I am your hostess; please feel free to come in and look around. My name is Em, though you may know me under another name depending on which fandom you know me from. I go by Em or SlayerBuffy in BTVS fandom, Lex's Lady in Smallville, Linilya in LOTR and Laura Hallens in anime/RPG. But they're all me, and this is my writer's corner.

Here, you will find all writings that I have done or started, as well as works in progress. I will also be posting stories that I have co-authored, with permission of my co-author. All fanfiction will be posted by fandom, but feel free to read in multiple fandoms if you'd like. I know a few people out there must share more than one common fandom... I know one or two who follow at least two of the fandoms I do.

Let's see... I suppose you would like to know a little about me? I'm a college student, studying interior design. I'm also currently taking Japanese classes, partly because I would like to go there someday and partly because I collect anime soundtracks. It would be nice to know just what I'm singing along with, ne? I enjoy reading, writing (well, obviously), music of almost any kind, fantasy and mythology, sci-fi, and RPG's. While I mostly play video RPG's, I also enjoy a number of CCG's and I've done a little LARPing as well. They're fun. If I had the money, I'd start collecting the LOTR CCG... maybe soon. There's always birthdays and gift-giving holidays, right?

I started writing about ten years ago, with a few original fiction pieces for classes I took. Might post 'em in the future, but they're *bad*. Seriously, I was in gradeschool. But we'll see. I started writing anime fanfiction in high school, but never got far enough in any of them to post anything. Might go back and finish some of those, but it'll depend on how much my writing style has changed since then. More recently, I started writing BTVS fiction in 1999. I posted thanks to encouragement from a few friends, and have since been more of a collab. author than a solo author in that fandom. Within the past few months, I've also started writing Lord Of The Rings fiction. My participation in this fandom dates to the recently released FOTR movie. I write mostly solo fics in LOTR, but I do have a collab piece out there, also. And the most recent fandom is Smallville of course. Mmm... the things you can do with that series...

So, feel free to look around and enjoy yourself. Head over to the library, check out the updates page, or see what we're linking to today. Questions or comments? Feel free to E-mail me. Do me a favor and put an appropriate subject line in your message, though, or it may get lost in the tons of junk mail that I get. Thanks!

General Library - home of my fiction, sorted by fandom.

UC-Sunnydale Library - home of the Buffy fiction. Updated 10-5-06
**Please note that BTVS collaborations by Mistress Ace and myself are now archived in the Sunnydale Library.

Smallville Library - home of Ace's and my fic, Unstoppable. Also, there are commentaries about meeting MR and a link to our photos from WW2002. Updated 10-5-06

Mistress Ace's Domain - home of fiction by Mistress Ace. Links fixed 7-10-06.

Alexandra Huxley's Fics - home of fiction by Alexandra Huxley

Fan Art - home of fanart by me and fic-themed fanart by friends of ours!

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