Title: Unstoppable
Authors: Lex's Lady & Mistress Ace
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Summary: What if the Summers girls moved to Smallville? What if Buffy discovered that Clark had a secret and thought he could use a confidant?
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Chapter 6

Lex dropped his eyes from Clark long enough to help Buffy strip off the rest of his clothes. Then his attention returned to the original object, his mouth going perfectly dry. Which made sense because his chin was still wet.

Christ, he needed a drink.

Clark was... perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

Leanly muscled thighs, a thin dark trail of hair starting at the naval as it marched its way down to a cock Lex would dream about for the rest of his life. Long and thick and completely uncut, a man the way nature intended without the intervention of the Judeo-Christian ritual of circumcision. Stunned by the Kents progressive parenting in leaving this beautiful boy intact, Lex wished he'd been the one they adopted...

He heard Buffy's quiet gasp at his own condition and wondered if he should have warned her. The only hair that had escaped the meteors' effects had been his eyebrows and his lashes. His body ceased producing the hormone that promoted hair growth, leaving him as he was. Like any other nine-year-old.


Puberty had been a stone bitch. And he was not going there. Not now. Not today when he had this incredible woman looking at him with nothing that even approached pity in her eyes. And Kent, Clark Kent was on his bed. Naked.

Kneeling like a supplicant at the feet of a vengeful God. Clark trembled, a fine shiver under the surface of his skin and when his cock jerked the head peeped out from under its hood. That sight alone was enough to get a moan out of Lex.


He wasn't going to survive this...


Good god. Lex's body was almost completely hairless... smoother than a girl's. Her fingertips followed her eyes, gently slid up his legs and marveled at the smooth firmness she touched. "My God," she whispered as she got to her feet. Her hands resumed their wandering, sliding up Lex's thighs and over his hips.

Her eyes wandered over to Clark when she could see him again. Though her hands never stopped moving over Lex's warm skin, her eyes widened and she gasped again. "God," she murmured again. "Are you two even real..? It's like... like someone took the most perfect ideals of what a man could be and then gave them life..." Her heart leapt up into her throat and cut off her voice.

Inside, she was shaking.

They both matched different ideals of perfection... between herself and the pair of them, there was absolutely no contest. Buffy knew that she certainly didn't match any ideal of what a woman should be... too small, for one thing. Having seen each other, would they even want her to touch them?


Moving into her touch, Lex bit back the urge to laugh aloud in derision at the thought of his being perfect. He was flawed, a misshapen excuse for a man, the freak his father's eyes told him he'd become that day when the sky turned to flames. Spoiled seed, one of the clay models God had rejected in favor of his chosen one, of his Adam.

But she was right on one count... Clark was a masterpiece. A Greek statue brought to life, every loving detail carved out in living flesh rather than cold marble. Achilles in his glory, young Hercules before insanity cost him his wife and children, any number of exquisite Olympians clothed in golden skin instead of pale stone. The inherent tragedy of the myriad tales buzzing in his brain was not lost on Lex.

Unable to gaze on that perfection for another minute lest he bolt from the room or turn to stone himself, Lex shifted his attention to Buffy. Looking down at her, he traced the lines of her body. Tiny and thin, fragile... like the finest Venetian glass that if you blew on it, it would break. She reminded him of so many things - butterfly wings, the gossamer of a spider-web in early morning light, the soaring voices of the Viennese Boy's Choir that sang at his mother's funeral.

Of everything delicate and fine that escaped the ravages of man only to be doomed to fade away with the passage of time...

If Clark was a statue brought to life, then she was an angel. One with clipped wings and sad eyes and the sweetest mouth. Blasphemy was about to happen here. The young god kneeling on his bed and the angel touching his body, her tiny hands taking in his measure... the measure of the monster that was about to couple with them. The monster who was going to lose himself in their beautiful bodies, defile their perfection and strip away whatever innocence still remained.

Something inside of him was broken and the only thing that could heal him was this. Touching this angel, the girl with the halo of golden hair and the heart-breaking eyes. Being kissed by the young god who'd somehow moved from the center of his bed. Strong fingers on his shoulders and a mouth Lex would sell his soul for - if it hadn't already been sacrificed to his father's insatiable greed - the mouth that was breathing life back into his body as Clark did it again.

Banished death and destruction and darkness with one simple... kiss.


Buffy gave Clark a warm, loving smile, reaching up to touch his cheek gently before returning her attention to Lex. Lex who, despite the obvious differences, reminded her more of Angel now than ever before. He had the same air of self-disgust, now that the walls were slowly coming down. He hesitated before touching them, as if he wasn't sure that he wouldn't be wrong in doing so.

What could have happened to put such a feeling in someone barely older than her? Despite the whole Slayer-gig, she couldn't truly understand that sort of self-loathing. She had some experience with it post-Spike and post-Acathla a few years before, but it wasn't nearly so all consuming. She still believed that she deserved real love, even if she had no idea why anyone would actually want to love her.

But for Lex... Even with the reputation the Luthors had, what events had damaged him so much was beyond her. But whatever the cause, Buffy's heart ached for him and she pressed her body as close to his as she could, trying to envelope him in a blanket of warmth between her body and Clark's. She wanted to take the pained look out of his eyes and make him realize just what he could be.

Buffy nuzzled Lex's chest, trailing soft kisses up from his stomach to his breastbone. Then she shifted to one side, her lips finding a nipple and sucking gently. Loving touches to take away the sting of whatever had put that look in his eyes. The one that disappeared when Clark kissed him.


When he'd finally gotten over the embarrassment of being bare-assed as well as laughing at himself for the lame joke, Clark had looked up from his study of the coverlet. After all, he wasn't the only naked person in the room, he was pretty sure that they were all naked by now since Buffy had been undressing Lex and teasing him about it.

Yep, Buffy was still really on the naked side. She was all curves and there was this dimple in the small of her back that kept drawing his eyes back to it. Clark wanted to kiss her right there, right where Lex had kissed him. And speaking of Lex... the room just got a whole lot hotter.

Where Buffy was curved, Lex was angles. Sharp drops and faint lines that might be scars if Clark squinted. And pale, really, really pale. Acres of white skin that was dotted with tiny freckles. Which made sense, ginger brows and wispy eyelashes had confirmed long before he'd seen the picture in Amy's creepy shrine that Lex was a redhead. Before he'd fallen to Earth, that is.

Lex was gazing down at Buffy as his fingers skimmed along the line of her jaw like he was memorizing it. There was something different about the way Lex touched her, something... reverent. Sort of like he thought she was going to break if he breathed too hard. Clark knew Buffy wouldn't break but Lex didn't, Lex had no idea the girl in his arms could probably toss his ass clear across the room.

And speaking of asses... Clark shifted just enough to get a good look. Yeah, the pants hadn't lied. That was a nice ass - not that he'd scoped it out before today or anything but Lex had a great ass. He wondered how it would feel in his hands and if Lex would let him... Not that he needed to but it would be nice if... he stopped thinking and started doing.

Clark was about to say something, maybe ask a question when Lex looked up at him again and any possibility of words was gone. He'd expected a smile, or a joke or maybe more of that bone-deep hunger that made Clark want to whimper. But what was there was something totally different. Pain, a blue-grey ocean of pain and regret and Jesus, was that what lived behind the face that Lex showed everybody else?

A staggered breath was all Clark could manage as he watched Lex look at him. He didn't know, he had no idea that Lex was like this under the surface. It was strange seeing him this way - not just the naked thing, which was a turn-on - but the vulnerable part was something he wasn't used to at all. Lex was the ultimate of cool, cocky and self-assured, swaggering as he walked... the master of all he surveyed.

Until now...

When Buffy stripped away his clothes, she stripped away his masks at the same time. Leaving nothing but the essence of Lex. Not Lex Luthor, scion of the Luthor billions, but Lex... a man with fears Clark couldn't even imagine.

Resistance was futile and Clark knew it. He couldn't resist moving, couldn't resist kissing Lex. There wasn't even a trace of his usual blush as he trailed his hands down Lex's arms. Drinking in the texture of his skin... softer than anything he'd ever touched.

Softer than the kitten his mother gave him when he was old enough to touch without hurting. Softer than the fur collar of the coat she only wore for special occasions. Rose petals were the only thing that came close... or the feel of Buffy's skin as his hand drifted from Lex's chest to her back.

Clark wanted to feel this for the rest of his life.


Lex shivered under their hands. He rose into Buffy's kisses, the soft pull of her mouth on his nipple, drawing it to a peak. His breath caught in his throat when Clark's feet struck the floor and his mouth covered the other one. Liquid heat and a shoulder under his hand that was rock-solid.

The first word out of his own mouth an obscenity, "Fuck..."

Followed by blasphemy, "Jesus..."

"Clark... Buffy..." Better, Lex... not coherent yet but at least a step away from damnation. **Shut up, Dad.** Furious at the slip, Lex shook his own head and then cupped both of theirs in his palms. He held them in place, tortured by the feel of two mouths and two sets of hands.

The contemplation of gods and angels and monsters could all wait until later.

Much later.


Buffy shivered delicately as the sound of Lex's voice rolled over her. Normally, she didn't like swearing... almost never used the words, herself. But something about hearing them said in Lex's low, needy tones made her tingle, just a little. She shifted sideways, moving her body to give Clark's large frame more room. She ended up with her legs on either side of one of Lex's, rather than between his legs where she'd been before.

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Clark... still overflowing with eagerness as he began to slowly overcome his uncertainties and insecurities.

A shudder ran through Lex as Clark mimicked her position, his larger leg rubbing against hers, coming into contact with the heat and throb of Lex's own cock. That action tore even more words loose, each one grudgingly given in response to a roll of Clark's hips, or a gentle nip from perfect white teeth, or the sweet slide of Buffy's sex along his thigh reminding him there was warmth and acceptance waiting... with both of them... for all of them.

Shelter from the storm, a haven where there were no more secrets and no more lies. "Please..." Lex never begged for anything in his life, not until now. Not for release, not for mercy, not for anything. He was his father's son, begging didn't belong in his lexicon. The broken sound of his voice sounded strange to his ears and the words felt strange in his mouth but Lex still said them. "God... I need..."

"What do you need, Lex? What do you want?" A little surprised by his own boldness, Clark lifted his head from where he'd been mapping out Lex's collarbone. There was a whole world of freckles there waiting for him to play connect the dots with his tongue. "What can we do?"

In the space of a few minutes this had shifted from his being taught to them helping Lex and, honestly, Clark didn't mind. There were probably going to be a lot more shifts before this was all over. He'd never realized that sex could be this complicated but then again... this wasn't the hazy one-on-one stuff of his dreams.

So it made sense that it would be more difficult.

Lex shuddered, his hands on their backs, pulling them even closer as he tried to form a full sentence. Tried to say what he wanted in a fashion that wouldn't send either of them screaming from the room. Would blunt work? It had to because blunt was the only thing coming to mind. "I want you in my mouth, Clark. Want to suck on you while you do the same for Buffy."

"Mmmm," Buffy whimpered softly in the back of her throat. "You don't have to twist my arm... and I think I might even know an easy way to arrange ourselves, unless you had an idea of your own." Not that she'd ever done this three-person thing before, but some of the things she'd done in a two-person situation could be adapted.

She leaned forward to place one more kiss on Lex's nipple, then tipped her head back again. "But either way, we probably ought to get back onto the bed so we don't have to worry about ending up on the floor when one of us falls over..."

Her last comment was lighter, almost teasing. But there was still a serious part to her tone; she was just trying to keep the atmosphere from getting too heavy... though for whose sake, she really didn't know.

"I do have a little experience with this," Lex commented dryly, his capacity for speech coming back on line while he watched Clark's mouth drop open in surprise. Yes, stunned-ox was a good look on Clark, but what wasn't? Nothing that Lex could think of at the moment. "And I agree, the bed's best for it. Let's get you back up, shall we?" Placing his hands under Buffy's arms, Lex lifted her up into the bed. "Up towards the pillow, Buffy... That's good... Clark, care to join us?"

Spoken like the perfect host and Clark could do nothing but gape. Lex wanted to... wanted to put his mouth down there. Those were words guaranteed to have him stupid for at least a good five minutes. When Lex stepped back into his personal space, Clark's body did what his brain could not. It seized the day... or more accurately it seized Lex and tossed him up onto the bed.

He landed heavily, barely missing the headboard and its accompanying mirror. Shocked into silence, Lex could only stare as Clark clambered up onto the bed and knelt between the two of them. The boy was practically vibrating, his eyes darting back and forth from Buffy to him and then back again.

If he'd wanted proof of Clark's incredible strength, he'd just gotten it. No one normal could throw a 170 lb. man that easily and that far. He chose not to say anything about it, deciding that tactful ignorance of Clark's revelation was the best way to go here. It would have to be if this was going to go any further. "Lie down between her legs, Clark... Like you were before."

Buffy saw the stunned look on Lex's face... and nodded slowly when he chose to not comment at the moment. They would have to talk, but now was not the time. Still, she couldn't help but wonder how much more stunned Lex would look if she'd been the one to throw him onto the bed.

Keeping her thoughts, if not her amusement, to herself, Buffy lay back against the pillows and spread her legs for Clark again. She watched Lex, waiting for further instructions from him. This was his request so they'd play it out his way. Plenty of time later to experiment with positioning and whatever all else.

Clark settled into place, laying his head on Buffy's thigh. His eyes took in the slim line of her body, the soft curve of her breast and finally came to rest on the soft curls a few inches from his mouth. He blew on them, smiling as they moved in the warm breeze. She smelled really good, warm and alive and he wanted more of that.

His smile changed into something else as his body jerked. Warm mouth on his thigh, biting gently and he opened his legs to receive more. He'd been so involved with Buffy that he hadn't even noticed Lex wasn't up by the headboard anymore.

Looking down, Clark found Lex curled up between his legs, the curve of a bare scalp above his thigh more exotic than he could have imagined. The mouth moved higher and Clark whimpered again. That small desperate sound echoed in the silence as he felt Lex's smooth cheek press against his cock and a warm sucking kiss on his stomach left him tense and trembling. "Oh God..."

"Indeed," Lex replied, amused that Clark was the one taking the Lord's name in vain now. He turned a little more, one leg sliding in between Clark's feet and his chest flush with a powerful thigh. Opening his mouth and taking Clark's cock into his hand, Lex toyed with the head. He licked it and pushed the foreskin back until the glistening crown was free. "You taste so good... Mmmmm..."

That hum as Lex took the whole head of his cock into the warmth of his mouth unraveled Clark, the tension slipped away in the overwhelming flood of sensation. In his head, he was still in stunned mode. His best friend was sucking his cock. Lex's mouth was right there and it felt better than anything he could imagine. In order to distract himself from coming immediately, Clark rubbed his face against Buffy and then licked at her.

Buffy shivered and made a soft crooning sound. Both because of Clark's tongue on her sex again, and because she could see - and was actively watching - Lex suck on Clark's cock. The combination of sensory input was better than she'd ever thought it could be. This whole situation was... simply incredible.

One of her hands found its way to Clark's hair again, toying with the soft strands that flowed between her fingers. Her other hand twisted into the bedding, gripping tightly. Buffy wasn't entirely sure what the limits of her control were in this entirely new situation... and she didn't want to take any risks to find out. She might not be able to hurt Clark, but she didn't really want to find out. And she knew she could hurt Lex, but refused to put him at risk either.


The first thing he noticed was Clark tasted different.

Lex had a lot of experience at this, more than he wanted either of them to know. He'd had more lovers, both male and female and everything in between, than any man had right to and still be alive. But Clark tasted like none of them. The customary musk wasn't there. He tasted clean and fresh... like the sherbet he'd eaten in Florence, made from the purest snow from the Italian Alps. A hint of lemon and a dash of something tangy and Lex suspected he could become addicted to it.


The shock of that delicious taste went straight from Lex's mouth to his own cock. Hard throb right there and he had to reach down and grip painfully to keep from coming. Coming simply from the very first taste of Clark Kent, organic poster child. And if this was an example of what the food John and Martha Kent produced could do... he was going to make them very, very wealthy. Beyond their wildest dreams... just so long as they never asked how he figured it out.

He was drooling, unable to stop that reaction as he took Clark even further in. The boy shivered and moaned and bucked gently, more gently than Lex would have imagined. He was good at this, dammit, Kent should have been trying to shove his cock all the way down by now. There should be babbling and thrusting and moans but Clark was being too quiet, moving only little with each stroke and if he was making any sound, Lex couldn't hear it.

A challenge.

The gauntlet had been thrown and Lex never backed away from a challenge in his life. Mouth soft as he could make it, Lex took a deep breath and applied himself to driving Clark out of his mind.


What Lex was doing felt amazing... breathtaking.

Blow-jobs had to be the best thing in the entire world.

It was all Clark could do to keep from ramming all the way in. But the thought of him breaking Lex's jaw, or crushing his skull kept Clark in check. He managed to find a breath somewhere as he sought out that little nub Lex pointed out earlier. Slowly, Clark drew it in between his lips and sucked, licking at it while he ran one hand up the inside of Buffy's thigh and the other palmed the back of Lex's head.

So fragile. Bones right beneath the surface of the skin and blood rushing against his lips and his palms. Clark closed his eyes and prayed that he wouldn't hurt them. That he could do this just like everybody else and nobody would get bruised or broken or anything bad.

Slow and gentle. Touch careful... don't break.

Please don't break.


Buffy moaned, her hips bucking upwards as Clark found her clit again. "Yes, Clark... mmmm, just like that..." Even to her own ears, her voice sounded softer and lower than usual. Throaty, but not quite sultry. Sultry, she generally had to do on purpose... and she wasn't.

Clark was doing far too good a job for her to even think about resorting to dishonest reactions, and she suspected that if she tried Lex would see right through them anyway. And probably be angry with her for being dishonest... they had an agreement about secrets, and one she planned to keep.

Dimly aware that Clark has returned to his earlier occupation, Lex settled in for the duration. So many questions, he had so many questions. Strength, speed, stamina - Jesus, his first blow-job consisted of one shove in before coming and Clark showed no signs of that happening any time soon. Clark Kent was a mystery Lex ached to unlock.

A mystery that could wait when every question Lex had disappeared as he took Clark deeper and deeper. That beautiful cock was almost too much for him to get down, too long and too thick and Lex had to employ every relaxation trick he knew. But finally he had it all the way in, his eyes closed and there had to be a blissful expression on his face because that was how he felt. Blissful and barely able to breathe and why the fuck did he have to breathe when he could have this?

When Lex's nose butted against his hip, Clark shuddered. When he swallowed, Clark broke contact with Buffy. He lifted his head, panting and shaking and trying not come. It would be impolite to come in Lex's mouth; he had better manners than that. "Lex... uhhh... Do that again... Oh... oh..." His eyes closed for a minute and his hips finally started to move. Slow glide out and equally slow glide in, stopping every few seconds to make sure Lex wasn't choking.

It took a supreme effort of will to turn his attention back to Buffy but she was being so patient. Clark kept moving, kept himself in such perfect control that his dad would have been proud... once he stopped having a heart attack because his dick was in Lex's mouth. And thinking about his dad in this situation was so wrong.

After a quick shake of his head to clear that image, Clark dipped his head back down. Warm lips parted under his own, light hairs tickled his nose as he explored Buffy with his tongue. The folds and contours he was almost familiar with, the bump at the top really made her shiver so he concentrated on it for a minute or two. The shivers became moans and Buffy petted him like he was doing something right. Without Lex to coach, Clark was a little lost but there was no way he was going to give up the mouth around his cock.

Just no way.

The moans got deeper and Buffy shifted underneath him, rocking up into the next careful lick. The taste and scent surrounded him, he could do this forever. Just lick and suck on her while whatever Lex was doing with his tongue and teeth destroyed what was left of Clark's brain. But finally curiosity got the better of him and Clark continued his search until he found an opening into her body, which he raised hesitant fingers to, wanting to delve inside but not sure if he should.

Buffy shivered when Clark's tongue found her entrance. She looked at him when she felt him hesitate; she read the uncertainty in his eyes in a fraction of a second and gave him a smile to reassure him. "Go ahead, love. Touch me wherever you want... no limits, remember? And I want you to. Please?" Her tone was light, her words gentle... but her eyes pleaded with him, begging him to touch her.

The tension within her was building as the sights and sounds and scents of sex filled her senses. Not to mention that Lex had a look of pure enjoyment on his face as Clark's cock slid in and out. Buffy looked forward to being able to taste her lovers herself, but she'd have to find a whole new book of tricks if she was going to even attempt what Lex was doing with Clark... her mouth just wasn't that big!

Given permission, Clark eased a finger into that little hole. It clung to him, the mouth molding around that finger and there was liquid heat beyond it. Sliding it in further he watched her for encouragement, wanting to know if he was doing something right while he recaptured whatever that little nub was that made her croon. He thought he'd paid attention during sex ed but the teacher glossed right over the whole anatomy part so she could concentrate on why you shouldn't have sex until you were married.

Which sure didn't help him now.

Maybe Lex would fill him in... when his mouth wasn't so full. Experimentally, Clark bucked forward and was rewarded by a moan from Lex that reverberated through his entire body. Something hot and hard and smooth dug into Clark's calf. It took a minute to register what the heck that was and when it did, Clark shivered. Lex's cock, Lex's cock was right there and every time Clark moved, Lex moved with him.

Clark didn't feel anywhere near as nervous as he'd been when he realized Lex seemed to like it when he moved a little faster. So Clark did that, his hips matching the rhythm of his finger. In and out of Buffy, in and out of Lex. All three of them connected because of what he was doing. Maybe he was getting the hang of this. Not bad for a soon-to-be ex-virgin. Or was he already an ex-virgin because Lex was giving him a blow-job?


Lex moaned around his mouthful, sweat beading on his brow as he relaxed his throat again to take Clark back in. Jesus, he could come like this. Come without either of them touching him. Come from the sheer pleasure of having Clark in his mouth and being able to grind against his calf. His instructors in the realm of sensual enjoyment would be shocked to see him like this, riding the edge of an orgasm without a hand or a mouth or a sweet woman wrapped around his dick.

Ready to come without a hard cock in his ass...

Pathetic... and Lex didn't give a single, solitary damn.


Buffy continued to croon as Clark's finger stroked in and out. He hadn't let up on her clit and she was beginning to tremble after only a few minutes. "Clark..." Her hand brushed against his cheek to catch his attention before she continued. "Add another finger... use two of them..." She caught his look of concern and shook her head. "You won't hurt me... please?"

Listening to herself, Buffy knew she was begging but really didn't care. When it came to herself as a sexual creature, she had almost no pride left at all. What little remained after Riley left had been beaten out of her by a cruel vampire who claimed to love her. Clark, with all his sweetness and innocence, probably had no idea that this kind of pleading was unusual. But Lex... if he was paying attention, he might ask her about it later.

And all she could do at that point was hope that they didn't think of her the way she thought of herself, after she told them. She was fully aware that complete honesty could cost her this relationship that was so quickly becoming important to her. But secrets would destroy them as quickly, and honesty at least gave them a chance.

Lex started to pull back, wanting to tell Clark to give that lady what she asked for when he realized that's what Clark was doing. From his vantage point, he could barely see the shift of his lover's hand but he could see it. He eased back a little more, stopping when just the head of Clark's cock remained in his mouth so he could watch. Sucking and running his tongue around the sensitive crown in an effort to reward the boy, Lex observed with quiet pride as a second finger disappeared into Buffy's body.

Whatever Lex was doing was driving him crazy. Too much sensation and not enough, all at the same time. Clark reached for the back of Lex's head, cradling it and remembering all of his mother's warnings of 'careful, careful... good boy' as he pushed Lex right back down onto his cock. He wished he could see what was going on and then it hit him.

He could see. All he had to do was look up. His eyes shifted from Buffy's breasts and her face to the mirror above them.

Something shifted and Lex had no idea what but Clark was moving in and out of his mouth a hell of a lot faster. While Lex held on trying to breathe around the cock that was battering it's way into his throat, Clark's hips bucked as he fought to get in deeper and deeper still.

There were moans now and words in between the soft, sucking sounds as the boy worked toward his first reward. Making a girl come. Soft words... her name and a whimper... hard words, his name and fuck and yes... Clark just begged him to suck harder.


Lex did as requested. His hand encircled the base of Clark's cock and he did just that. He sucked harder, jacking his hand up and down the length and pulling back every once in awhile to watch the head disappear and reappear within the tight confines of his fist. Clark was moaning and shaking and any minute now... any minute he'd be coming.

"That's it, Clark. Come for me. Want that, want to drink your come... Give it to me." Sibilant hiss, low and breathless and Clark shivered all over. He bucked up into Lex's fist, the head scraped along Lex's jaw before across his lips. Lex wasn't letting him back in, so unfair.

And Clark wasn't the only one whimpering. Because oh, dear God... Clark was talking to Lex, and Lex had pulled away enough to talk back. To demand that Clark come for him, to tell them that he wanted to drink Clark's come. Buffy had figured out that voices could be stimulating for her... but this kind of talking was outside her realm of experience, and its impact was shaking her to the core.

She trembled and moaned, and begged Clark to move faster, harder. "God, please... so close... just a little more, please..." Anything, anything would do. She didn't want to be left out, not now. Please not now.

Torn between the need to please Lex and the need to please Buffy, Clark did the only thing he could think of. He added another finger and dove back in. Sucking hard, then backing off when she whimpered. Lex was still pulling on his cock and he bucked harder into every stroke. So much pressure, a hard ball of it twisted in his stomach and he ached.

It hurt, God, it hurt and it was never going to stop hurting.

Then Lex did something Clark never expected. One hand remained on his cock, moving slickly up and down while Lex took the head back in his mouth. That action alone was enough to make him whimper even more. But then Lex's other hand slipped under his balls and two or maybe it was three fingertips pressed on a spot that sent Clark into orbit.

White-hot, sharp and stronger than anything he'd felt before. Racing the wind, running full out, heck, even getting hit with Lex's Porsche couldn't compete with this kind of rush. Clark was coming, hard and fast and God... Lex didn't move away. He was shooting into Lex's mouth and Lex... was drinking it down. Swallowing nosily and sucking and Clark couldn't believe those noises were coming from Lex. Hot, so hot.

Eyes wide and startled, Lex looked up at Clark even as he swallowed. God... oh fucking God. Clark's come was sweet and there was so much of it. Thick and rich and better than anything he'd ever tasted in his life. Not a single hint of bitter and only the faintest trace of salt. Richer than the thickest cream Lex had ever drunk and there was no way he was ever sharing this with anyone else.

Except for Buffy.

She could taste it.

Lex would allow her that... She could have her share.

But no one else. Not ever. This was his. This was Lex's and he'd destroy anyone who took it from him. He'd obliterate them from the face of the earth. Clark belonged to him and Lex was never, ever letting him go.



Between watching and listening to Clark and Lex, and the insistent stroking of Clark's fingers inside her, Buffy hit the edge not long after Clark. But she'd seen the surprise in his eyes when Lex drank him down and felt obliged to give him a warning. "Clark... oh, God... I'm gonna come..." She didn't know how she managed to speak through the waves of sensation as Clark pushed her higher and higher...

And she hoped to God that no one else was near enough to hear her when she came... she didn't think she'd be able to keep quiet, given the way she was feeling. It was too much and it had been too long.

It was a good thing he'd come already because Buffy's warning would have sent Clark over. That and the glimpse he caught of her in the mirror. Head thrown back, mouth open, her hands in his hair pulling hard even though he barely felt it. Her tiny body bowed upward and Clark followed her, sucking and moving his fingers and doing anything he could to help break the tension.

When it happened, the sound of her coming started as a low cry and escalated to a scream. So loud that Lex pulled away from where he was diligently trying to draw the last tiny drops out of Clark's cock. Clark's voiceless pants and slurps combined with that sound was enough to send Lex after his own pleasure.

He released his grip on Clark, his hand moving down to engulf his own erection. His thrusts, which had stilled while Clark was coming, began again. Hard and fast against Clark's calf and then into the coverlet. Lex watched, utterly fascinated and strung tight himself while Buffy continued to come.

Buffy sacrificed volume control for tonal control of her voice; the scream that tore through her along with her climax was loud but not shrill. If she hadn't been able to control the tone, there would be broken glass everywhere... and it was seldom that she lost control that badly. Even so, she felt overwhelmed as her body locked up and she arched almost completely off the bed.

Her eyes closed tightly and her fingers clenched in Clark's hair, and she was barely able to think enough to be grateful that she couldn't hurt the poor boy. There were definitely benefits to having a mostly invulnerable alien lover... she would definitely have to be more careful with Lex. Such a major loss of control was rare for her, but she could brush up on her subconscious controls over the next few days. Just to be safer.

All of that flittered through her mind on a semi-conscious level, though. The pleasure-haze still swirled through her mind and only receded slowly. Finally, the tension slacked and her body went limp; she trembled and panted and only very slowly managed to open her eyes to look around again.

Clark's wide-eyed, satisfied gaze caught her attention right away and held her for a few moments. Idly, she wondered if she'd looked that satisfied after her first time. She hoped so. Her lover looked pleased with himself, an emotion that was entirely justified. He'd learned quickly... and made her feel incredible.


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