joined Clark. Buffy sat right beside her young lover and wrapped an arm around him. "Nobody's perfect, love. You know we'll teach you anything you want to know, right? And yes, there are things that neither Lex nor I can do. We can't do the things you can... you're faster, stronger, a quicker learner and I don't know anyone else with x-ray vision," she soothed him gently.

"If you want to learn to dance, we can teach you. And I'm sure you'll learn it as fast as you did the Tai Chi this morning. Don't feel bad, love... please?" Buffy felt a little guilty, as if she'd been showing off. Which she really hadn't, but that was beside the point. She really should've learned by now to be a little more discreet with all the things she knew... but she just hadn't been thinking about it, so comfortable with the situation and with them.

Lex took his place on the other side of Clark after tossing some pillows on the floor for each of them to use. His arm went around Clark's waist as well and he smiled when the dark flush faded a little. Smiled even broader when Clark looked up at both of them. "You would teach me how to dance? I'm pretty clumsy."

That earned him a snort from Lex and Clark turned to stare at him. He'd never heard Lex make a sound like that before. "Kent, if you're clumsy then I'm the King of Siam. And while Yul Brynner has been a role model for me..." That drew a startled laugh from both Clark and Buffy which was Lex's intention in the first place. "I'd be happy to take you on... as a student."

That got him another laugh from Clark, this one a little more self-conscious. Not the reaction Lex was looking for here. So he turned toward Clark and employed a subtle eyebrow lift, which was probably ruined by the shark-like smile as he leaned in close. "Clark trust me on this. I want to teach you Swing. But what I really want... is to teach you Salsa. Your ass and a Latin beat were meant for each other."

Buffy grinned and nodded enthusiastically. "Oh, God yes! That's a fantastic idea!" Buffy could just picture it, and she had to try hard not to swoon over the mental image. Especially when her mind insisted on picturing Clark doing a Salsa... nude.

"Mmm... yum. Okay, yeah. We've definitely got to teach Clark to Salsa. I might not know how, myself, but I know what it looks like... and, um, yeah." Buffy grinned and winked. She'd push that one all the way.

If anything Clark's eyes got wider. Another look that Lex loved on him. Clark Kent did the deer in the headlights bit better than anyone on the planet. Lex could just tell he went to the same place that Lex had just gone and where Lex suspected Buffy had just gone. Clark Kent, completely nude and shaking his hips to a beat that was pure sex.

They'd be lucky to make it through the first lesson.

If that.

Might be even better with a pair of tight leather pants stretched across that prize-winning butt. With the first two buttons undone, barely revealed hip-bones drawing the eye to the mere outline of a cock while bare feet stamped out a rhythm designed to drive anyone watching wild.

Gross national product of Canada for the next thirty years. Honest to God. And he'd raise the money somehow.

Buffy took advantage of Clark's dazed look and leaned in to kiss him. Deeply, thoroughly, she possessed his mouth and their tongues twined in a dance of their own. She pulled away only when she needed to breathe... and then she winked at him again.

"I can't help it, baby... you're so hot. And the innocent, dazed look is so good on you," she teased gently. When she finally pulled away, she settled back into her own place again and picked up one of the plates Clark dished up earlier. Her eyes lit up when she tasted the chicken and she murmured appreciatively, "This is good..."

"Glad you like it. I'll pass the compliment on to Andre." Lex shifted away from Clark, reaching for his own fork. One good slice through the tender meat and the butter inside soaked through. Clark hadn't moved and the dazed look was still there. "She's right, Clark. On all counts. You're hotter than hell."

Erection, hard and fast and painful. Clark grabbed one of the pillows and stuffed it into his lap only to have Lex remove it when he reached across the table for one of the Ty-Nant bottles. His eyes rolled back in his head when a warm and incredibly expert hand wrapped around the offending body part and started to jack it very slowly. "Oh man... Lexxxxx..."

"Yes, Clark?" Perfect turn of Lex's head towards him and a lift of his eyebrow while the tone was even and totally smooth. How in the world did Lex pull any of that off when the hand in his lap was definitely Lex's? No mistaking the turn of the wrist and the twist at the end of the stroke.

Buffy put her plate back down, another smile finding its way to her lips. Her hands joined Lex's on Clark's body, sliding lightly over his thighs. She started with at the top of his thighs, just above his knees. She slowly worked her way up towards his hips, and inward at the same time. Fingertips danced over Clark's skin until she got far enough up to be almost in Lex's way. Almost... but not quite.

"I can't eat like t-this." His fork clattered to the table, bouncing on the glass as Clark leaned back to give them more access. Yes, he was hungry but it felt so good. Sex vs. food... sex was always going to win.

"We'll feed you," was Lex's even reply. A moment later Clark felt the press of metal against his lips and he opened his mouth in response to that silent command. Chicken, slick and buttery along with a little bit of the smoothest mashed potatoes in the world. He chewed on that mouthful slowly while the hands on his body continued to move.

Buffy smiled to herself. This was fun... very fun. She wasn't familiar with this sort of thing, but she was willing to try it. While one hand slid up Clark's thigh to find his balls and rub them, the other rescued his open bottle of water before it could be knocked over. When the next bite of chicken was gone, Buffy borrowed Lex's trick from earlier and took a drink of water. She held it in her mouth and kissed Clark, slowly feeding it to him from her mouth.

Trying not to clutch at her, Clark cradled the back of Buffy's head as he accepted the drink from her. His moan turned into a whimper when the hand on his cock went away. Only to return as a deep groan as the missing hand was replaced by a mouth. Long, slow and expert suck that had his hips arching up for more.

The mouth only remained there for a moment or two before Lex pulled away. The hand came back, moving just as slowly and Clark was seeing stars when Buffy finally move back. He turned to look at Lex who was calmly taking a bite for himself. "More?" Clark managed to ask, not entirely sure if he meant food or the mouth that was curving up into a small smile.

"Certainly." Lex speared another forkful of food, this time off of Clark's plate. When Clark opened his mouth to accept the offering, Lex's head descended into his lap again.

While food occupied Clark's mouth, Buffy's lips trailed across his chest. She found a nipple and teased it with kisses and licks and tiny nips with her teeth. She tasted salt and Clark on her tongue and decided that this was better than dinner. Food could definitely wait.

For her, anyway.

Though she was tempted to ask if she could switch places with Lex, if only briefly, she decided against it. It would be something akin to torment for poor Clark... she might be good at it, but she couldn't make her mouth bigger... and switching on Clark would be borderline cruel. If they were going to take turns, it would be better for her to go first... because Lex's mouth would inevitably feel better to Clark. More would fit in.

Sweet, heavy ache that went deeper than bone. Clark planted his hands on the floor behind him in an effort to stay upright. He looked down only to see the very last inch of his cock disappear into Lex's mouth. Getting Lex in that deep had been such an effort and Lex made it look so damned simple. Like there was nothing to having something hard shoved halfway down your throat and... oh fuck... swallowing. Tight and hot and wet and... panting for breath again.

It felt like... nothing else in the whole world when Lex pulled back, sucking hard as he did it. Clark heard himself whimper, felt his own teeth cutting into his lower lip as he watched Lex raise his head and silently offer Buffy a chance.

Only fair, he'd tasted Clark more than once and Buffy hadn't had the privilege yet. He kept one hand wrapped around the base as he cleared his throat. "Beauty... this is better than anything Andre has to offer. Do you want a taste?"

"I do. Very much. But..." She bit her lip and glanced up at Clark, meeting his eyes before looking away again. "But I can't duplicate what you do, he just won't fit. And it just seems like... like it wouldn't be as good for him if I tried. And Clark should have the best of everything." Real regret tinged her soft voice, but she honestly believed what she was saying.

She supposed that she might be wrong... she didn't have a cock, so who was she to say how it would feel? But it seemed to her that more was better...

"You forget. I've had you and you are one of the best. Clark won't mind. Right?" A quick glance up at Clark's face confirmed the truth of that statement. Clark was giving Buffy one of those looks he normally reserved for Ms. Lang, full of earnest longing and a hint of shyness. Christ, if he could bottle that there would be no need to take over Dad's company.

"Come here and I'll help. It took me awhile to learn too." First time had been awful, barely fourteen and on his knees in an alley. Not even sure how he'd gotten there. Higher than a kite on a combination of cocaine and something he'd cooked up in the lab that turned his bones to water. Big guy, even bigger dick than Clark's shoved in so hard and so fast all he could do was gag and try to breathe while his mouth was thoroughly fucked.

For what felt like hours. Not a story he planned on sharing with either of them... ever.

Nodding slowly, Buffy shifted position. Nervous... she was nervous. She'd never tried this with anyone whose cock was the size of Clark's. And despite Lex's words and Riley's many attempts at reassuring her, Buffy lacked confidence in her ability to be really good at much of anything sexually-oriented. But she would try. For Clark, she would try anything.

Especially when he was giving her that look.

Deciding that she would be better off if she took her time, her hands slid along the length of Clark's cock while she took several deep breaths and tried to make herself relax. This would never work if she was tense. It might not work anyway, but there was no point in messing things up before she even started. Or, that's what she told herself.

Clark leaned further back to give her more room as Lex pushed the coffee table out of the way. He settled down next to Buffy and when she took in a deep breath, Lex reached around from behind her and rubbed lightly on her jaw. "Just take it slow and easy. Clark, we need you to stay perfectly still." Buffy had taken him so easily that Lex was certain what was wrong was mainly nervousness.

Yes, Clark was big. Long and thick, but not monstrously so. This was something Lex wanted to share with Buffy, the heavy feel of the velvety head on her lower lip before it slid into her mouth, the incredible flavor like nothing else on this earth... which made sense because Clark wasn't of this earth.

He wanted her to experience it all. And if she couldn't get Clark all the way in, that was fine too. Lex honestly doubted that many women, especially the delicate type that attracted Clark's attention, would ever be able to get him in. Deep-throating Clark was going to be his job... Buffy had other talents that Lex would not be able to duplicate.

Calmer, Buffy took one more deep breath and leaned down. Her tongue traced a slow circle around the head of Clark's cock before her lips closed around the shaft. She sucked lightly, just savoring the taste for a long moment. She'd tasted it in Lex's mouth, but now she experienced the full flavor. It was completely unlike anything else she'd ever tasted, sweet and heady and... just Clark.

With one more swirl of her tongue around the tip, Buffy slid further down. She relaxed into a slow rhythm, up and down and a little further with every stroke. Even using every relaxation technique she knew, she couldn't take him all the way in... it just wasn't physically possible. But she tried.

Smaller, much smaller and tighter. Clark couldn't stop the whimpering noise in the back of his throat any more than he could stop the first abortive thrust that earned him a glare from Lex and two broad hands on his hips. Lex was holding him down, pinning him in place with every ounce of strength he had.

Tiny, delicate, shell pink lips stretched impossibly wide and eyes half-lidded, closing as she inched further down. Another whimper and Lex shifted his weight to bring more pressure to bear. Clark held perfectly still, earning a reward from his other lover in the form of a something that resembled a kiss... if kisses involved teeth and tongues and words half-muffled in between bites. Words like 'so fucking hot' and 'love you' and other things so dirty Clark was convinced his mom was going to wash his mouth out with soap for even listening to them.

Buffy couldn't quite hear the words that Lex spoke, but just the tone he spoke them in sent shivers down her spine. In the same way, listening to Clark's whimpers sent waves of heat through her to pool between her thighs. Just knowing that Clark was enjoying this, that Lex seemed to be enjoying it too, helped her to feel a little more self-assured.

She moved to rest her hands on Clark's thighs, shifted positions and managed to go just a tiny bit further down. Then she swallowed, her throat constricting around him as the muscles worked. Felt him shudder and repeated the motion. Doing her best to provoke a reaction.

It was getting harder to keep Clark pinned in place. Especially when Buffy scooted backward and came up flush against his own cock. Lex shuddered, kissed Clark one last time before lifting Buffy's hips up a little. His cock slid in between her thighs, the head of it nosing up into moist heat.

So easy to take her like this. To pin her body in between theirs and give her a taste of having both Clark in that sweet mouth and him somewhere a lot lower. Staring up at the ceiling, Lex fought for control that was gleefully shredding itself with every slow pass of her mouth over Clark.

A small sound escaped Buffy, muffled by the cock in her mouth, when she felt Lex's cock pressing into her sex. She paused for a moment in her movement to part her thighs around Lex's and press her hips back just the smallest bit more. She was wet and she knew it... and now Lex knew it too.

She was tempting him, just like she was tempting Clark. But with Clark, Buffy had control... control of her movement and his, with or without Lex's help. Her hands moved to Clark's hips to hold him down at the same time Lex's moved to her hips and he pressed forward into her body. And good God did it feel good...

Slow rise up and in so deep that he could almost feel Clark in her throat. Lex wasn't the whimpering type. Never had been, never would be. But the heat and the feel of being inside her, of moving in further and further was enough to make him moan her name. And curse under his breath when she tightened and then released.

Now this... this was shared sex. Smooth and liquid in a way that nothing else could hope to duplicate. Clark's head was thrown back, his body on full display and Lex took advantage of that. He leaned over Buffy's back, nipping at Clark's chest and down along defined rolls of muscle that marched evenly across that firm stomach.

Having his legs folded up underneath his hips helped with control, as did bracing his weight on his hands. When Lex's hands left his hips, Clark almost protested until he felt Buffy take over that duty. He opened his eyes a few moments later, trying to figure out where Lex had gone and was treated to the sight of Lex rising up onto his knees, cock sliding easily into Buffy and a blissful, completely unguarded expression on his face.

And when Lex leaned over to nip and bite at him, Clark was in sheer heaven. He never wanted to move again.

Buffy was in heaven, too. Being cradled between her lovers, both giving and receiving pleasure, was an incredible experience. She wasn't entirely sure how to move with it, but she'd figure it out. And despite her earlier doubts, Clark didn't seem to mind the switch between Lex and her at all.

Hazel eyes closed, and her other senses automatically sharpened to compensate. She could hear every breath, every sigh, every moan... and it excited her more than she would've believed possible. She couldn't imagine being anywhere but here... and she never wanted to have to stop.

He'd been here before. Other places, other situations, other people, but the same position. The club scene in Metropolis was a lot wilder than anyone beyond the age of 30 imagined. But it had been years and there was a great deal of difference between then and now.

Then, it had all been part of the game. The drugs, the music, the lights - bodies moving and not all of them dancing. Public sex was expected, even encouraged in some of the clubs although Lex rarely indulged.

But this... this did happen, usually in one of the private rooms. After one of his father's major crackdowns, Lex learned to keep this quiet. His picture plastered across anything other than the business page was something to be carefully avoided. Even in those private places his emotions, other than immediate lust and the occasional 'fuck-you, dad' were never part of the equation. Sex was sex, like drugs and alcohol it was something to be consumed - sometimes savored - but never taken as anything other than the pleasure of the moment.

In this place, with these people, sex took on a whole different meaning. He loved Clark, loved him in a way that honestly frightened him because there was so much to lose and, until today, nothing to gain. His feelings for Buffy were nowhere near as strong but they had every chance of becoming so.

This wasn't mindless fucking. It wasn't another example of his rebellion against his father and the entire establishment that Lionel Luthor stood for. No. This was something else entirely. Something that, despite his wide and varied experience, Lex had never done before.

This was making love.

Unable to help herself, Buffy started to moan softly. The sounds were muffled, vibrating around and against Clark's cock as she bobbed her head up and down. The feelings were intense and she had no idea how long she'd be able to keep this up, but she'd give it all she had while she could.

The positioning was new, but she decided that she liked it. Being pressed between them like this made her feel very wanted... and she began to wonder if that's how it felt to her lovers, when they were in the middle. Would she be able to be in the middle like that, ever? Being taken by both of them? It might work... she could certainly try it, sometime. She didn't know when... but at some point.

Mouth good. That was about all his brain could process right now. Clark forced his eyes open when he heard Lex groan, then felt Buffy's moan. It was a good thing she had him pinned, a really good thing. His hands scrabbled at the rug and then the floor as Lex pushed him back a little further.

The other mouth, the one with the sharp teeth was leaving a trail of bites along the line of his hip. Right where the bone was barely covered by skin and a thinner layer of muscle. One of the places where he was ticklish but this didn't tickle. It itched, it throbbed but it didn't tickle.

Lex shifted his weight and changed the angle, pushing in at a sharper tilt. One hand remained on Buffy's hip while the other slipped underneath. Not a single fumble, he found the slight rise of her clit and stroked, pulling the lips tight so every thrust accomplished the same goal.

The moaning became louder and Clark was actually thrusting now. Slowly and carefully but still movement. Lex lifted his head to eye their lover, making sure that he wouldn't lose control and hurt Buffy. When it appeared that Clark was behaving, Lex brought his other hand into play.

He dipped down, pulling all the way out of Buffy and replacing his cock with his fingers. When she started to lift her head, Lex soothed her with a quiet, "Shhh... trust me." The lube was too far away and this was the best way to get everything as wet as possible.

With a soft sound of acceptance, Buffy shivered and relaxed, resumed her sucking on Clark. She did trust Lex and would continue to do so... so she held still and let him do as he wished. She was curious about what he was planning to do, anyway, so she just let him be.

Instead, she concentrated on Clark. She could feel his body tense with every thrust and she let him as much as she could. If he thrust a little too much, she just moved up with him rather than letting him slide into her mouth. As long as he didn't get too out of control, she could handle this. And she trusted him not to get too out of control.

When Buffy relaxed and returned her attentions to Clark, Lex removed his fingers. A quick lift and slide had his cock buried back inside her as he leaned back. The view was incredible. Clark's body strung taut as a bowstring, every muscle tensed. Buffy's head moving up and down, following each of his tiny thrusts and his own cock sliding in and out. It needed only on thing more to complete the experience.

The first brush of his damp fingertips against the tiny hole drew a muffled sound from Buffy. But she didn't stop, or raise her head. Lex circled it, pressing in for a few seconds before moving away. Not everyone liked this. Most of his partners did and the majority of them asked for it because he was very, very good at it. But it wasn't to everyone's taste. When Buffy didn't protest, Lex pushed a little harder and the tight ring of muscle eased, allowing his finger in past the first knuckle.

Buffy whimpered and fell still as her body struggled to adjust. It wasn't unpleasant, she decided. Just a little weird, but in a kinda good way. When she felt she was used to the sensation, she pressed her hips back just enough to indicate to Lex that he could continue.

At the same time, she again resumed her efforts with Clark. Apologized for her lapse by taking him as deep as she could and humming softly. The pressure of her hands on his hips eased slightly too; she was still in control enough to keep him from hurting her, but she let him move a little more. If he wanted to, he could, anyway.

One finger almost all the way in and still no protest. In fact as he eased it out, Buffy followed, pushing back and down. Good girl, very good girl. After a few more careful thrusts, he added a second finger, pressing them tightly together. She was small and tight, petite all over. It was going to take a lot of patience before she could handle his cock there. And Clark's was totally out of the question.

He could barely manage Kent and Lex knew he had a lot more experience than Buffy. Probably had more experience than anyone in Smallville and for the next three surrounding towns.

Realizing that he had a little more freedom of movement, Clark took advantage of it. His thighs tensed as he pushed up into her mouth. Buffy opened a little wider, taking in as much as she could but Clark knew her limit had been reached when his cock touched what could only be her throat.

When Clark hit her throat she tensed briefly, waiting to see if she'd have to push him back down. But she didn't - he held back, kept himself under control without any need for her to stop him. In both acknowledgement of his control and thanks for it, she began humming again. It was a good thing she could control her gag reflex, because he was deep in her mouth... but not too deep.

At the same time, she continued to move with Lex. His fingers - there were two of them now, she could feel it - still felt a little odd. But she thought she liked it... it was starting to feel good. And she didn't want him to stop, so she kept encouraging him.

Slick and tight around his fingers, equally slick and tight around his cock. Which he could feel through the thin wall, the head of it sliding past his fingertips with every inward thrust. The position was growing more and more sophisticated by the moment. Lex caught his lower lip between his teeth when those wonderful muscles went off and his world narrowed down to his fingers and his dick.

Clark looked down at Buffy and then up at Lex, whose eyes were closed and his teeth were cutting into his lower lip. That aroused Clark's curiosity and he scanned down Lex's chest, his hips and finally came to rest there. His x-ray vision kicked in for a few seconds and what he saw was the dirtiest, sexiest thing ever. Lex was... oh God, he was and his fingers were... "Oh... ohhhh... Buffy... gonna... so close."

Buffy whimpered softly and nodded, her eyes opened slowly to meet Clark's. Just enough to indicate that she'd heard him and wasn't planning to stop. She kept moving, kept sucking, kept pushing herself to the limit of just how far she could take him. Wanting to do everything she could for him, before what Lex was doing to her overwhelmed her senses.

Because Lex was driving her crazy. She was beginning to tremble; she leaned on Clark as much to keep herself moving as to hold him down, now. The feelings coursing through her body were incredible. Between Lex's cock and his fingers, she felt so full...

Bemused, Lex opened his eyes and watched Clark. At this point after everything they'd done today all Clark would be doing was shooting blanks. Unless his powers included super-sperm production... considering how sweet his come tasted, Lex wasn't entirely sure if it did contain sperm. Sample, he had to get a sample... just for informational purposes.

Clark was moving up into Buffy's mouth, faster and faster. The thrusts were shallow and perfectly controlled even though his entire body was wound so tight he looked ready to snap. Sharp, white-hot pressure in his chest, burning through his veins, so powerful that it hurt.

The moment Clark achieved orgasm was the closest thing to a religious experience that Lex ever had. The boy practically glowed, head thrown back, throat an exquisite arch reaching for heaven itself. Relief flooding through his body even as he pushed in deeper.

Lex watched as Clark poured himself into Buffy. Watched as she swallowed around him, not spilling a single precious drop. Watched as Clark lost contact with the ground, literally. "Jesus... holy fuck, Clark!"

Floating. Oh Christ, Clark was floating. There were at least a few inches of air between his knees and the carpet. Empty air.

Buffy felt Clark rise up underneath her hands, but it was different... completely different from before. She lifted her head and pulled back slightly... and her jaw dropped when she saw that Clark was hovering in front of her. "Oh my God!" she gasped. Clark was floating. She knew he could, but to actually see it... Oh, God...

She wondered what would happen if she weren't leaning on him... if he'd float higher, hit the ceiling. She was almost tempted to find out... and she wasn't sure if he'd want her to let go or not. This was just... bizarre. Completely outside her experience.

Dazed with overwhelming pleasure, Clark had to force his eyes open when he heard their panicked voices. Well, Buffy sounded awed. Lex sounded panicked. When his eyes met Lex's and then tracked downward, the inevitable happened.

He landed, hard. His hands skidded off the carpet and along the hardwood as Clark fell backward. The thump of his head hitting the divan echoed through the room and Clark winced. Not because it hurt but because it was so loud.


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