Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 27

Quick deep tissue scan revealed all the sore places. Kal applied lube to each of them, fingers sliding in easily as his mate opened to him. Tight clasp around them, liquid warmth and love and life was this. Being with his chosen ones. Alone in a world that didn't understand him. A world that could and would destroy him if anyone outside of this room knew his true nature. But here... he was safe.

His Rahlma... Lex... had been his since the first kiss. Since he'd breathed life into water-filled lungs and pulled him down from the sky. Every step of their dance had led them here.

His Leithma... Buffy... had been his from the first kiss as well. Broken inside, her heart worn down by too much of the world. Shattered by her destiny, torn from the same place he'd drawn Lex from and left to manage on her own. She'd stumbled so many times on the way to here. It was a miracle that she'd made it...

Leaning forward, Kal captured her half-open mouth in a kiss at the exact time that Lex's mouth found her sweetness. Together they drank from her, sharing in the most intimate way possible. Mating was healing and he'd heal both of them. Save Buffy from her destiny and save Lex from himself.

Kal's kiss muffled the startled cry that escaped Buffy when two mouths met her body in the same instant; one on her mouth, one between her legs. Both kisses were possessive, but gentle. Sweet, caring - she didn't dare classify them as loving, even to herself, because she knew Lex didn't love her and she wasn't sure what Kal-el felt at all for her beyond possessive and protective.

They were both caring, certainly... they cared about what happened to her, both past and present, and wanted her to be happy. But did they, would they ever, love her the way Clark did? She had no idea. And at the moment, it didn't really matter. They were sweeping her away on waves of pleasure and she left herself open to them, let them drink her in and hold her tightly.

Hint of musk and lemony sweetness that was pure Clark. His lovers combined into one over-all taste that Lex could not resist. A quick upward tilt of his chin and his tongue was inside her. Nose pressed into sparse curls, his own taste starting to seep in as well. So many hours of sex, in every imaginable position. His being hard again should be physically impossible but he was hard.

Hard and aching and empty again because those fingers were gone. Slick sound that wasn't coming from his mouth followed by the blunt push of something far too big. Knees tucked up on either side of his hips. Lex felt his legs being lifted onto broad shoulders and he opened his eyes. His resolve not to watch this happen disappeared. Time to put a mirror up in the canopy. If he shifted just a little more, he'd be able to catch a glimpse...

Of Kent with his head thrown back, whole body arched as he sank in deep. Seeing it and feeling it at the same time was an experience that Lex would never be able to describe. This was surreal... especially with the Matrix still going in the background. Music and sound and electronic intrigue not even worth a moment of distraction. Possible future vs. reality... no competition.

Oh God... before her eyes was what had to be the most erotic picture imaginable. Clark's - Kal's - whoever's body it was, his head was tipped back and his eyes were closed as his cock disappeared into Lex's body. Lex's legs rested on Clark's shoulders, and his hips arched upwards. At the same time, she felt Lex's tongue delve deeper into her body and a soft cry flew from her lips.

She felt alive, every nerve was so sensitive and she almost couldn't believe that anything could feel this good. Buffy stopped wondering how any of this was possible, stopped caring that they would all be sore later, stopped questioning how she could even still withstand the pure pleasure flooding her body. None of it mattered; she was lost in the moment.

More of that liquid language pouring out of an open mouth and Lex couldn't catch a single word of it. Didn't matter... What mattered was the hard cock pushing him further open than he'd ever been in his life. That and the sweet occupation of his mouth. Slick folds and the eternal mystery that was woman. Not meant for man to understand, only meant for him to enjoy. And enjoy he would.

With mouth and fingers and one hand sliding up the length of her back. The way Clark... Kal... whoever it was fucking him so thoroughly was canted, there was more than enough room for Buffy to fit between them. The thought of that little mouth surrounding him elicited a groan... or maybe it was the hip twist from his other lover that pulled that sound from his throat.

Hard to tell at this point.

Lex's hand slid up her back as far as he could reach, and the feel of fingertips sliding over her skin made her shiver again. Then she felt the slightest bit of pressure and actually studied the space in front of her. There was plenty of room and that gave her an idea... perhaps the same one Lex was having?

She very carefully shifted her body forward, stretching out on top of Lex while trying not to disturb him. When she was settled, supporting herself on her hands, she tilted her head and placed a soft kiss on the head of Lex's cock. Butterfly kisses traced down the length and back up again; she was teasing him, true, but also giving him a chance to object. Not that she really thought he would, but... just to be safe...

God. Perfect. He'd never had a lover like this. One who understood instinctively and followed even the subtlest of direction. Give it a few weeks, maybe a month and then... marriage - without a pre-nup if he could wiggle that past Dad.

Lex shifted his mouth away long enough to manage a few words. "Yes, Beauty... Please." Anything else was strangled when Kal shoved harder into him and the bright flare of pain stole what little breath he had left. Another hard upward thrust, heedless of the gasp and twist of Lex's hips as they moved in an effort to escape further injury or to seek more of it.

Pain during sex has been a constant companion during his earliest encounters. It became a friend, something that reminded him that he was alive. That whatever his father was trying to create out of his human flesh still had the capacity to feel. So even with Clark, Lex welcomed it.

Pain meant he was alive and yes, God, this was really happening. He wasn't dreaming it.

Hard shudder and his mate was gasping, keening in obvious distress but not pushing him away. Kal studied the situation for a moment, then shifted his hips to change the angle. With the next push in, the keening stopped and was replaced by a roll of Lex's hips along with a needy drive downward... taking his cock all the way in.

Buffy worried for a moment about Lex, who sounded as if he was hurting badly... but he didn't stop, just kept pushing up against Kal, and she took that to mean that whatever was happening was something he wanted. So she clamped down on her concern and applied herself to easing pain with pleasure. It was the only thing she could think of.

She ceased her teasing and took Lex's cock into her mouth. Gently, she sucked him in a little further with each slide of her lips along his shaft. Slide up, slide down, back and forth until she took him all the way in. Another slide along his entire length, then she paused with him fully in her mouth. Hummed softly to herself and swallowed around him, squeezing him with the muscles of her throat.

Hard hands on his hipbones, strong enough to crush them without a second thought. There were going to be bruises there in the morning. Buffy's mouth, sweet and gentle and soothing on another point of his body that ached. There was a subtle shift of the cock inside him, almost like a stutter and the hands eased up. The movement slowed as Lex heard a quiet voice ask, "Lex, are you okay?"

That was Clark. That voice and the slight quaver pure Clark. Confusion evident in his tone and Lex didn't want a repeat of the earlier breakdown. His mouth was still free of Buffy and he reassured his concerned lover with a calm reply, "I'm fine, Clark. Good to have you back."

A thread of tension that Buffy hadn't even known was twisted through her body dissolved when she recognized Clark's voice. She released Lex briefly, just long enough to murmur, "We missed you," and place a kiss on the back of Clark's hand. She shifted her weight carefully and lifted one hand to rest on top of Clark's, on Lex's hip, as she took Lex's cock back into her mouth slowly.

Like Lex, she didn't entirely trust Kal-el. He was sweet and caring, but also completely alien. More so even than the Slayer within her, because even the Slayer was mostly human. Fierce, primal, but still rooted in the same world. Kal-el wasn't, and he was distinctly separate from the part of him who was rooted in human culture - Clark.

Okay, blackouts during sex were not a good thing. One minute Lex was in his mouth and the next they were like this and he could still feel Lex clenching in what was probably pain. There were marks on pale hips and something strange squirmed in his head. Something that provided images of the last few minutes and Clark was officially freaked.

The only thing keeping him in place was a pair of strong legs over his shoulders. God... those were Lex's ankles on either side of his ears. And, yeah, part of him thought it was sexy as hell but the other part was screaming for him to run.

Sensing the new tension in Clark's body, Lex locked his legs in place. Kent was more than strong enough to break out of that hold but it might slow him down enough so they could talk sense into him. With Buffy bent over, Lex had a direct line of sight and the hazel eyes staring into his own were beyond scared and falling right into panic. "Clark, listen to me. Nobody got hurt... we're fine."

He kept his tone low and soothing, never breaking eye contact. The fingers inside Buffy kept moving, his thumb grazing her clit as Lex kept them all together. After a moment of indecision, the panic faded. It was replaced by a tiny smile and a nod of Clark's head.

Buffy smiled to herself when she felt Clark relax and start to move again. From where she was, even she could tell the difference immediately; Clark's movements were easier, gentler. Clark would never do anything to hurt either of them, and that was a pretty significant difference. Kal-el and Lex were apparently similar in their acceptance of the somewhat rougher side of sex; as long as they didn't really hurt each other then a little roughness was accepted.

Even wanted.

But neither she nor Clark worked that way. Buffy had a very high tolerance for pain, but she didn't get off on it. And Clark hated hurting people; it tore him up inside to even think about it, and anyone could tell that by one look in those large, dark eyes.

So the difference between Kal-el and Clark was drastically apparent, from her perspective. The one nagging thought on her mind was which type of sex did Lex enjoy more? She didn't know if she'd ever ask; didn't know if she really wanted to know, because what if he really preferred something she didn't know how to be?

The movement wasn't the same. Kal was liquid, flowing from point to point with the occasional harsh jar meant to keep a lover on their toes... or their back. Clark was gentle... every part of him was gentle. Long, slow slide in followed by a hitching breath and an involuntary flex at the end of the stroke.

Lex could handle both of them. Not trusting Kal put an edge to sex with him that would satisfy even Lex's inner monster. Pleasure and pain rolled into one incredible fuck. Saved for special occasions only.

Clark... now Clark would be a daily habit. Easy and slow and achingly tender. Something Lex hadn't felt in... well... ever. He could deal with having Clark here any time... all the time.

Just like he could deal with having Buffy. Affection and trust were rapidly changing into love. Lex could feel it deepen with every breath. She would be as much a part of his life as Clark. And he loved that idea.

Returning to the matter at hand now that Clark had calmed down, Lex found Buffy with his mouth again. Long licks that matched both her and Clark's movements. Lift up into her mouth, using his legs and Clark's shoulders to facilitate that rise and then gravity to bring him back down onto Clark's cock.

Long, easy glide into her mouth, and Buffy didn't even think to be concerned about Lex hurting her. He knew what he was doing, and she trusted him. So she let him move and moved with him. Her tongue teased him, circling the head as he slid down, and then rubbing against the shaft as he slid in again. His mouth matched the pace of his hips, and she had to close her eyes tightly while she focused on what she was doing to keep in control.

Given the number of times that she'd hit sensory overload during the course of the day, she had absolutely no idea just how much more of this she could take before she came. She was in uncharted territory, playing it by ear, and by rights neither she nor Lex ought to have the energy to keep this up. But somehow, some way, they were. And she was SO not complaining.

Tight heat around him and even more heat filling him. Orgasm was miles and miles away from this place. Lex kept his eyes open so he could watch Clark. Watch the expressions playing across his face. No way would Kent ever make a poker player... everything he thought, everything he felt was reflected on his face and in his eyes. Wonder and pleasure and love and a tiny hint of fear... but no sadness and definitely no regret.

Light rub of fingers over Buffy's clit, which was probably too sore to be pleasant. Instead of applying direct pressure, Lex tugged lightly on the inner lips, drawing them down over the sensitive nub. He confined all future touches to his tongue along with those gentle pulls.

There were a few perks to being super-strong and Clark was learning that a lot of them had to do with sex. He wasn't tired... wasn't even sore. His body could probably go on for several more hours. Not that he should... but he could.

When she realized that Lex had switched tactics and was no longer pressing her clit directly, Buffy made a small hum of appreciation and approval. Gentle tugs on the flesh surrounding the rather sore nub and very light flicks of his tongue were about all she could handle. But they felt good. Even to her overworked body.

And she knew that, for once, she was going to get a very good night's sleep, that night. There was no way she could possibly not. When she finally got to bed to sleep, she would probably sleep harder than she had in years.

Definitely the last round for the night. Despite his absolute interest in what was going on as well as his full body involvement, Lex could feel exhaustion creeping in. The human body wasn't meant for this kind of abuse...

He honestly doubted his ability to climax again. Unlike Clark, Lex was no longer in his teens and there were a finite number of times he could do this and still come. His legs were trembling, it was getting harder to lever himself up into Buffy's mouth. Fortunately, Clark was paying attention... he provided the extra lift with gentle hands.

Buffy could tell Lex was getting worn out; in attempt to make this easier for him she braced her body up on her hands so she wasn't leaning on him at all anymore. She took over more of the movement herself so that between her and Clark, Lex didn't have to do so much on his own. But she was getting tired, and doubted her strength would last much beyond one last orgasm. She needed a rest, one longer than twenty or thirty minutes.

A good night's sleep would be even better, if she could swing it.

Of course, she'd actually have to get home before sleep could come. And she'd promised Clark she would talk to his parents about being the Slayer when they got back to his house. After that and her sweep, only then would she get home. And God only knew what time that would be.

Maybe they should stop. Clark could almost taste the exhaustion pouring off of his lovers. He cupped Lex's ass with his hands, pulling him up and then down. The suggestion to stop was right on the tip of his tongue when he saw Lex's eyes roll back into his head. Sure sign that coming wasn't that far off.

Sharp twist of reality, breathless moments of sheer pleasure. The last lift shifted angles and when Clark pulled him back down, that thick cock rubbed right across his prostate. Any doubts about his body's ability to come again were blown out the window.

Yeah... he could do it.

Holding on to one thread of sanity, Lex sucked and licked and tried not to beg Clark to do that again. Do the little hip lift and thrust that was becoming the center of his world. Add to that sensation the incredible slide of Buffy's mouth over his abused cock and the end was in sight. Lex could feel it humming in his veins, singing under his skin... not use fighting it. None at all.

Lex was beginning to skirt the edge as much as Buffy was. She could feel it. She began to move a little faster, trying to increase the intensity without sacrificing any of the gentleness. She had no desire to hurt him, any more than he wanted to hurt her. They were both being as careful as possible, knowing that their bodies were past the point of over-satiation. They would really have no choice but to stop, when this was done.

But they could still enjoy each other's company. And that could be just as pleasant, for all of them.

Well, maybe not for Clark. He seemed to be an Energizer Bunny, minus the pink fur and the little drum. And she had to try really hard to not imagine Clark in a pink bunny suit - it skirted the ridiculous, and bursting out laughing at the moment would not be a good thing.

Yes... almost there. Control totally shot, both motor and orgasmic. Lex could only hope that Buffy would forgive him because he was about to shoot and there was no way he'd be able to take her with him. Not with Kent doing that rocking thing, combined with short thrusts the kid shouldn't have figured out how to use until weeks from now.

Lex was clenching now, pulling in tight around him and Clark felt it the instant that Lex came. Hard jerks and Lex's cock was jumping and wow... the sounds he was making were going to be featured in his wet dreams for years to come.

Buffy pulled back just enough to make swallowing easier, but the seal of her lips never broke and not a single drop of Lex's come was spilled. She drank him down like he'd been doing with her up to that point, then eased back slowly. Her lips and tongue cleaned him off gently before she pulled back and released him.

Her body was still tense, but she knew she'd calm down eventually. She didn't hold it against Lex because she knew that it could be hard to hold back under a double-assault of pleasure. She'd come three times when nestled between them, both of them inside her. Really, they probably should've quit while they were ahead... neither of them had really been up to this last round.

Clark lifted Buffy up from Lex's cock with two fingers under her chin. He kissed her, chasing the now familiar taste with his tongue. His hips kept moving, pushing himself closer to coming. An event horizon wasn't that far off given the rush of pleasure he felt when Lex tightened on him again.

Gentle licks as his body came back down from a peak that had almost been painful. Lex lowered his chin, captured her clit between his lips and hummed. Long standing rule... anybody and everybody in Lex's bed comes... no matter what it took to get them there.

Lex's humming tore a sharp cry from Buffy in response. Jump-started her nerves and set fire to her body again. If he kept that up, it wouldn't take her long to come. Not at all. The feeling skirted the edge of painful, almost but not quite there and overwhelming in its intensity. She couldn't take much of it. Not at all.

Her hands went to Clark's shoulders to support herself as he kissed her. She didn't want to lean on Lex too hard, and it was easier on her neck to raise her body rather than let Clark tilt her chin up while he chased traces of Lex in her mouth.

Hands on his shoulders along with smooth legs. Strong ankles hooked behind his head, soft mouth under his, opening just like Lex's body was opening again. Not quite as tight which meant each stroke went deeper, faster. Heat upon heat upon heat... the world dropping away until nothing was left but motion and sound and sensation.

Clark was getting closer, if the tension in his legs were anything to go by. Four quick thrusts followed by languid ones where Lex felt everything inside of him was being drawn out when Clark pulled away. Emptiness, deep and profound followed each of those withdrawals. Emptiness that burrowed all the way down to his soul and he wanted to beg, wanted to plead for Clark to stay inside... to never leave.

But each withdrawal was eased by another push in and Lex found himself riding those. Finding the strength somewhere to move up into each of them, his muscles screaming with fatigue... obeying but still screaming. He was going to pay for this tomorrow. Probably for the next week or so...

Not that he cared.

A slight increase in pressure was all it would take for Buffy. With infinite care, Lex provided that pressure. His tongue laid flat over the clit and a change in pitch of his humming should be enough. If not... he needed to visit Emilie again for a refresher course.

Which Lex knew was something Buffy wouldn't allow. There was jealousy in her nature, a jealousy that matched his own where she and Clark were concerned.... This was going to be an exclusive thing.

Monogamy for Lex Luthor... quite the concept. One male lover and one female...

For the rest of his life.

Buffy's head tipped back and she screamed when the rush hit her. Pleasure with just the tiniest bit of an edge raced through her over-sensitized body and she trembled from the intensity. God, it felt so good, so incredible, and that bit of an edge, the feeling that skirted the pain/pleasure line, just made it that much more real.

When the wave receded, her body was left limp and exhausted and her mind was dazed. For the first time in God only knew how long, she couldn't have moved far if her life depended on it. She was just that exhausted.

Lex let up immediately, kissing the inside of each thigh while supporting her with his hands. As she went limp, he eased her off his body. Clark helped, his movements slowing and then ceasing as he lifted and turned Buffy. In unspoken agreement, he laid her down beside Lex and smiled when her head found Lex's shoulder. One of her arms wound around Lex's chest, holding onto him while Clark placed one hand on the bed beside Lex and one on the other side of Buffy.

Smoky grey-green locked half-lidded storm-grey as Clark began to move again. Sweat trickled down his chest, droplets breaking free to patter onto Lex's skin, sliding down over whipcord muscle to blend in with the rivulets already there. The sheet beneath Lex was soaked with it, the pillow as well.

Muscles pushed beyond endurance, long legs still locked over his shoulders and more sweat ran down them as well. Nothing made Clark sweat like this. Not driving posts into the ground, not lifting tractors, not even pulling a truck out of the eye of a tornado caused this reaction. He shifted off his knees, stretching his legs out behind him so he could get closer. The change of angle had Lex writhing, pushing up and cursing under his breath with every stroke.

Time slowed down. The world stopped revolving. Orgasm was some far off goal that they might never reach. All that mattered was this... Lex's eyes locked on his, the soft curve of Buffy's hip against his arm and the slow slide in... and then out.

Buffy smiled and snuggled close to Lex, replete and relaxed. She was content to watch her lovers together through half-lidded eyes, her dark gaze still hazy from over-satiation. She took pleasure in the expressions on their faces, the sounds they made; they really were perfect for each other. If she hadn't been lost in bliss, she might have wondered again about how long they'd really want her involved, since they were so perfect together.

But for now, the thought didn't even occur to her. Her mind was pleasantly quiet, her body was sated and radiating contentment as she simply enjoyed the after-glow.

More sweat beaded on Lex's upper lip, which Clark kissed away. Actually licked away which earned him a full body shudder from his lover and a dazed, "Ahhh." No real words because Lex was just too far gone at this point and when he opened his mouth to breathe, Clark covered it with his own.

Tongue doing exactly what his cock was doing, each a mirror of the other. Soft puffs of air against his cheek, one strong hand in his hair. The other must be touching Buffy... not that Clark had time to notice. He was honestly lost in Lex.

Too much... this was all too much and if that surge and ache in his groin was what he thought it was... Lex was going to spend a lot of time in the lab next week. Scrape some of Clark's sweat off of his body afterward, bottle up some of his come and try to figure out what it was about Kent that had his cock trying to stir again. Trying weakly... but still trying.

So gorgeous... that's what they were, definitely. Dead sexy, with their lips sealed together and their bodies pressed close. Her eyes and occasionally her fingertips followed the trails left on Clark's arm and Lex's neck when beads of sweat trickled down over soft skin.

Buffy hoped she'd never get so used to seeing them together that she took their beauty for granted. She didn't think she would... forever wasn't long enough to make her stop appreciating the sights before her eyes or the sounds they made. She could watch them like this every day for the rest of her life and still marvel at the way they looked together. Pale against tan, blue eyes locked on hazel... they were absolutely stunning.

And they let her stay close, actually wanted her to be as close as she was. It was an amazing feeling.

Lips barely parting before Clark whispered, "I love you." The vibration against Lex's skin had his eyes rolling back in his head again. His whole body was wracked with pleasure, edged with a hint of pain. Pain that made this all the more sweet... made it just this side of orgasmic.

One last thrust and Lex groaned as just the side of became the other side of. There was wetness between them and not all of it was sweat. Bitter scent mixed with salt and fuck... what just happened was impossible.

No way... no way. But the trembling was right, the hitch in his breath and the pleasure that went bone-deep was unmistakable. Looking up into Clark's startled eyes, Lex managed to speak finally. "Kent... you're going to be the death of me."

The way things were going, Lex might be right. Clark might be the death of both of them. But Buffy thought that death by sex might not really be that bad of a way to go, all things considered. Even so, she didn't really want to die. And she didn't want Lex to die either.

"Hey," she said lightly, softly, in a voice that seemed a little indistinct still from too much pleasure. "No dying, remember? If I can't, you can't either."

A rule that certainly sounded fair to her. And she had no idea if Clark could actually die, so she didn't worry so much about him. About the only thing she'd heard that might be able to kill him eventually were those meteor rocks. And she had no intention of letting anyone get that close to him with one ever again.

"No dying... not from this." Quiet confirmation from Clark followed by another slow push inward that curled Lex's toes. Literally curled them, Clark felt the pull in his hair as several strands were caught. Lex was gasping again, not even trying to hold on to anything except maybe the bed.

Which was a good idea. Because they were hovering over it. Only a few inches but still hovering. Clark slid his one arm around Lex and the other around Buffy once it dawned on him that his legs were no longer in contact with the mattress.

Lex's eyes were closed, blissfully unaware that gravity had reached obsolescence. This was better than any sex he'd had in his entire life. Floating, he was floating and God, it felt so good. Felt perfect.

One arm around Kent's neck now, the other around Buffy. He rubbed his cheek against Clark's, enjoying the rasp of stubble along with the satin tickle of curls brushing across his lips. He turned to kiss Clark, opening his mouth to him... opening everything he was to him.

Buffy's eyes widened slightly when she realized Clark was floating, and holding on to them to keep himself in place. Curiouser and curiouser. Very obviously an ability connected to the excessive amounts of sexual energy Clark was putting out, at least for now. Huh. What a concept. She didn't say anything about it, though; Lex seemed entirely uncomfortable with the idea of Clark floating, but if he wasn't aware of it then it couldn't upset him.

Otherwise, she just enjoyed being held. Cradled against the side of Lex's body by his arm around her and Clark's arm nestled into the small of her back. Her arm was still draped across Lex's chest, her fingertips traced idle patterns in the sweat sheening his body. She was perfectly content where she was, though she suspected that if this didn't end soon Lex might black out from sensory overload. His body couldn't likely take much more.

Physics was a subject Clark was unsure about although the squirming sensation was back along with long equations he couldn't make heads or tails of. He really needed to get Lex down into the storm cellar so they could deal with the ship and whatever secrets in contained. Like why he could float and why anything he was in contact with could float too and why it happened now. Was sex the trigger?

Because if it was... the old joke about flying United just became a whole lot dirtier. Or maybe he finally figured it out.

Lex was opening his eyes and that might not be a good thing. They were further off the bed now. Up high enough to be level with the mirror which made for a fascinating picture but was guaranteed to freak Lex out. Unsure of what to do, Clark kissed him again, turning his head to keep from bumping noses and Lex's eyes stayed closed.

Okay, now this was definitely a trip. Floating. She was floating. They were all floating. Buffy watched Clark try to keep Lex distracted so he wouldn't notice that the sheets and pillows weren't pressed against his back anymore. She wondered how long he could do it, then recalled how he could kiss them literally to a standstill. He could probably keep Lex distracted for rather a while.

From her place, though, she could see exactly where they were. And hey, they were literally right in front of the mirror. Of course, they would have to get down somehow... but at least the bed was right below them. Buffy wasn't afraid, not in the slightest. It was really rather thrilling.

Hardness and softness and air surrounded him. Air? The sheets were gone, the pillows were gone and the sweat on his back was no longer sticking to anything. Breaking out of the kiss, Lex twisted his head around to look and found himself in the mirror.

Even with the mirror.

Which meant they were at least two feet off the bed. Held there by whatever it was about Clark that allowed for this defiance of natural law. It took every ounce of will to keep from cringing. Clark's arm was around him... Clark would keep him safe.

One glance at Buffy confirmed the suspicion that she was having the time of her life. There was a wide smile on her face and her eyes were dancing with delight while Clark... Clark looked a little concerned... but not much.

Since they were in the air and she could, Buffy lifted her other arm and wrapped it around Lex as well. Her fingers met on his side and she held him close. She could feel his tension and hoped she could help him to relax a bit. It was only a couple of feet, with a soft bed beneath them. It wasn't like they were floating above a thirty-foot waterfall. Or even at ceiling height.

Gentle kisses against his neck, meant to be reassuring. Buffy just wanted Lex to relax, to enjoy the feeling of defying gravity. It really was fun, if only he could see it the right way.

"Is this okay, Lex?" The concern on his face was reflected in his voice. Clark's hips stilled while he waited for an answer which came in the form of a short nod. The legs around his shoulders and the hand on his hip still trembled but Lex's body was gradually relaxing.

Relaxing and moving into a stroke of his own. Climbing up Clark's body and then pushing back down, impaling himself on his lover's heavy, thick cock. The lack of gravity made every move easier so Lex did it again... and again.

Turning into Buffy's kisses, Lex found her mouth with his as Clark caught the rhythm. The sight of the three of them in the mirror was something else that would be starring in Clark's fantasies for some time to come. Two pale bodies and one tanned, all intertwined and moving with a slow but steady purpose.

The lack of gravity thing really did make this easier, Buffy mused. It was no effort at all to lift herself enough to kiss Lex easily, just an easy glide of her body. She assumed the same was true for Lex because he was moving again. Easily, rather than with the exhaustion he'd shown before.

With a careful shift, Buffy was also able to see them in the mirror. Clark's golden-tan skin was a stark contrast to her pallor and Lex's; his arms and hands stood out against the backdrop of pale skin, as did little hints of color where their bodies wound together. More mental pictures for her to file away, and she did so happily. Perhaps they would resurface in her dreams, and wouldn't that be a dream to remember.

Concern gave way to pleasure as Lex squirmed again. Sharp twist of his hips and the whole world shifted. Light flashed behind Clark's eyes, his breath caught in his throat and Lex's next move was met by a deep thrust of his own.

A thrust, a tuck and a roll which spun them around, putting Clark on the bottom. Maybe it was to possibly break their fall when this ended or maybe it was for the visual of Lex rising up over his hips and driving back down on him with renewed vigor. Buffy went with the move, laughing the whole way... she was having a lot of fun with the whole floating thing.

And Lex was starting to get used to it... which was a good thing.

A very good thing.

Buffy truly hoped that this would happen again, sometime when she could take advantage of it. She could only imagine how it must feel to them, to be able to do this. Even that was making her body start to tingle again, despite her physical exhaustion, but she clamped down on it firmly. She really didn't think she'd be able to last through any more of this, and doubted Lex would either.

Somebody had to start the exercise of self-control, and it might as well be her.

She did let herself enjoy what she was seeing, though. She couldn't help that, not really. And didn't really want to, anyway. It would take a much colder woman than she was to not enjoy seeing her lovers twined together, expressions of ecstasy on both their faces.

Utterly speechless, Lex ground down onto Clark, tightening as he went. The sound that escaped from his lover's mouth was nothing short of amazing... a combination of groan, growl and hint of whimper that Lex wanted to hear every day for the rest of his life. As he sat all the way up, he was treated to the unique sensation of his head rubbing against the canopy. Good thing there wasn't a mirror there... yet.

That would get installed on Monday... along with the cameras and the recorders and anything else he needed to keep these images forever. Especially the one of Buffy crawling onto Clark's chest and lying down on him. It afforded Lex quite the view of her magnificent ass and the long line of her back. Simply exquisite.

Buffy caught sight of Lex watching her when she glanced at the mirror. She settled herself comfortably; her head rested on Clark's shoulder and her parted legs curled so that her feet rested lightly on Lex's knees. She kept her eyes open so she could watch what was going on, but her body relaxed as fully as she could make it at the moment. Relaxation would help her body to recover... she had to be able to at least pretend to be her normal self.

She would need to later, at the Kent's.

Pity they'd been at this for so long. Even the sight laid out in front of him wasn't enough to get his poor cock to rise. Some other time they'd have to try this so he could slide into Buffy while Clark kept all of them aloft.

Maybe he was getting used to the floating phenomena.

Clark was meeting his thrusts now even as he kissed Buffy's forehead and then her upturned mouth. Good... very good. Lex couldn't keep from touching Buffy despite his certainty that she was as exhausted as he was. He kept the touches light and as non-sexual as possible. Rubbing her back, kneading her thighs and the rounded curve of her ass. More sweat rolled down his body, pooling on Clark's stomach and pattering across Buffy's skin.

"Kent... are you ever going to come?" Lex murmured after the next twenty or thirty thrusts. Yes, he was enjoying this but his body was going to lock up soon and that would not be fun at all.

As if in answer, Clark's head dropped back and his eyes fluttered shut. Both Lex and Buffy were treated to the sight of his final climax in person as well as in the mirror. Absolute bliss settled into every pore as Clark's mouth dropped open, his eyes closed completely and he rose into one last hard thrust... one that Lex felt all the way down to his toes and up into his throat.

Buffy felt the tension ripple through Clark's body, where it pressed against her own. It was almost instantaneous question and response... as if all that he'd needed had been the question asked.

The expression of pure pleasure on Clark's face sent a small wave of warmth through Buffy's body, and she again had to clamp down on her physical reactions to watching her lovers. Physical reactions that she shouldn't be capable of having right now. Except that she was, and it really was very strange.

With gentle fingers and lips, Buffy helped Lex ease Clark down from the high he'd hit. Light, soothing touches and kisses meant to be more calming and reassuring than anything else.

Final pulse of the cock inside of him signaled the end of this. On the one hand Lex was relieved because honestly, his body couldn't handle anymore. On the other... was the melancholy knowledge that in a few minutes or an hour's time at most, Clark and Buffy would be leaving. Going back to their lives and leaving him alone in the house that greed built.

His hands stroked along Clark's thighs and his sides. The boy was still trembling beneath him, hair hopelessly mussed and lips bruised from kisses and when the Kents caught sight of their son tonight... Shotgun and judge and orange wasn't that bad of a color, right?

Clark really did look thoroughly kissed and rather ruffled, even if he still looked innocent. She just hoped to God that she wouldn't get into too much trouble with the Kents. She might not think much of a five-year age difference, but they might. And, of course, if he still looked like this when they got back to his house, the question of what they'd been doing all day would almost definitely be asked.

Hmm... maybe a shower was in order? Get them all cleaned up and ready to go... even if she didn't want to leave. She felt a wrench in her heart at the very idea of having to leave Lex alone in this huge, lonely castle.

With a glance at the clock, she sighed heavily. "As much as I hate to even think about winding things down, I think another quick shower might be a good idea," she said quietly. It was almost 8, and Clark had to be home by 9. She sat up slowly and leaned back so she could reach behind herself and wrap her arms around Lex. She wanted him to know that she didn't want to leave him here, probably as much as he didn't want them to leave.

Accepting that embrace was easy. Easier than he would have expected. Lex leaned forward to kiss her throat and then her cheek while Clark's eyes opened sleepily. It seemed they might finally have worn him out.

Thank God.

The drift back down onto the bed was as slow as the rise had been. Any fears Lex had about Clark's control over his burgeoning ability were dispelled when his knees touched the mattress and then pressed down into it. Gravity was once more in effect for all three of them... and Lex's fear of heights was rapidly vanishing.

"I agree with the shower. I'll... I'll drive both of you back to the Kents." Lex kissed Buffy's neck again before placing both hands on the mattress and levering himself off of Clark. The emptiness was back, slamming into him... crushing the air out of his lungs when the last inch of Clark's cock slipped free. Warmth ran down his legs and as far as Lex was concerned, it might as well have been blood. He was bleeding out, mentally curling in on himself and raising the walls that would keep him from begging them to stay.

Keep him from pleading that they not leave him alone... ever.


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