Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 4

Halfway down the hall or halfway around the world, Clark couldn't have missed what they were saying. He caught every single word. Even the ones that Lex said so quietly that no human should have been able to hear them.

Lex wanted to kiss him.

Lex wanted to kiss him.

Lex wanted to kiss him.

Clark Kent, super-geek in homespun and flannel had Lex Luthor - cool guy with everything in the world - wanting to kiss him. His best friend wanted to kiss him. Clark just couldn't wrap his head around that thought... This just couldn't be real. Lex wasn't into guys. Lex was into girls. Girls with incredibly long legs and you know... breasts. Big, round, full... Victoria hadn't been very nice but parts of her sure were.

While part of him wanted to run away screaming right now, a bigger part wanted to just pull Lex into his arms and find out for sure. Find out if that little scar on his upper lip tasted any different from the rest of him. Find out if his skin felt as soft as it looked or what kind of noises Lex'd make or any of the other things Clark wondered about late at night when he stopped looking through his telescope and started looking inside. When he came to the realization that while nobody in particular wanted him but he sure wanted someone...

Maybe that was the part that was in control because Clark found himself moving again. Moving towards them, head held high and intent on his goal.

Buffy saw Clark coming and knew that he'd heard most, if not all, of what had been said. "Look," she murmured to Lex. "He's coming... and I don't think it's me that he's coming after." Soft, sad voice. But also determined to be happy for them if that's the way things turned out. "You can do this, Lex. Someone should have the happy ending..."

She fell silent as Clark joined them. Took a few steps backwards and simply waited. Watched.

Lex's head snapped up, his entire attention locked on Clark. Who didn't look angry, or even confused. No, Clark was focused. At the last moment, Lex expected his friend to turn away, take Buffy's hand and provide confirmation of his unfailing heterosexuality. But instead, a large warm hand cupped his shoulder and Lex found himself being pulled into an embrace.

An embrace that for sanity's sake he should avoid at all cost. He was going to lose Clark over this. No matter what Buffy said, no matter what reassurances she gave; he was going to lose Clark.

Even as familiar arms enfolded him into an awkward hug, Lex fought their pull, tried to evade his fate. It was a pathetic attempt at best. It was too strong - the craving for this - the silent unending thirst for this and only this far too strong to escape. Lex hung there, trapped, caged against a body that felt like paradise. Held fast between heaven and earth, Lucifer moments before the fall. Basking in God's love in those precious seconds before pride and arrogance lost everything for eternity.

As Clark hugged him, held him close and rubbed his cheek against Lex's, Lex felt his breath catch and fought down the surge of hope that followed. This wasn't anything. It was a touch, nothing more. A simple touch, innocent and affectionate, just what he expected from Clark. He'd seen Martha hold Clark like this a number of times.

Any minute now, he'd say something, turn this all into a joke and let Clark off the hook.

Any minute now, Clark would laugh and chuck him on the shoulder, make some lame joke of his own and they'd go downstairs for lunch.

Any minute now.

But the arms around him stayed there. The cheek against his own rubbed again and Lex's knees buckled from the biting rush of need that rose along with the arms he wound around Clark's back. Not a weak man, Lex struggled to stay upright but God, it felt so good. Would it hurt if he gave in for a minute? Simply close his eyes and let Clark's incredible strength hold them both up. It was then he realized that Clark was whispering something in his ear and Lex strained to hear it.

"Do you, Lex? Do you really?" Broken voice filled with awe and all Lex could do was nod in agreement.

To hell with Lucifer. To hell with fear. To hell with it all. Lex wanted this more than he'd wanted anything in his life. When Clark pulled back and studied his face for a minute, Lex's eyes remained open. There was no looking away from this, no passing it off for anything else when the heat of the moment was gone. Breathless anticipation hung between them before Clark dipped his head down and fulfilled one of Lex's dreams.

The first time they'd really talked to each other, Lex had asked Clark if he thought a man could fly... That line served its purpose; it opened the door to the only true friendship he'd ever had. But the sensation he felt now was unforseen. Lex was flying and Clark hadn't even kissed him yet. Warm breath on his cheek, sweet dusty scent of hay in his nose and gravity no longer held sway.

Buffy watched Clark and Lex together, seeing the sparks fly. She'd been right, this was something special. Something she had no place in. The outsider, once again. She watched silently, wanting to be sure everything would be okay before she left them together. And while she watched, she sternly told herself not to cry. It was already too late to keep her heart from breaking, but she'd be damned if she would let either of them see it.

Assuming that they took their attention off each other long enough to notice her before she left.

Anticipation gave way, crumbling under the onslaught of reality. The reality of an achingly warm mouth pressed against his own, the feel of it remembered only in his dreams. Different this time - no chill in the air - no river water covering them from head to foot. All there was now was pure Clark. Open and honest in ways they'd never been with each other and probably the best kiss he'd received in his entire life.

Opening his mouth, Lex invited him in and Clark didn't hesitate. He kissed Lex thoroughly, exploring with a lot more confidence than he'd exhibited earlier with Buffy. The shape was different, the taste complex - coffee, sharp and bitter followed by something sweet... orange juice, then something dark, unidentifiable. Clark chased that, the essence of Lex. Followed it past lips and teeth, pursued it into liquid depths that welcomed anything he was willing to give.

He knew he shouldn't be drawing comparisons but Clark couldn't help it. Buffy kissed like love, all tingly and breathless. Lex kissed like sex, or what he imagined sex to be like. Strong and harsh, lean body tight against his own and hands in places he'd never thought to feel hands. Clark knew this wasn't right, that Lex was his best friend and he shouldn't be having naked thoughts about him but that was something else he couldn't help.

Not when he felt strong hands on his ass, pulling him in even tighter. The same hands following the curve of his spine, rising, always rising until there were fingers in his hair. Thicker than Buffy's, combing through the heavy curls with a sense of purpose Clark barely understood. For his own part, he cradled the back of Lex's head, marveling at the smooth expanse of skin. Soft and warm, the inside of kitten ears or the dress Chloe wore to the dance the only things that could come even close to the marvel held now in the palm of his hand.

They held onto each other, neither one ready to let the other go until oxygen started to become an issue. Even then, even when the only thing Lex could see was stars, he didn't want to let Clark go. He didn't want the moment to end. Wanted to hold onto it for as long as he possibly could.

Their mouths finally broke apart, oxygen rushing into starved lungs as Lex gasped for breath. Black spots faded slowly from his line of sight while he gripped Clark's shoulders, trying to steady himself. Yes, the knees were about to go. Definitely about to give out on him and he didn't give a damn. Clark kissed him. Clark -- fucking gorgeous -- Kent had kissed him. And ended months and months of speculation in a rather spectacular fashion.

Not that the speculation hadn't been... fun.

Lex had always expected he'd be the one to break. Some night after a game of pool or watching some inane show that finally sucked out enough brain cells for him to turn to Clark. To pin him against the table or send him sprawling on the couch. Clark protesting the whole time until words were stopped by an open mouth, reasons blocked by an eager tongue. Hands unbuckling, unfastening, clothes pulled away just enough...

Definite shower material. Fantasies he'd used for months to make up for the solitary condition of his bed. On his knees in front of Clark, virgin dick in his mouth while Clark babbled something about Lana or whined about Chloe. Clark's legs around his waist, same dick hard and ready between them while Lex shuddered and pumped and Clark talked to him about how relationships should be about love.

Oh, those conversations happened but just the conversations. The rest of it occurred nowhere else but in his head, accompanied by surround-sound and digital graphics that would put ILM to shame. It lent the right touch of surrealism to his friendship with Clark, the sort of detachment Lex experienced with only the best of drugs. The minute Clark's mouth would open, Lex's brain would happily drag up those images and Clark never asked why he usually kept the desk between them. Or why he smiled so much during those talks.

He was smiling now. From ear to ear. And Clark was smiling in return. Not running from the room but smiling and still holding him up. They probably looked like a couple of idiots and Lex... just didn't care.

There was a creak somewhere over to the left. Loose floorboard, he'd meant to talk the Damien about having the contractors repair that as soon as the main study was done. The sound served as a reminder they weren't alone. Or more precisely, that they were about to be.

Clark's attention spun away from Lex, scanning the hallway until he spotted Buffy edging toward the stairs. Murmuring an apology, he let go of Lex and took several strides until he was by Buffy's side. What he was doing was wrong, it was all so wrong but he couldn't stop. Nothing his folks had ever taught him applied to this situation so he had to go on instinct alone.

Instinct told him that he'd hurt Buffy and he had to make it right. He cared about her and cared for her. He cared about Lex and cared for him. He couldn't lose either of them. No matter what it took to keep them, he'd do it. Without saying a single word, Clark picked her up and kissed her too. He tasted tears, sorrow he'd caused by kissing Lex. Clark regretted being the source of her pain...

He never wanted to hurt anybody. Complicated, all of this was so complicated.

Unable to stop herself, Buffy kissed Clark back. The way he held her so gently against his chest broke her control and the tears slipped down her face again. She put her hands on his shoulders and tipped her head back, breaking the kiss. Pushing him away even though all she wanted to do was cling. "Clark, please. I want you to be happy... I don't want to get in the way. You and Lex look so special together... I know I don't belong here..."

Her lack of self-confidence was becoming blatantly obvious, and she couldn't raise her eyes to either of them, but she was too upset to care. Her heart was breaking, and she couldn't do anything to stop it. She had made a promise to Lex, and she meant to keep it. Clark belonged to him and belonged with him.

"Shhh... shhh..." Clark held her close, kissing her forehead as he sought to comfort her. "Don't leave. Please don't leave." He couldn't let her go. She had to stay, she was part of this, part of whatever was happening between them.

The right thing to do, the noble thing, would be to walk away from this. Let the girl have the boy and be happy when he got invited to their wedding. Be the friend that he should be instead of the lover he wanted to be. "Buffy," Lex's voice turned her name into a caress, liquid and languid as he moved in close beside them.

"You do belong here. Much more than I do. Clark..." His voice broke for a second on his friend's name, regret at what he'd never experience again stopped whatever else he'd meant to say. Clark didn't respond but as Lex stepped away, one of the hands wrapped around Buffy's shoulders snaked out to trap his wrist and hold him in place. Lex winced, a joke about Clark's strength dying out as he met Clark's serious gaze.

"No. You stay too. I... yeah, I'm confused about what's going on here. I don't know how this might work but I..." Clark looked from Lex to Buffy and then back again. He could do this, all he had to do was say the words and everything would fall into place. It had to. "Don't make me choose, either of you."

Jesus, Jesus... Kent didn't just say what he thought he'd said. Lex couldn't believe it. Any more than he could believe that Clark had kissed him until he'd forgotten how to breathe. Not with what he knew about Clark's parents. The Kents were so conservative Lex expected to hear find old copies of the John Birch newsletter in their bathroom and their teenage son was not only kissing guys but suggesting... No way.

Shocked out of her pain and fear, Buffy looked at Clark, her expression edged with disbelief. She looked at Lex for a moment, then returned her gaze to Clark. Sweet, gentle, innocent Clark, with eyes just like hers only with the innocence still intact. A boy who'd admitted to his own inexperience more than once today. Could he really be suggesting..?

"Are you saying what I think you're saying, Clark?" she asked very softly. It was a possibility that she hadn't considered, that either of them would want her in their lives once they had each other. For all she knew, Lex still didn't want her in his life, despite her ability to see how he was feeling. But... maybe...

"I think so," Clark replied in an equally soft tone. He looked away from Buffy and caught the stunned expression on Lex's face. Which quickly shifted to speculative and before Buffy or Clark could say anything else, Lex hooked a finger under her chin. Ran the pad of it along her jaw, a light touch, wordless in his intent. Clark's grip on both of them eased as he waited to see what Lex was going to do.

With a shift of his hand, Lex turned Buffy toward him. Buffy Summers was a tiny girl and Lex, while not anywhere near as tall as Clark, was not a short man. He gave Clark one last searching look before he dipped his head down. When Clark didn't stop him, Lex moved one step closer. His mouth found hers in a soft kiss, gentle pressure before he touched his tongue to her lips and asked politely, silently for entrance.

Buffy parted her lips and her tongue reached for his. She kissed Lex gently, almost tentative because she was unsure of herself with him. But he was as gentle with her as Clark had been, and she warmed to him with empathy born from the similarities between them.

Okay, no jealousy this time. Clark knew what he felt wasn't normal by human standards. But he wasn't human. Maybe this was how things worked on his planet. Maybe his people didn't do the couples thing. He wanted Lex and he wanted Buffy and the way Lex was kissing Buffy, Clark was pretty sure Lex wasn't indifferent to her.

Using his x-ray vision to cheat, Clark got absolute proof that Lex wasn't indifferent to her. And... yeah... wow. He trembled a little before sneaking another peek. Yep, definitely wow.

Sidling in closer, Lex's fingers found their way into Buffy's hair. He stroked it, separated individual strands while continuing to kiss her. Sliding in and out of her mouth, coaxing her to follow his lead. The sensation of kissing her while Clark stroked his back and nuzzled his temple was indescribable. Lunch was forgotten, transmitting the updated projections to his father was forgotten... the only thing that mattered was this.

Buffy lifted her arms to wrap around Lex's neck, holding him as she pressed her body full-length against his. In a reverse of kissing Clark earlier, Buffy let Lex lead her through the kiss. She mimicked him easily, following along and learning what he liked at the same time. She felt Clark's presence beside them, his hand still resting on her back, and she gave in. Simply and completely. Nothing else mattered. Nothing at all.

Sweet mouth, little tongue and so delicate. Lex sipped at her, tasted, tested... teased. He was good at this, had been taught by the best and Buffy followed right along. Tongue-tip touch to each corner of her mouth, slow glide in between her lower lip and her teeth, soft suck against that lip, drawing it into his mouth where he worried at it with great care.

Watching Lex kiss was almost as good as actually kissing him. Sparse eyelashes curved over his cheek and the noises both he and Buffy were making went straight to points south. The hand on Buffy's shoulder with the thumb stroking her throat, the one in her hair had just been on his body. Clark bit back a moan of his own, trying not to intrude on the moment.

Buffy was the first to pull back, breathing heavily. She leaned against both Lex and Clark, unwilling to lose that physical connection with either of them. "Dear God," she murmured when she had enough breath back to speak. "This whole situation is... unbelievable. Too good to be true. Am I dreaming? Or back in Heaven?"

The last part slipped before she regained enough coherence to censor her thoughts. She just wanted it to be real... She needed it to be real.

"If this is a dream..." Lex murmured as he looked from her to Clark and then back again. "I don't want to wake up. Beautiful, you're both so beautiful." One arm stayed around Buffy while the other slipped around Clark's waist. Holding onto unexpected paradise, afraid it would disappear as quickly as it had come.

Since he was nine, Lex had been considered a freak. No girl would touch him and most of the guys stayed away too. As he grew and his face changed, he did start to attract some people. But all they wanted was his money and the power it could bring them. No one wanted Lex... they all wanted Luthor but not Lex.

Everybody but Clark. Clark was the only person who looked at him and didn't see dollar signs. Didn't see the name Luthor or the bald freak that he really was. When Clark looked at him, Lex felt almost normal. And now Buffy made him feel the same way, that maybe he actually mattered.

Turning toward Lex, Clark caught him off guard with another kiss. Lex's knees buckled again as he moaned into that unexpected touch. Perfect mouth. Clark Kent had a perfect mouth and Lex Luthor wanted to do nothing but crawl inside that mouth and live there for the rest of his days. If he could burrow a way in, if he could live under Clark's skin... he would.

Buffy's arms slid around Lex's waist as she felt his knees give out. She held him up, knowing there would be questions to answer later and not caring. This time, watching them kiss brought a gentle warmth to her heart and sent sparks of lust through her body. Knowing that they could still hear her, she answered Lex in a soft, throaty voice that even surprised her. "I don't think I'd call either of you 'beautiful'. Drop-dead gorgeous I'll give you, but 'beautiful' doesn't seem to fit very well."

And it really didn't. 'Beautiful' seemed to her to be a word for something light, pretty and sensual. She supposed she could call herself beautiful, though she rarely did. The two men with her, large and strong and powerful, albeit in different ways, ran roughshod over 'beautiful'.

But gorgeous suited them nicely.

Perfect girl. Absolutely perfect. If Clark hadn't been working on mapping out the way to his tonsils, Lex would have proposed to her. Lord knows it would get his father off his back about his sexual preferences. But right now, Clark was doing something with his tongue that put Lex just this side of coming. Which considering he was still fully dressed could prove to be problematic as well as being incredibly messy.

No need to do the body-scan to see if Lex was interested in him. Clark could feel how interested his friend was. There was hard evidence pressed tightly against his thigh. Hard evidence that Lex was rubbing against him and Clark really wanted to feel it on his bare skin.

Which was weird given his usual preferences up until now. Late night fantasies and wet dreams weren't something you could really control, right? Strange day, very strange day. Pulling back, Clark ignored the sound of protest Lex made in favor of catching his breath. And trying to keep from suggesting...

"My bedroom's down the hall." Soft words, spoken with something that sounded more like hope than a command. Lex continued to hold onto both of them, hoping he'd said the right thing. That he wasn't pushing too much but... it was hard to think when he was this hard. Impossible to think of anything other than getting all three of them into his room and into his bed.

His large, comfortable bed with fog-soft sheets and room enough for whatever was going to happen. A perfect setting for a first time. Certainly better than being relegated to fumbling around in the cramped confines of a stained back seat or the dusty depths of a hayloft. Plus there were the condoms and the lube he'd been keeping in the nightstand drawer in the now-not-so vain hope that Clark would see the light of day and throw himself into Lex's arms instead of Lana's.

Buffy would be a hypocrite if she expected Clark to follow laws that she had broken years ago. But she had to make sure this was what he wanted. She looked up at him, her expression gentle, and said softly, "You know we'd never push you into anything, Clark. This is far too important to be anything other than your own decision. But won't you come with us?"

She was trying desperately not to plead with him. Sure, it would work, but that would be a form of coercion and she refused to do something like that. She didn't know what they would do if Clark decided he wasn't ready... she would willingly go with Lex alone, but it wouldn't be the same.

Clark thought about it for a minute or two. A span of time wherein Lex felt his heart sink into the floor. This wasn't going to work, Clark was going to refuse. And yes, he could take Buffy to his bed and they could drown their respective sorrows in each other's flesh. But it wouldn't be the same without Clark. He was their catalyst, their spark... without him it wouldn't have the same meaning.

But Clark surprised both of them by nodding. "Yes. I'll come with you." No examining motives here, no second guessing his decision. Clark knew it went against everything his parents had taught him, every single thing. But it felt right. He wanted to be with both of them and they wanted to be with him.

Relief first. Instantaneous and overwhelming and followed quickly by the realization he'd been holding his breath. Christmas morning giddiness came on the heels of much-needed oxygen, leaving Lex laughing at himself and speaking without thinking, "God... Not a dream. This is Heaven."

Lex's fervent outburst was not lost on either Buffy or Clark. They both laughed, then disentangled themselves from him. Whatever the intent behind that move, as a strategy it backfired. Bereft of their combined warmth, Lex felt the eternal chill of the castle sink into his bones. With the cold came doubt and the threatened return of sanity - Jonathan Kent was going to kill him for this.

And if he survived the fury of Clark's father, the best he could hope for was a jail cell with a view if this ever got out. This was a bad idea. Ready to call the whole thing off, Lex turned towards them only to have Clark take one hand and Buffy the other. In the few seconds while he contemplated the wealth of reassurance behind such a simple thing, the return of Clark's engaging smile pushed all doubt aside.

He'd deal with it later. Much later.

"You need to show us the way, Lex. I've never been to your room, remember?" Clark coaxed, watching as Lex's mouth opened and then shut. The ever-present walls were down, Clark could see every uncertainty, ever fear as Lex worked through them. It was nice to know that he wasn't the only nervous one here. After a moment, Lex nodded in agreement and led them both down the hallway.

Buffy followed along quietly. She wasn't sure what to say, and she still wasn't entirely convinced that this wasn't a dream. It was more than she'd ever dreamed of, and it was happening so fast. But she honestly couldn't bring herself to be bothered by that. The only thing that bothered her was the little question of how long would this - any of it - last?

It was too late to hold back for the sake of her heart.

She'd come along willingly, and it was definitely what she wanted. But would it end with her in pieces again? She didn't know, and hoped she could keep her fears to herself just this once. At least until they had a chance to talk about everything.

The ancestral Luthors were as much into ostentatious display as the current head of the family and given he was the only one in residence, Lex had chosen the master suite for his own. Hence the eight-foot tall double doors of solid walnut that marked the entrance to his retreat. Lex let go of their hands, silent prayers given that they wouldn't come to their senses and leave while he opened the doors.

The den of iniquity Vicky called it. Not that he'd ever slept with her here. Like the story about his hair, these rooms were only shared with people he trusted.

The room Lex led them into was huge. As he took several cautious steps past the threshold, Clark looked around in awe. The entire downstairs of his home and probably part of the upstairs too could easily fit into this one room. It was... impressive.

Details started to creep in once Clark adjusted to the sheer amount of open space. Important details, like the fireplace that ran the length of one entire wall and the biggest bed Clark had ever seen dominated the opposite wall. You could fit half the cheerleading squad in there and still have room. Clark hoped he wasn't gaping as he stared at it.

Wooden posts climbed toward the ceiling, hand-carved and more intricate than anything Clark had even seen. The bed was covered by a shimmering blue-green spread that if Clark took a moment to think about it, he would have recognized it as the exact color of his own eyes. But he wasn't thinking, he was looking. It had a canopy overhead and oh God... there was a mirror on the wall above the headboard. The images that piece of information created were enough to freeze him in place for a moment.

Lex kept moving forward. He stepped up to the French doors that led out onto a private balcony and closed the drapes. Blocking out the sunlight gave the room a more intimate feel. Although it was hard to get that sense when the room itself was the size of a small football field.

After closing the doors behind them, Buffy's eyes went wide as she took in the room. "Oh, my. God, Lex, decadent much?" She'd slipped back into her old speech patterns and wondered if they'd notice... but it didn't really matter. "This place is just... wow." Taking Clark's hand, she followed Lex deeper into the room. He was on his way back from the doors and so met them halfway.

His earlier nervousness evaporated, Lex watched them, amused to no end by Clark's stunned reaction and the entertainment value provided by Buffy's slip in Valley speech. Definitely a Southern California girl and until now, not much of a turn-on for him. But his taste hadn't run to delicate blondes either...

"I like the mirror. Nice touch," Buffy purred as she wrapped an arm around each of their waists. "Though you guys are gonna have to help me into that monstrous thing you call a bed..." The top of the mattress was a bit higher than Buffy's waist and though she could climb in it would be awkward. Grabbing the sheets would either make her slip or just pull them off the bed. She'd have to use her Slayer strength to lift herself up via the bedpost.

And, from what she knew of him, that move would raise questions in Lex's mind about just how she accomplished it. Questions she'd really rather not think about. At least until she decided whether or not she could or should tell Lex about what she was. But that was a decision she could leave until later; until then, she would have to avoid using her unique abilities.

"Yes... the mirror." Lex's smile went from faintly proud to downright wicked. He caught Clark's eye as well as his blush and in that moment fell in love all over again. The fall was easier this time. It came without a rending of metal or the rush of icy water out of his lungs. It came without staring at Clark's back as he stalked away or at the trickle of blood on Clark's forehead while awkward fingers tried to close buttons over bruised ribs. It was easier this time, sweeter... sharper.

Secrets were a tricky business, especially when there were so many of them. This was one of the biggest. He'd never told Clark, never thought the opportunity would arise where he should tell Clark but whether he'd said it or not, Lex loved him. Loved his kindness and his generosity and his innocence... even though the innocence was about to be a thing of the past. Someday, he'd tell him... maybe today.

His distraction faded as Lex realized Buffy was looking for a response to her request. It took a minute to recall the comment and when he did, Lex smiled again. "I think we can arrange that, Buffy."

Still speechless, Clark nodded, clueless about what he was agreeing to. There were other pieces of furniture scattered about the room. Something vaguely couch-like although it didn't have any arms and there might be chairs and a dresser or five. He wasn't sure since he couldn't take his eyes off the bed. Or the mirror above it, or the images his brain was providing every time he tried to concentrate on something else. Lex slept there, he'd been there with Victoria, watched himself in that mirror as he...

"Clark, are you still with us?" That smooth question pulled him out of his stupor and Clark turned to find Lex watching him. The first three buttons of Lex's shirt were undone and there was a swath of skin there Clark had never seen... not without resorting to using his x-ray vision and if he kept doing that, Lex might end up sterile.

"I'm here. Just a little stunned. Just how many people can fit on that thing?" His flannel shirt was back in the gym so why did he feel so hot? It was May, a very chilly May, and he shouldn't be this warm. The only thing Clark could think of to do to cool down was strip off his t-shirt, which he did while Lex looked over at the bed.

"On it? Probably fifteen. In it - five or six, I think. I haven't really... " His words trailed off as Lex turned back to look at Clark and found himself staring at a bare chest. Broad shoulders, biceps his trainer would kill for and a six-pack of ab muscles that made Lex want to weep. Or fall on his knees and worship with his hands.... and then his mouth.

Buffy giggled at the dumbstruck expression on Lex's face and slipped in behind Clark. Her little hands rested on his hips, then splayed across his sides and slid around to the front of his body. Gentle fingertips mapped the contours of each muscle beneath Clark's soft skin and she felt those muscles jump under her hands.

She peeked around Clark's body at Lex, watching his reactions... Her little arms around Clark, who was so big she could probably barely be seen behind him, had to be a very unusual contrast. If Lex was doing anything other than just staring at Clark.

Lex's mouth dropped a little more as Clark's eyes closed in appreciation of Buffy's touch. He watched Clark's jeans tighten and felt a corresponding throb himself. No longer able to resist, or even caring to, Lex finished unbuttoning his own shirt before moving into Clark's personal space.

The first kiss was on Clark's shoulder, in the juncture where his throat ended and the broad expanse of his chest began. The next kiss was lower and to the right, out of Buffy's line of sight. She felt Clark tense and there were words coming out of his mouth. "Oh God, Lex... Yessss..."

Hard nub between his teeth, rolling under his tongue. Pleased that Clark's nipples were sensitive, or at least the right one was, Lex tested that theory on the left. Which earned him even more sounds from Clark and another giggle from Buffy. Good, Clark was a talker... not convenient if they ever attempted semi-public sex but in the bedroom, the more noise, the better.

Of course, semi-public sex would have to wait until Clark was older. Much older...

Reaching behind him, Clark found Buffy's waist and curved his hand around to the front. This was going to be tricky, he was going to have to be so careful and not really think about what he was doing. If he thought about it, he wouldn't be able to do it.

After a deep breath or too and a whimper because Lex had just done something involving teeth that was going to make his head explode, Clark dipped his knees a little. His hand slid down as well and he smiled when he heard the tiny sound of pleasure she made when his fingers found their way between her legs. Blushing furiously, Clark continued to rub right there.

Buffy rested her forehead against Clark's back, unable to stop the soft moan that escaped her. She hadn't really been trying, though; she wanted him to know how he made her feel. "Like that, yes... but just a little harder... I-" her voice broke off into another moan as he complied immediately. Her legs began to feel weak and she leaned against him, her hold on his waist now as much about remaining standing as about touching him.

Touching them, really, as Lex's stomach brushed against her arms when he breathed.

Funny, he could have sworn Clark was a virgin but the kid had unerring aim where Buffy was concerned. Lex felt the flutter of her hand against his stomach and he couldn't help but grind into it. Which brought his cock flush up against Clark's. Yes... living proof they grew them big down on the farm. Together, he and Clark moaned and shook. If they kept this up, they'd all end up in a pile on the floor.

Being the voice of reason where sex was concerned had never been Lex's strong suit but somehow he managed. Stepping back, he took a deep breath before quietly suggesting, "I think it's time to move this to the bed, don't you?" Even as he spoke, Lex discarded his shirt.

It was Clark's turn to stare, which he tried not to do but he couldn't help himself. While Lex's muscles were nowhere near as defined as his were, they were still there. For someone with a desk job and more money than God, he was in great shape. Broad shoulders and a slim waist and nipples the exact color and shape of pennies. His stomach was flat and there was not a single hair to be seen. Not on his chest or under his arms or anywhere.

Buffy backed up as well, needing room to undress, and pulled her shirt off over her head. She didn't mind that they were staring at each other, really, because she was shy about undressing in front of them. She was tiny compared to her soon-to-be-lovers, and her strength was much less visible than theirs.

Yes, women were supposed to be curvy, but she couldn't help wonder if either Lex or Clark would be as attracted to her as to each other simply because she wasn't like them. They were obviously fascinated with each other, and Buffy was almost afraid to try to compete with that. Because she knew that it wouldn't be much of a competition.

The looks they'd been trading back and forth earlier made her believe that eventually they would've realized the truth and become lovers anyway. She was only here because she'd made it happen sooner, which very definitely made her the third wheel. But she wanted to be here, she really did. So all she could do was avoid challenging their fixation on each other and hope for the best.

When her shirt hit the floor, Clark turned away from Lex and both of them watched her undress. Clark's mouth opened, his tongue touching his lower lip when she unhooked her bra and slid it down her arms. Having X-ray vision didn't prepare him for the actuality of bare... skin.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" Lex murmured into his ear, breath warm along Clark's throat. Standing behind Clark, Lex watched over his shoulder. His hands rested on Clark's waist, fingertips dipping into the space between fabric and skin. When Clark nodded, Lex nuzzled his shoulder, his voice a distracting buzz against his skin. "Do you want to touch Buffy?"

Another nod as Clark's eyes widened, trying not to move anything besides his head. Lex's hand was inside his jeans and under his boxers. Warm fingertips grazed the head of his cock, sliding through the slickness there. "Clark... Uncut?" The astonished question was met by another nod; Clark knew he was long past the verbal stage. If he tried to talk right now, he'd screw this all up.

"Remind me to send a thank you to your pediatrician." That having been murmured into his ear, Clark drew in a startled breath when Lex bit him. Right behind his ear and in an incredibly tender spot. Bullets couldn't hurt him but that single scrape of teeth made his whole body go rigid. Another bite and Lex's hand was all the way around, holding him in a steady grip... stroking.

Buffy listened to them talk, blushing brightly as they watched her undress. She toed off her shoes, revealing dainty feet with lilac-painted toenails. Then she stopped and moved closer to them again. She was as undressed as they were, but it was taking her longer than she thought to adjust to the reality of two pairs of eyes watching her.

As she moved into their reach, she murmured, "You can touch me... anywhere you like, honestly." She took another step closer and slid her hands over Clark's chest. This time it was her fingers that found his nipples and she teased them. She rolled the nubs of flesh under her fingertips and lightly scraped her nails over them. Buffy watched and waited for Clark to accept her invitation.

Which he did, slowly, more conscious than ever of his inhuman strength. As gently as he could, Clark cupped her breasts with his hands. He never realized how big he was until now. One hand easily covered half her chest and when she pressed up into his palms, he bit back another moan. He was touching a girl's naked breasts while someone else was jacking his cock. This was a situation Clark never imagined finding himself in. Not in a million years.

There were so many hands to keep track of. Two small ones on his chest teasing his nipples, a larger one down the front of his jeans while another one splayed over his hip. Two mouths as well, a delicate one kissing up the center of his chest while a wider one placed bites along his shoulders. Clark had no idea which one was making him moan louder.

"I think you were right the first time, Lex," Buffy spoke up after another few minutes of enjoying the freedom of touch. "I think we really should move this to the bed. Before one or all of us fall over." Still kissing Clark's chest, Buffy took a step in the direction of the bed. She pulled Clark with her, and Lex came along as well because none of them was willing to let go of the other. It was one step in the right direction, at least.

Somehow Clark ended up sitting on the edge of the bed. He wasn't sure how he got there considering Lex had been behind him. Hadn't he? But now Lex was in front and he was gently lifting Buffy up onto the bed next to Clark. Who looked down at her breasts and then back up at her. Obviously dumb-founded by his luck and it was all Lex could do to keep from laughing.

"I think Clark's forgotten how to talk, Buffy." The honest humor in his voice startled Lex. He'd never sounded nor felt this gently amused in his life. God, this was fun. Was sex supposed to be this much fun?

It hadn't been until now. Up until this moment sex had always been a game, part of the eternal chess match he played with his father and others within their inner circle. His father would place some pawn in his way and Lex would bowl them over. Drag them into his bed, fuck them until they couldn't string coherent sentences together and then move on.

This was the first time he'd actually gone to bed with someone he loved. And that was an incredibly curious sensation for Lex. One he wasn't sure he was comfortable with.

Lex shook his head, driving that thought down into a place he'd open later. He turned his attention back to the people sitting on his bed and that feeling of amusement trebled as he noted that Clark was still unable to even form words. Usually the loss of cogitate speech came after he'd fucked people. Not before. But Clark was blushing and eyeing Buffy and then eyeing him and Lex found it totally and completely delightful.

"I think you might be right," Buffy replied, giving Clark a look that held amusement, affection, and a bit of gentle protectiveness. "It's actually rather adorable, though it does make a bit of a guessing game of finding out what he wants." From her place on the edge of the bed, she turned to give Lex a soft kiss. "And thank you for the lift up."

"Happy to oblige." Lex returned her kiss with one of his own. She was actually quite good once the ice was broken and Lex was happy to indulge. At least he was until a broad hand curved over his shoulder and Lex was turned to face Clark. Casual strength in that move, strength no sixteen-year-old boy had business having but Lex wasn't in a questioning mood.

Not now and not about that. Not with Clark pulling him in for a searching, open-mouthed kiss of his very own. No stranger to kisses, Clark's skill amazed Lex as the weak-kneed feeling came crashing back. When Clark's tongue found its way into Lex's mouth it was Lex who lost the power of thought. Anything other than, 'Clark kisses good' was beyond him.

When Clark pulled back, Lex was shaking. He even grabbed a bedpost to keep from falling over. While his friend sought to catch his breath, Clark turned to Buffy and treated her to the same sort of kiss. Every sense in tune with hers, a soft hum coming from his throat as he explored her mouth and felt her melt against him. It occurred to Clark that he might have discovered another one of his powers.

The ability to kiss someone stupid.

Finally, something fun...

The thought idly crossed Buffy's mind to wonder if Clark was telepathic. There were telepathic demons, why not telepathic aliens? Still, the thought didn't stay long as he kissed her breathless. He really was a quick study... he was using some of the things she'd shown him to perfection, both on her and on Lex. She wondered if she could make Lex react similarly if she tried, and reflected that having had a cradle-robbing, demon of the night boyfriend might have left her with a couple of useful things after all. Angel was a good teacher.

For the first time, she was able to think of that without the immediate sorrow... and she realized that she was falling in love with the two gorgeous men she was with. Falling hard. For Clark, because he was just his own sweet self. And with Lex, for the person that he was with Clark... and with her, by extension.

The feeling overwhelmed her and she surrendered to it, to them. And it felt good to do it. To let go and just feel for a little while. Even if it was too soon to risk her heart, even though she knew this would likely end with her heart in pieces on the ground... she just didn't care. Couldn't make herself care. It had been so long since she'd felt this good about anything, and now that she was feeling good she could only follow where it led.

Somewhere in the middle of their kiss, Clark's hands crept up to cover her breasts again. Hoping he was doing this right, he weighed them in his palms, simply enjoying the feel of something he'd only dreamt about. When their mouths parted, he looked down at them and then back up at Buffy's face. Words finally made it past his lips as he asked, "May I?"

Although his knees were starting to behave again, Lex kept his grip on the bedpost, fascinated by his companions. He watched as Clark asked and watched when Buffy nodded. Then watched and groaned when Clark leaned forward, his eyes closing as he nuzzled her breast, slowly taking a nipple into his mouth. Probably one of the most erotic things he'd ever seen, not so much for the act itself but because Clark's innocence didn't fade.

He looked like an untouched angel, even with his face pressed into Buffy's chest. Cream gave way to rose and coral, the colors blending into sound and motion. Scores of Renaissance masters never captured anything quite so sacred nor so sweetly profane. Idly, Lex wondered if Clark would continue to look that untainted with a cock in his mouth instead.

Somehow, he thought Clark just might.

Buffy's hands lifted to cradle Clark against her chest. Her fingers slid through his hair as she held him, and she moaned when he flicked her nipple with his tongue. He had such a talented tongue, but at the same time he still had that aura of gentle innocence and supreme trust. Buffy swore to herself that no matter what, Clark would still have that trust tomorrow. His first time would not turn into the nightmare that hers had.

Dismissing her dark thoughts, hopefully before Lex - who was watching them intently - could pick up on them, Buffy refocused her attention on the here and now. Her hands slid down to rub Clark's shoulders and back, tracing idle patterns with her fingertips and occasionally her nails. A contented hum was her reward as Clark moved in even closer, smiling around his mouthful.

Lex drew in a breath, letting it out in painful increments as he watched, unable to look away. If he thought they were beautiful before, now they were transcendent. Lost in each other and the first steps of becoming lovers. Unaware there was anyone else in the room besides themselves. Lex felt out of place, knowing he didn't belong here even though this was his bedroom.

Nobility, usually a stranger in his emotional lexicon, rose up unbidden and unasked. This was Clark's first time, something that should be private. There should be no witnesses, no voyeurs in the corner even if they wore Boss instead of a semen-splattered trenchcoat. He started to move away only to be stopped by Clark raising his head and looking him in the eye. "Lex, don't go."

That quiet plea pinned him in place as loyalty argued with nobility. He didn't belong, he shouldn't be here, he should go. Simple truths that marshaled themselves in his head, ready to tumble out along with tones of apology and a graceful exit. He could be smooth about this, use the training his father had ground into his soul, exercise the skills that came with being a Luthor.

Not a failure... No. A strategic retreat. He could spin that.

Lex shifted subtly from one foot to the other, carefully choosing the first honeyed phrase when Clark nodded toward Buffy. Whatever he'd intended to say melted away along with any possibility of being noble as Clark murmured, "Do you mind if we both..."

Clark left the question open-ended, glancing from her face to her breasts and back again. If he got Lex involved, then maybe he wouldn't try to leave. And he had been on his way out, Clark was sure of that. If he'd been in Lex's place, watching rather than doing, he'd probably have done the same thing. No probably about it, he'd have broken the sound barrier trying to get out of there and all his secrets would have been revealed without Lex having to ask.

"No, I don't mind at all. Come here, Lex." Inwardly, Buffy cursed herself for having too narrow a focus. She'd been worried about Clark and his innocence, and failed to realize that Lex needed her attention just as much. While Lex may be the most experienced of them with regards to sex, she was beginning to wonder about his experiences with love and making love. She began to doubt that he'd ever actually made love to anyone. Her early experiences with sex were all about love: Angel and especially Riley had made love to her. It wasn't just sex.

"There aren't any rules to this, guys. We have to make this up as we go along, and as long as we all care about each other, it will work," she told them, her voice soothing. "We can make it work if we want it to. And I'll make things a little easier; I give myself to you both. If you want to, you can touch, taste or explore... or just watch for a while." She blushed lightly at that, but pressed on anyway.

"I really don't mind, as long as you're careful." Buffy knew that she had a high tolerance for pain, but she didn't get off on it. No point in saying that outright, because Clark would likely freak, but hopefully her request that they be careful would be enough. As she spoke, she led Clark further onto the bed while Lex hung back a little, watching them.

All earlier pretensions at nobility lay in ashes at the sight of Clark Kent stretched out on his bed. As long as he got to stay, Lex was willing to abide by any rule. He knew Clark needed boundaries set or, in this case, taken away. Buffy had just laid down the law for them: anything goes short of causing physical pain. While he'd played those games before and, at certain points in his life, enjoyed them, they didn't belong here.

Not with these two.

Sitting down on the other side of Buffy, Lex leaned forward until he encircled one rose-tipped breast with his tongue. He painted lazy patterns over the delicate skin, listened carefully for what made her moan and tested for what made her shiver. This was a journey, one without a map and he wanted to discover everything. Find out everything he could about this exquisite stranger who followed Clark into his home and somehow opened up an avenue that led them all here.

Clark studied what Lex did and followed along. When Buffy lay back down on the bed, they both went with her, each sliding a leg between hers. Lex pushed a little harder than Clark did, his thigh pressed in tight, rocking slowly in time to the movement of his mouth. Cloth melted away from sight, leaving Clark with the image of Lex's cock sliding along Buffy's thigh. Long and slightly curved and seeing it shouldn't turn him on so much but it did.... God, it did.

Buffy whimpered, her hips arched up at the press of their legs. All of a sudden, they were all wearing too many clothes again. She wanted to feel their skin against hers like she did against her chest and abdomen. Warm, hard plains of toned flesh pressing into her softer body. But she told herself to be patient. She could wait.


Her hands continued their exploration and soft tracings, one now on each of their backs. She had to be more careful with her left hand, though, since the nails were longer there. All the Slaying she did tended to result in broken fingernails, something she'd once resented. Since she was right-handed, those were the ones that broke the most. So these days she generally kept them shorter.

Sometimes she forgot about the difference, but it wasn't too hard right now. Clark and Lex were making her feel incredibly good, but she still had a fair grasp on coherent thought. For the moment, anyway.

The brush of Clark's hair against his temple, the soft hum of contentment, the welcome heat along his side... the simple reality of Clark being there kept Lex anchored. He felt another brush against his cheek, slender fingers this time and Lex relinquished his mouthful to look up at Buffy. Beautiful eyes, so like Clark's in color if not in innocence, met his straight on.

In response, Lex flicked open the button of her jeans and gave the zipper an experimental tug while lifting an eyebrow. His silent request for permission without alarming Clark.

Who was in his own world, fully intent on his prize, sucking on the nipple and really trying not to drool too much. It was a teen-aged boy thing, or maybe a teen-aged alien thing, but touching her breasts and feeling the soft skin made his mouth water. And then there was the whole issue of the wonderful musky scent rising up from her. Stronger, sharper than the light vanilla he'd smelled while kissing her.

Curious as to where it was coming from, Clark raised his head and looked down. Just in time to catch the smile on Lex's lips as he finished unzipping Buffy's jeans. Slow, sensual quirk of his mouth, the scar thinning, smoothing out, finally disappearing when Lex leaned forward to brush a kiss on newly revealed skin.

The whole mouth-watering thing got a whole lot worse...


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