Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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From Ace: To Em for reminding me why I love Buffy. To Beth for being my Smallville watching partner even when the scripts were awful. To the whole Clark/Lex list for opening my eyes to the potential here. And finally to Christina for her great story; Runaway Trains at 3 A.M. which was part of our inspiration. You can find it at: this site.

Chapter 21

"Clark? Clark! Are you okay?" Lex scooted backward, his fingers sliding easily out of Buffy. Before his cock cleared her body, Clark was sitting back up and smiling. Great big goofy grin and if Lex didn't love him so much, he was tempted to smack Clark Kent into next week for worrying him. Worrying both of them if Buffy's reaction was anything to go by.

Concerned about Clark, Buffy didn't protest when Lex pulled away from her. She, too, wanted to be sure that he was okay. He might not be vulnerable by any human standards... but could he be hurt by the results of his own powers? That was a possibility, so she worried. A little, anyway. But if he could be hit by a car and not be hurt, the impact from a few inches above the floor wasn't going to do any damage.

"Are you okay, baby? What just happened?" she asked softly. Not the hitting-the-floor, what happened. She meant, how had he ended up floating? He said he didn't know how to control it, but that it happened during a dream that embarrassed him. Could it be something in sexual energy that did it? But, if so, why hadn't it happened earlier?

"I'm fine." Clark rubbed at the back of his head, still grinning. He floated. When he was awake. How cool was that?

"Kent, when you've done this before..." Lex sounded perfectly calm, quite the difference from less than two minutes ago. When Clark shifted his attention from Buffy to Lex, he was a little surprised to see Lex's hips moving. They weren't moving a lot but he was still in Buffy, still rocking in and out while he talked. "It was when you were sleeping, right? Were you dreaming about anything... special?"

And could he possibly blush any brighter? "Umm... yeah. The first time I was kinda hovering over Lana's bed." Clark moved closer, leaning over to kiss Buffy in quiet apology for ever having sexual thoughts about any girl besides her.

"Yes, I can see where that would make you want to float." Sarcasm, rich and deep and strong. Lana Lang, beautiful girl... reasonably intelligent but insipid. Too wound up in the past and the implanted memories of parents who died when she was too young to actually remember them. Lex could see why hovering over Lana's bed would make him want to float. Anything to keep from actually touching the girl.

Fortunately the sarcasm was lost on Clark. Or he simply chose to ignore it because he was still kissing Buffy. Tasted himself in her mouth and tried not to think about snowball fights.

Buffy returned Clark's kiss gently. His past was his past, and she wasn't about to get upset over him dreaming about Lana. It really didn't matter. But if he wanted to apologize, arguing with him over it wouldn't make anything better. So she accepted it gracefully.

When Clark pulled back, she answered Lex's comment. "Teenagers dream of people they think are physically attractive, more often than not," she reasoned. "Lana's pretty enough to qualify. That doesn't mean she's the reason he was floating. Maybe it's the emotions behind the feelings? Or maybe it's something related to sexual energy? Or maybe he just has to feel like he's flying?" She shook her head slightly.

"We could guess until tomorrow and still not know for sure." She was still rocking her hips lightly, moving opposite Lex's motions and somehow managing to maintain a coherent conversation. Unusual for her, but probably the worry had cleared her mind of its earlier haziness. An adrenaline shot to counteract some of the hormones.

There were wheels turning in Clark's head, Lex could almost see them as their lover thought things through. When Clark finally spoke, what he had to say surprised Lex. Surprised him and soothed the surge of jealousy he'd felt at the mention of Lana's name. "The other dreams were about you, Lex. Saving you... from your dad, from Rickman, at Club Zero. So Buffy's probably right... About the sexual energy thing."

Until today, Lex would have sworn Clark was straight as an arrow. In fact he still had his doubts even though they'd had each other in every conceivable way. This could just be a fluke. Be a case of Clark being so grateful to get a chance to lose his virginity that he was willing to try anything.

But this confession, given with total honesty and in a clear voice, convinced Lex that today wasn't a fluke. Clark wanted to be here. He wanted to be here with not just Buffy but with him as well.

And that meant a lot.

"I'll do some reading when I get home," Buffy offered. She wasn't sure if he'd agree, but she could try. "I think I remember either Willow or Tara mentioning something about sexual energy being harnessable for other things. Like for magic, or perhaps for your powers, Clark. It's worth checking out." It might not apply to Clark at all, of course. But to the best of her knowledge, energy was energy.

And even though there were different kinds the basic principles still applied.

"That'd be great, Buffy. The more we can figure out the better." Clark lifted her a little more, not stopping until she was sitting all the way up. As she moved, Lex adjusted his position, wondering what Clark was up to. The answer came soon enough when Clark's hand slipped between Buffy's legs, fumbling for the right spot while Clark dipped his head down to kiss her.

Kent was getting smoother by the minute. Learning curve was definitely off the scale. Lex approved. Wholeheartedly.

Her eyes half-closed and Buffy moaned into Clark's mouth. She returned his kiss wholeheartedly, her arms wrapped around his neck and her fingers tangling into his hair. She pulled him a little closer so that she could lean against him and still rock her hips with Lex's. If they kept this up, they were going to very quickly drive her crazy. Lex was right, Clark's learning curve was way off the scale... and Lex was taking advantage of it.

At the rate they were going, she might eventually be hard-pressed to keep up with them. Fortunately, they had each other to tease and play with too... but they were probably all going to be rather sore, later.

Not only was the learning curve off the scale but Clark's recuperative powers were phenomenal. Lex felt the brush of heat against his hand first, the hand resting on Buffy's right hip. Not believing what he felt, he looked over Buffy's shoulder for a visual confirmation. Damned if Clark wasn't getting hard... again.

"Jesus... You are an alien, aren't you?" The words were out of his mouth before Lex had time to edit them. Looking sharply up into Clark's eyes, he expected to see hurt there but instead was treated to infinite warmth and a hand on the back of his head. Rather than replying immediately, Clark pulled Lex in for kiss identical to the one he'd just given Buffy.

His brains were leaking out his ears. They had to be. Clark was in his mouth and his tongue was doing things that were physically impossible. When Clark released his hold and pulled back, Lex couldn't help the unguarded smile that curved across his lips. Any more than he could stop the uncontrollable laughter that bubbled up when Clark said, "Take me to your leader..."

Buffy couldn't help it; her laughter joined Lex's at Clark's quirky comment. It was just too funny. Her body shook as she laughed, leaning against Clark's chest. "I don't think so, baby," she teased in return, when she was able to speak. "I think we're going to keep you here, hidden except from us. For the rest of forever. There are enough sex scandals in the government, thanks." She giggled again, unable to help herself.

Inwardly, she realized that it had been quite a while since she'd laughed or smiled as much as she had today. True that she'd cried as well, been sad and afraid... but she was experiencing a full range of emotion, here with Lex and Clark. Which, for her, meant that she was finally getting over the past year. And she was glad of it. Glad that she'd found her way into this special relationship that was healing her by its very existence.

"What I want to know..." The laughter faded out into a dry, droll tone as Lex allowed Clark the ultimate indignity. He didn't flinch when Clark rubbed noses with him although his tendency to compare Clark to an overgrown black Lab did resurface for a moment. "Is how you managed to stay a virgin this long. There should be a line outside your loft that leads all the way into town."

He didn't add the rest of that line of thought. Jonathan and Martha Kent could single-handedly bail out the family farm if by renting Clark out. The kid was built, smart, sexy as hell and given the proper education, could fuck circles around anyone Lex had ever met in the trade.

It also went without saying if the Kents did choose that course of action, Lex would make sure Clark's dance card was permanently full. And the only name on it would be Luthor.

Buffy rolled her eyes at that one. "Because the people in this little town are blind and stupid?" she offered wryly. It was the only reason she could think of. She might not know Lana or the jock she was supposedly dating, but the girl was an idiot if she knew Clark had been crushing on her and not jumped on him.

"Honestly, I swear, people in this town either have no taste or no eyes in their heads. Which," she wrapped her arms tightly around Clark's waist as she spoke, "makes us all the more lucky for having gotten to you before they woke up from their dreamworlds. Because I have absolutely no intention of letting you go." Her eyes fixed on Clark's when she said that; her expression was fierce and possessive but also soft and loving.

An odd contradiction, that. But consistent with her dual nature.

She turned to look at Lex, her expression not changing, and added, "Either of you."

"Any more than we plan to let you go, Beauty. You're ours." Lex confirmed the claim with an open-mouthed kiss that covered the scar on her neck as well as a harsh thrust. That thrust was followed by another and another until Buffy was breathless and had to hold onto Clark for support.

Clark held her up, one arm around her waist and the other around her back. He turned to kiss her, taking his time in exploring the wonder that was her mouth. Distracted and frankly a little lost in it, he didn't notice Lex slowing down. Or lifting Buffy up as he pulled back.

Honestly, Clark didn't notice anything other than the little sounds Buffy was making and the way her tongue curled up underneath his. He didn't notice anything until there was a hand around his cock and then he was surrounded by incredible heat. He opened his eyes, completely startled by the realization that Lex had relinquished his place and now he was the one inside her.

Buffy was aware enough of her surroundings to notice what Lex was doing. She couldn't help the whimper that escaped when he withdrew from her. But she thought she had a fair idea of what Lex was up to, so she kept quiet. She wanted them, they wanted her, and she would pretty much let them do whatever they wished. There were some things she would object to, and being objectified or used was one of them.

But she knew without a doubt that, right now, they wanted her. As a person, for herself. And there was very little that she wouldn't agree to right now. Because she loved them.

So she clung to Clark and let Lex manipulate their positioning. She moaned when Clark slid into her body, rocked her hips forward until they met his. And held on tightly while she waited to see what Lex was planning.

"Buffy... you can always say no," Lex murmured in her ear before rising to his feet. If she did say yes, they would need lube. If she said no, they'd still need lube.

He knew if Buffy refused, Clark would not.

"I know. But I want to try it, Lex," she answered softly, her head tipped back so she could meet his eyes. "I've never done this before, but I trust you. I love you. And I want you." She really did. And if he wanted to try it, she was game. If it didn't work, there were always alternatives. But she wanted to try it.

The trust and love in her voice twisted something inside him. Lex could feel his heart expanding as he smiled down at her. A declaration of undying affection was right there, ready to tumble past his lips. But instead he nodded, tamping down the urge.

He considered the position for a minute or two, debating on moving them. A chair would probably be better for this. Or side by side on the bed. He finally decided on the chair, that way gravity could do some of the work.

"Clark... We need to move." When Clark looked up at him, Lex inclined his head toward the low-slung chair in front of the fireplace. "That will do."

Nodding in agreement, Clark wrapped his arms around Buffy and he rose to his feet. The connection of their bodies was never broken as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He held her there, suspended in air while Lex made his way back to the bed and the nightstand drawer.

Oil wasn't going to cut it this time. He needed lube, preferably water based. There was a jar of it in the bottom drawer, the best brand that money could buy. It should still be about halfway full.

Buffy rested her head against Clark's shoulder. Confident that he could hold her indefinitely, she continued to rock her hips just a little bit. It felt nice, and was easier than trying to make herself hold still. Clark wasn't objecting, either, so she didn't think he minded.

She tried to stay relaxed, though. As with vaginal sex, she assumed that the first time would be much easier on her body if she could keep herself relaxed. So she took a few minutes to take control of her emotions and calm her nervousness. Being nervous was natural, she supposed, but it would only cause difficulties. So she did her best to work through it before the issue arose.

Carefully, Clark lowered himself into the chair. It took a bit of maneuvering as Buffy tucked her knees up on either side of him. The chair was low, really low, which made sense because he'd figured out what they were going to do.

They had to be low enough that Lex could reach if he was on his knees. Spreading his legs, Clark slid forward until they were both perched on the very edge of the chair. He lifted Buffy up and down, sliding slowly in and out while they waited for Lex to join them.

The feel of being inside her was incredible and the angle... Clark wrapped his hands up over the smooth curve of each shoulder and pulled Buffy down onto his cock. Nothing separated them, not even a layer of air. He could feel the pulse of her heart matching his own.

Once they were settled, Buffy smiled and leaned in to kiss Clark. Softly, deeply... the kiss held a lot of love, on both their parts. The feelings that she picked up from it thrilled her, warmed her heart. Clark made her feel so many things that she hadn't felt in a very long time: safe, loved, wanted, needed... special. Lex made her feel similarly, except that instead of love she got a feeling of affection.

Lex cared for her, but didn't love her. He might never love her, but that was okay. Because she knew he cared, even if he didn't say it. She'd seen it in his eyes when she told him that she wanted this, that she trusted him. Even if the words were never spoken, she'd still know.

Taking a moment to admire the beauty laid out before him, Lex stopped in front of the chair. His gaze swept down her back, lingering for a moment where her hair fell in a golden spill that obscured both hers and Clark's face. Lean and elegant lines, culminating in a tangle of legs and the faintest hint of shadow where their bodies joined. Them in his life was something he wanted, that he craved... that he would kill to keep.

Kneeling in between Clark's legs, Lex kissed the tender spot at the nape of Buffy's neck. That broke their kiss, drawing her up and away from Clark. But rather than saying anything, Lex continued his way down her spine, kissing and touching as he went. Underneath Buffy, Clark was moving slowly, rocking in and out while Lex made his way ever downward.

"Mmmmm." A soft sound of pleasure slid past her lips when Lex kissed her neck. Her eyes closed and her back arched under his kisses, golden hair brushed against pale skin as her head tipped back. Was this how Clark had felt when she and Lex lavished their attention on him? This warm and wanted and thrilled feeling?

She felt like the center of attention; like she was the most precious thing in the world, and all they wanted to do was touch her. And she wanted to let them. She couldn't think of anywhere she'd rather be than right where she was.

"Beautiful," was whispered along her shoulders, the movement of air across her skin adding to the experience. "Exquisite," that word given as warm lips ghosted over her ribs. "Glorious," spoken to the outer curve of her hip and finally, "mine..." almost lost into her skin as Lex dipped his head in between the spread of Clark's legs and he licked... right there.

Quick press of his tongue in a place where a tongue had never been. Warm, wet and gentle.

"Yours," she affirmed in a soft voice. Leaning forward again, Buffy's mouth sought Clark's and she kissed him once more. She felt like she needed to do something but instinct told her to hold still for Lex. To just let go and let someone else control the situation for a while. To just feel.

And she wanted to take in everything, to remember every little sensation. But she wanted to kiss Clark, too. So she did... kissed him to kiss him, to keep him involved, and to let him know that she belonged to him every bit as much as she did to Lex.

Opening his mouth to let Buffy in was the easiest thing in the world. Clark could feel Lex's shoulders brushing against his legs and his first instinct was to freeze. But Buffy's kiss and the slow rock of her hips convinced him to keep moving. She was making the most amazing sounds... when they were done he'd ask Lex what in the world he did to make her sound like that but for now Clark was willing to just let it slide.

Her taste bloomed on his tongue, rich and complex and perfectly Buffy. Lex closed his eyes, cupped both cheeks in his hands and spread her a little further. This was her first time. He wanted it to be something she'd remember for the rest of her life.

Oh, God. Everywhere Lex touched her felt new and exciting. His hands, his lips, his tongue... it all felt very different from anything she was familiar with. Or, more precisely, it felt similar in method but the sensations were different. Not quite as sensitive, but she'd almost expected that. Good, though. Better than she'd ever imagined.

If she was being honest, she was in the process of enjoying something she'd never thought she would enjoy. It had been one of those things she'd read about that sounded really freaky and possibly a little gross. She'd never expected to find herself willing to try it. And she'd never expected to have a lover who wanted to try it with her.

Yet here she was, ready and willing... and with an able partner. A lover who was making her feel very good, in ways she hadn't ever anticipated enjoying.

Alternating between long, slow licks that dragged all the way up from that tiny hole to the top of the crease and quick dives inward, Lex plied his considerable oral skills. He was good at this, better than good. Each moan, each tiny shiver was a confirmation of his talent as well as his true affection for his partner. He wasn't doing this to prove himself, he was doing it because he wanted to give her pleasure as well as ease the way.

When she was trembling and incoherent within the circle of Clark's arms, Lex indulged himself and nuzzled the soft warmth of Clark's thigh. His other lover moaned, whispering his name as Lex drew first one and then the other ball into his mouth. He unscrewed the cap on the jar, coated his fingers and slipped one gently into Buffy.

The soft cry she made when Lex's finger slid into her sounded impossibly loud to her own ears. So did her breathing and Clark's, and the bit that she could hear of Lex's. She felt hypersensitive all of a sudden, able to feel every place where either of them touched her body and every little move that they made. But oh, God, what a feeling. She never wanted it to stop, wanted more of it...

And though she wasn't sure, she thought she might be saying so. Repeatedly, until she bit her lip and cut herself off mid-word.

"Yes, Beauty, we'll give you more." So easy to love her, so easy to let go of years and years of not trusting anyone besides himself. Lex slipped another finger into her even as he rose up into position. She responded beautifully, head falling back against his shoulder, rocking forward across Clark and then back onto his fingers. "Do you want me?"

"Yes..." she moaned. She rocked back again and turned her head to kiss Lex's neck lightly. "Want you so much... to feel you in me." To feel them both in her, making love to her. To her...

Amazing thought for someone who'd been told that she wasn't worth it... and believed it. Now... she was slowly beginning to wonder if maybe she'd been wrong to believe.

Clark leaned back to give them a little more room, his legs spreading even more. Noting the change in position, Lex retrieved a few of the pillows from the floor and tucked them behind Clark. No need for him to be uncomfortable.

He withdrew his fingers slowly, listening to every sound that she made and savoring them. Dipping into the jar again, Lex thoroughly coated his cock before moving exactly into position. All it would take was a slow rise up and he would slide right in.

Kissing Buffy on the shoulder, then the nape of her neck, he did just that. Rose smoothly up from the floor, the head of his cock finding its target and pushing past the first ring of muscle with incredible ease. Tight... God she was so tight and hot and... perfect.

Oh God... ohgodohgod... Lex slid into her slowly... so slowly, but that's how she needed it. But when he was in... God... she'd never felt anything so incredible in all her life. Nothing even came close. There was nothing to compare it to, no words to express just how she felt. Thoroughly possessed, impossibly full and so much more.

Incoherent sounds, whimpers and moans and mewling sounds, echoed in her ears and she could barely breathe without feeling like every move touched them, where their cocks were inside her body.

As she tightened around him, she also tightened around Clark. Who was pushing up, his hips rising and falling as he matched Lex's own rhythm. Clark pulled Buffy down for an open-mouthed kiss, deep and less skilled than normal as he felt Lex's balls rub against his own.

They'd all experienced it now. The feeling of being completely possessed. Lex knew it was a heady thing and hoped it would continue to be so as he directed them towards a long, slow climax. This could take minutes or it could take hours... depending on how much Buffy was able to stand. His stamina Lex was confident about. This was his fifth round; he could keep going forever and still not come.

Buffy's senses were still reeling under the assault of sensation. She had no idea how much of this she could take before she came. But she did know that she could get through several orgasms in a row before she'd need to stop. Slayer stamina counted for something, after all. And she thought about telling them that, but her mouth was too occupied with Clark's to be able to form words.

For the briefest of moments, Buffy wished that she still had some remnant of the telepathic ability from a few years ago. It'd be nice to be able to talk without using her mouth. But that particular ability had almost driven her insane, so the flash of thought was really just that. Still, Lex had a pretty good grasp on what he was doing. She might not need to tell him at all. He might already know.

The tight clasp was loosening a little, loosening enough so he could move. Lex took advantage of that fact and set a slow and easy pace. He cupped one of her breasts, sliding his hand between her and Clark's chest to rub his thumb up and over the nipple. The other hand he used to grip the arm of the chair, using it as a brace to stay upright.

To his surprise and great pride, Lex watched as Clark insinuated one of his hands in between the crush of bodies. He felt Buffy tighten again when Clark obviously found what he was looking for. The noise she made into his mouth was incredible, something Lex would always remember and wished he had a tape recorder going. Just to preserve it forever.

Right there. Tight little furl of flesh under his fingertips. Clark rubbed it, tapping lightly before rubbing again. He kissed Buffy until he saw spots in front of his eyes and finally had to pull back to draw in a shaky breath.

Buffy was seeing stars by the time Clark released her mouth. She could barely breathe as it was, and her body was locking up on her. She shuddered and cried out as she hit her climax, her fingers clenched convulsively in Clark's hair and it was probably a good thing that he was invulnerable. For once, she completely lost control as the tidal wave of pleasure crashed into her senses.

Blasphemy poured out of his mouth and into her ear as Lex clutched at the chair, trying to hold onto something. Anything. She'd gone so tight that he could barely breathe. The orgasm so strong, he could feel the contractions from where he was and the look on Clark's face confirmed that he too was caught in the maelstrom.

If he hadn't been concentrating on not coming, Clark would have blushed at the words coming from Lex. He'd figured out his friend knew how to curse, knew how to do it with surprising grace... but until today Clark had never thought anybody could make those words sound sexy.

But Lex did.

In any other state of mind, Buffy might have reacted to the stream of cursing... but she was too caught up in her climax to even give it a second thought. She couldn't think beyond the feelings coursing through her until they began to subside.

When the feelings receded, she leaned forward enough to rest her head on Clark's shoulder as she tried to catch her breath. God, talk about overwhelming. Today seemed to be a day for unique experiences... and it wasn't over yet. What else would today bring? Buffy had no idea... but she needed to be able to breathe in order to find out. She focused her attention on one breath at a time for a few minutes until the stars finally faded from her vision.

"Beauty, are you still with us?" Honey-sweet against her skin, the words trickling past lips that kissed and teased. Lex moved like nothing on the earth. Fluid, graceful, waiting until her breathing evened out before rocking slowly forward and then back.

Content to let Lex set the pace, Clark brushed a lock of hair out of Buffy's eyes. Her cheeks were flushed, her mouth half-open as she tried to match Lex's movements. He'd never seen anything more beautiful in his life than Buffy was right now. She looked... complete. Like whatever had been missing inside of her had been returned.

Buffy nodded, took one more deep breath, then answered, "Yeah... still here. Just... overwhelmed for a few minutes." She lifted her head, a smile etched on her features. She felt... whole. Loved.

"All I can say," she added softly, "is that if this feels anywhere near as good to you as it does to me... I can't imagine any of us ever wanting to stop." They'd have to stop eventually, their bodies could only take so much. But that didn't mean they'd want to. This could get highly addictive, and fast. She just hoped that it always felt this good.

"It does. Believe me, it does." Surprisingly it was Clark who answered. He looked up into her eyes before cupping her shoulders in both hands and pushing up into her. That movement brought his cock up along the underside of Lex's, separated as they were but only a thin membrane. He remembered that much from sex-ed, mainly because Pete had pointed it out to Chloe so he could see the face she made.

And it had been the most amazing face. Like she'd just drunk straight buttermilk or something else that stuck to her tongue. He and Pete goggled at her until she smacked both of them upside the head before storming off. Pete's wince was real while Clark's... getting hit by Chloe was like having a butterfly land on his skin. It kinda tickled but not much more.

Not like when Buffy touched him or when Lex did. Their touch burned. He craved it, drank it in every time their fingertips glided over his skin, or their bodies pressed against his... or in the case of Lex, when he slipped inside.

Having them touch was better than food, better than the warm kiss of the sun on his back when he worked in the fields, better than anything. Except maybe sex... That really was the best.

"Good." The purr was back in her voice, a well-loved, lazy, sensual sound. Having them both inside her, feeling them both moving, was such an incredible sensation that she wanted to share. She couldn't make them feel what she was feeling, so the next best thing was for it to feel just as good to them, too. And after that came telling them about it... if only there were words to describe it. But she could try...

"It just feels so incredible. I wish I could show you, or that there were better words for it. It's... I can't move or breathe or anything without feeling you both everywhere. And when I feel you moving in me, it's like you're both touching every part of me all at once. I feel so... so possessed... it's... it's just so good, so wonderful." Her voice sounded husky, breathy, even to her.

The words seemed to slide over her lips and into the air, almost liquid in their intensity. But she found that she rather liked saying it, almost as much as she liked seeing and feeling their reactions.

"Being replete. All the empty places inside of you filled?" Not quite a question but enough of a rise at the end that it could be considered one. Lex knew exactly what she was describing. He'd felt it the first time in his life today when he'd been cradled in her arms and in her body while Clark rose up over him. Split him wide open, not only with his cock but with his hands and his mouth and his... heart.

That feeling, what Buffy was describing meant more than anything else that had happened since she and Clark had showed up at his doorstep. It meant even more than discovering the truth behind Clark's lies. Mainly because Clark had been lying to protect his life and protect his family and that was something Lex understood completely. He, himself, would lie, cheat, steal, even kill to protect his own.

And these two were his own.


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