Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 45

The ride home was uneventful, and they had almost twenty minutes before Lex arrived. Buffy took a few minutes to arrange the flowers on the coffee table, then disappeared into her room for a while. Dawn picked up a magazine and flopped onto the couch to wait for her sister.

The meeting went well. Very well, considering the signed contracts in his jacket pocket. Even with his quick exit to the bathroom which yielded a very interesting result. Mr. Mahoney thought they were losing the deal and was far too eager to sign when he returned to the table. Clark's college fund was completely assured at this point.

Now all Lex had to do was set up the endowment and scholarship fund so Jonathan Kent couldn't trace the money back to him. It was time for his lawyers to earn their keep.

Supremely pleased with himself, Lex guided the Mercedes into a parking spot. He glanced across the street and double-checked the address. The house was small, white with a wide porch and black shutters. There were a few flowers planted up close that needed some care although it looked like someone had been trying to rescue them. Maybe he'd send his gardener over.

The car in the drive was older and not in the best of condition. Max could probably do wonders with it as well. Lex unbuckled his seat belt and exited his car, eager to share his good news with Buffy. His coat fell in crisp lines around his body, silent testament to his tailor's skill. All the trappings of the very rich... and one of the most important people in his life lived in that tiny house.

His shoes clicked on the sidewalk as he ambled up to the house. Three steps up onto the porch, which creaked, and the railing was loose in one spot. Lex frowned and made a note to send the contractors over when the work on the castle was finished. He brushed non-existent lint off the front of his coat before ringing the bell.

"I'll get it!" Dawn called to Buffy. She tossed the magazine onto the end table and jumped to her feet. A few steps took her to the door and she opened it cautiously as she peeked around it. Granted that demons didn't usually ring the bell, but still...

When the door was fully open, Dawn paused in total shock. This guy might almost rival Clark for sheer gorgeousness, but he was bald. Totally and completely bald, and he didn't look much older than Buffy. This guy was supposed to be her boss? And he was the guy Mr. Kent was all upset over Clark being friends with? God.

As the shock began to fade slightly, young but experienced eyes took in the tailored lines of the guy's clothing and designer brands of everything from suit to shoes to cufflinks. And wow - a guy who wore purple? Who'd have thought it. Kinda cool. But he obviously had money to burn. More than her dad, even.

Recalling herself finally, Dawn stepped back out of the doorway and held it open for him. True to her Sunnydale-instilled caution, she didn't verbally invite him in, but the gesture could be taken as a nonverbal invitation.

Slender girl, pretty face with truly beautiful eyes and glorious hair. The picture on Buffy's desk didn't do her justice. Lex smiled, turning on the full charm as he took a step forward. "You must be Dawn. I'm Lex." He held out his hand and once it crossed the threshold, the girl relaxed a little.

She even smiled a little when he continued to move forward into the house. The Sunnydale training was subtle but definitely there. This was girl used to dealing with vampires. "Is Buffy in?"

"Yep," Dawn said with a slightly bigger smile. She waited until he was fully in the house and closed the door behind him. Then she stepped into the hall entryway and called, "Buffy!! Company's here!!"

Buffy winced at Dawn's typically teenage behavior and hoped Lex's eardrums were still intact as she hurried out of her room. She'd fixed her makeup a little and picked up a few stray articles of clothing while she waited for Lex. When she heard the doorbell she assumed it was him but wanted to finish up in her room. Dawn's yell brought her out, though, and fairly quickly.

"Hey Lex," she greeted her lover with a smile. While Dawn's back was turned, she gave him a brighter smile and a smoldering look. But she toned both down when Dawn turned back to her. "I see you've met Dawn. Thanks for coming over tonight."

"I did promise to show you the highlights of Smallville. How was dinner at the Kents?" He curbed the urge to pull her into his arms for a kiss. That would come later.

Dawn was pretty but Buffy was beautiful. Her sister was the potential; the unopened bud while she was the blossom fully blown. Tempting mouth and fragrant skin that would be petal soft under his lips.

This was an excellent exercise for his self-control. How long could he stand here without reaching out? Without sinking his hands into the golden cloud of her hair. Without revealing their secret to the world. Or at least her little sister.

Before Buffy could answer, Dawn chimed in, "Dinner was great. The Kents are really, really nice and they said we should stop by whenever we want to." She was very obviously pleased by that, as much because of the surrogate-family element as because she wanted to be able to see Clark.

Buffy hid a wince at Dawn's plainly spoken commentary. She knew Mr. Kent had issues with Lex, and she hadn't wanted to hurt him with the knowledge that she and her sister were accepted while he still wasn't. "Dinner was very good, and aside from a few rough spots the evening was pleasant," Buffy said lightly. Her eyes were on Lex, concerned about him and his reaction.

She saw him wince, that tiny movement was visible to her eyes though Dawn missed it completely, and more than anything she wanted to pull him into her arms and take the pain away. But she couldn't. So she changed the subject. "Would you like a tour of the place before we leave, Lex?"

"If you wouldn't mind." He fingered the lapel of his jacket, sliding his thumb inside to touch the contracts. "There's a few items from tonight's meeting that I wanted to go over with you as well." Mainly he wanted to share the good news. It would help take away the bitter ache that Dawn's comment raised within him.

Lex caught Dawn's eye-roll at the mention of business and bit back the urge to laugh. "The problem with running a new company is the hours. Why don't you show me around and we'll talk while Dawn gets her coat?"

Buffy nodded and smiled. "That works. Okay, tour," she said. One hand waved around the room; the couch took up most of one wall with the TV, VCR and stereo on the entertainment center opposite. Windows lined the wall beside the front door, and a credenza sat under them. The coffee table in the middle of the room held the flowers from the Kents along with a TV guide and a few magazines.

"Not to over state the obvious, but living room." Buffy rolled her eyes at herself, good-naturedly, then led the way into the kitchen/dining room. The two rooms were connected, with a small island in the center. The sink and fridge were on one wall, the stove at right angles to it, and plenty of cabinet space for storing things. On the other side of the island was the dining room table and chairs.

Both areas had doors that led out; the dining room opened into the living room and the kitchen opened into the hallway. "Dining room, kitchen... it's not much, but it works," Buffy commented.

She led the way through the kitchen door and into the hall. "Bathroom," she said, pointing to the doorway beside the kitchen door. "But it's messy right now," she added as a warning before pushing the door further open. And sure enough, there was makeup and hair ties and other miscellanea scattered on the counter. It had a full-sized bathtub and shower, though, so Buffy was content.

Dawn panicked when Buffy led their guest into her room. She pushed her way past and began frantically cleaning up while the two adults looked on with amused expressions. Those expressions weren't lost on her, but she didn't make an issue of it. She just knew that her face was all red from embarrassment.

The girl was a whirlwind of motion, gathering up discarded clothes and books and tossing them into the closet. While Dawn frantically cleaned her room, Lex laid a hand in the small of Buffy's back. He declined to comment about the proceedings other than to wet his lips with the tip of his tongue.

He caught the flare of interest in Buffy's eyes as well as her shiver at his touch. "Nice place. I assume there's more?" Softly spoken, his voice pitched so Buffy could hear him but Dawn probably didn't.

Buffy nodded and led him out of the room. They left Dawn to her cleaning and Buffy took him to her room. It was the only other room in the house, unless she counted the back steps and the basement. The back hallway was just beyond, and the door to the yard as well as the steps were there. "This one is my room."

At the back corner of the house, Buffy had two large sets of windows but both had heavy drapes. Buffy liked to keep it dark so she could sleep in on the weekends. She'd kept her mom's queen size bed and rather enjoyed sleeping in so large a space. Mr. Gordo still sat against the headboard, but her other stuffed animals had been relegated to the shelves - the few that had even been unpacked.

In contrast to Dawn's, Buffy's room was clean. Her clothes were all neatly put away and only the scattering of jewelry on the dresser made the room feel lived in. She was having a little trouble settling in... it didn't feel like her room yet.

Lex studied the room, his fingers gliding over the dresser as he moved further in. He brushed past Buffy, his other hand skimmed down her back and he smiled when she shivered. The windows had potential. With the drapes open, the bed would be bathed in moonlight, which made for quite the internal imagery.

Buffy under him, her hair a silvered pool on one of the stark white pillows. Their bodies moving, gliding together in a world of silence. Silk and warmth, soft cries swallowed by eager mouths, each of them completely aware of the house's other occupant. Discretion balanced upon a razor's edge, the inevitable fall made the journey that much sweeter.

The bed had his full attention now. Nowhere near as large as his own but few were. They would be hard-pressed to find enough room for the three of them but the experimentation would be more than worthwhile. In his circuit of the room, Lex came to a halt beside the bed and his steady gaze fixed on Buffy. "This is where we're going to end up tonight."

Buffy shivered again, his tone of voice already wakening her nerves. With a look and a few soft words, he could excite her... never before had she had a lover with that much power over her. "I can't wait," she answered in a low voice. She glided across the room until she stood directly in front of him and tilted her head back to keep her eyes on his. She wondered briefly if her eyes smoldered with the same fire she saw in his.

Probably, but she didn't mind. She wanted Lex to see her reaction to him.

His lover was right in front of him, her mouth open and ready for his kiss. Lex closed the space between them and leaned forward. He stopped a breath away from temptation and murmured, "Soon."

His hand ghosted along her cheek, down her throat and stopped above her breast. At no point did he actually touch her and when Buffy arched up toward his hand, Lex pulled it back just enough to avoid actual contact. "I love you, Beauty."

"I love you too, Lex," Buffy murmured back. "Even when you're teasing me." She licked her lips and smiled at him, then forced herself to take a step back. If she let him continue this, they'd never leave the bedroom. Not tonight, anyway. The evening at the Kents had been enough self-inflicted torment, keeping her hands off Clark whenever anyone was around. No need to make it worse on herself. Lex already had her wound tightly as it was.

"Oh, I think you can handle it." He didn't follow her even though the predator, the Luthor within him demanded that he do just that. Follow the chosen target, pull her in for a kiss and then a bite... make a meal out of her. "It's only fair considering what you to put me through."

Buffy tilted her head and regarded him with a small smile. "And what did I put you through, love?" False innocent voice, but he made it so easy to tease him sometimes. Just playing with him was really very fun. She could see in his eyes that he wanted to follow her, and she was tempted to step backwards again just to try to draw him nearer.

He checked the hall to make sure they weren't about to be interrupted before moving forward. Instead of touching her, Lex circled Buffy and stopped behind her to murmur in her ear. "Let's just say that having a hard-on while negotiating can be very distracting." He pulled the contract out of his jacket pocket and handed it to Buffy. "It didn't keep me from winning, though."

Buffy unfolded the contract and skimmed it. A wide smile spread across her face as she realized just what the contract entailed. "Lex! This is incredible! We didn't mean to interrupt you, though. It just sort of... happened." She blushed lightly as she recalled just what they'd drawn him into earlier.

His hands were no longer obeying. They slid down the length of her back and framed the swell of her hips even a he continued to murmur into her ear. "I think my disappearing act helped close the deal. Mahoney panicked... You smell good... you smell like Clark."

"I should," she murmured back. Her head tipped backwards until it rested against his shoulder while he spoke into her ear. "He probably smells like me, too, a little. I'm glad that we managed to help your deal, though that wasn't the idea. The images just... appeared in my mind. Cyrene reached out to Alexander, and suddenly he was - you were - there with us."

"I felt him. I could taste him and you..." Lex's mouth joined his hands in their mutiny. He kissed her throat, brushing her hair aside with a twist of his head. "I thought it was the olives... We need to study this, Buffy. We need to find out why this is happening... How long is it going to take her to get ready?" The last words were spoken even as Lex stepped in closer and ground himself against her.

"She'll come get us when she's ready, unless we give her a time," Buffy murmured softly. Her breath caught in her throat in a gasp and her body arched into his hands. "Which we may want to do, unless you think you want to walk away right now." Her arms lifted to clasp around his neck. "Which I don't think I'd want you to do, but if we had to..."

"If I walk away right now it's going to be difficult to hide certain things. Give me a minute." Lex indulged in one last kiss, one last touch before he stepped back and away. He walked over to the windows; his hands buried deep in his pockets. Her scent and Clark's clung to him, reminding him what he'd only experienced in passing.

Buffy sighed softly and walked towards the windows on the other wall. She rested her hands and forehead on the cool glass and tried to rein in her hormones. They had to behave. Dawn was up and expecting them to take her out. But the urge to go to him, to wrap him up in her body and hold him close... She closed her eyes and bit her lip hard in attempt to keep her distance.

Lex's sidelong glance took in her profile and the papers she'd set down on the dresser. Later tonight he'd explain their significance... much later. "Are you ready to face the world yet?"

When she turned to look at him, Lex felt his throat tighten. Beauty like that should be illegal. And she was his. His and Clark's. "Did you want to round up your sister before she sends a search party?"

Buffy looked up and met Lex's eyes. "I... yeah, I suppose I should." But she didn't want to. There was nothing she wanted to do less than walk out of the room and find her sister. But she should. She knew that she should.

She pulled reluctantly away from the window and crossed over to the door. With one more sidelong glance at Lex, she slipped out of the room and crossed the hall. She knocked on Dawn's door and called, "We're leaving soon, Dawn. Okay?" She heard an affirmative reply and stood in the hallway with her back to the wall for a moment. Trying to get herself together again.

With her gone from the room but not completely out of sight, Lex gathered up the contract. It went back into his pocket as he spared the bedroom one last glance before gliding into the hallway. He reached Buffy's side just as the door the Dawn's room opened.

The smile he had waiting for his lover's sister was brilliant. And the hands tucked once more in his pockets held any residual response from view. "Ready for the guided tour?"

"Yep," Dawn agreed with a smile. She pulled on her coat and followed Buffy and Lex into the living room. She waited while her sister got her coat on as well, then led the way out of the house.

Buffy shook her head and let Dawn lead the way out. She smiled when she saw Dawn stop and stare at the Mercedes parked in front of their little house. "Mercedes, Lex? Four-doors?" she asked with a small smile. "Makes sense." Safety-minded. For a change. But she appreciated the thought, since he was going to be driving her sister around.

"It's the closet thing I have to a family car." So many meanings wound up in that careless statement. Lex disarmed the alarm with a push of a button and unlocked the doors at the same time. The Mercedes, his father's usual choice for ground transportation, really didn't fit Lex's bad boy image. But it did provide maximum comfort and his cargo was precious.

Leather seats and more airbags than he cared to think about. Plus a very comfortable back seat which could serve so many purposes. Lex smiled to himself as he watched Dawn take in every detail of the car - from the highly polished chrome to the butter-soft seats. Yes - she was clearly impressed.

"Okay, yeah," Dawn muttered, "I can see why his garage might be an impressive place to be." She tore her eyes away from the car and turned back to Lex. "So, where are we going?"

Buffy smiled and shrugged. "Anywhere. Wherever. Lex?"

"Everywhere. Ladies, follow me." He swept across the road, confident that anyone using it would make way for him. Buffy and Dawn were right behind him and he held the rear door open for Dawn first. Lex chanced an appreciative glance at her legs and was rewarded by a blush. There was no harm in letting a girl know that she was attractive.

He repeated the gesture for Buffy, holding open the passenger door for her. She brushed past him, their bodies touching briefly before she was settled in the seat. Lex waited until her seat belt was in place before he closed her door. His stroll around to the driver's door was leisurely because he knew Buffy was watching him move.

Buffy's eyes glittered at Lex as he slid into his seat beside her, and the smile she gave him was full of desire. Once again, she was tempting him... like he was tempting her. He knew she loved to watch him move, and so he purposely moved in a way that he knew she would find enticing.

God, was he frustrating.

Dawn stared out the window of the Mercedes and more or less tuned out her sister and Lex. She'd already seen most of the town anyway, thanks to Chloe and Lana. But she knew Buffy wanted to do this as a family thing, so she'd gone along with it. But she just daydreamed during the tour around town. In so doing, she missed all the heated looks and the very passionate feeling that permeated the space between Lex and Buffy...

But perhaps that was just as well, overall.

Aware that most of his dry comments were being ignored by Dawn, Lex contented himself with a quiet pass through town and then out along the road to the plant. He stopped long enough to point out where he and Buffy worked before turning the car around. The ride back into town was smooth and steady, the Mercedes had a powerful engine but there was no need to show it off. Buffy shifted in the seat next to him and he almost reached for her hand.


The car glided to a halt in front of the Summers' home and Lex turned in the seat to look over his shoulder at Dawn. "I hope I didn't bore you too much..." His smile was calculated to remove any possible sting from the comment, his father's influence showing through for a moment.

"Buffy, I would like to go over the new contract with you. Do you mind?" Lex was already unbuckling his seat belt as he played the boss card. It was a convenient excuse for him to come back into the house and for Dawn to disappear so she wouldn't have to listen to the boring details.

Buffy nodded. "That's fine, Lex. Please, by all means, come back inside with us. Would you like something to drink?" she offered as she led the way back into the house.

"You'll excuse me if I disappear into my room," Dawn said lightly. "Thank you for driving us around tonight, Lex, and it was very nice meeting you. I promise, I wasn't too bored." She winked and smiled, and as soon as they were safely in the house, Dawn did indeed vanish into her room.

"I like her," Lex commented as he followed Buffy into the kitchen. "It's late for coffee. Water will do." Confident that they were alone, he wrapped his arms around Buffy and whispered into her ear. "I'd rather have you..."

The shiver that ran through her was very satisfying. He couldn't wait to get her into the bedroom so he could feel that shiver without clothing in the way.

"Sounds lovely, and you can have me as soon as Dawn's gone to bed," Buffy murmured back. She gently extricated herself from his grasp and went to the refrigerator. She pulled out two bottles of water and handed him one. "It's not your brand, but it's bottled. Mountain spring water," she said with a small smile.

"It will do." He pulled out a chair for her and one for himself before laying out the contract on the table. They might as well work while they waited for Buffy's sister to go to bed. "How long do you think she'll be up?" Lex took a cautious sip. The water wasn't too bad, slightly metallic but livable. He pulled out his PDA as well for taking notes.

"Probably not long... it's getting towards her bedtime," Buffy answered absently while she picked up the contract again. She'd skimmed it earlier, but this time she really began reading it. She didn't know how much she'd understand, but presumed that Lex would explain it to her.

She sipped her water while she read, then set the contract down and studied Lex. "You're happy with this, aren't you?"

"Very. It'll mean a lot of money in the short run and one more step towards freedom from Dad in the long run." His hand skimmed down her back for a second or two. Just a light, casual touch as Lex leaned forward to illustrate a few of the salient points on the contract. "It also means a full ride to any college of Clark's choosing. His parents haven't been able to put any money aside for that and he's just too bright to be stuck here."

"That's a good thing," Buffy agreed. "He deserves all of those things. He is too bright for life on a farm." Lex was right, but she couldn't help the touch of wistfulness in her voice. It was going to be a struggle to put Dawn through school, let alone herself.

Lex missed nothing, that's how he'd survived so many years under his father's thumb. He caught the change in her tone as well as the glance over her shoulder towards Dawn's room. "I'll take care of her in the next deal, Beauty. I promise. The profit margin's a little thin on this one to cover both of them or I'd set it up now."

Buffy shook her head slightly. "You don't have to do that, Lex. But I do appreciate it," she said with a small smile. "It would be one worry off my mind. And though the memory of my mother is telling me that I shouldn't take advantage of your generosity, I have no idea how I'd manage to support her and put her through school as well."

Without a college degree of her own, getting a job that paid much more than she was making now was going to be nearly impossible.

There was a very easy way to take care of this. But it was a step that neither of them were really ready to take. So Lex opted for a compromise. "I'll take care of it. We'll just add it to your benefits package. She's a freshman, right?" A college degree was a small price to pay to see Buffy happy.

It would probably cost less than the Lam. Or the Lotus for that matter. Plus there were the fringe benefits. Namely having this beautiful woman in his bed for a few years. If only out of gratitude. Love never lasted but gratitude... that went a long way.

"Yes, she is," Buffy answered absently. She was involved in studying his expression, and she put two and two together after only a moment. "But Lex, honestly you don't have to do this. Especially if you think you need a way to make me stay with you..."

She loved Lex. He didn't need to buy her.

"No? Tell me, what would it take for you to stay with me, Beauty?" Whatever it took, he pay the price. Anything to hang onto her. After only two days, he was trapped in her spell. She was everything Spike had said and more.

She was beauty and grace and deadly force. She was... redemption. Something he hoped for and knew was out of his reach. Lex was nothing if not a pragmatist. This whole thing with the three of them would never last... but maybe it would last long enough to give him enough memories to last a lifetime.

Buffy moved from her chair to stand directly in front of Lex. She knelt on the floor in front of him and took his hands in hers. "Lex, I love you. I will stay with you as long as you want me." She didn't kid herself that they would want her forever, but she would stay as long as they would allow it.

He looked down at Buffy, a little surprised that she was being so bold with her sister only one door away from seeing them like this. But it didn't stop him from asking the question. "How do you feel about forever?"

It wasn't a proposal. Not exactly. But she might take it that way. And if she did, his mother's ring was actually recovered during the raid on Wade's place. It might even fit her.

"I'm good with forever, if you are," Buffy answered honestly. She didn't think he really meant it, but it was reassuring anyway. She just didn't want to think about the inevitable time when they left her.

With a small smile, she got up off the floor and leaned down to kiss Lex gently. Then she pulled away and went over to the sink. She just needed a minute to rein in her emotions again.

Rather than follow her, Lex let Buffy have her privacy. Things were moving faster than he was used to. A lot faster and if he didn't put the brakes on soon, they might end up in a place where they didn't want to be. His parents' marriage had been a nightmare.

Slammed doors and muffled yelling and an endless parade of mistresses once his mother got sick. Julian dead, his mother heart-broken and everything lost. Gone in the blink of an eye. He wanted better for Buffy. He loved her and he wanted her to have something better than the man his father had raised him to be.

Buffy was just sitting back down at the table when Dawn came into the room. She grabbed a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and stepped to the table beside Buffy. "I'm going to bed, Buffy. I'll see you in the morning, okay?"

"Sure, Dawnie," Buffy said gently. She and Dawn hugged each other, then Dawn headed towards her room. "Sleep well."

Dawn paused beside Lex and offered him a small smile. "Good night, Mr. Luthor. Thank you for driving us around." She didn't quite know what to make of him, but he seemed nice enough.

Lex looked up from the contract, then held out his hand. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Dawn. I hope we can do it again sometime." When she took his hand he shook it briefly and then watched her head down the hallway towards her room.

His attention flicked quickly to Buffy when he heard a door close. "How do you want to work this?" His hand covered hers, lifting it to his mouth where he placed a warm kiss in the palm. Followed by a bite.

Buffy smiled a bit and brushed her fingertips across his mouth. "I think I know how to convince Dawn that you left. It worked with my mom, once. Come with me," she said.

She waited until he got up and then led him to her bedroom. She stood on her toes and kissed him softly, then whispered, "Stay here... I'll be right back. Okay?"

"Certainly." Curious as to her plans, Lex returned her kiss with one of his own before loosening his tie. He took a seat on the bed and spread his hands to indicate that he was ready for whatever she had planned. "This should prove... interesting."

Buffy nodded and smiled. "I'll be back in a moment." She left the bedroom and walked to the front door. She pretended to be talking to someone, making small comments about the next day. Then she opened the front door and called good night, then closed the door.

She took a few minutes to walk around the front of the house and shut everything off. She checked the locks on the doors, the crosses hidden by the windows, and made sure all the lights were off. Following her usual routine, she went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth - which was audible in both her room and Dawn's. Then she finally returned to her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

When she got there, she found her bed already occupied. Lex's clothes were neatly folded over the chair by the dresser and he looked perfectly at ease in the welter of white down. Like he belonged there.

He propped himself up on one elbow and peeled back the sheets to expose the place next to him. The tension that existed between them reasserted itself as he waited for her to join him in bed.

Buffy smiled softly for a moment and began to undress. She turned her back and pulled her sweater off over her head. It went into the laundry hamper beside the closet, and her jeans joined it. When she turned back around to face him, her expression was a little hesitant. Clark had liked the black and silver lace... but she wasn't entirely sure what Lex's reaction would be.

Surely he'd seen it all before... but maybe the effort she'd put in to making herself look nice for him would count for something.

Steel-grey eyes widened as he took in every detail. His tongue flickered out to wet his lips. Very nice. Milk-pale shoulders and the soft swell of her breasts above stark black and silver. Lex... approved.

Rather than say a word, he showed his approval by pushing the covers off his own body. There was one reaction she had no chance of missing. Once she climbed into bed, then he planned on showing her in other ways how much he liked what she was wearing.

Buffy smiled and relaxed. It seemed Lex was enjoying the outfit, and that helped make her more comfortable. She climbed into bed beside him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You like?" she asked in a whisper, just before she caught his mouth in a deep kiss. She pressed close, her body matched to his, and held him tightly.

After Victoria, lingerie like this should leave him cold. But it didn't. Buffy's body was meant for it, slender curves hidden beneath soft, silken fabric that slid beneath his hands like water. Rather than answer with words, he answered with his mouth.

First with a deep kiss that left both of them breathless. His hands encircled her slender shoulders and Lex lifted her. Clark might possess super-human strength but Lex was no weakling. He covered her breast with his mouth, his tongue wetting the fabric and his breath warm on the skin beneath.

Perfectly silent in his enjoyment of her body. Not one single sound escaped from Lex as he tugged the fabric down to reveal her other breast. His hand cupped and teased and rubbed while he continued to suck on the covered one.

Buffy bit her lip lightly and arched towards Lex. She managed to keep herself quiet, to reply with her body instead of her voice. Her hands found the back of his head and cradled it, not to control but just to hold him. To touch though she couldn't talk.

It was becoming a contest to see which one of them broke first. This was a game that Lex had played many times. He'd even managed to fuck one of his father's mistresses in his father's study while dear old Dad was on a conference call in the other room. Melissa had lasted another three months so Lex was certain his father never even suspected.

He slid one strap down and then the next, peeling the dampened fabric away from her breast. There was a quiet creek outside of Buffy's door which stilled every movement. Their breaths mingled as they listened for a knock or a soft voice but nothing came.

Buffy froze and held her breath for a moment, but she couldn't sense anything outside her door so she relaxed again. "It's okay," she whispered. "There's no one there."

Once again, she was glad to have her Slayer senses - she could tell that they were still undiscovered. And since they'd been quiet, she didn't think they were attracting anyone's attention.

"Good," he whispered back. In the ensuing silence, Lex pulled the teddy even further down. He reached between her legs, his thumb sliding under the fabric to tease her clit. As long as Dawn stayed in her room, they'd be safe.

A tiny moan greeted that touch. He looked up into her eyes, ready to cover her mouth with his and still any further sounds. When Buffy quieted, Lex tugged on the thin strip of fabric and smiled when the snaps gave way. His thumb was followed by two fingers that slid easily into her.

When his fingers slid inside her body, Buffy arched and her mouth fell open but no sound emerged. She writhed above him and her breathing grew harsher, but no further noise escaped. Her hands found his shoulders and slid over his skin. Gentle caresses traced patterns on his body, and she touched as much as she could.

Lex rose into her touches, covering her with kisses and the occasional bite. He loved the satin of her skin under his fingertips, against his lips. The subtle give of it when his teeth scored her flesh.

He lifted her once more. His hands on her hips, guiding her until she perched on his chest with her knees on either side of her head. Lex turned to kiss her right thigh and then the left. "I want to taste you, Beauty. May I?"

Buffy looked down at him and smiled softly. Her eyes lit with a gentle glow and that answered his question before she did so verbally. "Yes," she whispered. "Yes, Lex, anything. I promised, remember?"

And she had. She'd promised him anything he wanted... anything at all. And she meant to keep that promise.

His answering smile curved across the inside of her thigh. Lex supported her with his hands even as he slid further down the bed. The soft light from her bedside lamp caught the gleam of his teeth before his mouth disappeared. Lips pressed tight against her, tongue following the path that his fingers had taken earlier.

Yes, God, she hadn't showered since being with Clark. His lemony taste bloomed on Lex's tongue, mingled with Buffy's own sweet essence. He loved this, loved being able to taste both of them at once. Even though Clark was probably curled up in his own bed right now, at least one small part of him was here for Lex to enjoy.

A tiny, soft cry escaped her before Buffy bit her lip again and kept it inside. Her hands moved to grip the headboard simply out of the need to hold onto something. She could've held onto him possibly, but she didn't want to hurt him. Maybe if he wanted her to, but not right now.

She was still getting used to the whole pain-thing with him.

Gentle licks followed by harder ones. Lex sought both her pleasure and his in this. Hers caused by the slide of his tongue over delicate folds and his in the breathy sounds that she couldn't quite hold back.

There was nothing in the world like having the woman you love come undone. For Lex, it was a singular experience since Buffy was the first woman he'd ever loved and slept with at the same time. His other lovers were inconsequential in comparison to her.

Forever was sounding better by the moment.

The wood in Buffy's hands began to creak and she forced her hands to unclench. She dropped them to her sides, and her nails bit into her palms as she fought to control her voice. The soft whimpers that escaped with every breath were beyond her control, but she did her best to keep her voice under control.

She'd never needed to be this quiet before... Certainly not recently, and it took a major struggle to damp down on the desire to scream.

Completely aware of the tightrope she was walking, Lex came to her aid. One of the hands on her hips moved. It skimmed up along her side, over her breast and finally came to rest over her mouth. He held it there even as he encircled her clit with his lips and sucked.

A soft shriek was muffled by his hand over her mouth. She was truly grateful for his assistance, because she was getting beyond self-control. Especially with his mouth on her clit; she felt her thighs begin to tremble, even with his supporting hand on her hip.

Just a few more pushes, a few more licks and she was going to tumble over. His gaze tracked upward from the soft swell of her belly, over the proud rise of her breasts, along the column of her throat and came to rest on the sight of his hand covering her beautiful mouth.

That sight sent a frission of pure pleasure through his entire body. Buffy was his. In this moment, she was his alone.

Though she wasn't aware that he was making predictions in his head, Lex was right; it only took a few more licks before the wave built to a crest. It crashed over her, drowned her in sensation and took her breath away. She choked back a scream with the reminder of his hand still covering her mouth and instead she struggled to breathe as pleasure raced through her body.

In order to help support herself, she lifted her hands to the headboard again. When she managed to unclench her fingers, she was startled to see a thin line of blood on her right hand; she'd driven her nails into her palm hard enough to draw blood, and she hadn't even felt it until she lifted her hands. She felt out of control, wildly so, but it was quite a rush of feeling.

Lex eased her down, removing his hand only when her trembling ceased. Buffy was staring at her own hand. Curious, Lex reached for it and flinched when the first drop of blood pattered onto his cheek. The next drop landed on his mouth as he moved back up onto the pillows.

It was then that he moaned. The sound harsh and sudden in the otherwise silent room.

His sudden moan drew her attention from her hand in a heartbeat. Buffy's eyes locked on Lex as she tried to determine whether his moan was a good sound or not. She was more than a little shocked at herself, both because she'd hurt herself without realizing and because she'd done it at all to begin with.

She curled her hand up again and turned it to keep the blood from dripping anymore onto either him or the bed. Not that she didn't know how to get bloodstains out, but it wasn't a pleasant thing to do. And the damage was minimal - she was more concerned about his reaction to it.

He had to approach this carefully. She was a Vampire Slayer after all and what turned him on would probably have an opposite effect on her. But God... God. She'd blooded herself in an effort to keep quiet and that knowledge translated into a sheet of flame that lit him from within.

Keeping his eyes locked with hers the whole time, Lex raised his hand to cover her injured one. He gently uncurled the fingers, turning it until the palm hovered over his mouth. Several more drops struck his skin, each of them staining his soul as he brought her hand closer. The first touch of his tongue on the abused flesh earned him a flinch and a soundless hiss.

She might turn from him now. Her instinct was to kill those creatures that fed on blood. He shouldn't be doing this... but he couldn't resist. The bloom of copper on his tongue drew another low moan from him. She'd hurt herself because of him. And she had no idea what that thought was doing to him. Or for him.


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