Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 26

The food disappeared quickly, with Clark taking a second helping and then a third. Halfway through that third helping, Lex pushed himself to his feet. With two sets of curious eyes watching his every move, he glided across the room and retrieved the bottle of champagne.

His glass was next and Lex poured a good measure into it before returning to his lovers. He poured for Buffy first, stopping a perfect half-inch from the rim of the glass. A smaller amount was poured for Clark... not because Lex was worried about the underage factor - given what they'd been doing all afternoon, denying Clark access to alcohol was hypocritical at best. It was more a case of caution due to not knowing how alcohol would affect his alien physiology that made Lex cautious about over-doing it. A drunk Clark might be entertaining but a drunk Kal-el would probably result in neither he nor Buffy being able to walk for the next few days.

"Thank you," Buffy said as she took the glass. She closed her eyes as she sipped the champagne, then smiled. "This is really good. What kind is it?" She was truly curious. It was probably something far more expensive than she could ever buy, but she still wanted to know. Her experience with alcoholic drinks that she really liked was limited. At least with this, she knew it wasn't spelled to turn her into a cave-Buffy.

"Dom Perignon," Lex replied easily as he set the bottle down. It was out of his own personal stock, rather than his father's, and therefore perfect for this celebration. Lex didn't want anything of his father's to touch what he had found here.

Clark took a cautious sip and rubbed his nose when the bubbles tickled. The stuff was cold and kind of crisp. There was a faint bitter aftertaste which reminded Clark of... some other things he'd drunk today. He shifted, easing one leg out to mask his reaction. Hard-ons were pretty much a fact of life since he'd turned 13 and today... well, today had been one big hard-on.

"A personal favorite?" she asked lightly. If she recalled, it was a kind that her father hadn't particularly cared for. Too bitter for his taste or something. And that was fine with her... she didn't much care for her father's likes or dislikes anymore. She thought her mother might have liked it, though, and they might even still have a bottle of it stashed away somewhere from her mother's very small collection.

Buffy rather liked the bubbles, though. And she did think they would tickle if Lex ever seriously wanted to pour it onto her body. Even if she wasn't generally too ticklish.

"Mmm-hmmm. I have a case or two here for special occasions." Lex took a leisurely swallow, letting the liquid trickle down his throat while he watched Clark squirm. There was no need for x-ray vision here. Lex knew exactly why their lover had gotten antsy.

He did resist teasing Clark about it. Sex was still too new here to be taken lightly. Any other time, Lex would have happily stripped the robe off Clark's shoulders and introduced him to the wonders of a blowjob with bubbles... some other time.

Finally finished, Buffy pushed her plate away and sat back to sip her drink. She was rather amused, watching Lex's reaction to Clark's rather innocent reaction to the taste of the champagne. Lex wasn't teasing him about it, though, and that was a good thing. She wouldn't tease, either. Might not ever be truly comfortable with all the forms of sexual innuendo. A few of them tended to remind her of... the past.

No names, just the past. Even in her mind, she just didn't want to go there

The champagne actually went really well with the last bite of chicken. Clark savored the combined tastes before scooting away from the table. His back found the divan and he leaned against it with one knee raised to hide the now obvious tent.

It was then that Lex chose to sit down. But rather than flanking Clark, he sat on the other side of Buffy and eased her into the cradle of his arms. Her back against his chest, his robe unbelted and falling open while he sipped more of the champagne.

Buffy smiled and snuggled back a bit. She tipped her head back to rest on Lex's shoulder and smiled. This was lovely, comfortable... and let her know that Lex wanted her there, even now, every bit as much as Clark did. It was reassuring, soothing to her delicate ego. And it had the side effect of not pushing Clark too far, in his obviously excited state. "So... what now?" she asked lightly. She wasn't sure where to go from here, really.

She didn't feel like going into more detail about her past, though she was curious about them and theirs. More revelations would have to wait for another time, though. There'd been so many hills and valleys on the emotional roller coaster that had been her day, she didn't think she could handle much more. Or that they could, either.

"As much as I wouldn't mind another round, I think we should stick with what Clark told his mother." That comment drew Clark's attention away from his champagne glass and the feel of the bubbles on his upper lip. He couldn't remember what he'd told his mom they were going to do. His short-term memory had apparently left town along with his virgin status.

The startled look on Clark's face was classic. That must have been what his mother saw every time she caught him with his hand in the cookie jar and Lex hide a smile by taking another sip. "Movie, Clark... We can watch it from here or from the bed."

"I'm personally very comfortable right where I am, but we can move if either of you wants to," Buffy said lightly. "But a movie does sound like a good idea. Keeps you from having lied to your mother, Clark, and it gives our bodies a chance to relax. Which we, as 'poor, weak humans,'" heavy sarcasm there, and a teasing glint in her eyes even though the rest of her sentence was serious, "need even if you don't, baby."

Oh man... she noticed. Clark felt the blush as it burned its way up his chest, along his throat and finally settled in his ears and cheeks. This was almost as bad as getting caught with one during first period English and that was something Pete was never gonna let him live down. Clark looked down at the floor and then up at Buffy from under his lashes and murmured, "Sorry."

"Don't be. It's... flattering." Lex's smile was as smooth as his voice. His eyes swept down the length of Clark's body, lingering for a moment on the rise in the dark fabric before moving on. "What would either of you like to see? Comedy, action... name your poison."

Buffy smothered a laugh at the idea of asking them to watch some of the movies she and Willow preferred. She wasn't sure she could imagine either of her lovers enjoying what Xander termed 'chic flicks'. So she went with the next best thing, or at least a compromise.

"I like action movies, but tend to prefer ones a little removed from reality," Buffy said, and if they stopped to think about why it would make sense. She tipped her head to look up at Lex and asked, "Do you have a copy of 'The Matrix'? It's one of my favorites." She didn't add that she thought Keanu Reaves was cute. They didn't compare to her lovers, anyway, though she loved the all-black-with-sunglasses-and-a-trench-coat look on Keanu.

"Of course. Another one of my personal favorites." With a final kiss to her shoulder, Lex slipped out from behind Buffy. He sauntered over to a recessed door and opened it to reveal a home theater system. Lex flipped through a very impressive array of discs before drawing one out and loading it into the DVD player.

Conspicuous consumption really was Lex's style. Clark eyed the set-up and calculated the value of all that equipment to be somewhere around a college education for him. Not at an Ivy League school but four years at Metropolis U... oh yeah.

"Ooh, on DVD!" Buffy exclaimed; she'd never had a DVD player, since they'd only begun to come down in price in the last few years. There was a DVD ROM on Willow's laptop, which was currently at Buffy's apartment, but the girls generally preferred to watch movies on the TV screen so they used the VCR. "Can we watch the extras when the movie is over? I've never seen them."

Lex smiled at her over his shoulder while he lifted the remote and thumbed the on button. The wide screen came to life with a menu of options for the disc. "I wouldn't dream of denying you anything, Beauty. Besides... they are the best part."

He had to agree with Lex on that fact. Clark had watched enough DVD's down in the main entertainment room to understand the appeal. They'd spent many hours listening to the commentaries on Dogma alone, which was a movie that would send his Catholic grandmother into fits but Clark really enjoyed it. Especially with Lex's running commentary...

Clark eyed the divan and then the bed before coming to a decision. They would all be more comfortable in the bed. The divan was okay for some things... like the advanced class. But it wasn't wide enough for all three of them to pile into for a several-hour-long movie.

Plus there was the whole snuggling under the sheets factor to consider. Which might lead to more sex and Clark wouldn't complain if it did. "Buffy... can we move to the bed?"

Buffy nodded. "Sure thing," she said with a smile as she got to her feet. She stepped over to where he still sat and leaned over to kiss him gently. "Anything you want, love," she murmured into his ear, then held out her hands to help him up. Not that he needed it, but it was the thought that counted. Really. And she knew he liked her strength, liked to let her do things no one else could. Like pull him to his feet, or pick him up.

Not an overt show of her strength, which Lex truly appreciated. That and the lean line of her leg as well as the way Clark's robe slipped open. Flash of honey-bronzed thigh and hint of hard cock had Lex ready for another round. Probably just oral this time but he'd manage...

Let the movie start and them get comfortable before sliding down the length of Kent's body and curling up for a long slow suck. It would be the last one of the day so he wanted to draw it out... just in case this never happened again.

Clark followed Buffy to the bed and made a great show of stripping the covers back before lifting her up into it. He considered leaving the robe on but a heated look from Lex was argument enough to remove it. The fabric slithered off his shoulders to land beside the bed and any embarrassment Clark might have felt at being hard again vanished when he saw Lex wet his lips and swallow hard.

Buffy smothered an amused smile as she, once again, sat back to watch her lovers watch each other. She certainly appreciated the sight of Clark nude as much as Lex did, but she was a little less... obvious about it. Instead, she settled herself on the bed and got comfortable. The belt of the robe was untied, but she left the material draped over her body. She rather liked the idea of wearing Lex's clothes.

Besides, if they wanted it off of her, they could do it themselves. And wouldn't that be a fun thing.

Lex's robe remained on his shoulders but like Buffy's the tie was undone. As he moved across the room they were treated to tantalizing glimpses of bare skin. Very bare skin... complete with an erection that rose even more when he grabbed the bottle of champagne on the way. No glasses. Just the champagne.

Buffy raised an inquiring eyebrow at Lex when he grabbed the bottle. His expression made her giggle softly and she refrained from asking any questions. She'd find out what he was up to later, and some surprises could be a lot of fun. Besides, the movie was starting... though the beginning wasn't really the interesting part.

She smiled at Lex as he joined them on the bed and leaned over to give him a soft kiss, much like she'd given Clark earlier. A kiss of acceptance, of love, and myriad other gentle emotions that her two lovers evoked from her.

Open-mouthed press against hers, light touch of tongue before he set the champagne down on the nightstand. Buffy was between them and Clark had curled up on his side with one knee pulled up a little. The covers pooled around Clark's lap and Lex smiled as the boy shifted, pulling the fabric tight across his cock. This was going to be fun.

Watching Clark from out of the corner on his eye, Lex noticed that Kent was fascinated by the girl on the screen. Or maybe it was the leather that she was wearing... hard to tell at this point. Lex snagged the bottle, tipped it back to draw in a mouthful, which he shared with Buffy while Clark's attention was wrapped up in the action on the screen.

Buffy smiled when Lex kissed her, feeding her another sip of champagne from his mouth. This really was a lot of fun... she'd never played with food much, before, and the champagne bubbled lightly in her mouth. It really was an interesting feeling, if she stopped to think about it.

She wasn't unaware of Clark's attention riveted on the screen and when Lex released her from the kiss, she tilted her head very slightly towards Clark. "I think I might have to get out some of my more 'fun' clothes one of these days, just to get his attention," she whispered as softly as possible into Lex's ear.

"Mmmm... seems our boy has a thing for leather," Lex breathed in her ear, nibbling the lobe in passing. The shiver that caused was delightful so he did it again. "Can't say I blame him... Have the same kink myself."

They were whispering something and there was touching going on. Not a lot of touching but enough that Clark noticed. He moved a little closer and started a little touching of his own. Buffy's knee, Lex's thigh and the line of his hip, up along Buffy's ribs and down her arm.

Buffy shivered lightly when she felt Clark's fingers roam gently over her skin. It felt nice: gentle, soothing, almost sexual but not quite. Definitely nice. "I'll have to remember that," she breathed back to Lex. She'd definitely have to go through her closet.

If she could find it, she still had the leather mini-skirt Faith had persuaded her to get, back when. And she was partial to suede, herself; had a skirt and vest combination, black with violet accents and silver buttons. Lex might like that... especially if she didn't wear a blouse under the vest. That one would have to be 'for private viewing only,' though. In a town like this, she would NOT go outside in something like that.

Clark's eyes remained on the screen even when his wrist brushed along Lex's cock. Things were just starting to get interesting on the screen. He hadn't seen this movie before so everything was new to him.

The unintentional brush was almost Lex's undoing. He closed his eyes and buried his face in the soft fall of Buffy's hair, barely managing to restrain a groan. Kent's touch was electric, sending little shocks through his entire system and shorting out whatever functioning brain cells Lex still had.

Buffy wrapped her arms around Lex and let him lean on her shoulder. She could feel Clark's wandering hands and suspected the reason for Lex's reaction. And that Clark was unaware of the reaction he was provoking only made it more enticing... Clark's attention was primarily on the screen, and she guessed he hadn't seen the movie before. So let him watch... it really was very good.

Though if they moved too much further, she doubted Clark's attention would remain on the movie. But that's what the pause button was for, right?

Another light brush and this time Lex couldn't stop his hips from bucking. He had no business being this turned on. None at all... his plan had been to suck Clark off halfway through the movie and they were only ten minutes into the thing. Ten minutes in and those almost innocent touches were unraveling every last ounce of control he had.

The girl in the leather was kicking some guy's ass and her body was floating in slow motion. Such a cool effect and Clark sat up to watch it better. The sheet fell away from his body, revealing more than it concealed and was that noise coming from Lex or the screen?

"He's getting good at this, even if he has no idea what he's doing. He's too caught up in watching Trinity," Buffy breathed into Lex's ear again, then followed it with several tiny kisses down the side of his neck. Lex was too responsive right now to not tease him... she always loved being able to provoke positive reactions from her lovers, and avidly sought to do so.

Ever since Riley, at least. Before that... she really didn't want to go there, either, so dismissed the thought. No bad thoughts while she was in bed with the two most gorgeous men she could imagine.

His fingers tightened on her shoulders and Lex bit his lower lip to keep from whimpering again. He didn't look at Clark. He couldn't look at Clark. Not if he wanted to stay sane.

The boy had no idea how good he looked with his hair hopelessly mussed. A style that screamed 'I've been thoroughly fucked today... ask me how'. Good thing the Kents couldn't see their darling child right now. Jonathan would have a heart attack while Martha... Lex had no idea what Martha would do but he knew it wouldn't be good. Clark was going to need another shower before he went home.

Turning his attention to Buffy, Lex found enough control to concentrate on following the line of her shoulder with his mouth. He murmured against the scar on her throat, "Imagine what he's going to be like in a couple of months..."

"Mmmm..." she murmured, both a reply and an expression of pleasure. "What an idea... could probably spend almost that long just imagining how our evenings could go, all of us together..." What an idea, indeed. Buffy knew what thoughts would be following her to sleep, that night. Perhaps she could even have pleasant dreams, for once.

She found that she enjoyed picturing the three of them together, months down the line. It gave her hope, something to believe in. And hope was something that had been lacking in her life for a long time... something she needed.

"I'm not sure we'll survive. Jesus..." Amusement colored his tone until the last word, which turned into a moan in her ear. Lex shuddered, trying to hide his reaction to Clark's hand being laid so casually in his lap. Fingertips a hairs-breath away from his cock, which jerked in anticipation. When Clark's hand didn't move, Lex's body took over, sliding on its own until those fingers were curled lightly around the shaft.

And damned if Clark didn't start stroking. His eyes still intent on the screen, widening as the girl - Trinity? - picked up a phone and disappeared. The movement of his hand was a reflexive thing, or so it seemed to Lex... when his few remaining brain cells decided to kick in. Maybe this is what Kent did in his room at night, watch TV and masturbate.

He was sixteen, after all.

Just the thought of Clark Kent, poster child for wholesome goodness, curled up in his too small bed with that big cock in his fist was enough to send Lex's libido into over-drive. Maybe that's where he should set up the spy cameras... for those times when they couldn't be together. And where the hell had Clark picked up that wrist action?

Buffy's fingers slid across Lex's chest until they found the opening of his robe; rather than remove the soft silk, she slid her hands inside and let them wander. Soft fingers traced random designs over Lex's smooth skin while she continued to occupy her mouth with Lex's neck. She did pause in her kisses long enough to murmur back, "Maybe not, but what a way to go..."

Turning his head so he could capture her mouth, Lex smothered the rest of the embarrassing noises he was making in a kiss. This relationship was definitely going to be the death of him. Quite the tabloid headline - 'Scion of Luthorcorp, dies of a heart attack in bed with boy Lolita and gorgeous blond'. That would certainly get his father's attention.

Buffy struggled to keep quiet as Lex took her breath away in a deep kiss; she didn't want to disturb Clark, who was obviously mostly absorbed in the movie. She wondered how her body managed to manufacture enough hormones to be continually dumping them into her system like this; by all rights, even for a Slayer, she should be too worn out by now to be this responsive. She wasn't really complaining, though... she just enjoyed the hell out of it.

Lex was making it difficult to think clearly, anyway, so she dismissed her musing and just went with the flow. Her hands continued to roam beneath his robe, keeping easily out of Clark's way without really needing to think about it. She was getting used to this sharing thing, modifying her own movements to account for the presence of a third person.

Sore, he was going to be sore in the morning. After months of nothing and now this? Another twist of Clark's wrist left Lex panting, his forehead pressed against Buffy's. That was it... Kent was going down.

Totally unaware of his lover's dilemma, Clark focused on the movie. There was something really strange going on with the guy named Neo. Something really strange and there was Trinity again.

Separate from his brain his hand kept moving, gathering up slickness and spreading it evenly along the heavy length. Thumbing the slit and rubbing the palm over the head. The sounds Lex was making spurred him on, making each successive move that much more inventive.

Lex's expression, or as much as Buffy could see of it, was intense, reflecting the depth of his reaction to Clark's ministrations. But there was no conflict in his eyes. He wanted this, and screw the consequences. Perhaps quite literally. And she decided that she would go along with it, herself.

No point in trying to convince him that what he wanted would leave him aching for God only knew how long. He probably knew that much better than she did, anyway, and just didn't care.

She kept sneaking glances at Clark, though. He was doing an incredibly good job for someone who wasn't paying a bit of attention to what he was doing. Unless...

Hmm. There could be an advantage in having distinct parts to one's mind, if her guess was correct. Buffy had never tried doing one thing herself while the Slayer did another. She didn't think it would work - the Slayer within was really too much a part of her. They weren't really separate entities, or even as disparate as opposite sides of a coin. They just... were.

Pulling away from Buffy was difficult but Lex needed a moment of space to find out if Clark was faking the intense concentration on the screen. The boy's brow was furrowed and his eyes locked on the action while that hand moved in the most liquid and sinful way possible. How the hell was he doing that?

Lex's movement caught Clark's attention and his head swiveled around for a moment to meet Lex's intent gaze. It was then that it finally registered when his hand was and what it was doing. Blinking, Clark looked down and then back up at Lex with an apology on his lips.

Only to be cut short by an amused chuckle and a buck upward into his fist. The look on Lex's face was one of pure pleasure, mixed with a tiny hint of annoyance when Clark's hand stopped moving. "Don't you dare, Kent. What you're doing is perfectly fine... nothing to apologize for."

Buffy sighed softly when Lex pulled away but she let him go. It wasn't as if she really had a choice, after all. Besides, she thought he was curious about what was going on with Clark, and she was a little bit too.

So she fluffed up a couple of pillows and sat back to watch. She had been more or less relegated to observer in this, for the moment at least. So she sat back to watch until Lex and Clark were done with whatever talking they wanted to do. From her vantage point, Clark seemed genuinely surprised that he'd been doing anything at all, and that seemed to support Buffy's theory that Clark hadn't been doing it.

But perhaps Kal-el had?

Aware on one level that Buffy was being left out, Lex shifted so he could touch her while he talked with Clark. Whose hand had started moving again, a bit more awkward than before. The shift was curious but provided more proof that when Kent was distracted the alien half of him tended to take over. Especially where sex was concerned.

And while Lex didn't fully trust Kal-el, he had to admit that side of Clark was incredibly talented. Which increased the appeal... his under-age lover who was part angelic innocent and part hedonist. Quite the mix... "Clark... you can touch wherever you want. We don't mind."

Buffy gave Lex a smile when he reached out to her again, though she wasn't really sure he saw it. "We really don't mind at all, baby. Truly," she added her own comment to Lex's since she thought Clark would want to hear it from both of them. And reassurances were easy to give when truly meant. Plus, given her own tendency to need reassurance, she was inclined to give it whenever she thought it might help at all.

The reassurances helped. Finding his hand in Lex's lap had been pretty strange considering he didn't remember how it got there at all. It felt good though. Touching either of them felt really good and knowing he didn't have to stop was even better. The movie was kind of forgotten for the moment.

Clark's hand shifted a little more, the palm riding over the crown again and Lex bucked up into it. Closing his eyes, Lex turned towards Buffy. He pulled her in for a kiss, one that lasted for several minutes and had them both breathless when their mouths finally parted.

Breathless she might be, but that didn't stop Buffy's hands from resuming their wandering. She explored each contour of Lex's chest, sides and back slowly and with gentle fingers. Memorizing the feel of every line, the softness of his skin and the way he shivered lightly under her hands. It gave her a bit of a thrill to feel him shiver, regardless of the notion in her head that it was probably Clark and not her who evoked the reaction.

She didn't really care, though... sharing pleasure was the only real thought on her mind. Who caused more of it was incidental.

That hand was replaced by an eager mouth. Warm and wide and wet and Christ he wanted to die... right like this. With Clark's mouth wrapped around his dick and Buffy's hands on his chest and it didn't get any better. Lex managed not to jackhammer his way into Clark's throat or start talking in tongues when he felt a finger circle a very sore part of his body.

Ducking his head, Lex stifled a moan with the fullness of a breast. He sucked on a rosy-pink nipple while one hand traced its way down to the beginning of dark blonde curls and the other sank into the lush thickness of Clark's unruly locks. When he slid his leg in between Clark's and pressed it up against a very hard cock, his hand dipped down to cup Buffy.

Even the slow introduction of that finger into his ass didn't deter Lex from making sure that his other partner was equally satisfied. Fair was fair and she was very much a part of this equation.

A soft sound from low in her throat emerged and Buffy's eyes drifted halfway closed when she felt Lex's hands on her body again. Inwardly, she wondered how much sex her body could handle... she hadn't had a marathon session like this since the incident with the poltergeists at Lowell! But once again, Lex was showing his talent and making sure they included her, for which she was grateful.

As much as she knew they cared about her, being abruptly left out at this point could probably shatter her. She'd involved herself, until Lex pulled away... at which point, she couldn't do it herself anymore. They had to involve her... and Lex had done so.

Buffy bent her head and trailed her lips and tongue across the top of Lex's head. She turned her head to place her lips near his ear and murmur a soft 'thank you,' then returned to kissing the pale, smooth skin left open to her while he suckled her breast.

Lex let his hand and his mouth speak for him. Deft slide in, not surprised at all to find her wet and open to the touch. The heel of his hand pressed against her clit gently at first, then harder when she made neither protest nor move to shift away. Lips and tongue and tender scrape of teeth along delicate flesh before switching to the other nipple.

The mouth on his cock changed, grew bolder and when Lex chanced a look down he found himself looking into knowing eyes. No innocence left, not a drop of it. The paradigm shift had occurred again and for the first time Lex experienced just how talented Kal-el was at this.

He'd been seriously in love with Clark's mouth the first time he felt it on his skin. Now he was ready to pledge his entire fortune to keep that mouth right where it was. No more high school for Clark. He'd hire him tutors and send them away at the end of the day so he could spend hours and hours sliding in and out of that mouth.

Even though he didn't answer her words verbally, Buffy knew that she had her answer anyway. Actions spoke louder than words, sometimes, and now was definitely one of those times. Part of her was surprised that her body could still handle the pleasure washing over her, that her nerves hadn't hit overload yet. The rest of her was just caught up in the experience, unwilling and unable to protest regardless of how sore she was likely to be later.

Her hands continued to slide over Lex's skin until her fingers found his nipples. She paused there, pinching and teasing gently. Watching him as she rolled the little nubs of flesh under her fingertips.

His control was totally shot. Too many hours, too much sex to remain detached. Lex's eyes opened for a moment, darting up to meet hers as he moaned around his mouthful of breast. Light licks over the nipple, three fingers in her now and the other hand so deeply buried in Clark's hair that anyone else would have been complaining.

Not Kent though. Not one whimper of protest. Moans, yes - but no whimpers. Slow expert lift of his head while continuing to suck along with a twist over the head at the end and Lex was ready for orbit. That move alone earned him the coveted 'best cock-sucker ever' award. Should come with some sort of a prize, like an all-expense-paid trip to Europe and a lifetime supply of lube, but one glance down at Clark confirmed that he had every prize he wanted currently gripped in his fist with the head in his mouth.

Salty and bitter, heavy on his lower lip and so perfect as he fitted more in. Turn of his head, relaxation of his throat and his lover was bucking upward. Strong hand in his hair, tugging viciously in an effort to slide deeper still. There was pain shimmering in the air as Kal-el inserted another finger into a too tight space. His Rahlma had been too long without a suitable mate and the strain was starting to show.

The gentle side, the one that spoke to him of being careful, the one that feared causing pain was trying to wrest control again. So many alarms, so much concern about breaking things and breaking people. Too much time spent worrying and not enough spent living. This... this was living and Kal-el had no intention of going back.

When Lex's eyes met hers, his pleasure and affection mingled with other, less defined, emotions, Buffy smiled brilliantly at him. From that moment on, getting the barriers down and his control shot to hell was a goal for her. She would do whatever she could to push him into this open honesty as much as possible. This was the real Lex, there for her and Clark to see.

She hoped that she knew enough to know when to push and when to leave him alone; everyone needed to keep some things to themselves, and everyone needed a little downtime. But she wanted to see more of this Lex, without the walls up all the time. It meant a lot to her when it happened.

At the same time, though, he was driving her wonderfully insane. She knew it was reflected in her eyes, made them dark and hazy. Pleasure suffused her body, rolling over her in waves that originated from Lex's mouth on her breast and his fingers deep inside her and the look in his eyes that told her he was enjoying every minute of it.

Lifting his head from Buffy's breast, Lex drew in several panting breaths before murmuring, "Clark..." No response... unless you counted the strong increase in suction and a tiny shake of the dark head under his hand. "Kal... should have known. Lube. We're going to need it." There was some still in the drawer and this was going to hurt in ways that he'd be paying for but Lex had no intention of stopping.

Still didn't trust him. Too alien to trust him. Even though he wore Clark's face and body, those were not Clark's eyes looking up at him. Trust would come later... maybe.

Sex now.

Trust later.

As Cl- Kal-el nodded and disengaged from him, Lex muffled a groan against Buffy's breast. Empty. Where had the empty feeling come from? He didn't do this. Luthors didn't do this. Didn't ache to have their bodies invaded by fingers and Jesus... huge cocks. There was too much vulnerability in being penetrated.

And here he was again, waiting for it. Needing it. Needing Clark and the fucking alien that lived behind his eyes. Needing Buffy too.

Lex hated needing people. They always disappointed you. Always.

No exception.

Not now, Lex. Not now.

Lex wrapped his now free arm around Buffy and brought her with him as he rolled over onto his back. Whatever questions she might have had Lex silenced with a kiss and then a murmured, "I want to taste you."

Lex's voice, low and laced with desire and need but somehow still coming out smooth, made Buffy shiver in his arms. She kissed him again, then murmured her acceptance as she pushed herself to her knees. She certainly wasn't about to object, not at all. She knew exactly how talented he was, and she doubted there would ever be a time when she wouldn't let him do whatever he wished.

She straddled his head, one knee on either side, facing down the length of his body. Her voice was soft, tentative, as she asked, "Is this okay? I'd like to be able to watch you two, too..." She hadn't been able to watch them together like this, before... she'd been underneath and facing the wrong direction to see them in the mirror. So this would be her first chance to see her lovers making love together.

"It's perfect." Warm kiss on her right thigh, same kiss on the left. With her there, it would block his view of those strange eyes, allowing Lex to imagine that the sensual creature now kneeling between his widespread legs was wholly Clark. His not-so innocent friend but still the boy... the man that he loved. Loved and trusted despite being fed lie after lie after lie.

All the lies had come to roost today as had the truth. Along with an alien lover and the Slayer in his bed. Strange day.

Really strange day.


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