Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 38

"A demonstration would be wonderful," Buffy murmured, her tongue flicking out to catch Lex's lips. "Though I think Clark is trying to beat you to it." And he certainly seemed to be. Lex's hand on her stomach, Clark's a little further down and dipping into her curls.

And she was trying very hard to hold still. The way they were pushing her, though, she was going to lose this game very quickly. Not that she cared; that was the whole point, after all. In losing herself to them, she won in a way that mattered only to herself. The rest was incidental.

Of course, Lex also knew that she didn't need any convincing to continue working with him. She actually enjoyed it, and enjoyed being able to spend time with him in that capacity as well as their current one. It gave her more insight into how his mind worked and what drove him. She wanted to become a part of his world in every sense possible, and work was just another facet of it. She knew she meant more to him than just sex.

But she still wasn't entirely sure about the rest. Buffy didn't know how she fit into the rest of his life. And she needed to know.

When Lex smiled like that, all Clark could think about was the story Lex told him about his one fishing trip with his dad. Where Lionel had flown them down to Australia and they had a close encounter with a couple of Great Whites. The whole predator metaphor kept up when Lex pinned him with a look and murmured, "Kent, blow me."

If anybody else had said that, Clark would have put them through a wall. Or at least thought about it. For days... But with Lex, it was probably one of the sexiest things he'd ever heard and Clark had to swallow hard to keep up with how fast his mouth was watering. "Okay."

Challenge given, challenge accepted. Lex kissed Buffy once more, then slid his hands into Clark's hair and attacked his mouth. Bit him, mauled him before letting go just as abruptly and sliding down the bed towards his personal goal.

Buffy tugged Clark gently over and kissed him herself, deeply and passionately. When she released him to find his own goal, she grinned at him and kissed the tip of his nose.

She parted her legs for Lex and felt the bed shift slightly as he settled himself. While her lovers shifted around her, Buffy clasped her hands together and raised them up over her head. Partly to keep them out of the way and partly because she was challenging herself. She wanted to see how long she could go without touching them... how much she could take before her self-discipline broke.

She'd never tried this before, but for some reason... she really wanted to, now.

Maybe because she'd seen Lex do it, earlier. Maybe because she was just curious about what it must've felt like to him, when she held him down. She didn't know, but it didn't really matter. It was just what she wanted to do.

Lex didn't wait for Clark to finishing moving, he simply dove in... Lex style. Long, slow suck on the inside of her right thigh, followed by a sharp nip that earned him a tremble and an in-drawn breath. Equal attention given to the left and when his teeth sank into the tender skin, an incredible sensation of wet warmth engulfed his cock.

Had to hand it to Clark, he was a fast learner. After only twenty-four hours he was a better cock-sucker than half the women Lex had been with as well as a lot of the men. Just the right amount of pressure and that hard push down was almost enough to steal every last ounce of breath from his lungs. "Fuck, you've got the best mouth in the world, Clark. Just keep doing that... don't stop."

No harm in giving praise where it was due. Lex rocked easily into Clark's mouth before he turned his attention back to Buffy. Opening his mouth over her, he tasted and stifled a moan of sheer pleasure. God, she tasted like heaven. Light and melting on his tongue with that faint hint of lemon mixed with his own unique flavor served as a reminder of what he and Clark shared.

This woman.

This amazing woman that he loved almost beyond reason.

Buffy moaned lightly when Lex's lips met the outer lips of her sex. Her thighs were still trembling slightly from being bitten, but otherwise she did her best to hold herself still. To let him play without her interference.

She had no idea how long she'd be able to keep herself still, to just react and not actually initiate action herself. She could try, was all. But try she would, for as long as she could hold out. Even if it meant driving her nails into her palms until she bled. Which would probably worry Clark, but she wasn't going to think about that. She just wanted to lie back and enjoy.

Always aware of his surroundings, Lex caught on immediately to what she was doing. He lifted his mouth away from her skin for a moment, his already deep voice dropping even lower as he caught her eye. "Beauty, do you want me to tie you?"

Lightening bolt from his ears to his cock. That was the only explanation Clark could come up with to explain why he was rubbing against the sheet between his legs, trying to find enough friction while he whimpered in the back of his throat. Tying somebody up shouldn't be a turn-on, it really shouldn't but when Lex suggested it...

Tight swallow around his cock, more than enough indication that Clark wasn't freaked out by the suggestion. Which by all rights he should be, given his history. Things were looking up.

Buffy blinked at Lex for a moment and her mouth went dry at his suggestion. She'd never wanted to be restrained before. The one time it had ever been suggested to her before, she'd shot it down instantly. But... now, she thought maybe she did.

Even if it were only token restraint, there to make her feel it as much as anything else... it sounded exciting. "I... I think so," she answered finally. "I never have before... but I think I want to."

"Good. I want that too." The cuffs were too far away and would take too much time. Lex sat up just enough to free the tie from his robe. "Clark, ease up for a minute."

It took almost a minute before Clark obeyed. He stopped sucking and reluctantly released his hold around the base of Lex's cock. One last press of his tongue along the underside and Lex was free to move.

Two sets of wide hazel eyes watched him as Lex reached for Buffy's wrists. He wrapped the length of silk around them, weaving it around and through in an elaborate knot that would take a normal person a great deal of effort to get out of. "Buffy, if things get out of hand, you'll need a safe word. I'm not going to listen to 'don't' or 'stop'. That's not how this works. Give me a word you wouldn't normally say."

Buffy considered that for a moment. A word that she wouldn't normally use during sex. Or at all, really. Right. Hmm... "I think I'll use my mother's name. It's not something I'd be likely to use otherwise," she gave Lex a wry smile as she spoke. "It was Joyce." Simple to remember, and enough unlike any other word that it shouldn't be mistaken. "Does that work?"

"Perfectly. Say it for me again." Lex tightened the loose ends of silk and tied them once more for good measure before he pushed her bound hands down onto the pillow above her head. "Give me the safe word, Beauty, or this stops now."

God, she was absolute perfection. Slender body stretched out beneath him, her hands caught together in a tangle of pearl-grey silk that usually encircled his waist. Short-cropped hair, standard for a woman from the slave market in Ancient Greece. So easy to slide into that particular daydream...

Hephaestion sprawled between his legs, luscious mouth only inches from his phallus. Dark hair hopelessly tangled from hours of leisurely fucking before being called away. Then his guards brought a woman in... a warrior like them, given the lean lines of her body and the proud lift of her chin. Undefeated despite her current situation... He was going to enjoy this.

"Our safe word is 'Joyce,'" Buffy repeated obediently, her voice soft and her eyes wide but unfrightened. If she really got scared or Lex didn't hear her, she could rip the silk. It would take about ten seconds of exertion. And she thought she might be more comfortable starting this way. True that she could also break the chain that bound handcuffs together, but it would be a lot harder.

She noticed an odd look in Lex's eyes for a moment, the one he'd had last night when she'd caught him daydreaming. This time, she only wanted to know what he was seeing that distracted him so. "Tell me what you see, please Lex? When you look at me but aren't quite seeing me..."

"Role-playing is as much a part of this as the restraints. When I look at you, Beauty, I see you and I see what you could have been. A warrior... defeated in battle and to the victor go the spoils." His hand cupped her cheek, skimmed down her throat to cover a breast while the other threaded through Clark's hair. "You remember what I said about Alexander the Great?"

Clark leaned forward, his mouth finding skin and drawing it in. He'd heard a few things from Lex about Alexander but not a lot. Most of what he knew came from his own research on the subject. Alexander ruled most of the known world before the age of 30 and some of the history books hinted that he was gay, at least the ones in the school library.

The one he'd found in Lex's study didn't hint.

It said it flat out.

"I remember." Buffy smiled and remembered what he'd murmured while he was falling asleep. "You compare yourself to him, and you think of Clark as your Hephaestion." She tilted her head slightly. "But if I recall correctly, women didn't mean much at that point. Alexander was married, sure, but he only saw his wife for reproduction. He didn't love her."

Greek history and mythology had fascinated her as a kid, so it was something she knew a fair bit about. She didn't remember it all as clearly as she'd like, though. Demon-lore had taken over large parts of her memory and other things had been pushed aside in the interim.

**That wouldn't be the case with you.** Aware that it was far too soon to voice those thoughts, Lex chose instead to trace a line across Buffy's stomach with a single fingertip. "True. Hephaestion was his life-long companion but that doesn't spoil the fantasy, only adds to it. You're ours... to do with as we please."

The hand in Clark's hair tightened, "Hephaestion, I want your mouth." For a moment, Lex expected Clark to back away. What they were doing was a lot more sophisticated than anything Clark had been exposed to before.

There was a moment or two of hesitation before Clark murmured, "Anything for you, Alexander." Liquid heat engulfed him again and Lex found himself biting down on his lower lip to keep from crying out to Christian deities that had no place in this particular game.

"I am yours," Buffy echoed, falling into the role of a fallen warrior. Resigned to her fate with just a touch of arrogance and defiance left in her. In the past, of course, it would've been beaten out of her. But she doubted that would happen here. "You have won, and I am part of the spoils of battle. Yours to do with as you wish."

Her fingers tightened on the silk tie, then relaxed again. Her chin lifted slightly and she simply watched Lex, waiting for his first move. This wasn't a game she was expert at, but she would give it a shot.

His fingers threaded through her hair as he admired the color, falling even further into the chosen role. This went hand in hand with some of his other kinks so it was an easy habit to fall back into. "Blonde, that's rare... Norse, I would guess although the eyes... By the gods, you are a beautiful creature." He leaned forward, capturing her mouth with his own.

The tension in her arms and through the rest of her body egged Lex on. That and his other lover's skilled sucking. The kiss turned messy and a little violent before he pulled back. "It's been a long time since I had a woman in my bed. I'm going to enjoy this... and so will you."

Okay, so maybe it was a good thing that he read just about anything that fell into his hands. Some of the stuff Lex was saying was strange and in any other context a little corny, but the tone of voice was hotter than hell. The sheets between his legs helped ease the corresponding ache from hearing Lex like this; friction was Clark's friend right now.

"May it please the gods," Buffy murmured back, a hint of doubt creeping into her voice. Not her own, but the character's. A captive warrior would have a very hard time believing that good would come from use by her captor. Even if Alexander didn't have a reputation for ill use of his slaves.

Indeed, there were some who said that his lover had once been a slave. A slave Alexander had freed himself. So perhaps there was hope for her survival, though the warrior wasn't sure if she prayed for survival or death. A true warrior would have preferred to fall in battle, and some said that was why women made weaker warriors. Buffy wasn't afraid of death, had stared it in the face more times than she could count.

But there was a difference between not fearing death and actively wishing for it.

She was beyond anything he'd ever experienced. Yes, he'd had lovers in the past who were willing to play along but none of them came anywhere near this level. Sliding fully into his own role, he shed the trappings of Lex Luthor and gave himself over to the fantasy. When he dropped his head down to suckle at her breast, the room faded from view to be replaced with the heavy walls of a tent. The bed underneath them became a nest of pillows, the sheets shifted into discarded clothing.

A honey-skinned boy lay between his legs, hair darker than the midnight sky feathered around sharp cheekbones as a beautiful mouth took him even deeper. Alexander moaned out his pleasure, muffling the sound by taking even more of that sweet breast into his own mouth. His lover, his Hephaestion was bringing him great pleasure... as he always did.

But today, he would seek his final reward between pale thighs. Spend himself deep within this woman's body while Hephaestion watched... and learned. If she pleased him and pleased his lover, perhaps he would free her. Cut her bonds, give her enough coin to make it back to her own people... or keep her forever.

Buffy's eyes dropped closed slowly. When they opened again, she was inside a canvas pavilion on a pile of cushions. Her hands were bound above her head, but not roughly. And she had two golden-skinned warriors in bed with her. She was theirs to touch, to take, or to torment as they chose. The only thing that gave her any hope was Alexander's promise that she would enjoy this time as they did. And so far, he was good to his word.

She made no sound, but her body arched slightly, her chest rising to meet him as he mouthed her breast. She was caught up in her response to him, but still aware and wary. She watched him for any clues to what he wanted from her; it was the best way to survive this night. And a warrior never turned her eyes from anyone.

If he lapsed into Greek, neither of them would understand a word but that didn't mean he wasn't tempted. Alexander tugged on first one nipple and then the other, both of them pebbling in response to the rough caress. He rocked into his lover's mouth, very satisfied when Hephaestion didn't draw back. Instead, that lush mouth only opened further.

Caught between the fantasy and reality, Clark let his imagination wander. He was catching stray thoughts and images. A tent, rugs and the sounds of an active camp moving all around them. Maybe they were his own thoughts and maybe they were Lex's or Buffy's... probably his own though. Growing up as an only child made an active imagination a necessity, if only for self-entertainment value.

Plus it was nice getting a chance to take his time. Lex... Alexander tasted different today. His scent was stronger and muskier which was enough to make Clark's mouth water.

Though she watched him carefully, the captive warrior could not find even a single clue of anything she should be doing. Alexander seemed content to play with her body and make her respond to him. And respond she did, a low moan escaped her with one drawn-out suck on her flesh. And though she wasn't certain, she suspected that she would bear the marks of his teeth before long.

If she didn't already.

Another thing that was his right, if he chose. She was his trophy, to claim or not. Whatever pleased him. In the hollow between her breasts, Alexander left his first mark. Hard sucks against pale skin and the blood rose to fill where tiny vessels burst under the thin layer of flesh. It left behind a dark blush of blood that he soothed with a stroke or two of his tongue before moving lower.

Sweat and a faint hint of fear dwelt in the hollow of her navel, the tang of it heavy in his mouth. He left the second mark there, biting sharp as much in response to her vulnerability as to the incredibly interesting thing Hephaestion had just done with his hands. Hard press of fingers right behind his balls and Alexander was cursing. Loud and long and definitely in Greek.

Now those were words he'd never heard before. Clark was pretty sure Lex was swearing, in fact he knew Lex was swearing as the words translated themselves in his head. There wasn't enough soap in the world to wash away the mental pictures that came with what Alexander had just said.

Comprehension ceased for her when Alexander stopped speaking her language. Hephaestion obviously understood him, and he was even blushing a little beneath his strong tan. But she didn't understand a word of it, though she suspected he was either cursing or talking dirty. Not that it mattered. She told herself that she was lucky to have a captor who spoke a language she knew at all. If he was speaking to her, she would understand him.

And if he kept her long enough, she would eventually learn Greek. Per force, probably. But she would learn.

Shaking his head, Alexander panted, his breath spreading over his captive's skin. It took a moment to remember where he was and when the words came back to him, it was in a language that they all understood. "Slow, take it slow and deep. I want this to last... There's no telling how soon it will be before we can do this again."

Easy enough to follow his lover's suggestion. Closing his eyes and concentrating, Clark did just that. Long slides down, stopping at the bottom to swallow before pulling back up again. Once the rhythm was established, he felt Alexander relax.

Confident that she could not break loose and that Hephaestion understood what was needed here, Alexander slid both hands underneath slim haunches. He lifted her to his mouth, intent on drinking from her sex much as he would from a bowl of wine.

By the gods... she couldn't help her reactions as her head tipped back and her thighs trembled slightly. Alexander was incredibly skilled with his mouth. And either he was feeling extremely generous with her, or he must truly love what he was doing. Because there was no reason for him to share with her, no need for a slave to climax during sex, unless he wished it.

Which he obviously must, because he was doing incredible things to her body.

Light musk with a hint of sweat and something else. She'd been used earlier. Not surprising, given her station as a slave. It was a good thing that he enjoyed the taste of semen otherwise those who'd gifted her to him would have lost their heads. Faint lemon underneath it all, reminiscent of Hephaestion's own unique flavor.

The entire combination... intoxicating. Better than the swill that passed for wine here in Persia. Slow swirl of his tongue over a certain spot earned him a gasp; a dip inside gained him a moan... a sharp bite to the inside of one thigh resulted in a whimper and a lift of those glorious hips.

Oh yes... this one he would keep.

She would definitely be wearing his teeth-marks. Not that she minded in the slightest; it was a very small price to pay for what his lips and tongue were making her feel. Very sharp contrast to what had been done to her earlier; the men who'd taken her had used her and tossed her aside until they hit upon the idea of bringing her here. As a gift, of sorts.

Alexander's tongue dipped down to her entrance again, and she responded with the moan he seemed to be seeking. The urge to let her eyes close was very strong, but she made herself keep them open and on him. She was enjoying this far too much to want to take chances with her captor's temper.

And deep down, where she barely admitted it to herself, even, she couldn't help but hope that perhaps someday he'd unbind her hands and allow her to touch him as well. She understood that he didn't trust her now, even if he wanted her, but perhaps someday. If he kept her that long.

Women were usually a passing thing. Used and then discarded. He'd never considered one worthy of being a companion before. Soft hands and soft breasts were more suited to a senator's bed than a soldier's.

But this one wasn't soft. Her body was lean and bore scars from hard battle. Clearly a warrior and that was something he could respect. Respect but not trust. If he freed her now, she'd be more likely to reach for his sword than curl into his embrace. And while he wouldn't mind testing her skills... a demonstration of that kind would wait until later.

Harder suck around his phallus and Alexander lifted his head to praise Hephaestion. Like this nameless girl, his lover had come to him as a slave. Bundled up in a rug and sent sprawling across a marble floor to land in a heap at Alexander's feet. Naked, hands tied behind his back, a rag jammed into his mouth and tied there as well. Filthy, every inch of him streaked with blood and dust and so much fear in his eyes.

Hephaestion had been young, 13 at best guess with a mouth made for Alexander's pleasure. That first night, after he'd been washed and his wounds tended to, the boy had been brought to his bed. Laid out across it like a sumptuous feast and tied to each of the posts for his owner to reap the spoils.

Which he would have done if not for the shudder when his hand skimmed down the boy's back and the muffled tears. No words of protest, no begging for his freedom. Only stoic silence and acceptance of his fate.

Alexander cut his bonds and freed him. Gave him money, told him to return to his family only to have the boy collapse at his feet and explain in broken phrases that he had no family. No family other than Alexander. When he tried to push Hephaestion away, the boy clung harder and wrapped an arm around his neck to bring Alexander down for a clumsy kiss.

One kiss led to another and by the time the sun rose the next morning, Alexander was the one conquered. Hephaestion had been with him ever since.

"Oh, dear gods," she finally spoke, her voice soft and hazy with pleasure but lacking any hesitation once she'd decided to speak. "If my lord is as skilled with his sword as with his mouth, it is no wonder that people speak of you with such awe." No one, man or woman, had made her feel this good in a very long time. If not for the uncertainty of her future, she could easily give in and revel in the sensations.

The warrior spirit within raged against the enforced submission, though she knew that if she had chosen on her own to be here, she would be delighted to surrender to him in any way he asked. Being a warrior meant being in control of herself every moment of the day. Except for the rare occasions when she could relax like this, and on such occasions she enjoyed leaving control to another.

Deep down, below the world of the past that existed in her mind, Buffy was discovering that she felt much the same. To be entirely out of control and nearly helpless... it was quite a rush. The freedom was incredible, and possibly highly addicting. If this was how it felt for Lex, she no longer wondered why he enjoyed this.

On some level, Lex felt a flood of pure adrenaline at her words. She was more that getting into it, Buffy was totally immersed in what was going on. Her normal personality had been shed and she was adding to the framework that he'd laid out for her.

This... this was the woman he was going to marry. No doubt about it.

The mouth around his cock tightened and there was every possibility that Clark was laughing. Just to be sure, Lex lifted his head enough to look down at him. Only to be greeted by the sight of his lover pulling back, lips dark and full around the long column of his cock. Jesus, he looked hot doing that.

Amusement warred with need and the mood so close to being broken was pulled right back into focus when his lover spoke. The husky tone enough to elicit a groan from Alexander as Hephaestion took up his standard. "Alexander is very skilled with his sword. Both in battle and in our bed. You have tasted its harsh kiss already... do you want more?"

How in the world he kept a straight face saying that, Clark would never know. Maybe it because of the way Lex's eyes shifted from storm-grey to silver or the nod of approval from him that pushed away the need to bury his face in the pillow and laugh until he couldn't breathe. Lex was getting off of this, seriously getting off on it, and it really looked like Buffy was to.

"Yes, I would, whichever he prefers to use. I am not afraid to die, and I am not afraid to be taken." In the battles that brought her far from her homeland, she'd faced down death many times over. And since her capture, she'd been used roughly. There was little that she feared anymore, and it showed in the depths of her eyes. Her life was in Alexander's hands, but for some reason she didn't think he would kill her.

There were worse things that he could inflict upon her, but she didn't fear either of the men she was with. She was uncertain about what lay on the path before her, and knew she had no choice but to walk it. But she would do so, unafraid.

"I think this one will do." Up on one elbow, sun-bronzed fingers wrapped around the heavy length as dark eyes watched them both. "Alexander, what do you want? We are yours to command." Laughter was a thing of the past when his lover's hand cupped his chin and a damp thumb was pushed past the barrier of his lips.

"To have you both," came the simple reply. Silver gaze flicked from one to the other for several long moments before Alexander shifted away to rise to his knees. The hand around his phallus let go and it slapped against his stomach, the sound abrupt and harsh when everything else had been so quiet.

He braced himself over the woman, one hand gripping her tied wrists and the other heavy across her throat. Fingers splayed over a long-faded scar, intent evident in the hard press against her skin. In direct contrast to the weight of his hands, the voice was gentle. "How many have enjoyed your company today? Have they left you sore?... Would you prefer that I take you the same way I do Hephaestion?"

"Not enough to do much damage. I am recovered enough that you may take me in whatever way you wish." Dark eyes still locked on his; she tipped her chin up and left her throat exposed further to the press of his hand. She was completely at his mercy and knew it; there was no shame in admitting what they all knew to be true. Rather, the shame would lie in attempting to deny it. "Whatever pleases my lord."

However he wanted her, she could handle it. She had little experience with being taken as men did with other men, but that mattered not at all. That he even asked only increased her respect for him. He didn't want to hurt her, for whatever reason. And as one who had never been deliberately cruel to those who served her, she found that trait admirable in him as well.

Both Lex and Buffy missed their callings. They really should put this on stage... except for the whole naked part. Abandoning his role because he was just too distracted with what they were doing, Clark shifted until he was kneeling beside her. While Lex was debating his next move, Clark kissed her.

Mmmm... An impatient Hephaestion was a wonderful thing. It certainly added spice to the mix, especially when the kiss was so gentle. Soft press of mouths together, the bound warrior relaxing under his young lover's spell. Just the distraction Alexander needed.

Subtle shift forward and between one kiss and the next, Alexander buried his sword into the waiting sheath. Not as hot as Hephaestion but certainly as tight. Well-toned muscles and strong legs locked immediately around his waist. Press of belly and breasts against him, the feeling familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

Soft, sweet kiss. One that she could get lost in, if allowed to. That kiss muffled the soft gasp she couldn't quite bite back when, in a sudden move, Alexander stabbed into her body. Deep into her body, but she was ready for him. More than ready. He'd seen to it himself, something very few ever bothered to do if one listened to the talk of slaves everywhere.

It was an automatic reaction to lift her legs and wrap them tightly around Alexander's waist. It allowed her some minor freedom of movement to lift her hips to meet him when he began to move. It wasn't much, but it was something to ease the helplessness of her situation. She wasn't going to move away or attempt to hurt either of them. In light of their generosity with her, to defy them now would be pure foolishness on her part.

If she didn't fight them, she had a good chance of getting through this unscathed.

Her wandering mind then returned to the kiss Hephaestion was bestowing upon her. Part of her wondered if he had some particular motivation for being so kind to her. She thought it seemed unusual in the extreme. To be taken by one's captor was not so strange; to be accepted by that captor's lover was something else entirely. She wasn't quite sure what to make of him.

Eyes closed; Clark let whatever this was wash over him again. The tent was back, pitched in the heavy shade of an olive grove, the scent of the ripe fruit redolent in the late afternoon air. Sweat trickling down his back, his hair soaked with it. Alexander had the right idea in keeping his head shaved: more than once an enemy's hand had tangled in Cl-Hephaestion's hair, dragging him towards a bloody death. It was good that his lover had trained him so well with both sword and axe... otherwise he would have died years ago.

Tiny mouth under his own, opening to let him in. She'd eaten something sweet that day; it lingered in her kiss. He wondered what her name was before she'd been captured and knew whatever it had been, it was no longer a part of her. Alexander would give her a name...

The instant his lover returned to the game, Alexander knew it. He shivered in response, grateful that Hephaestion had come back to them. The boy with the laughing eyes was amusing but he couldn't compare with the young man who normally shared his bed.

By Ares' sword, she was tight. Whoever had used her earlier wasn't much of a man if he'd left her so close to virginal. Even his own wife hadn't been like this on their wedding night. Pity his father hadn't found this one to populate his bed... maybe then the King of Macedonia would have gotten the legacy he'd been looking for.

Such minds, with these two. She could swear that she knew when they were thinking on something. It showed in their eyes, mostly. And Hephaestion's were particularly expressive, when he was unguarded about it. He was wondering something now, she felt sure. What it might be, she could not begin to guess. She was tempted to ask, but his mouth on hers prevented it. Perhaps later.

If she ever had a chance. Alexander's skill at swordplay had the potential to drive any and all questions from her mind in the next few heartbeats. She was once again tempted to allow her eyes to close and simply permit her body to feel. But as long as she felt eyes on her, she refused to allow herself the luxury. It was improper, yes, but it also felt like the wrong thing to do. She needed to see, to watch this.

A lush wash of a breeze over their bodies soothed away the last of the summer heat. The hand on her wrists moved away to be replaced by a broader one. Uncalloused skin where Alexander's bore the lines and ridges that came with many years in the field. Movement above her and into her, smooth and fluid as he sought both his pleasure and hers.

Words in her ear, light tone betrayed the speaker's youth. "And how do you like my lover? He's considered the finest in the world." Heat against her cheek as the boy who held her blushed. "He always makes me come... he won't stop until he does the same for you."

When Alexander caught the question in her eyes, he nodded. "You may speak." Her silence, while alluring, was not what he sought. He wanted to hear her pleasure as well as witness it.

"Thank you," she murmured softly. Her dark eyes expressed her wonder at his treatment of her, but she shuttered the feeling away after another moment. Her eyes were free of emotion, though still pleasure-hazed, when she turned her gaze to Hephaestion. "I like your lover very much," she answered his question.

"He is a more generous lover than any man I have ever been with," she admitted very softly.

As with so many others of this world they lived in, she sought companionship and pleasure from other women. And when she was sent with the army, there had been very few other women around. Most women had neither the strength nor the capability to be warriors. So she had been mostly alone until today.

"You are most fortunate," she added with the slightest tinge of envy in her tone. And in her mind, he was. Hephaestion had a lover beyond compare, and they had an ease with each other that spoke of long dedication to one another. Yes, he was very fortunate indeed.

A few months ago, Chloe had been into reincarnation. She read every single book on the subject she could find, then made him and Pete read them too. Most of it hadn't made any sense but there were a few things that caught his attention. Mainly people being able to come up with facts about stuff that happened centuries ago, stuff they shouldn't have known unless they'd lived it.

Lex and Buffy were doing just that, they were so into this and coming up with things that amazed Clark. He knew Lex was pretty up on his Greek conquerors so maybe that's where all the Alexander stuff was coming from. But he wasn't sure about Buffy's side of the equation and then there were all the weird images that kept popping into his own head.

Man, sex was complicated.

What she was saying was right though. He, whether as Clark or as Hephaestion, he was very fortunate. Looking up at Alexander, he found amusement and a wealth of love contained in a single sweep of silver-gilt.


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