Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 22

"Yes," Buffy breathed. "That's it, exactly. No more emptiness, no more loneliness, no more voids." A balm for the grief, a release from depression, and a return to herself as well. In the course of a single day, Buffy had been given everything she needed to be Buffy again. Not just an echo of who she was or the shell of a person. Whole again, complete. And completely in love, but that was almost an accessory. A bonus.

And despite the brief period they'd known each other, she would do anything at all to keep them safe. To protect the people she loved, to keep them safe, she would do anything in her power to do. Even if it cost her life again, she would do it. They were hers as much as Dawn was, but in a different way. Hers to love, to cherish, to belong to. And nothing could ever take that away from her, except them. And her lovers would never do that.

"Never again." Said more to himself than anything else, Lex kissed her shoulder before rising back up. His hands settled on her hips and he pulled almost all the way out, watching his cock slide back until the crown was revealed before pushing back in. On the next pass, he added a little more lube around the shaft. It was something they had to be careful about. He couldn't tear Clark but he certainly could tear her and that wasn't something Lex would tolerate.

Reaching underneath Clark, Lex cupped his balls and earned a moan. That moan turned into something even deeper when Lex's fingers skimmed down and pressed. Clark shifted to accommodate the invasion and his cock flexed inside Buffy when those fingers pushed past the outer ring. The full feeling was back...

Buffy moaned when she felt Clark flexing, both from the feeling inside her and because she was watching Clark's expression... eyes hazy, pleasure-filled. Clark looked like she felt... completely possessed, filled. Wanted.

She put her hands on the arms of the chair so she could support some of her own weight. It took her a few tries to find a way to move that worked in this situation, but she did find one and matched the pace Lex had set. Not easy, but it felt good and let her feel like she was participating rather than just selfishly letting them make her feel incredible. Even if that wasn't how they saw it, she couldn't help but feel that way.

So she moved. Squeezed them tight. Watching and listening for reactions, clues to whether or not what she was doing was good.

"Mmmm... that's it. Use your legs." Lex directed and when she followed along, the angle changed drastically. "Clark, let her use you for leverage. Hands up." Only logical that he provide instructions since he knew how these things worked.

Clark lifted his free hand up, the other still busy stroking between Buffy's legs. He looked up at Lex before asking, "What now?"

"Beauty, put both of your hands in his. Clark's strong enough to hold you up... He's strong enough to hold both of us up." Lex watched and waited until Buffy placed her hand into Clark's. The increase in tension was immediate. In her legs, in her back and God... yes in that tight, hot spot where his cock was threatening mutiny if he ever decided to leave it.

"Oh, God," she whimpered as she felt the change. Her fingers tightened their grip while she adjusted to the sudden tension in her body. With Clark's support, it was easier to move... it didn't take so much effort on her part. It was a nice difference... and nicer to know that her lovers could and would support her when necessary. It wasn't something she was used to.

Buffy smiled at Clark and squeezed his hand gently again. She needed her hands for support, so she couldn't reach out and touch him... but a smile seemed like a nice thing, too. God knows she'd smiled more today than in the past week, probably. Dawn would be shocked by the change, when Buffy got home...

Clark's answering smile was broad and bright, lighting up his whole face and to Lex's amazement and unending amusement, Clark still managed to look innocent. Never mind the fact that he'd been laid six ways to Sunday, or that he was buried deep within the woman he was smiling at, he still looked completely innocent.

Which would serve them well later. If he could pull off the poster child for the untouched while being laid, then he should be able to convince his parents that nothing unusual happened today. Useful talent...

Clark's smile could light up an entire house and when he looked at her like that, Buffy's heart jumped. She was still completely amazed that he hadn't been pounced on, that he hadn't been seeing anyone until today. It was completely baffling. Were the girls in this town all blind?

Much easier to understand was why Lex was still single. His position was such that women would throw themselves at him for money or power or the prestige of being seen by his side. And while Buffy abhorred that kind of behavior, it was still fairly common. That also made it perfectly understandable why he was single because he didn't want to be wanted for his money or his power or his position.

So he took what he wanted, used people and whatever else, and then moved on. Normal, if cynical, behavior. He had walls no one had breached - until Clark, she suspected - and those walls had kept everyone else away from his heart.

Why she could see through the walls without trying, Buffy couldn't begin to guess. She didn't have any ideas about why she could tell, or accurately guess, how he was feeling. She just knew.

Slow rise up and in, slow pull back out, falling easily into a pattern designed to give the maximum pleasure for both participants. Buffy's stamina made her one of the best he'd ever had. By now Victoria would have been wilting and begging him to finish. They'd done this on the odd occasion before the recent disastrous reunion, usually with some guy that Vicky picked up in a club and the resulting free-for-all, while physically satisfying, did nothing for Lex emotionally.

Leaning forward to kiss Clark over Buffy's shoulder, Lex twisted his fingers and reached. Alien physiology was turning out to be almost identical to human with one small exception. Clark's prostate, or its equivalent, was incredibly sensitive. Not only did he rock down harder onto Lex's fingers, but his cock jumped inside Buffy. The sound that escaped from their sealed mouths was something close to a scream.

Buffy wondered what Lex did to make Clark scream like that. Whatever he was doing provoked an intense reaction, and one that Buffy would like to know how to evoke herself. But she'd have to ask later, because the movement within her was sending sparklers of pleasure through her body again. Plus, they were kissing so thoroughly, she wasn't sure they'd hear her if she did ask.

Caught between their bodies, with Clark pressed against her chest and Lex against her back, she couldn't move a whole lot. But she tried, and their hips moved in concert despite their focus on kissing each other senseless. And, honestly, Buffy understood Lex's desire to kiss Clark. Their young lover could kiss them both breathless, and he was getting good at doing it. Learning curve off the scale and no mistake.

Oh man, his mom was going to wash his mouth out with soap but Clark just couldn't help it when Lex finally let him go. Especially when the fingers twisted again and the flashes went off behind his eyes. Pleasure so intense that it felt like he was coming even though his cock was adamant that wasn't happening yet. "God, Lex. What the hell are you doing? Oh fu... fuck."

Blushing, he hid his face in the curve of Buffy's neck while apologizing against her skin. Another object lesson from his father: never curse in front of a lady. Even though Lex had been doing it ever since this all started, that didn't mean he had to. "Jeez, Buffy. I'm sorry... He's just... OH GOD! Lex, stop... stop... please."

It was the please that did it. Although he really didn't want to abandon his current pursuit, Lex could deny Clark nothing if he asked for it. So he stopped pushing and stroking, choosing instead to rise up a little and give both Clark and Buffy a bit more space to move.

Buffy tightened her grip with one hand so that the other could wrap around Clark's neck. She cradled him against her body, felt his breath across her neck, and kissed the top of his head. "It's okay, baby," she murmured. She could tell when Lex stopped whatever he'd been doing, because Clark relaxed against her. They all still moved gently, almost on automatic. But that didn't stop her from talking to him.

"You can say anything you want to, love, it's okay. Just because I don't swear doesn't mean that I haven't heard other people do it. I don't mind." It was even mostly true. The occasional word or two, especially in his or Lex's passion-hazed voice, didn't bother her. Long strings of it directed at her, during sex or otherwise, tended to remind her of Spike.

Which tended to make her go cold all over, and her body tensed against the strike that usually followed it. But she could deal with that until she had a chance to talk to them about it.

"Okay... It's just... I'm not supposed to say things like that in front of a lady. Not ever." Clark's blush had faded a little and he picked the rhythm right back up. He pushed in when Lex pulled out, both of them sliding at the same time but in opposite directions. "Lex..."

"Yeah, Clark?" Outwardly calm except for the catch in his throat every time he felt the push and glide along the underside of his cock. Buffy was still really tight even though she seemed to have gotten used to his being there. And his cock was honestly and completely in love with her... a sentiment that Lex was leaning towards himself.

"D-dumb question time but what was that?... No. Don't demonstrate, I already know what it feels like... 'M gonna be dreaming about it for months." Clark laughed before reaching up to kiss Buffy. He took his time exploring her mouth while he waited for Lex to answer.

"Time for another Kent anatomy lesson? I've got to introduce you to the Internet, Clark. You'd be surprised what you can learn there." Utterly amused, Lex opted to worship the nape of Buffy's neck rather than answer Clark's question. There was a trace of sweat there, salt stinging his lips as he listened to her moan.

Lex sounded a little like Willow, for a moment... and that was the last coherent thought to pass through Buffy's mind for several minutes. She moaned and her eyes fluttered closed. It was apparently her turn to be kissed breathless... and between Clark kissing her and Lex's mouth on the back of her neck, in that so-sensitive spot, she felt like her insides were melting.

Fortunately, by this point the movement of her body was on automatic and she didn't have to think in order to move. So her mind could be consumed by what she was feeling and it wouldn't affect the rocking of her hips.

Multi-tasking was one of the few things he'd learned from working on The Torch with Chloe. And that talent was coming in really handy. On one level, Clark was totally lost in the kiss. Lost in the scent and the feel and the taste of it. On a different level, he was very much aware of the movement of his hips, the long and slow glide of his cock into consummate heat as well as the gentle rub and push of his thumb over her clit. And on an entirely different level, Clark was hyper-aware of the fingers still lodged in his own body which had started stroking that spot again.

She tasted like heaven. Tasted like home. Comfort and love and need all wrapped up in one tiny body. Trying to deny his ever-growing affection for her was useless. But rather than blurting the words out, Lex chosen instead to occupy his mouth with every inch of her skin that he could reach.

Buffy's soft cry was swallowed up by the kiss she still shared with Clark, but she couldn't stop the renewed trembling of her body. Her senses were soaring and she felt like she was in a very sensual Heaven. And she never wanted to come back down again. The feeling was every bit as incredible as before, perhaps more intense because her body had never calmed down completely. She was getting close, again, she just knew she was.

But she didn't want the feelings to stop. She didn't want to lose these feelings of being loved and cherished and... and worshiped. Like she was some minor goddess, and everything they did was for her pleasure and theirs.

Her breathing was going ragged and uneven. Lex felt the first tremors starting in her legs. Buffy was about to tumble over again, proving his own theory that the girl was multi-orgasmic. He could almost feel the pleasure as it swept through her and the way Clark was bucking up into her, Lex knew he felt it too.

At this point the only question was if they were going to follow her into that ever-increasing spiral or wait it out to catch the next one. He could certainly keep going, although if he did this would be his last for the day... if not for several days. What a way to break months of self-imposed celibacy...

Oh, God... suddenly unable to breathe, Buffy pulled her mouth away from Clark's and gasped in a heavy breath. That one breath was all she had time for before she shattered under the impact of her climax. She screamed her lovers' names, her small frame shaking hard between their larger ones. Their names became a mantra and she repeated them over and over again between attempts at breathing.

It occurred to Lex that it was a good thing Kent's hands were occupied with holding Buffy up as well as rubbing on her clit. Otherwise, they probably would have been clawing their way through his antique chair. Clark's head was thrown back, his jaw clenched and breath coming in pants that matched Buffy's own. Probably one of the most awe-inspiring things he'd seen in his life was Clark Kent on the brink of orgasm. Strength and beauty and fallen innocence all rolled into one incredible package.

Clark was holding on by a thread. He didn't want to come... well, he did... honestly. But if he came, this would end and he never wanted it to end. The sound of Buffy's voice with their names on her lips, the tight clamp of her muscles around him and oh no... "Lex, don't move... Please don't move..."

So here was the question. Obey and have his young lover be able to continue for another round even though Buffy was probably close to exhaustion. Or move and watch Clark Kent unravel just as thoroughly as she had. Patience on the one hand and instant gratification on the other...

Decisions... decisions.

Buffy raised her head slowly. Her hazy eyes took in Clark's almost desperate expression, then she twisted around until her hazel eyes met blue-gray. She could almost hear the internal debate, could see Lex looking thoughtfully at her and at Clark. She flashed him a smile and her eyes glittered for a moment. The decision was his, of course, but if he wanted to act now to continue later, she'd be up for it.

Her body was hitting total-satiation at the moment, but her recovery time worked at a similarly accelerated rate as her healing did. Another perk of being a Slayer, she supposed, though most Slayers died without knowing it.

Clark wasn't suffering, that much was clear and his own days of being addicted to the pleasures of instantaneous gratification were long gone. Lex chose to listen to his lovers' pleas, both the spoken and the silent, and backed off. His fingers stayed where they were but the stroking stopped.

He did return Buffy's smile although his held a sharp edge. Leaning over her shoulder, Lex kissed her before driving all the way in and holding it. His knees locked as he concentrated on using his own muscle control. Hard flex down low followed by another harsh thrust before he backed off.

Oh, dear God... Buffy moaned into his mouth as her body trembled from the sudden assault on her senses. So soon after coming like she had, her body was very sensitive. And Lex seemed to be honestly trying to drive her out of her mind. That would teach her to let him know she could handle anything, because he responded to it like a challenge.

Despite her sensitivity, though, he wasn't hurting her. And she knew it was as much because of his control as who she was. Knowing that just made her trust him more.

Every time with a new partner was a learning experience. And after having these two, Lex knew he'd never allow anyone else in his bed. No one could compare. Not ever again.

He was learning Buffy, learning her tolerances... which seemed to be limitless, as well as her abilities... also limitless. Whoever had had her before could mourn her loss for the rest of their days because they would never have her again. She belonged to them, just like they belonged to her.

No longer an angel in his eyes. Angels were too pristine to allow themselves to be pinned like this. To be pressed betwixt and between Heaven and Hell. No. She was a goddess... Aphrodite to his Hephaestus... Persephone to his Hades. He was damned before she came and would be damned when she left but for whatever time he had her in his life... he would worship her.

And when she was lost to him... when Clark was lost to him, Lex would always remember this moment. When they all were in perfect accord, perfect harmony... entwined and intertwined tighter than any Gordian knot.

The look in Lex's eyes burned through Buffy, and she thought he looked almost... desperate. Not physically or anything, but... like he was determined to make every moment the best it could be, so that he'd always have something to remember. She realized that, like her, no matter how desperately he wanted to believe that this relationship was permanent... he wasn't nearly as sure of it as he professed to be.

She decided that she would just have to convince him of how she felt. She didn't really know how but presumably it would come in time. Maybe they would start to believe together, somewhere down the road. She wished that there was something she could do now to help... but she knew there wasn't. And letting him know that she knew how he was feeling... might not be the best of ideas.

He may be getting used to the idea that she could read his feelings in his eyes... but she probably ought to let this much slide. Not push too hard.

Coming back down from the edge was painful and considering his body really didn't get the concept of pain any more, Clark actually enjoyed the heavy ache that settled into his bones. This was what it felt like to be normal. Normal in a way that he never could be.

Eventually, he managed to pry his eyes open to find Lex and Buffy staring at each other. The unguarded expression on Lex's face was something Clark only saw on rare occasions. In that moment, he could see all the way through Lex... without resorting to x-ray vision.

Vulnerable, exposed and there was so much longing... so much pain that he couldn't help but respond to it. Was this the way he used to look while watching Lana? Knowing that she was unattainable and still wanting her anyway? How could anyone witness a look like that and not have their heart melt?

Clark finally abandoned his pursuit of Buffy's continued pleasure by sliding his hand out from between them. He raised it to cup Lex's face only to have his fingers sucked into an avid mouth. Lex's eyes shuttered, blocking out the moment of vulnerability by returning all of this to a sexual level...

Which, for the first time, made Clark angry. He felt it rise within him. A red rage that could not be denied. Would not be denied. Instead of letting Lex continue in his shadow-play of walls within walls within walls and offering pleasure rather than honesty, Clark took control.

Those fingers were pulled away from the teasing tongue and too warm mouth as Clark wrapped his hand around the back of Lex's skull. His fragile human skull... something that Clark could crush without thought. A lesser man would have flinched, but not Lex. He merely opened his eyes and met Clark's steady gaze head-on.

"Stop it." His voice had never been that deep, never once. But it was now, reverberating through the room and bringing all of them to a halt. "Stop hiding, Lex. We've been honest with you, we've told you every secret and still you keep us as a distance... What does it take to get through to you? I love you. Buffy loves you. And we're not leaving you."

Lex started to say something but Clark silenced those words with a single shake. There was still no fear to be seen in Lex's eyes... no fear at all which spoke volumes about his self-control. "We're not leaving you ever. So don't leave us."

Buffy bit her lip and tried to decide if she should intervene or not. Though Clark had caught on to the immediate issue, this kind of fear never happened without underlying issues. Issues that Clark would have more trouble really understanding because he didn't have that kind of abandonment-isolation complex.

Not that she wasn't glad that Clark had never had issues like hers... far from it. She wouldn't wish her past on her worst enemy, were any of them still alive. But she didn't think pushing Lex was the answer. The background issues needed to be addressed in order for the current fears to be resolved.

"Clark, love," Buffy began softly. Her hands lifted to rest on his arms gently. "I understand what you're trying to do, but I don't think it works this way." It wouldn't work with her, certainly. Her traumas ran far too deep for one impassioned speech to be rid of her fears for good.

Christ, he was young. Younger than Lex had been at that age. Probably younger than Lex had been at any age. The Kents had sheltered Clark from everything, the good along with the bad. And while Lex would never wish his failings on anyone else, he also knew that Clark would never understand them...

Especially if he kept them to himself.

There was one essential truth that colored every single day of Lex's existence. The one thing that he could never forget, that he could never deny. Despite everything... he was his father's son.

Evasion was second nature. Putting the right spin on even the worst thing imaginable was how they ticked. Never let anyone in past the walls, never let your guard down... never trust anyone who wasn't family and for God's sake the people you should trust the least were your family...

Never love.


But... oh God... he loved Clark. Loved him from the first moment on that bridge, even before they collided. Lex looked into that guileless face, into those startled eyes and knew he was not only killing himself but he was killing the one person who could save him from destruction.

He loved Clark and despite his better judgment... he loved Buffy. Maybe it was time to stop being what he was and started being who he was.

"Clark..." His voice broke and then strengthened as Lex bid his books and the lessons in Greek History and the harshness of his former life behind. "I love you. I'll always love you but Buffy's right... It doesn't work that way. It's going to take some time for me to get used to this. I don't know how not to hide."

Buffy found one of Lex's hands with hers and twined their fingers together. When she spoke it was to both of them, her voice soft and gentle. "It's hard. When you've been entirely alone, Clark, putting your trust in other people is very hard. And when you've been left alone over and over, part of you starts to believe that it will happen every time. No matter how much you trust, how much you love, part of you is always afraid. Can you understand that?" Her voice held not a single bit of accusation or expectation. She didn't expect him to fully be able to understand - he just didn't have that harsh of a past. But she hoped her words made sense at least. Because he needed to know.

Clark considered her words carefully before looking up into Lex's eyes. Instead of the half-truths and shuttered windows, he saw nothing there but honesty. "Lex. Is this why you told me not all relationships are about love?"

For once, Lex didn't measure every word before he said them. He answered immediately. "Yes. Clark, every relationship I've had other than with my mother and with you... with both of you, had nothing to do with love. Achieving mutual goals or flat out trying to destroy each other, yes... Love? Never."

"Those kind of relationships never last, though," Buffy said softly. "There's nothing good in them to help you through the bad times. They just... end." Buffy shook her head slightly. "I think my father's involvement with that side of... business... is part of what killed my parents' marriage. My mom couldn't handle it. But when that's the only thing you know... love can be very hard to deal with."

She took a deep breath and sighed. Her attention turned to Clark, trying to help him understand as much as he could. "It's hard. As hard for Lex as it is for me. The background issues are similar, just for different reasons. I love you, Clark, and I trust you. And I know Lex does too. And as much as I desperately want to believe that what we share will last forever... there's a little part of me that can't quite believe it."

"And sometimes that little voice can be very loud. It just takes time, love. And patience. It's only been a single day... we'll stabilize, honestly." She tried to reassure him, and the fact that she did truly believe that they could stabilize in time kept her reassurances from being empty.

Clark looked from her to Lex and then back again. He weighed everything that they both said as well as everything else that had been said over the course on that afternoon. It all rang true although the thought of Lex or Buffy sleeping with anyone they didn't love made him ache for them. "I'm sorry, Lex..."

"Clark, you've got nothing to be sorry about. You stick to your ideals and I admire that... I can't promise much but I can promise this... For as long as this lasts, as long as we last... I won't be sleeping with anyone else." One corner of Lex's mouth lifted into a half-smile as he gave a promise that he would move Heaven and Earth to keep. The next pawn his father threw at him in their eternal chess game would find themselves not only out of the game but they'd never even make it to the board.

Buffy smiled at that and nodded. "Thank you, Lex. I promise the same thing. And I promise that I'll never leave you, either of you. Even if it is hard to believe." Gentle, understanding... she did what she could and left it at that. She had caught Lex's slip, earlier... he admitted that his relationship with her was about love, unthinking. What kind of love wasn't clear... and it didn't matter in the slightest.

She would hold the admission in her heart and treasure it forever. If she never heard him say to her the words 'I love you' she would at least have this. This moment, this one admission of love in any form.

Strange to be having this conversation considering where they were and what they were doing. Really strange. From what Clark had been able to read about the subject and heard through the wall at home, you normally didn't talk during sex... other than the occasional endearment which was okay where Buffy was concerned but Lex and sweetheart just didn't mix.

But they were talking and maybe that was normal for his people. It wasn't like he came with an instruction manual. And Lex... well, Lex talked a lot anyway. Always full of advice and anecdotes and... hey, maybe Atticus was a pet name?

"I won't be sleeping with anyone else either." Clark dropped his head down and looked up at both of them from under his lashes. It was a habit his mom said dated back from the very beginning. She always thought it was adorable. The look on Buffy's face confirmed that she came firmly down in mom's camp on that one. And Lex had that 'I'm humoring you, Kent' look on his face so he probably felt the same. "Not that I'm likely to stumble on somebody who would anyway."

"You'd be surprised, Kent. Five minutes in any club in Metropolis and you'd be snapped up... Less if you ditch the flannel." Droll humor was the best way to deal with Clark when the insecurities hit. Lex reached over Buffy's shoulder and sank his fingers into Clark's hair, mussing it further. "Trust me, if anybody with eyes saw you now... they'd be all over you."

He had no idea. Absolutely no idea of just how incredibly gorgeous he was. Neither of them did, honestly, she realized when she remembered Lex's reaction to being called an ideal figure of a man. Or, rather, his lack of reaction, which came down to the same thing.

Buffy shook her head. "Clark, love, I don't know what's wrong with the girls - not to mention the women - in this town... but anywhere else in the world and you would have had more admirers and pursuers than even you could handle. They'd be everywhere." Including her, despite the age difference. Heck, five years was nothing compared to 226.

She leaned forward and caught Clark's lips in a gentle kiss. "Lex is right... you're going to have to beat off those high-schoolers with a stick, tomorrow. Just watch..."

In total agreement with Buffy, Lex nodded. Whether Clark knew it or not, he'd changed in the past few hours. His shoulders no longer slumped and the smiles were wider and more frequent. He radiated the self-confidence that Lex had been trying to instill in him for months... funny what getting laid could do for you.

All it would take was orchestrating a change in Clark's unceasing ocean of flannel and Smallville wouldn't know what hit them. Hugo Boss, some Armani, Prada. The thought alone was enough to make him hard... harder. Lex rocked forward into Buffy, bringing each of them back to where they were... sprawled in his favorite chair, their bodies completely intertwined.

When Buffy keened and Clark gasped, Lex leaned over and bit Clark's shoulder. "You're going to need a body-guard, Clark. I know some good ones... They'll even drive."

Lex's thrust rocked Buffy bodily into Clark and she gasped when her nipples came into contact with his chest. Her hands flew to the arms of the chair to balance herself and she used the leverage to rock her hips backwards. Definitely easier with Clark for support, but part of her didn't want to have to back up enough to get their hands between their bodies.

Rather than responding to Lex's comment, she threw herself back into the motions of lovemaking. She'd rather use her mouth to kiss and lick Clark's neck than to talk, anyway. Just for the sheer pleasure of hearing him make those little sounds.

Clark's head went back, allowing Buffy room. He tried to match Lex's rhythm and did pretty well until he felt the fingers inside him brush that spot again. Bright pleasure, sharp and harsh stole the air from his lungs and left Clark whimpering.

That anatomy lesson was going to be a lot of fun. Lex twisted his wrist and damned if Clark didn't lift both of them off the ground. A momentary panic arose until Lex realized that it was Clark's arched back and legs doing the work and not a return of the floating phenomena. That was going to take some getting used to...

Buffy gasped and held tighter to the chair as Clark lifted them. The movement sent him deeper into her and her whimpers began to echo his. The resurgence of motion inside her sent her senses spinning again and she clamped tightly around their cocks in response. God, what a feeling...

They really were trying to drive her crazy, she decided. Maybe not purposely, but that was the ultimate intention. But if she was going to end up in another institution, better from overload of pleasure than because they thought she was hallucinating.

And that was a train of thought that had to be stopped right away. Buffy abruptly put it from her mind by focusing on the pleasure lighting her senses on fire and just let it burn through her. She'd never imagined that anything could feel like this... and she doubted anything would ever be able to match it.

Lex was impressed. Very impressed. Buffy had taken to this like a natural. Something else to add to the regular play-list...

Not that there wasn't already a lot on the play-list. But it was nice to know she could handle both of them. And handle them well. His eyes shuttered closed as she tightened again.

Tight, so tight and fingers and movement. Conscious thought was a thing of the past. All Clark could do was follow along and hope he didn't hurt anyone or break anything. Just to be sure, he tucked his hands behind his back.

Faster and faster. Harder and harder. Clark's body arching up, Buffy's following the curve and suddenly control was a thing of the past. Lex gripped the back of the chair with one hand and let his body take over. Sweat trickled down his chin and dripped onto Buffy's back, slithered along her shoulder to finally pool on Clark's honey-golden skin.

Ohgodohgodohgod... incoherent beyond words, Buffy could only keen as her body rocked between her lovers. The movement was more because of their fast, uncontrolled thrusting than because she was doing anything. And she let them... let it all wash over her, pleasure sparking her nerves like firecrackers. She was getting closer, closer, just like they were.

Her body glowed in the firelight, slick with her sweat and theirs, and her hair fell into her face. Mouth open, fighting for every breath. And what a picture they must make, if only she could open her eyes and see.

Head buried in her shoulder, Lex found himself fighting for breath. He hadn't had an asthma attack since the meteor shower but the tightness in his chest triggered those childhood memories. Only sheer force of will pushed that blind panic away as he raised his head to suck in air. Opening his eyes, Lex looked down just it time to watch Clark... come.

No warning, none at all. One second Clark was moving along with them, his breathing deep and even and the next he was gone. Eyes closed, fucking innocent face flushed and mouth falling open as the most amazing sounds filling the room. That flowing language from earlier, completely alien and so beautiful. Lex couldn't grasp a single word of it. Not one single word, which should frustrate the hell out of him... if it hadn't been such a damn turn-on.

He could feel Clark's cock expanding, felt each individual jet as it escaped. The scent in the room changed, mixed in with sweat and wood-smoke was that lemony tang that Lex was seriously in love with.

More flames licked through her body when Clark came. She could feel it, every spurt of heat, every twitch... she was so sensitive and so close. And, when she managed to pry her eyes open, Clark was so gorgeous... he took her breath away, just with the expression on his face. And his voice... the alien words floated over her, and it almost didn't matter that she couldn't understand a word of it.

She wanted to... more than anything she'd ever wanted to learn, she wanted to learn Clark's language. She doubted it was possible, but she wanted to. Even if she sucked at languages.

She didn't really have time to dwell on her thoughts, though. Her body's reactions quickly swamped coherent thought again, and all she could do was feel. Feel Clark's body beneath hers, feel Lex's cock in her ass, feel her own body tremble as she approached the brink again.

"Ah God!" No holding it back now. Not a chance. Lex had enough presence of mind to remove his fingers from Clark which earned both of them another buck and a moan as well as another string of sibilant words.

That hand wrapped around Buffy's hip, holding her in place as Lex drove in once... twice... three times before his whole body locked up. Whatever tiny amount of seminal fluid that still existed went into that orgasm. Hard and harsh and... fuck... painful at the very end. Lex jerked and bucked and swore in Latin and Greek and any other language that came to his tongue.

Buffy keened again as Lex's climax pushed her over into her own. Nerves flared to life everywhere in her body, every muscle in her body went tight and she trembled with the tension. Incoherent words tumbled out of her mouth, murmurs of love and forever and their names intermingled with incoherent sounds.

Her first coherent thought, as she slowly recovered from yet another powerful orgasm, was that nothing in the world could ever compare to this. Right after that was the thought that she wasn't sure she could move right now if she wanted to. She felt nerveless, completely satiated. And she probably had a really stupid smile on her face, but she couldn't bring herself to care.

"Leithma? S'on cath te?" His eyes opened slowly, pupils still wild and dark. Reaching up, Kal-el touched the sweet curve of his mate's face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth curved into the softest smile. Over her shoulder, his other mate was panting, obviously fighting for breath and the words he was saying made no sense at all. "Rahlma? S'on cath te?"

Clark was asking a question. Even if the words didn't make sense, Lex knew it was a question. He panted, swallowed as best he could and nodded. "I'm fine, Clark. We both are..."

A frown appeared between Clark's brows as he tried to sit up. He coughed, shook his head and his eyes cleared. When he finally spoke again, it was in English and also in his normal voice. "That was... intense."

"No kidding," Buffy breathed softly. She sounded tired, to herself. But happy. "Intense would be an understatement. And I love the way your language sounds, baby. I wish I could learn it."

Not that she had much luck with normal languages, let alone something alien. But, ironically, that might be the one language she could learn. Either way, she loved the way it sounded. Smooth and light.

"Um... language?" Completely confused, Clark tried to think back through the last few minutes. He remembered coming... who could forget that? And he remembered worrying if they were okay because Lex was having trouble breathing. In fact he was still having trouble but it was getting better. He did a quick scan of Lex's lungs and winced at the scar tissue that marred the inner surface. "Lex, you've got to stop smoking."

Puzzled, Lex shook his head as he gazed down at Clark. Who was doing the thousand-yard stare thing at Buffy's shoulder. Which meant he was looking through Buffy's shoulder and probably into his lungs. "That's not from smoking, Clark. Childhood asthma. One of the few scars I've got left."

His lungs, the one under his chin, his lip and the faint line on his collarbone from Jude's knife. Those were all he had left. The rest were absorbed by his body's phenomenal healing ability. His lungs were from childhood, the lip and the chin from his father and those were stories Lex planned on never sharing.

Buffy frowned and tilted her head, puzzled. She knew Clark had x-ray vision, but it was fine-tuned enough to let him look at Lex's lungs..? And see the scars there. Unconsciously, her hand crept to cover the place on her hip where her scar had been. She had no idea if there were scars internally or not - she assumed that since she had no scars outside, there were none inside either. But... what if there were?

Attempting to distract herself, she asked, "You can control it well enough to see something like that? It doesn't just bounce back bones, like a real x-ray? You can actually see other tissues, too?"

"When it first started I mainly got bones. Now I can look layer by layer." Scanning down her body, Clark sifted through injury after injury and winced. "You've broken every rib, left arm in three places, right arm in four and... Ohhh..." He reached between their bodies, his fingertips smoothing over her stomach. "Stake... right here. Oh man... how'd you survive that?"

Buffy's arms crossed over her stomach instinctively before she realized what she was doing and let them drop again with a sigh. "My backup arrived in the nick of time. Staked the vamp, took me home and stitched me up... I hate hospitals, and I begged him not to make me go. He and the gang took over patrols for a day or two until I healed. But you're right, I almost didn't survive it. If not for him... I wouldn't have."

She shook her head slowly. "Baby, I've had more injuries than you really want to catalogue. Six years of fighting does that. I've probably also had enough concussions that I'm lucky not to be brain-dead. Not to mention the whole dying thing. Once when I was sixteen, and once last year." She cut herself off at that point. She could go on... but she wouldn't.

"Who saved you?" Externally calm but inwardly shaken, Lex reached around Buffy to lay his hand over Clark's. A Slayer's life was dangerous. It was short and it was brutal and the girls died young. Usually because they did it alone.

Buffy was an exception to the rule.

She had a Watcher who did a lot more than watch and she had friends who helped her. The names of those friends were ticked off Spike's fingers one night and Lex memorized them - Willow, Tara, Cordelia, Xander, Anya, Giles who was her watcher, Joyce - her mother, who Spike had been inexplicably fond of - and Dawn, the sister.

Whoever had saved her that night, Lex owed a debt. A tremendous debt. All he needed was a name and that person was set for life.



Leithma - Lover, sweetheart (feminine)
Rahlma - Lover (masculine)
S'on cath te? - Are you all right?


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