Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 35

He was hiding out. Dawn was somewhere on school grounds trying to track him down and Clark was holed up in the Torch. Chloe let him in when he knocked on the door but she was still giving him the cold shoulder.

The cold shoulder from Chloe was a lot easier to take than Dawn's one girl campaign to drag every last secret out of him. Clark sat at the terminal, typing up his column for the Torch while ignoring the chilly looks from the other side of the room.

Chloe kept giving Clark cold stares every few minutes. How could he sit there and be so... so glowy after how he'd made her feel? She missed him and was tired of being angry... but he had broken his promise and ditched her at the dance. And it hurt, badly.

But when he'd asked her if he could stay to type his column, she hadn't turned him away. So she supposed she must be forgiving him. A little at least. And she wondered what had caused the change in him. She hadn't been the only one to notice; people had been giving him strange looks or outright staring at him all day. He seemed to have an air of confidence, stood up straight, and just looked supremely content.

Something weird was going on.

But she'd never learn what if she didn't talk to him.

"Hey, there you are!" Dawn said as she popped into the Torch office. "Clark, I've been looking all over for you. I still want to know what happened yesterday!!" She leaned against the closed door and smirked a little; he couldn't get out of the room without getting past her first, now.

Oh crap. Caught where he really should have been safe and now Chloe was looking at him too. Clark rubbed his hands along his thighs, clearing away the sudden prickle of sweat before he answered. "Nothing happened, Dawn." There was no way he was going to talk about Buffy in front of Chloe.

Not when they'd almost established a truce.

He kept his eyes on the computer screen while continuing to type. Whatever crush he'd developed on Dawn evaporated in the wake of her persistence on this thing. Besides, he was in love with her sister... and Lex.

"Oh, c'mon, Clark! I know something happened. Please, talk to me. I just... I can't pinpoint the last time I saw her as happy as she is. Something had to have happened to cause it, and I just want to be sure that it's not going to go away or hurt her again or anything. Please?" It really was more than just curiosity; Dawn cared about Buffy and wanted her to be happy. She had her sister back, really back, and she wanted to keep it that way.

Chloe looked from Dawn to Clark, and this time her expression was thoughtful and rather intent. Not cold; she was far too interested in this particular topic to keep that bit up. Besides, it sounded like Dawn could use the back-up. Clark wouldn't get away from them both. "You know, he is different today, too," she said to Dawn. "Come on, out with it Clark. I know you better than that. Something happened, because you're being very un-Clark-like.

Hiding out in the Torch was turning out to be one of his worst ideas ever. Now he had Chloe after him as well and she really did know him. Somehow he managed not to blush as he looked over at both of them. "I went for a walk with your sister. We ended up over at Lex's and hung out for awhile... That's pretty much it."

A possible dodge struck Clark as the last words left his mouth and he seized the chance. He grinned at Dawn, hoping this would work. "We did go down to Lex's garage though. Did you know Buffy has a thing about cars?"

Dawn blinked slowly. "Yeah, kinda. She likes to check out the specs on 'em, mostly. The power-thing, probably... she likes to go fast." Dawn tilted her head slightly. "Why? Does Lex have a cool car? And even if Buffy did get excited about a car, why are you so hyped?" Not to mention, why hadn't he just said so earlier? Something was fishy here...

"Yeah, Clark. You've seen Lex's cars before. And I don't think an afternoon of car-gazing is going to make enough of a difference in you for half the school to notice!" Hard at work, digging into a story. Not that Chloe would do anything with personal information - she had learned something from Clark's reaction to having his adoption investigated.

"A cool car? Try about twenty, Dawn." It was working at least a little. Fixing Chloe with a steady gaze, Clark tilted his head to one side before playing with a frayed seam on his shirt. He kept his voice casual as he remarked. "Lex let me drive the Lamborghini last night."

That comment was framed by a brilliant smile and a slight bounce in his chair. Chloe knew how he felt about the Lamborghini. It was the only car of Lex's that he had actually talked about.

"He let you drive it?" Good one, Chloe, repeat the guy's words. But she had to admit, it certainly could account for something. It didn't quite add up, but she wasn't willing to push too hard again this time. And it did make a strange amount of sense, in a guy way. Maybe.

"Twenty cars? This guy has twenty cars? Geez..." She rolled her eyes. "Okay, fine, so Buffy's excited about the cars. So now I gotta wonder why she was so nervous this morning before work. Or when she mentioned that her boss might be stopping by for a while this evening, after we have dinner with your family." Dawn's focus left Clark. She obviously wasn't going to get anything more from him today.

And she didn't want to get him mad at her before a dinner with him and his parents. Never make a cute guy mad at you.

Oh no. How had they managed to forget about that? About Buffy working for Lex. Clark's eyes widened as he gulped. Luckily Dawn was looking the other way although he wasn't so sure about Chloe.

Clark typed the last few lines of his article, worrying how things had gone this morning. As soon as he finished this up, he'd make a beeline for the phone. Or better yet... school was pretty much over and Lex was expecting him with a delivery.

"Um, yeah, Chloe. Lex let me drive it from his place to mine." The last word flowed from his fingers and Clark hit the spell check. "Article's done and I've got chores at home. It's delivery day. See you later?"

"Um... yeah, sure, Clark. Thanks," Chloe said, a little uncertainly. "Or tomorrow or something." In a way, though, it was a relief to be talking to him again. It was strange being on the outs with someone who was one of her best friends.

"Oh, Clark, tell your mom that we'll be right over, as soon as Buffy gets home from work, please?" Dawn relayed the message Buffy'd asked her to give Clark.

And felt a little guilty that she'd forgotten it until now.

"I will, Dawn. And I think it's great you were so worried about Buffy. She kinda needs that." He stopped long enough to lay a hand on Chloe's shoulder and give her a light squeeze. "We'll hang out tomorrow, okay? Finish up the layout on the last edition of the year."

"That sounds great, Clark. Thanks," Chloe said with a smile. Okay, yeah, it was nice to have him around again. Offering to help her with her work and spend time with her.

Dawn circled around and gave Chloe a hug. "I'll have to see you tomorrow, too. I have to get my homework done before we leave for dinner or I won't be allowed to meet this new boss of Buffy's. Call ya later, okay?"

"Sure, Dawn. Talk to you then."

Dawn smiled and followed Clark out of the office. "Listen, I'm sorry if I pushed too hard. But... you don't know what she's been like, this past year. To see her so happy again... I just wish I could make it last, you know?"

"Well, maybe she's turned a corner. You never know. Smallville sometimes has that effect on people." Clark smiled down at Dawn and gave into an impulse. Something he'd been doing a lot lately. He hugged her. Just a quick step in and a squeeze.

Before Dawn had much of a chance to react, he was heading away down the hall. "I'll see you tonight." Clark called back over his shoulder as he took the stairs two at a time.

Cute boy, very cute boy hug. Oh wow. Dawn stood there for a few minutes with a dreamy look in her eyes. Clark was completely out of sight before she shook herself and headed out of the school. Home, to do homework. But she would see him later...


Superspeed really came in handy. Clark was home in a matter of minutes. He blew into the house, stopping long enough to hug his mom and relay Buffy's message before running up the stairs to change.

The jeans he picked actually still had a crease in them and the sweater was brand new. It was even green, a color that he rarely wore. Clark shrugged his jacket into place before lacing up his boots. Going commando was a whole new experience for him. Maybe new jeans weren't such a good idea for this.

Trying not to think about his state of undress, Clark took the stairs a little slower than usual. His dad was in town today but the truck was already loaded for deliveries. Clark stopped in the kitchen to pick up the list and he opened the fridge. To his mother's surprise, he poured milk into a glass before drinking it.

"Clark? Is everything okay?" Martha was rather shocked that she didn't have to remind her son to use a glass. Strange... very strange. He looked normal enough, but his behavior was just a little bit... off. Because of Buffy, perhaps?

"Everything's great, Mom. Chloe's even talking to me again." Clark finished his glass, rinsed it out before setting it down in the sink. "I'm running a little late so I better go. I'll be back in time for dinner."

"Okay, honey. I'm glad you and Chloe are talking again." She smiled at her son. As he walked out the door, she called after him, "Drive safely!" Habit... but one she couldn't break. She knew he'd be careful, but she still reminded him.

Martha sighed softly and turned back to the table. She'd been shelling peas for dinner and she needed to get them done.

Most of the deliveries went quickly. Clark could do the route in his sleep at this point. He made small talk at the Johansens, managed to avoid Nell at the Talon, the Hyde's were actually home for once and they paid their bill up to date with Mrs. Hyde counting the money out to the penny. Clark shifted from one foot to the other, anxious to be on his way. They were the last stop before Lex's.

There was a big truck in the main drive and Clark spotted the construction crew in time to make the turn-off for the back way into Lex's place. He followed the curving road, keeping a close eye on his speed because everything else in his body was screaming for him to get there.

Clark guided the old truck to a halt beside the garage, turned off the ignition and climbed out. Andre was waiting for him at the door, taking one of the crates from him while Clark carried in the other two. Used to Andre's voluble complaints about everything in the world, Clark listened politely then accepted payment for the produce before slipping out of the kitchen.

He scanned the hallways and the rooms beyond in a casual sweep. There were a lot more bodies in the house than he was used to and most of them were in the main study. Clark identified Damien by the pin in his right hip, Lex's assistant was apparently overseeing the repair project.

His gaze turned upward, sweeping across the main gallery and finally coming to rest on Lex's room. There were two people in it, both of them lying down in Lex's bed. That had Clark a little worried because Buffy was supposed to be at the plant. But who else would be in bed with Lex?

Rather than stand there and ask stupid questions of himself, Clark opted to investigate. He climbed the stairs, following the twists and turns through the upper hallway that led to Lex's room and tried the main door. It opened easily and Clark stepped into shadows and music.

Classical. Stuff he was sure Lex didn't listen to unless he was being forced to. Lex's tastes ran more towards alternative and some heavy Techno, not... Beethoven.

His concerns about Lex's abrupt change in musical taste faded away as he caught sight of his lovers. Lex was lying in the center of the bed with both Buffy and the coverlet wrapped around him. They both looked so peaceful that Clark seriously considered not waking them up.

Buffy shifted slightly in her sleep and gave a soft sigh. She was vaguely aware on some level that something in the room was different... but her senses didn't detect any sort of threat, so she didn't wake up.

Maybe he could just slip in without waking them up. Hold them for a little bit before heading back home? With that thought in mind, Clark unlaced his boots and toed them off.

The sweater went next, tossed carelessly onto the divan. One of his other hiding projects today had been the library. He'd gotten curious about his favorite couch in the whole world and looked the style up. It was a divan, circa turn of the century and probably worth more than his entire college fund. And they'd made love on it yesterday.

There was movement in the room and that was what probably woke Lex up. He opened his eyes just in time to see Clark shimmying out of a pair of tight jeans. Clark and a shimmy should be declared illegal... especially when fresh denim gave way to bronzed skin and nothing else.

Asleep though she was, the soft sound Lex made in her ear was enough to get her attention. Buffy stirred and her eyes opened slowly, though all she could see was dimness and Lex's chest. She could hear movement behind her, but it still didn't sound threatening. And Lex didn't feel worried, so she stayed where she was and placed a very soft kiss against his skin.

Lex watched silently as Clark dropped the jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. Half-hard, Clark's cock was still one of the most impressive things he'd ever seen. He tracked the dip and sway of it all the way across the room, only breaking off to meet Clark's smile as he climbed into bed.

Warm mouth on his shoulder, followed by a kiss that had Lex seeing stars. Apparently there was no virginal remorse where Clark was concerned. Which was like a gift from God. Lex hated the morning after crap where the seduced sniveled and whined even as they tried to slide underneath him again.

Buffy stiffened briefly when she felt the bed dip down behind her, only to relax again when Clark's familiar heat pressed against her skin. She leaned back enough to twist around and give him a warm, if sleepy, smile. "Hey, baby," she murmured. "Glad you could join us." And she was glad. She was warm and content and not really awake, but she was completely happy, having him here.

Her happiness was complete and bubbling over, and she wanted to share it with them both.

It was nice to know that her working for Lex hadn't cause them any problems. He'd meant to bring it up yesterday but things went by so fast that he didn't get a chance. Clark kissed Buffy gently before catching Lex's eye.

Both of them looked way relaxed. A lot more relaxed than he would have expected even though they were waking up from a nap. The corner of Lex's mouth quirked into a tiny smile before he dipped down to kiss Buffy.

Something happened today. Something really big and Clark felt a twinge of jealousy because he'd been left out. It was only fleeting though because Lex made sure to kiss him too and murmured into his mouth. "Missed you, Clark."

"We really did," Buffy agreed easily. "This morning, we were talking about trying to get you to stay with us for a while this afternoon. We hadn't actually planned on falling asleep." She snuggled back against Clark's chest, pulling Lex along with her so that they were all as close as they could be, bodies pressed together.

It felt incredible to just be held between them, and she stored away the memory of every passing moment for a time when she would need that memory to keep her going.

Clark rarely got tired anymore but he remembered what it was like. That heavy aching feeling where all you could think about was lying down and passing out for two or three days. He'd felt it a little last night and if he felt it, then it was no wonder that his human lovers were in need of a nap.

He snuggled in closer to Buffy, resigning himself to nothing but cuddling. Which wasn't a bad thing even though Buffy and Lex smelled like sex. The bed did too.

Lex caught the hint of disappointment in Clark's expression and shook his head. "Don't worry, Clark. We just need a few minutes to wake up... How was school?" His lover was in high school. Not a graduate program, not college but high school. He was going to hell for this.

"A little stressful. I got cornered by Dawn today." Clark nuzzled Buffy's neck, his hand sliding up from her waist to cup a soft breast. "She wouldn't leave me alone."

Only Clark could possibly not see the dilemma in talking about her sister while his hand was on her breast. Only Clark. But she managed to answer, though her voice was a little breathy. "Why, what happened?" Dawn had seemed fine this morning. Of course, Buffy had spent the second half of the night and most of the morning fretting over what would happen when she saw Lex, but still.

"Mmmmm... she wanted to know why you were glowing when you got home last night." It was a good thing that Buffy didn't have eyes in the back of her head, otherwise she would have caught his pleased smile as well as the blush. Lex, however, was witness to everything. But rather than comment on it, he slithered down to bed to capture the nipple that peeked out between Clark's fingers and suck lightly on it.

Buffy moaned and her hands cradled Lex's head while he sucked on her. Not controlling, just holding gently. "Being loved and in love has that effect on people, baby. I noticed it yesterday, in the mirror, remember? I just didn't think... that she'd give you a hard time about it. I'm sorry for that." She knew she'd been a million times happier yesterday and today than she had been even a day before that.

She'd just been enjoying the feelings of being truly alive after eight months of walking around still feeling mostly dead inside.

"Dawn will get used to seeing me normal again. She'll be fine," Buffy managed to add. "And I can't believe we're talking about my sister and doing what we're doing at the same time," she said with a laugh. "How twisted is that?"

"Perfectly twisted," the words buzzed against her skin as Lex responded in between sucks and light nips. "Does it bother you... or turn you on?"

There was humor in his tone, humor that Clark picked up on right away. All of the tension from yesterday that had existed between Buffy and Lex had vanished. That's what was so different. Lex was treating her the same way Lex treated him. With laughter simmering under the surface of every look, of every touch.

"Both," Buffy answered with a grin. "Or, in other words, I don't want you to stop this, but we're moving on to other topics of conversation. Like, oh, maybe what you want to do with both Clark and I here for however long we have?" Buffy could cope with this kind of gentle humor. She was very much enjoying the difference in Lex since their earlier discussion. The things they'd said had apparently cleared the air, and she was truly enjoying the gentle attention being lavished on her. Her, and not just Clark.

"Decisions, decisions." Lex's smile melted into her other breast as he nuzzled the soft globe. "Mmmm... I want to watch."

"Watch? Watch what, Lex?" Clark left off his careful exploration of Buffy's throat to look down at his other lover. Still too new at this to come up with where Lex was going, he felt the need for clarification.

Smooth had nothing on Lex as he answered that question with one of his sharp smiles. The ones that made his enemies bleed and his lovers squirm. "Watch you two fuck. Think you can manage that, Kent?"

The words and tone made Buffy shiver lightly, but his wording made Buffy try hard not to roll her eyes. She could tell Lex had never before been in a loving relationship, because she wouldn't have classified anything they'd done together thus far as 'fucking'.

In her experience, the word had negative connotations. But she would go along with it and probably even enjoy it, as she'd said earlier. Anything she did with her lovers in her mind was classified as making love. Because sex was supposed to be an expression of love, though unfortunately not everyone saw it that way.

"Ummm... I think so. But Lex... if you ever say that word around my mom, she's going to wash your mouth out with soap." Clark was blushing, he couldn't help it. Any more than he could stop the lecture before it slipped out of his mouth. Fortunately all Lex did was laugh and slide back up the bed.

Thick fingers threaded into his hair, pulling him in for a kiss so carnal that Clark had to clutch the edge of the mattress to keep from passing out. He was still trying to recover from it when Lex murmured, "I'd like to see her try... Does make love work better for you?"

It did for Buffy. Making love didn't conjure memories of Spike, for one thing.

Besides... she was in love. Until she readjusted to that state of being, her mind would tend to put a romantic spin on things. It was feminine nature, she thought, because Willow did it too. And Tara, and Anya.

While they held their little conversation, Buffy scattered kisses over Lex's chest. He was pressed close to more easily hold Clark the way he was, and she took advantage of it shamelessly. Her lips and tongue and teeth went everywhere, and her hands wrapped around his sides, scraped him just a little with her fingernails.

Oh man, Lex was doing that thing with his tongue. The one that had Clark firmly convinced that there was a direct circuit from the roof of his mouth to points south... way south. Clark was whimpering into that kiss and that was a sound he really hoped they'd never mention in mixed company.

Abruptly, Lex broke away from the kiss, his breath hissing through his teeth in appreciation. He arched into another scrape of Buffy's nails and Clark caught a hint of dark irony in Lex's smile. Looking down, Clark spotted a raw spot on Lex's neck that looked like he'd been bitten. Bitten hard enough to cut the skin.

"Lex... what happened today? You got hurt." His fingertips hovered over the spot and to his surprise, Lex moved until they actually touched. There was another hiss and the look that crossed his lover's face could only be described as ecstatic. Lex was getting off on the pain and things were a lot stranger than Clark had even anticipated.

"He likes it, baby. It's okay," Buffy soothed when she saw the surprise on Clark's face. "As for what happened... I eased up a little much on my control and I bit him. Harder than I intended to, but he liked it. Came so hard from it, and I didn't even realize it would have that effect on him." Not until after, and only the intensity of his climax had stemmed her rush of panic when she realized that he was bleeding into her mouth.

And perhaps she ought to be embarrassed to admit that she loved being able to provoke that strong a reaction from Lex. But she wasn't. No one, not even Clark, would make her ashamed of catering to this aspect of Lex's sexuality. She would continue to do so... but if it bothered Clark, then she would keep it mostly under wraps when he was around.

Okay, strange didn't even cover this. They were getting into outright Wall of Weird stuff now. Clark expected Chloe to show up at any moment with her camera and her laptop and a far-fetched but almost plausible reason how the meteors were to blame for it. Then Pete would show up and say it was all Lex's fault and his dad would agree. And what did any of this have to do with being in bed with the people he loved?

Just enough pressure on the bite and Lex was ready to take back his offer. He didn't want to watch. He wanted to do.

Either of them... or both of them at the same time. It really didn't matter so long as he was directly involved.

Buffy tilted her head slightly and studied the expression on Lex's face. "We can do anything that you want, love, but are you sure you just want to watch?" She'd seen the expressions flit across his face, and she was giving him an easy out. Funny how your desires could change in a fraction of an instant, as soon as your lover actually touched you...

Lex looked stubborn and she giggled, then she tilted her head back so she could look at Clark too. He was very quiet. "I won't push, baby," she murmured softly. "It's okay if it takes a little time to get used to. And you know you're safe anyway, because we couldn't hurt you even if we tried. Just see how it flows, okay?" Sure, it sounded strange. It had sounded strange to Buffy at first, too, but with Lex she was also curious. And accepting.

The gauntlet had been thrown and Lex was never one to back off from a challenge. It would be an excellent test of his self-control to follow through with his original request. With exaggerated care, he located and pulled his discarded robe on, belting it at the waist. "I'll watch."

Man, if Lex was only watching then this was more like a test and yesterday Lex promised there wouldn't be a test... except for maybe an oral one. He was still pretty new to the whole sex thing... despite the crash course. What if he did it wrong?

Clark swallowed nervously before kissed Buffy's shoulder. When in doubt, ask for help. "Buffy... how do you want me?" The eyebrow lift from Lex and the lazy half-smile as his lover leaned against the headboard felt like an A+. Okay, first section down.

Buffy turned around in Clark's arms and tipped her head back to look at him. "Relax, baby," she said gently. "It's no different than yesterday." She leaned in and kissed him gently, slowly, teasing his lips and then his tongue with hers. When she pulled back to breathe, she asked in a softer tone, "Would it make you more comfortable to have a set of instructions to follow?"

She smiled a bit and traced gentle fingertips against his cheek. "It doesn't usually need to work like that, but I could manage if it would help."

As Clark gazed down at her, he felt his nervousness bleed away. This was Buffy. There was really nothing he could do with her that would be wrong. She loved him and he loved her and even if Lex was watching, Clark was pretty certain he had the basics down.

He gently pushed her over onto her back and slid easily between her legs. While Lex's smile deepened, Clark kissed Buffy. Slow press of lips together, easy brush of his tongue along the lower one before dipping inside. Her eyes closed and so did his as he concentrated on the feel of her beneath him.

Nice to see Clark take the initiative. After months and months of watching him dance around the whole Lana subject, Lex had been ready to give up on Clark ever making the first move. Yesterday in the hall, he'd been proven wrong. And now he was being proven wrong again...

Sometimes it was good to be wrong.

Buffy lifted her arms and wrapped them gently around Clark's neck. Her legs twined with his and she kissed him back, slowly and deeply. Long ago, she had marveled how anyone so large and so strong could be so impossibly gentle, and Clark was no exception. She reveled in it; the feel of his mouth on hers, the gentle brush of his fingers against her shoulders and neck, his warm weight pressing her into the bed.

All the tenderness she had ever craved, longed for and needed, was being given to her now without her even needing to ask for it. She felt more loved than she'd ever imagined she could feel, and she would do absolutely anything to protect their relationship.

Lex watched, fascinated by Clark's ability to adapt. When Buffy turned her head one way, Clark followed the movement, improvising as he went. Soft pushes and strategic retreats that had Buffy following him, reaching for another kiss... wanting more.

When their mouths finally parted, Clark trailed a line of kisses down her cheek and he sought out the hollow of her throat. His tongue traced around the edge of the scar that Lex had paid so much attention to yesterday. He mapped every inch of it, memorizing the contours and where the teeth had actually pierced the skin.

"Oh God..." Buffy moaned; her eyes closed tightly and her fingers tangled in Clark's hair, cradling him against her neck. He was the second person, the first being Lex, to not completely avoid the scar on her neck. His mouth on her skin felt good, sent shivers down her spine, and knowing that he wasn't threatened by her past was even better.

In her mind, she debated whether or not it would startle him if she told him he could bite her. Leave a mark of his own on top of the one already there. If it were Kal-el, she probably would; he seemed to have a possessive nature similar to her own and that sort of thing would probably appeal to him. She didn't know about Clark, though. She had no idea if he would respond with enthusiasm or hesitancy or fear or revulsion...

If he would like the idea or think she was crazy for suggesting it.

The urge to bite was something that had never occurred to him before. Causing intentional hurt went against his nature. Really went against what he'd been taught. But the urge was there; strong and dark and his mouth was opening.

His eyes locked with Lex's as his teeth descended. The indolent lounge shifted to a focus so intent that Clark could feel it. Steel-grey flashed silver at the instant of connection and Lex's knife-edged smile was one of absolute approval. What he'd thought was wrong and bad and to be avoided at all costs didn't hold true here. At least not where Lex was concerned.

The whimper was good. It sent all sorts of interesting signals through his body. Maybe there was something to this whole pain thing.

The whimper came from deep in her throat, and she couldn't have stopped it even if she wanted to. Even though she'd been thinking about telling him he could bite her, Buffy hadn't expected him to do it... not without a little prompting, at least. But it felt good. God, it felt so much better than she'd ever thought it would.

"Harder... just a little," she murmured into his ear. It was part plea and part command, but she needed to feel it. Just a little sharper, a little more, and her eyes closed so she could just focus on the feel of it.

Diamond hard and breathless, Lex watched as Clark obeyed. A shift of his head and their young lover's jaw tightened. There was a deeper whimper, one that had Lex abandoning his post, slithering across the bed to cradle the back of Clark's head.

He leaned forward, nipping her earlobe before murmuring, "Feels good, Beauty?"

Seriously needy sounds, ones that had him rocking into the mattress, desperate for friction... any kind of friction. Clark's skin felt hot and tight. The only relief came in that slide across silk which dampened with every pass.

"Yes... very good..." Half moan and half speech and entirely needy. Buffy opened her eyes and turned her head towards Lex, found his lips and kissed him. "Better than I ever guessed," she murmured softly.

And it was. The sharp bite blurred the line between pleasure and pain until she almost couldn't tell which was which, and she had no idea whether it was because she was aroused to begin with or because it was one of her lovers doing it. But it did feel good. Made her feel awake and alive and anticipating whatever would come next.

Clark hunched forward, pushing against the coverlet again. It slid away to be replaced with skin. Thigh maybe - warm, inviting and yes... something he could follow upward as he sucked and bit.

The first wet touch broke the connection of mouth and skin. Heedless of how stupid he probably looked, Clark slid his hands under Buffy's hips and pulled. His back arched, his eyes closed so he couldn't see his reflection and he pushed.

The aim was off, skidding through more warm wet. Clark backed up and with singular purpose, moved again. This time, he found what he sought. Sliding in, covering her even as his teeth caught on the rough edge of the scar again.

A soft, sharp shriek echoed in the quiet and Buffy's body arched at the combination of the swift invasion of her body combined with Clark's teeth on her neck again. Her legs locked around Clark's waist and her hips thrust up to meet his downward thrust. She felt so... so possessed. Sudden, complete and total possession of her body, and the thrill it caused fed the wild streak in her.

She abandoned herself to it, just let the feelings sweep her away on a wave of sensation. Incredible sensation, unlike anything she remembered ever experiencing and completely different from the gentility that characterized every interaction of the day before.

A natural? Hell... Kent was created with one sole purpose in mind. To rewrite the entire book on sex. And was there really anything harder than diamond, because if there was, Lex had just hit it. Clark was hunching, his long body bending into a physically impossible position while he bit and continued to shove into Buffy. She, in turn, was rising to meet Clark, wrapping her whole body around him.

Unable to resist for even a minute longer, Lex rolled toward the edge of the bed. He tugged at the nightstand drawer, cursing under his breath when it canted sideways. A quick fumble that sent blackmail material tumbling to the floor and Lex grabbed the first metal tube he found. Ignoring everything but his goal, he crouched behind Clark.

Slickness on his fingers, hard shove into Clark and the resulting sound would go down in the Lex Hall of Fame. No resistance to one finger, or to two and even three didn't phase him. Clark kept pushing into Buffy and then back onto Lex's fingers. "Jesus... Clark, I'm sorry. I can't wait."

Apology given even as he was coating his cock. Free hand full of gel, hissing at the temperature as it glided over his skin. Clark's only reaction was to spread his legs wider which in any language - human or alien - clearly signaled acceptance.

Buffy heard and was on some level aware of Lex about to join them, but she was only half paying attention. Her only real response was to slide her legs up higher on Clark's body, leaving his hips open For Lex to hold onto.

She wasn't willing to give up the leverage her hold on Clark provided for meeting his thrusts. It felt too good to be able to move for her to want to be pinned down more fully. She needed to be able to move; Clark was appealing to the part of her that had more trouble with passivity, so her reactions were a little bit different than they might have been otherwise. But neither of her lovers was complaining, so it never even occurred to her to do anything about it.

Her skin was getting hot, slick and sliding away. The only thing that kept his teeth in place was the rough edge of the scar. On one level, Clark was honestly amazed at how both Buffy and Lex were reacting. They were all over him, frantic to get as close as they could.

On another level it felt really, really good to cut loose like this. To forget for just a minute, to lose control for a second and not worry he was going to kill either of them.

The first thrust burned, clear evidence that he'd rushed entry. God, what a feeling. Lex clutched Clark's shoulders, gasping and twisting and shoving again. Whoever was making those strangled noises needed to stop because it was blowing Lex's concentration.

It wasn't Clark - he was moaning and yeah, drooling a little. It wasn't Buffy - she had the whole sex kitten whimper thing going on - a sound that Lex would have hated coming from anyone else. So that left... oh hell. Lex bit down on his lower lip to stifle the sound, pulled back and slammed into Clark.

Anybody else would have been screaming at the rough treatment. Not Clark. He was taking it, absorbing each of the hits and rocking back on his own in a way that was putting hell to Lex's rhythm. If hard shoves and stuttering withdrawals had any right to even masquerade as a rhythm.

Buffy couldn't find a rhythm to Lex's movement that she could match, so she continued to move opposite Clark's motion, carrying their own rhythm. It was a little awkward, but who cared? Certainly not her. And Clark didn't seem to, either.

She couldn't control the whimpers that escaped her, so they just continued to tumble from her lips unchecked. Until one particularly hard slam by Lex at just the right moment drove Clark harder into her body than any thrust so far. Then her whimper turned into a scream, but not one of pain. Sharp shocks of what was mostly pleasure flew through her body and her grip on Clark tightened in response. Oh, God, what a feeling...

For a guy who usually moved like liquid sex, Lex's staggered movements were pretty strange until it occurred to Clark that something was happening that never happened. Lex was out of control. Completely out of control.

It didn't hurt him and it didn't seem to be hurting Buffy even though they were seriously in weird territory here. Lex was muttering under his breath, not really words but the sounds that were words would have earned Clark not only a mouthful of soap but his mom would have grounded him too. The comment about tying him up actually sounded kinda interesting... if the lurch his cock gave was anything to go by.

Buffy was moving with him, melting and then tightening. The next hard stroke dislodged his teeth, leaving Clark snapping at empty air. There were fingernails in his back, the sensation mild until they bit in and raked their way up to his shoulders. Okay... quick flash of something that wasn't pain, really wasn't pain.

Buffy saw a flash of something in Clark's eyes when her nails dug into his skin. She knew that she wasn't even leaving marks of any kind, but he certainly did seem to enjoy it. Or... not object to it, at least. She repeated the motion, a little lower on his back and moving towards his sides, and saw the same flash again. "You like that, love?" she purred into his ear.

But before he could answer, her mouth found his and stole his breath away with a deeply passionate kiss. She possessed his tongue, pulling it deep into her mouth and trapping it there while she sucked on it. Then her tongue invaded his mouth and went everywhere, touching every part of him and making him hers.

His hands shifted from Clark's hips to his shoulders and finally Lex found a rhythm that matched theirs. He pushed when Clark did, deepening each stroke and holding it at the end until Clark was ready to move again. On the third stroke, Lex circled his hips, leaned forward and bit Clark.


Now the whimpering was coming from Clark. Soft, needy sounds that went straight from Lex's ears to his cock. He'd had wilder sessions, much more dangerous ones but Lex had never had anything like this.

Under the pain, under the constant need to get closer and closer... there was love. Not just for Clark but for Buffy as well. Seemingly lost in the sensation, Lex was listening intently to both of them. If things got out of hand, if they went too far, he was ready to call a halt to all of this.

Of course his dick would probably sue him for divorce but he would stop it.

Far from complaining, Buffy was actually half-lost in the sensations flooding her body. She was still aware, however, and paying enough attention to be able to prevent anyone from getting hurt. She had promised Clark she would keep him from seriously hurting either of them, after all. And none of them was completely in control, at the moment.

And part of her had an intense desire to push things. Push her own limits and theirs, just to see what would happen. And that was the part of her that acted, at the moment.

One small hand removed itself from Clark's back and Buffy reached up to wrap her hand around Lex's wrist. With a sharp tug she pulled his arm towards her, using her legs to catch and balance him without the support of his arm. With a burning look up at steel-toned eyes, she pulled his arm even closer and bit. Hard, into the flesh of his mid-forearm, but not quite hard enough to break the skin. Barely.

High enough on his arm that any residual marks wouldn't be seen during his dinner meeting, but near enough to his wrist to be clear that that's where she would have bitten him if he wasn't going out later.

Sharp and sweet, hard enough to startle the breath out of him. To make him stop in mid-thrust. If he hadn't been in love with her before, he would have been now. Lex gritted his teeth, stared down at her and pushed the words out of his mouth even as he shoved his cock back into Clark. "God, I love you."


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