Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
Dedications: From Em: To Ace, for her never-ending support and her willingness to work on this with me. She writes both Clark and Lex in a way I could never hope to achieve, and I couldn't possibly have done this on my own.
From Ace: To Em for reminding me why I love Buffy. To Beth for being my Smallville watching partner even when the scripts were awful. To the whole Clark/Lex list for opening my eyes to the potential here. And finally to Christina for her great story; Runaway Trains at 3 A.M. which was part of our inspiration. You can find it at: this site.

Chapter 36

Caught between them, Clark wasn't sure who Lex was talking to. He hoped it was Buffy because he already knew his place with Lex. When they'd been together yesterday, he'd seen the subtle hurt on Buffy's face when Lex kept telling him and telling him how he felt but left Buffy out.

It wasn't fair. Buffy was just as deserving of being loved. And she really needed it. She only had Dawn to love her while he had his folks and Pete and Chloe when she wasn't mad at him.

Buffy kissed the mark she'd made, then let her head drop back down to the bed. But she didn't let go of his arm; rather, she held it tightly against the juncture of her neck and shoulder until his fingers curled around the curve and stayed there. She needed the connection with him, right now... there weren't many ways that she could reach him, from where she was.

"I know, Lex," she answered in a calm, sure voice. "I know. And I love you too." Completely not forced, the words flowed from her so easily. As easily as they had the day before, if not easier. But the flare of love in her eyes spoke volumes about how much his words meant to her. To be loved... to be truly loved was the greatest gift in existence.

Yes, Clark... there is a God. He closed his eyes, his whole body shaking as he felt that love. Felt it radiating from both Lex and Buffy, felt it warm his blood and turn his bones to water. His body, rather than being a barrier, became a conduit between them.

Language and time and matter bent. It flowed around them, binding them together into something that was more than the sum of themselves. For his part, Clark felt the alienation and the loneliness that first crept in when he found out he was adopted, he felt that seep away. To be replaced with belonging and a sense of finally being whole.

She'd been wrong, earlier.

This was what it felt like to be whole.

To be wanted and loved, not for what she was but for herself. Despite the trauma she'd been through and the damage dealt to her, she was accepted and loved and for a moment she knew it absolutely. She was bound to the two that she held, that held her, by a love so strong it had the potential to shake the foundations of all their lives.

No matter what problems might cross her path, Buffy would never forget this moment. It would hold her together when doubts threatened her mind, and it would give her something to believe in when she had no other hope. For as long as it took to convince her rational mind that fear was pointless, she would still have this moment to convince her emotions of the pure strength of love.

Alarms should have been going off in his head. Huge alarms that screamed - 'too close, you've let them get too close' - but Lex couldn't bring himself to care. When Clark turned a little to look at him, Lex dipped down and came back up for a kiss. He did the same with Buffy, reveling in the feel of her mouth under his while Clark's hair tickled his cheek and throat.

A moment later, Lex felt the bed fall away. The whole floating thing was getting easier to handle. It meant Clark was happy and Clark happy in Lex's book was a very, very good thing.

He could get used to this.

Ooh, there went the floating thing again. Very weird sensation, with her on the bottom; she wondered idly if she would fall, should Clark let her go, but that was a rather silly thing to think about. The way they were touching her, Buffy didn't think either of them were planning to let go anytime soon. And she was perfectly happy with that, as well.

She had absolutely no intention of releasing either of them, either. In fact, she would quite happily hold onto them for the rest of forever. If only she could.

She returned Lex's kiss completely, still more than just a little out of control and feeling her possessive side. Lex was hers and Clark was hers and they knew it. She would show them again and again if she had to, so they would always know it.

As long as they stayed over the bed, Lex was fine. Even though they were almost past the mirror and if he sat up, his head would brush the canopy, Lex was still okay. When he felt fabric against his back, that's when he finally said something. His voice remained level and calm, not raising an alarm... yet. "Clark, ease it down a little."

Clark opened his eyes, taking in their altitude immediately. This was the highest he'd ever been and if he lost control right now, Buffy might get hurt. When he'd started to get X-ray vision, his mom had coached him through it, telling him that it was a muscle and he could learn to control it. Not that he was certain that floating involved a muscle but it was worth a shot.

He concentrated, thinking about lowering them so Lex wasn't crushed or the canopy rip. It didn't work at first but after a moment something clicked inside. Almost like a switch. One minute Lex was becoming one with dark purple velvet and the next they were at a safe hover distance that left them even with the mirrors.

"Good, Clark. Very good," the praise from Lex made him tingle. That and the swivel of lean hips that sent Lex's cock deep inside again.

"I knew you could do it," Buffy murmured into Clark's ear. Then she kissed him again, much as she had earlier. Her mouth took possession of his and left absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that she laid claim to him. And she was proud of him, learning to control an ability he wasn't certain how to use. She knew that feeling rather well.

Buffy let her eyes close as pleasure filled her body again. It lacked the edge it had earlier, partly because Clark's teeth weren't sunk in her neck anymore and partly because somewhere along the line their coupling had gentled somewhat. He still moved in her, deep and hard, but not as hard as before. Or as violently. But it was okay; it still felt wonderful to her, if a little more familiar.

Slow strokes, helping Clark set the pace. Lex missed the dark edge, although the throb from her bite was a subtle reminder. He could live without it for awhile.

Too much and one of them would get hurt. Probably him and even with accelerated healing, Lex couldn't afford the down time. Not with his dad breathing down his neck. Once LexCorp was on its feet and running as an independent venture, then he could indulge.

Buffy watched her lovers' individual reactions for long moments. Clark looked like he was in heaven, and why shouldn't he be... he was the one in the middle. And Buffy knew that feeling was a wonderful one.

Lex also appeared to be enjoying himself, but he had a thoughtful look in his eyes too. Wondering how far he could push things, perhaps, or maybe thinking about something else entirely. His mind worked on so many different levels that sometimes it was hard to tell. Maybe she could distract him, though. She could try, at least.

The first idea that came to her was the one she tried; Buffy traced the mark on Lex's arm with one fingernail. Lightly enough to not do any more damage, but hard enough to be felt. And it occurred to her that perhaps that was what he was thinking about... the way their interaction had changed, gentled. As powerful a kink as it was for him, perhaps he missed the pain. In a way, anyhow... it was possible.

The drag of a nail along his arm jolted Lex back to full reality. He looked over Clark's shoulder at Buffy, his entire focus directed at her. When she repeated the motion, he shivered in silent encouragement. Shivered and redoubled his pace, driving Clark even further into her.

The increase in sensation was electrifying. Clark felt each thrust all the way down to his toes. Lex was pressed in so tightly and Buffy's fingers were doing something that Lex obviously liked. Scrape of a nail over the dark mark on Lex's arm and everything became crystal clear.

Clark turned his head just enough to nuzzle Lex's shoulder. This felt strange, really strange but Buffy enjoyed it so much so it was worth a shot. Clark's mouth opened over a small patch of skin and he bit down... hard enough to bruise but not hard enough to break the skin... he hoped.

Stunningly positive reaction. Lex was arching into the bite and gasping and so hard inside him. Getting bigger by the second and yeah... Lex got off on pain. Really got off on it. Especially since the look on his face, the look that Clark could see in the mirror, was the one he associated with Lex coming.

Or damned close to it.

Buffy cradled the back of Clark's head with her other hand, gently encouraged him in his experimentation. She knew Clark's acceptance of Lex's darker side would mean a lot to them all, in the long-run. Being willing to indulge that darker side was even better, and Buffy knew she could probably explain at least a little of it to Clark later. If he chose to talk to her about it rather than Lex, which was unlikely to her mind.

In the meantime, Lex's energetic thrusting into Clark was driving Clark into her body so deeply that she was getting close to climax, herself. Her body was humming with sensation, and it wouldn't take much longer before she hit that peak unless she fought against it. And she didn't really want to fight it, but she did want to watch Lex come. She wanted to see the pleasure etched in his refined features and beautiful eyes.

Eyes that were very dark blue at the moment, and still fixed on hers even though his body was focused on Clark's.

Sharp, sheer pain - breath-taking and exquisite. Better than anything he'd received from a sea of lovers whose names he barely remembered. The only thing that compared was Buffy's earlier bite. "God, Clark. Do that again."

Lex's voice sounded broken. Sounded like he was begging a way into heaven. Clark had no choice but to obey so he turned a little more and did it again. The sound Lex made was amazing. One that would star in the morning shower sessions for the rest of Clark's life.

Oh God, he was coming. Rush of pleasure nipping on the heels of pain and Lex was crying out to God, crying out to the Devil, crying out to anything in between just so long as this didn't stop. He needed this, needed the pain to define him, to give him back the edge that months of being in Smallville had almost stripped from him.

Now there was an interesting contradiction, especially coming from Lex. A command that sounded like a plea, a voice that sounded broken. Shattered, split into pieces, like the rush of emotion and expressions that crossed Lex's face as he came. Buffy could see the need, the hunger, hear the edge of pain mingled with pleasure in his cry.

Was this really a good idea, encouraging herself and Clark to hurt Lex? Would either of them be able to deny him what he wanted, even if they tried? She doubted it, but for a moment... she couldn't help but wonder if they were starting down a dark and dangerous path.

She couldn't hold onto the thought for long, though, because the sounds Lex was making wound their way into her senses and stayed there. Echoed in her ears and made her own insides twist in patterns of want and need. Feelings that didn't allow room for questions or doubts, only demanded that she and Clark follow Lex into climax.

Clark finally let go when Lex stopped shaking. And jerking his hips forward in an effort to get even further in. He felt a cheek laid on his shoulder, sweat prickled between his shoulder-blades as he picked up the motion that Lex had abandoned.

Breathless and just this side of being comatose, Lex followed Clark's movements without adding to them. Clark was driving in fast and hard, the tight channel around his cock getting tighter by the minute. Lex knew he should probably pull out and let them finish in peace... he knew that. But that didn't mean that he was going to.

Odd sensation, pushing against air as her hips lifted to meet Clark's. But it worked, somehow... almost as if however Clark was holding them up also gave her a surface to press against. Strange, but she was in no mood to muse over the concept of it. Instead she focused on Clark, on moving with him, on touching him and Lex. One hand rested on each of their necks: fingers tangled into Clark's hair and cupped the back of Lex's head gently.

Just because she could. And because she wanted to.

The first time he'd finished before she did and Lex had to take care of things. That wasn't going to happen now. Clark slipped one hand between their bodies, seeking and finding the right spot with incredible ease. If the sudden rise of Buffy's hips hadn't been a dead giveaway that he'd found the target, Lex's amused chuckle clinched it.

"Mmmm... Atticus, you amaze me. Are you sure yesterday was the first time you did this?" More laughter followed by ragged kisses along his left shoulder. Open-mouthed and slick on his skin, sloppier than Lex had ever been before.

Even more proof that he and Buffy had somehow blown Lex away. Precision was Lex's real middle name, no matter what his birth certificate said. He never did anything that wasn't calculated down to the last decimal point.

Clark tried to think of something clever to say. Something off the cuff and smooth and vaguely Lex-like but he was too caught up in other things. Namely Buffy and trying not to come. "Um... kinda busy here, Lex. When... oh God... when we get done I'll answer any questions you've got."

Soft little cries from Buffy answered each of Clark's thrusts and every press against her clit. The little part of her mind that was aware of the words passed back and forth above her didn't care if yesterday was the first time Clark had been with a woman. All she cared about was getting that little bit further and coming. They could talk later, while they all relaxed.

"Later. Talk later," she agreed with Clark in a voice breathy with pleasure and needy at the same time. "Baby, please, just a little more..."

He gave her that. More touches, more thrusts, more strokes. When Buffy arched up against him, Clark caught her mouth in a kiss. When he had to break away so she could breathe, Lex leaned over his shoulder and kissed her as well.

Hard knot inside, twisting more every second that he held back. Clark was riding that edge, trying to hold back the event horizon long enough to make sure his partner joined him. Buffy was close, or at least he thought she was.

Buffy began to tremble and her body tightened up. With her mouth held by Lex's, Buffy could barely breathe and didn't care in the slightest. Two more strokes over her clit, one more long, hard push into her body and she was gone. Tumbling over the edge with cries muffled by Lex's mouth on hers. Her body tightened around Clark's cock, and she felt him begin to tense as well. Which was of the good, because she wanted him to come with her.

Coming together was always a wonderful feeling, and it meant that he could stop holding back for her sake. Something she only knew for sure he was doing because of the determined look in his dark hazel eyes.

Vise tight around him, heavy pulse surrounding his cock and control was a thing of the past. Clark's head dropped down onto her shoulder, his whole body hunching and he drove in and in and in. Spilling, tumbling, spinning as he came.

Lex's cry of alarm was absorbed in a kiss. He managed not to break away for Buffy even as he hooked his ankles around Clark's. They were spinning, the bed and then the canopy flashing by at a dizzyingly speed. Any post-sex euphoria disappeared as Lex closed his eyes. **Note to self, hang on when Clark comes. Especially while in mid-air.**

It was several long moments before Buffy calmed enough to be aware of anything outside her own body, again. But she felt Lex tense and realized that they were spinning around. She didn't get dizzy, but this wasn't likely to help Lex over his fear of heights any. The hand on Lex's neck stayed where it was, rubbed gently in a soothing way, but her other hand reached out.

As they spun, they drifted just a little and after a few moments she was able to reach one of the bedposts. The smack of her hand against the wood was audible, and the impact stung for several minutes, but she did manage to catch hold and stop them from spinning around. She'd have to make a note about anchoring them in some way in the future, so this wouldn't happen again.

She'd rather drift in post-orgasmic bliss for a while than have to be alert enough to cope with this kind of motion.

Slowly, Clark came back to himself. His breathing eased, the tight hold of his arm relaxed and to Lex's undeniable relief, the softness of his bed encompassed their bodies again. He fought the urge to scramble away by burying his head in Clark's shoulder. The scent of his skin, so familiar and so wanted helped calm Lex down.

"Crash helmet," Lex muttered against the broad expanse of too perfect skin. Floating he could handle. Spinning was above and beyond the call of duty... no matter how much he loved Clark. "We're not doing that again until I have a crash helmet."

Buffy began to laugh gently. "If it makes you feel better, love, though it might get in the way." Naked with only a crash helmet on; now there was a very strange mental picture. She really couldn't help her laughter, though she didn't mean to offend Lex.

"There has to be some way to keep that from happening," Buffy reasoned when she'd calmed somewhat. "Though it was actually rather fun." That was the part of her that loved thrills, loved speed and roller coasters and jumping off the high dive into a pool. Not that she'd gone diving in the last year - too near a connection to what had happened. But she knew she would go again someday.

She'd master her fear and go back to the wonderful sensation of spinning through the air until she hit the water below.

"I'm not sure if I know how to make it stop, Lex. Maybe we'll have to tie me to the bed or something." Clark twisted around a little so he see Lex. The expression on his lover's face was almost scary. Lex got that look whenever he bought a new car. That look normally resulted in racing down the back-roads at over 100MPH which was really cool but if Lex reached for a pair of driving gloves, Clark was going to bolt.

That look was one of hunger and challenge and it was way hot. So hot Clark thought his skin was going to burn off. And the low whisper in his ear sent a hard shiver down his spine. "Trust me, Kent, I plan on it."

Buffy gave her lovers an amused smile and nodded. "Sounds like that could be arranged." An event Lex would likely enjoy to no end. And maybe she would too; she'd never really done anything like that before. Flat-out refused to, when Spike showed her a pair of handcuffs. But this was different. She trusted Lex and Clark, and she knew that nothing bad would happen, if.

She let them all relax for a few more minutes, then finally sighed and pushed gently on Clark's shoulders. "I hate to have to do this," she said softly, "but you guys are getting heavy. Can we, like, roll over or something?" She didn't want to move, didn't want to disrupt their closeness. But she was starting to have trouble breathing, with their weight on her body from the resumption of gravity's effects.

"Oh man, I'm sorry." Clark pushed off of her before Lex could even think of moving. One minute he was sprawled across Clark's back and the next all three of them were on their sides. Luckily, Lex was able to get his leg out of the way otherwise it would have gotten tangled with Clark's.

Rather than voice a complaint, Lex retrieved pillows and handed them around. He was slipping out of Clark anyway, despite every effort to remain locked in that warm, tight place. Leaning his forehead against Clark's shoulder, he bit back a groan of protest. Gravity was his enemy.

"Don't be sorry, Clark," Buffy murmured as she settled her head on the pillow from Lex. "I really don't mind it for a while. I actually like the way it feels. At least until breathing becomes an issue. Okay?" Tiny fingers traced the side of Clark's face in a gentle caress and she tucked her body as close to his as possible. "I like being close to you, Clark. To both of you. I wish I never had to move. But sometimes I just don't have a choice, you know?"

The connection to Lex was lost, leaving Clark emptier than before. He closed his eyes and kissed the top of Buffy's head while Lex shook behind him. Trying to cover for Lex's possible breakdown, Clark whispered into Buffy's hair. "No making breathing an issue. That makes sense."

Part of him was missing. Part of what made him whole. Lex lost that when he physically parted from Clark and he wanted it back. Growling in frustration, while satisfying on a minor level, did nothing the alleviate the unease.

Buffy nodded slowly and smiled. "Thank you. Are you okay?" She was a little concerned. Clark was being very quiet. And so was Lex. She couldn't see or hear or feel anything of Lex, with Clark between them. She couldn't help it, she worried.

Lex had issues that ran as deeply as some of hers. Buffy just wanted them all to be happy, to be together. She wished she could help them, wished she could make things better. But all she could do was be here and do what she could. But she could ask, see if there was a way to help.

"I'm okay but I don't think Lex is," Lex was still shaking and Clark tried to roll over as gently as he could. Their lover's face was turned away, buried in the pillow while his shoulders and even his hips kept moving. "Lex, what's wrong?"

Weakness, this was a weakness. Something that had to be destroyed before it left him vulnerable. And he was so damned vulnerable right now. The simple touch of Clark's hand on his shoulder sent a shudder through him. Rather than move into the embrace he knew was being offered, Lex rolled away. Got as far as the edge of the bed before Clark's tone stopped him. "Don't shut us out, Lex. Buffy and I hate that."

Buffy moved immediately. She tugged Lex back towards them and rolled them over so that Lex was cradled between her and Clark. She held him gently until he held still.

"Lex, love, talk to us. Let us help. It's okay... whatever is wrong, it's okay. We love you and we only want to help." Soft words, softer voice. She pleaded with him, agreed with Clark in her mind that she hated to be shut out. But she couldn't force it. She might only do more damage if she tried.

He remained silent for the longest time, letting both of his lovers soothe the tremors while Lex worked through what was going on. The blind panic was gone, being replaced by cold reasoning. As well as experimentation. For a few moments, he wrapped himself around Buffy and the trembling eased. Especially when Clark molded himself to Lex's back.

Now that raised a lot more questions than it resolved. The only thing that remained starkly apparent was that physical separation made it worse. When Clark rolled away for a minute to pull the coverlet up over them, the fine tremor under Lex's skin started again. This time he was able to shake it off before Clark slipped back into place.

"Something is wrong but I'm not sure what. I've got some theories... Clark, when are your parents leaving again? We need some answers and I'm hoping that ship of yours has them." Lex couldn't live like this. Well, he could but the explanation to Jonathan Kent as to why Clark couldn't be more than five feet away from him without Lex's skin crawling might prove to be a fatal one.

'You see, Mr. Kent, I was fucking your son... and may I compliment you on what a fine boy you raised... But the whole being an alien seems to have an unexpected side-effect. We appear to be attached-at-the-hip now and he's never leaving my sight again... Hit my head again? No, I don't believe so... unless it was when Clark almost put me through the ceiling... I did mention the fucking-your-son thing, didn't I?'

"It might help," Buffy agreed. "Is it Clark's presence that does it? It's just him?" She wondered why, if it was something to do with Clark, that it was affecting Lex and not her.

The whole situation was strange, granted. She'd never been in a relationship like this before, but for Clark it seemed normal. Even necessary, sometimes. Who knows what this connection with Clark, their exposure to him, might be doing to them. Either of them. Not that she really cared, but if it caused them problems then they may need to find out what was happening at least.

"Hard to be sure without experimentation. Clark, get out of bed and go into my study." There was no arguing with that tone of voice, even if Clark might have considered doing so. Lex shivered when his lover left the bed. The tug was there, calling him to follow Clark but once the boy was out of the room, it eased off.

Man, things kept getting stranger and stranger. Lex was scared and so was Clark. He stood in the study, flicking open the curtains and then closing them while he waited to be called back into the room. Maybe the whole sex thing was a bad idea. Maybe he should have stayed celibate until he was older... like thirty or forty.


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